Hairdresser Reacts to People Going to The Lowest Rated Hair Salons

Published on Jul 28, 2019
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Hi Beautiful! The videos of people going to the lowest rated hair salons have been surfacing all over youtube. It has been majorly scary to see what some of these hair stylists do to these people!

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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo
  • Brad Mondo

    Brad Mondo

    2 years ago

    Do lots of research before picking which hairstylist you go to! Not all stylists are created equal...

    • Amber Sherman

      Amber Sherman

      6 months ago

      I super wish I could get you to do my hair.

    • Gorudanusan Heriru

      Gorudanusan Heriru

      7 months ago

      She purposefully went to the worst rated.

    • Golden Galaxy

      Golden Galaxy

      9 months ago

      I don’t go to hairstyles that often but usually only get a trim and they fix my bangs and they also straighten my hair because I hate doing it myself

    • Rashea Smith

      Rashea Smith

      9 months ago

      When I make a hair appointment consult I do not get to chose who they put me with. How can I research them? I know I want to go a specific blonde and my first appointment is Wednesday but what should I be looking for or asking when I’m there?

    • Khylea Sage

      Khylea Sage

      9 months ago

      Can you pleas write me bake you are the best youtuber and you make me fill better about my self I love you so much and you are awesome amazing and Creative ps I am 8 years old love you my name is Kylie Kane spelt Khylea kane

  • Danielle Falleroni

    Danielle Falleroni

    23 hours ago

    i Love Watching All Video

  • Closet KPOP

    Closet KPOP

    Day ago

    I appreciate that Brad is so nice about other stylist. I worked in salons for 5 years, and still have my license and mainly do event hair now. But what most people don’t know is when you walk into a salon, and ask for something, you are given to the available stylist. That stylist might really not feel comfortable with what you asked for. Maybe they’ve never done it before, maybe they are new etc, but it’s really hard to turn down a boss telling you you have to do that persons hair, especially if you are just starting out. And a lot of the time the salons might be very time conscious with their stylists, so they might also have that added stress of doing something new, faster than they’d like. So. You never know. It’s sometimes super stressful and rough on the stylist too. That being said… that first haircut though. 😭 like the way the sections didn’t even look properly combed through, and there appeared to be no uniform tension on the hair even to start with. 😭😭😭 but maybe that man normally does men’s hair, and was kinda thrown into a situation he wasn’t comfortable with. Who knows

  • Desiree Coon

    Desiree Coon

    Day ago

    Ok I’m licensed too and that’s terrible

  • Skye 7 Phoenix

    Skye 7 Phoenix

    2 days ago

    Never ask the hairstylist that f'ed up your hair (or didn't give you what you wanted) to fix it. You will be even less happy with the end result than you were initially. Having this happen is a sign from the Universe that it's time to change stylists, or salons. I've had to learn this the hard way.

  • intergalactic spooks

    intergalactic spooks

    3 days ago

    I’m high af and the beeping in the background music at 16:07 had me lookin around the room for the noise

  • anony mouse

    anony mouse

    3 days ago

    She needs a new boyfriend.

  • Spring Batchelor

    Spring Batchelor

    3 days ago

    My drug of choice is watching Brad mondo videos

  • Underyourbedeyes


    4 days ago

    first girl looks wayyyyyy better.

  • Thiccybrains &salty maru

    Thiccybrains &salty maru

    6 days ago

    That girl should have just left her hair alone after the first color/cut.

  • Eleanor Svenson

    Eleanor Svenson

    6 days ago

    Her hair is pretty but this isn’t like the photo. The cut ain’t great.

  • Bella Shawol

    Bella Shawol

    6 days ago

    That looks like a kid cut the layers. 😭😭

  • ninino86


    7 days ago

    I dont quite understand, are these people on purpose going to the worst rated hairsalong and then making a video complaining when their hair doesnt come out perfect?...

  • Sirenne M.

    Sirenne M.

    8 days ago

    Repeat please

  • Michelle Richhart

    Michelle Richhart

    8 days ago

    Great clips messed up my hair cut, I complained about the messed lengths and the stylist said she knows better. Then I went to my person and she fixed it and agreed with me

  • hadassah beloved

    hadassah beloved

    8 days ago

    I got anxious listening to the salon speaking in the second video. It reminded me of someone being gaslighted and bullied.

