Try Guys Make Toys Without Instructions

Published on Nov 24, 2021
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Try guys toy shop is baaaack! This time we're trying to make Figurines and whew it is a doozy! Who do you have your money on for Santa's top toy maker? Get your very own Try Guys Collect-A-Boy on today!

UPDATE: Figurine pre-orders officially started shipping out TODAY! So if you ordered during our pre-order phase that means they should be in your hands within about a week or so and if you didn't get yours yet, they're back on sale right now on

Stay tuned for more exciting steals and deals later this week!

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The Try Guys
The Try Guys
  • The Try Guys

    The Try Guys

    12 days ago

    The Try Guys Collect-A-Boys are officially ON SALE! And pre-orders officially started shipping out TODAY! So if you ordered your Figurine during our pre-order sale, they should be in your hands within about a week or so, and if you didn't get yours yet, they're back on sale right now on

    • Tia Waldrip

      Tia Waldrip

      4 days ago

      I was so excited when I got my collect-a-boys today! Sadly the box got squished and it squished the boxes each guy was in too. It looks like yall may need to talk to someone about extra padding in the shipping boxes.

    • Christa Stevens

      Christa Stevens

      8 days ago

      I want one but $40 is a bit steep for me for now but they are awesome! 💜💙💚❤️

    • Megan Brooks

      Megan Brooks

      9 days ago

      Not to create any unnecessary competition butttt I’d love to see a live tally of how many of each has sold

    • Stephanie Brown

      Stephanie Brown

      11 days ago

      Please get Keiths toy made! I want one so bad 😅

    • Sheri Khan

      Sheri Khan

      11 days ago

      I need to order a Jay the regular guy can you guys make that a thing that can happen thanks 😝😍

  • Who069


    14 minutes ago

    i want the figuring keith made

  • Justin Flanagan

    Justin Flanagan

    51 minute ago

    omg jamie is going through puberty fosho lol

  • Delen Potter

    Delen Potter

    2 hours ago

    Good episode to get baked to watch

  • Alice Lawlor

    Alice Lawlor

    2 hours ago

    when I saw Jaime I spit wasn’t he like 10 two minutes ago

  • Jaeden Oliver

    Jaeden Oliver

    3 hours ago


  • Old Blue Witch

    Old Blue Witch

    5 hours ago

    Legs for Days is brilliant. I can see randomized leg boosters, seasonal legs, diy leg kits, golden legs... It's got limitless potential!

  • Jae Dyn

    Jae Dyn

    8 hours ago

    Neds was like that hasbro cootie toy game, anyone else realize??

  • Kelsey Yaldo

    Kelsey Yaldo

    17 hours ago

    I love when Laura is in the videos

  • Kelsey Yaldo

    Kelsey Yaldo

    17 hours ago

    Omggg I love the bird so much

  • Suzie Q

    Suzie Q

    18 hours ago

    "This is for grown ups. This ain't no kid shit"
    Okay tell that to my huge harry potter lego collection thats DISPLAY only. Ask me how many times I've had to explain to my kids, that we DO NOT touch! Lmao 🤣

  • Serena H

    Serena H

    18 hours ago

    i want a jay-the-regular-man figurine so badly

  • Makaroni Pony

    Makaroni Pony

    19 hours ago

    I love that Eugene knows what an alicorn is :3

  • Josie Heath

    Josie Heath

    19 hours ago

    please invest in a real jay figurine i would die for one

  • A. B.

    A. B.

    20 hours ago

    Keith just made chicken boo 2.0 lol

  • Ana Clara Matos

    Ana Clara Matos

    20 hours ago

    why is Ned dressed like a suburban white mom

  • Littlesepticbean


    20 hours ago

    I would pay so much money for an entire ugly Keith collection. Also would love a totally normal business man😂

  • Jaedeajinx


    22 hours ago

    If this was a ploy to actually get the public's opinion on a special figurine, that would be so clever🤔

  • Jacs2cents


    22 hours ago

    Neds was the cutest. In my opion

  • nelle


    Day ago

    6:45 the yassification of ned fulmer

  • Samantha Mena

    Samantha Mena

    Day ago

    can i just say i would buy the normal guy

  • anrina


    Day ago

    The Try Guys nailed the assignment! Holy effin gay horse, Eugene. I can't believe he sculpted that in such a short time. Also I love Jamie, as usual. He's getting big! Happy to see the return of Ugly Keith!

  • ziul89


    Day ago

    I’m sure Ned has a blank Grindr profile out there..

  • Hadeer


    Day ago

    we all want to own jay-the-regular man figurine, so please we need a line dedicated for this

  • Kailynn S

    Kailynn S

    Day ago

    I just got a Chick-fil-A feels like a hate crime

  • Andrea Vasquez

    Andrea Vasquez

    Day ago

    they better make jay a real thing cuz i want it so badly

  • Muskan Gupta

    Muskan Gupta

    Day ago

    Honestly I loved 'legs for days ' and was rooting for it! Would totally wanna own it

  • HollyTalaYvonne


    Day ago

    I truly need the Jay the Regular Man bird figurine

  • FireHeadGaming


    Day ago

    🏳️‍🌈🐴 2.0

  • HoodieGurl21


    Day ago

    Jamie’s hair is flourishing.

  • aatiriya


    Day ago

    I'd DIE for jay-the-regular-man figurine, PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN

  • LiselleMade


    Day ago

    Jaime is the best child

  • Ropafadzo Chirozvi

    Ropafadzo Chirozvi

    Day ago

    Can I just say that Zack looks really good in this video WOW and I really Like his glasses

  • Carly Sandoval

    Carly Sandoval

    Day ago

    Damn Jaime’s voice dropped

  • Laura Abella

    Laura Abella

    Day ago

    If they want to make money they better produce the business bird normal guy! XD

  • Kara Solis

    Kara Solis

    Day ago

    Omg jamies getting so big!