  • Ka Ja

    Ka Ja

    9 days ago

    if someone fucks your hair once. you don't go back for them to fuck it more. specially if theyre not motivated by being paid.

  • Lucia Szeto

    Lucia Szeto

    10 days ago

    She paid $120 for what she got??? LOL. From Sf Bay here. And that would’ve cost me probably around $300-500 easy. EASYYYY. If I want some colour? Oh that’s prob $500-800 now.

  • Julie De Vries

    Julie De Vries

    12 days ago

    You are VERY entertaining

  • Beatrice Morris

    Beatrice Morris

    14 days ago

    I really don't like the first girls attitude period. With her attitude it was bound to be bad no matter what. Couldve been Brad undercover and she would hate it. But honestly it came out horrible. It wasn't toned, the highlights were different levels and colors. Disaster. But Brad is so nice I love him for it ❤

  • Cute But Evil

    Cute But Evil

    16 days ago

    This is just a lesson in what happens when you spit the dummy, then expect people to work for free.
    The first girl got exactly what she asked for both times, highlights and then more blonde.
    The second girl just got karma. The hairdresser was rude too, but she wasn't asking for anything.
    The girl asked for the bleach to start at the top, so that's exactly what she got.
    Don't be rude to people in the service industry, they invented passive aggressive revenge!

  • My-ra $anchizzle

    My-ra $anchizzle

    18 days ago

    $120? Chiiiiiiiiiiiile 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Kira M.

    Kira M.

    22 days ago

    First girl doesn't want a haidress, she wants a wig.

  • jolene king

    jolene king

    25 days ago

    With the first girl your missing the point , it's not what she asked for, whether it's nice or not

  • DreamBelief


    26 days ago

    The first seems like that type of person who expects to look practically identical to the photo they bring in. It doesn't work like that! They're not magic for goodness sake

  • DreamBelief


    26 days ago

    Sometimes they overreach, but sometimes the customer is extremely demanding, forcing them to do something they know won't work with that person's hair or face

  • Sarah Page

    Sarah Page

    27 days ago

    Brad you are incredibly entertaining, I somehow get into a binge watching spree of you nearly every night and I’m really not exaggerating. Incredibly interesting, entertaining, and beautiful.

  • hlly☆


    29 days ago

    In every vid that i watch u always have a diff hair style

  • EnchanTrisS


    29 days ago

    I like the first haircut for what it was/is…. I feel like she took a really in depth picture in a salon that was rated with 1 star just to bash them. The first hairdresser was soo sweet and tried. I agree with Brad, he seemed older and did a good job for his time. The price was actually decent… when I do my hair… like DO MY HAIR….. $250-$300 easy.

  • Lethecia Edwards

    Lethecia Edwards

    29 days ago

    Moderately I beg to differ you are extremely entertaining..... I LIVE FOR YOUR CONTENT

  • Weiru BurtonLin

    Weiru BurtonLin

    Month ago

    I wanna dye my hair but we aren't allowed colored hair in school

  • Lilith Keogh

    Lilith Keogh

    Month ago

    Modern entertainment, yes, but also just timeless charm. I’m watching you mostly because of your charm and looks. 👑

  • RFAS


    Month ago

    To be honest I think that he’s very interesting

  • Miss Destiny

    Miss Destiny

    Month ago

    Moderately entertaining? Wtf u know it’s not better than that I sneak out to watch it! Ur fabulous brad always beautiful.

  • ✨Camryn C✨

    ✨Camryn C✨

    Month ago

    *goes to worst salon in town*
    *gets bad highlights*
    *goes back*
    *gets even worse hair coloring *
    Me, MAD

  • Jenn Polson

    Jenn Polson

    Month ago

    I fricken love ur videos and ur so funny and u make my day

  • Hannah Rose

    Hannah Rose

    Month ago

    I mean, both outcomes were pretty bad but you can't complain about it after you INTENTIONALLY sought out the lowest rated what were you expecting?!🤦‍♀️

  • Exotic animals

    Exotic animals

    Month ago

    You are a model queen❤️‍🔥

  • Ace Spa

    Ace Spa

    Month ago

    Better than the hairdresser I went to hahaha

  • Dango


    Month ago

    That first girl is the whole circus.

  • Zee Estee

    Zee Estee

    Month ago

    i lowkey wanna be a client of Brad

  • Blue Diamond

    Blue Diamond

    Month ago

    Why is everyone attacking the first girl lmao. She is just mad she didn’t get what she wanted and she didn’t even attack the hairdresser. I think her hair actually looked good at first but it wasn’t what she wanted.

  • katlynn❤❤


    Month ago

    You can tell the first girl thinks she is very entitled and gets whatever she wants like girl...... You went to the worst rated salon and you hated it, You then went back to same salon to have it fixed, and You also asked for highlights when girl its ombre..... You got highlights, blow dry, and a haircut for $120 like girl you went to the worst reviewed salon expecting Brad Mondo quality....I'm just still trying to fiqure out how this girls brain and expectations function and work😭💀

  • BlowItOutYourCunt


    Month ago

    These girls are being really Bitchy considering they went to the worst-rated hairdresser they could find! If they value their hair or the way they looked after this– this was just a very bad trend for them to try...

  • Camila Gonzalez

    Camila Gonzalez

    Month ago

    The girl - I love normal brown hair
    Brad - WTF

  • Cara Howell

    Cara Howell

    Month ago

    Moderately entertainment! Now that's someone being honest. Lol! Your fun Brad, don't be a d*ck. Lol

  • Shelley Lowes

    Shelley Lowes

    Month ago

    I love watching these Brad Mondo videos, but it's a little hard to concentrate on watching the people featured. I mean- that face, those eyes, that smile with that personality- I am looking at Brad more than anything! What a cutie pie!

  • Aanya Bothof

    Aanya Bothof

    Month ago

    Ok I luv the outfit though like I would totally wear that brad

  • Odor Angel

    Odor Angel

    Month ago

    You’re eyes look absolutely a dark-fringed #Gorge !!!!! Today Brad🥰 you are an inspiration!

  • sanfran91


    Month ago

    I will forever not understand how girls keep saying 'my hair is too short now' when they have hair down to like their butts and the hairdresser only cut off the split ends. Like you're literally gonna get that length back in like a month, calm down.

  • Jayyyyyyyyxx


    Month ago

    bro she actually looks good

  • Carmen Ten

    Carmen Ten

    Month ago

    I like you har

  • House of Drama

    House of Drama

    Month ago

    Brad you are NOT "moderately" entertaining.. You are VERY entertaining!!! I love your reactions. Keep em coming! ❤

  • Hope Taylor

    Hope Taylor

    Month ago

    Oh my gosh…someone literally said “moderately entertaining” and he was happy. These videos make up a lot of my free time, like, I love his personality and his energy! Rewatch these videos all the time!

  • WorldPeace


    Month ago

    You are amazingly polite and nice, Brad.😊

  • vilma rosenberg

    vilma rosenberg

    Month ago

    I freakin love that chain 😍

  • Evelyn Grzedzicki

    Evelyn Grzedzicki

    Month ago

    Show the picture of what you want BEFORE he colours your hair ya dingbat. He's not trying to get what she wants though, just doesn't give a damn.

  • sara crum

    sara crum

    2 months ago

    I went to brad mondo university

  • Gracie Moretz

    Gracie Moretz

    2 months ago

    When he talks about money pieces like I have natural many pieces in my hair like they white

  • Megan Price

    Megan Price

    2 months ago

    Speaking as a client that received botch jobs from 5 star salons, I would NEVER, in my wildest dreams, ever fathom or consider going to a low rated salon. EVER.

  • Tbri


    2 months ago

    the first girls hair literally looked good she shouldn't of went back

  • A Little Sparrow With Cheep WiFi

    A Little Sparrow With Cheep WiFi

    2 months ago

    But...but WHY would anyone choose to go to the lowest rated salon in their city anyway??
    I just can't...🥺
    And the 1st girl wasn't actually clear on what she wanted anyway! She was mean to the stylist, and whined she'd paid $120? That's about £85, which is a super-low price! And the poor guy had to go again for FREE!
    I felt really sorry for him.
    The 2nd stylist was a bit of a tw@t, but again- why pick low rated salons anyway?? Just so they can be edgy and spiteful, oh and get views on their channels? Dumb as a box of rocks. 📦 + 🪨

  • KB


    2 months ago

    Round layering all around is the old Farrah Fawcett cut ❤
    Edit- haha I wrote that before you said "old school" haircut. 😉

  • Allison


    2 months ago

    I hate the 1st girl's attitude. She definitely walked in with a Karen vibe

  • Elizabeth


    2 months ago

    YOU GO GIRL i mean boy girl

  • A J

    A J

    2 months ago

    Yeah but people intentionally going to lowest rated hair salon and then getting upset when things don’t go right…. Like what did you expect…

  • Sylvia Gamble

    Sylvia Gamble

    2 months ago

    Your the Gordon Ramsay of hair and I love it

  • Elizabeth Mae

    Elizabeth Mae

    2 months ago

    Props to the second girl for standing up for herself and explaining exactly what she wants👏🏼😂

  • Sara James Julien

    Sara James Julien

    2 months ago

    I love that brad is willing to react to salon videos. He discusses it so respectfully and points out that even professionals are still human and learning. Many of these weren't lack of skill, it was mostly communication issues. Cause (most of) these ladies looked great leaving the salon.... It just wasn't what they were looking for.

  • Sara Ellen

    Sara Ellen

    2 months ago

    I don’t understand these people… they go to the lowest rated place on purpose, show them a high quality job as reference and expect to walk out with the same result ???? And then get frustrated??? Bixxxxtch wtf

  • Fairy_frog


    2 months ago

    Just died my hair with my friend and normally when I die it all I do is just like put the diet by the way the video of me dying my hair on my YouTube channel go check it out developer and it looks 10 times better

  • Pyrain Atticus

    Pyrain Atticus

    2 months ago

    ok, I'm VERY late to this episode but..."moderately entertaining"?? Sweet heart, after I found your channel I can't stop watching. I skip all over but you literally brighten my day. I've been in a seriously low spot in my life for a while now and finding your channel was a Godsend. Your attitude and energy lift my spirits and when I'm really depressed I have the attention span of a gnat if I'm not doing something with or for my daughter. You are quite a bit more than moderately entertaining and I could watch your videos all day if I had the time. With that novel at its end, I'm going to finish this video and when/if you see this I really hope you have an amazing day/afternoon/evening. :) Thank you for being you.

  • Babygirl


    2 months ago

    That guy in the second video was so rude to her !! That's not how you should speak to a customer

  • Rizzi C.

    Rizzi C.

    2 months ago

    I also feel bad for the first guy. he is like a dad trying his best.

  • chloe chew

    chloe chew

    2 months ago

    dying my hair red was only $70 😃

  • Nicole Josephs

    Nicole Josephs

    3 months ago

    The magical newsprint virtually jam because bail intialy perform towards a alike tights. ad, comfortable beer

  • Topphat78


    3 months ago

    i want you to do my hair but im in london :(

  • Harriet Bullock

    Harriet Bullock

    3 months ago

    The first video. A Karen haircut for a Karen attitude.

  • Marissa Thomas

    Marissa Thomas

    3 months ago

    I think the first girl was dragging it a little but I don’t like the cut either lol I agree . It’s so old school lol that’s the problem

  • yrgalem teklu

    yrgalem teklu

    3 months ago

    The next trend is going to the worst rated hospital

  • McBride Mahan

    McBride Mahan

    3 months ago

    The first time was so cute
    2nd time she got what she deserved to match her personality

  • Jenna Rogers

    Jenna Rogers

    3 months ago

    I went to a beauty school today and paid 6$ with a 10$ tip to get my hair cut and I'm not lying when I tell u, it is the best hair cut I've ever had!!!

  • Paniq


    3 months ago

    i no longer go anywhere for a cut, just do it myself. too many “stylists” out there who have no true talent 🥺😐 I bet every single woman has left a salon in tears ,…it’s the worst!!!! 😐😳

  • pratisha sarmah

    pratisha sarmah

    3 months ago

    Brad Mondo is trying his best to not say anything bad to the first girl LMAO

  • pratisha sarmah

    pratisha sarmah

    3 months ago

    The first girl was low-key a Karen I-

  • Flower Power

    Flower Power

    3 months ago

    I don’t think the first girls hair looks bad. I like her hair, it looks cute. If she’s that particular she needs to go to a salon and pay more instead of trying to do it cheaper.
    At this point she has paid the same amount she would have had she gone it a newer salon.

  • sam


    3 months ago

    lastly why the hell are these people bitching if they're going KNOWINGLY to the worst salon?!!

  • sam


    3 months ago

    okay her hair looks SOOOO MUCH BETTER then when she walked in the first time she went in haven't made it to second visit

  • sam


    3 months ago

    yeah her hair deff looks great compared to how she was acting like it was gonna and the rest of these videos people come out looking like

  • sam


    3 months ago

    but see this is why people dont say anything braddd! cause they feel bad! and its awkward and just ahh to sit there and bitch to them and then its just idk...guilt and awkwardness and just anxiousness, but also mixed in with the (what you should be able to feel and think but cant always) okay he's the hairstylist he knows what he's doing and its probably just what it looks like to me that is weird but I can trust in him to get me to the result I want cause this is what he's paid to do and he has a job doing it still...but unfortunately I feel like so many hairstylist fake it til they make it and like say they can do something and wont say just friggin say no or pass it to the person in the salon who can or like say whats best for both them and the client and then when it comes out a hot ass friggin mess they blame it on your hair and what you asked for and what you asked for cause of you hair just isn't going to happen for you cause the picture their hair is different blah blah blah and essentially excuse their inability to do hair and be adult and kind enough to be honest they cant hack it and want the money or something idk just accept it and do it and they too hope for the best outcome doing what something they think will come close. like now I go to the salon and bring pics of what I want and exactly what I don't want in photos and do so much research on the salon and stylist and say if basically like if you don't think this is possible even just cause of my type of hair or whatever (giving them that as an excuse to use if they think they cant hack it, cause its totally fine i get not wanting to say it and its embarrassing or whatever or maybe yeah my hair isn't gonna look like what i want, but if not don't attempt) i don't even wanna sit in the chair nothing against them but don't bother hacking it to give it a go and lie to me that its gonna happen so i can go home and cry and blow cash again on another salon getting it fixed. I've had more stylist hack my hair than just having a friend do it who enjoy hair and wasn't a stylist..yet anyway she ended up becoming one down the road years later tho haha. its hard to speak up though.

  • DryPepper𓁹𓂀


    3 months ago

    Soo a when I was 6 or 7 I had bangs and I hated them so I tried to rip them out of my head- now that I look back I want the same hair as my pfp (fluffy hair covering my eyes with neon red front hair) yuh

  • one of the many Rachel Fuller's

    one of the many Rachel Fuller's

    3 months ago

    The first girl doesn't know what she's talking about🤣

  • kim


    3 months ago

    that first hairdressers haircut is terrible. girlie i wouldn't go to that guy twice

  • Wrennie


    3 months ago

    I dont understand why people are shitting on the first girl. She has the right to be upset. Literally how is she entitled. She paid money for someone to do her hair and they fucked it up.

  • Morgan Tarot

    Morgan Tarot

    3 months ago

    I think the first girl would have complained no matter what because as she admitted, she doesn't like change. A lot of people hate their new hair colour or style but end up loving it a week later. It's the initial shock of it looking different that can get to you. The hair cut at the end though was truly awful.

  • V Schindler

    V Schindler

    3 months ago

    The fuck is with people here? The first girl has a FULL right to complain karen style. The hair they made her was a yellow joke.

  • Ren scych

    Ren scych

    3 months ago

    how do you keep your skin so clear!

  • Josefine Bliss

    Josefine Bliss

    4 months ago

    First girl asked for highlights though... And I think she wanted ombre from the photo. So she should've asked for ombre, not highlights.
    I know ombre can be hard because I often hear horror stories of women having asked for ombre and the hairdresser totally messed it up. So she should've probably gone to a higher end salon as well if she wanted to be sure the hairdresser could pull off something that difficult. I would nevER ask for ombre unless I could afford to go to a high end salon. Just saying. I would also make sure they had social media with pictures of what they are capable of. Otherwise I would just ask for something pretty basic that most hairdressers can do.

  • Ilse Gerrits

    Ilse Gerrits

    4 months ago

    €120 for just that, i had to pay like 50 dollars for a cut and overall highlights, also here they dont charge for blowdrying, before we leave, most hairdressers ask if i want a curl in it before i leave lol

  • Michelle M

    Michelle M

    4 months ago

    The people who intentionally seek out the worst salons for views, are a type of fearless I could never aspire to.