  • TheMagicKnightress


    Day ago

    Armature wire and tinfoil my dudes. Sculpting 101
    Also it’s score and slip, Ned. You forgot the watery-clay “glue”

  • TheMagicKnightress


    Day ago

    How did Jamie grow three years?? Puberty??? The hecc

  • wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiu

    Day ago

    I feel like we’re all watching Jamie grow up and it’s so weird but also amazing 😂😂

  • Alivia


    Day ago

    I hope Jamie got to keep that ugly Keith too.

  • Veronica Flynn

    Veronica Flynn

    Day ago

    I feel like legs for daze and koh the face stealer (from Avatar the Last Air bender) would have an enemies to lovers story

  • Edison Brown

    Edison Brown

    Day ago


  • MQ09PredatorB


    Day ago

    Eugene:" a riddle. Not straight, but-" 19:19

  • Rocío Moreno

    Rocío Moreno

    Day ago

    Youtube did not let me know this video even existed until i went into the channel by myself

  • Jennifer Lee

    Jennifer Lee

    2 days ago

    *Zack paints a blue and white UK on Ugly Keith*
    Me, living in an SEC region: "Is Keith a Wildcats fan?"👀
    "Its British Keith!"

  • liyah


    2 days ago


  • Sarah McLaen Choreography

    Sarah McLaen Choreography

    2 days ago

    If I saw “Legs for Daze” and “Jay the Regular Man” in a store, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Even if I didn’t know they were connected to the Try Guys, I would love them. They should 100000% be mass produced and sold.

    • Asteroidkitty


      Day ago

      I literally want to make my own legs for daze

  • SlightJudgement


    2 days ago

    Jaime is so sassy I love it!

  • Ashley Martin

    Ashley Martin

    2 days ago

    Honestly I just want the try guys to sell their creations all the time. I want an ugly Keith plush and figurine. I want a gay horse plushie and a gayest horse figurine. I want everything. But you know, quality. I want it to look like what they made but where it stays together longer than a year.

  • NeonWatermellon


    2 days ago

    Please make Jay 🥺

  • Lalhminghlui Hs

    Lalhminghlui Hs

    2 days ago

    jamie had grown

  • Thosedampuns


    2 days ago

    Jaime grew up so much wtf

  • Makenna Y

    Makenna Y

    2 days ago

    I’ve turned 18 so I can officially say that Keith is a handsome man without feeling weird

  • Makenna Y

    Makenna Y

    2 days ago


  • emma mikusak

    emma mikusak

    2 days ago

    jamie's getting older wow



    2 days ago

    Literally love the bird.. you could literally make a kids movie!

  • Ann N

    Ann N

    2 days ago

    I love Ned’s and Keith’s! I want 🥺

  • Jaimie Smith

    Jaimie Smith

    2 days ago

    Jamie is getting old 😅 so crazy

  • Caitlin S

    Caitlin S

    2 days ago

    Just realized the UK on Ugly Keith stood for Ugly Keith and not University of Kentucky. I guess that shows my midwestern-ness 😅

  • Hoemoji


    2 days ago

    I need the totally normal Businessman jay toy

  • WhatUpBoots


    2 days ago

    where can i purchase business bird man instead?

  • Katarina Dayinta

    Katarina Dayinta

    2 days ago

    Keith should mass produced that bird

  • Flavia Barros

    Flavia Barros

    2 days ago

    Jamieeeeee pq você tá crescendo garoto

  • amalia


    2 days ago


  • Sarah L.

    Sarah L.

    2 days ago

    Toys? sculptures.

  • Stephanie Miles

    Stephanie Miles

    2 days ago

    I want Keith's bird!!

  • heythere!


    2 days ago

    The final verdict as far as Eugene is concerned doesn't seem right:3

  • Bridget Nash

    Bridget Nash

    2 days ago

    I really hope the totally normal business bird actually gets made one day!
    Also: Gay horse.

  • Jenn Cote

    Jenn Cote

    2 days ago

    jamie is growing up right in front of us :')

  • Carmen Lozano

    Carmen Lozano

    2 days ago

    I totally want Keith’s and Ned’s figurine I would pay big money 💰 for those figurines

  • Treavor Union

    Treavor Union

    2 days ago


  • Mk1


    2 days ago

    Seeing Jamie aged this fast. Hopefully we get to see Wes as a judge 🙀

  • dreZmay


    2 days ago

    Can we talk about how we’ve watched Jaime grow up!?

  • oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    2 days ago

    Yall better make "Jay the regular business man" because I would absolutely buy it

  • Audrey Lemon

    Audrey Lemon

    2 days ago

    I would FIGHT someone for Jay the totally normal business human and Legs for days

  • SnowGild


    2 days ago

    Dang Jaime actually grows? Compare this to him and Eugene ranking cereals

  • Kayla Coots

    Kayla Coots

    2 days ago

    Sorry Ned, your toy is basically the same as cootie bugs just with different legs.

  • MarsBarsDraws


    3 days ago

    the birds work for the bourgeoisie??? nah, the birds ARE the bourgeoisie

  • starr wargo

    starr wargo

    3 days ago

    Ned’s caterpillar reminds me of the board game cooties!

  • Cinder Heart

    Cinder Heart

    3 days ago

    Ugly Keith needs to be merch

  • jup1828


    3 days ago

    Omg Jaime...his voice cracking! Baby kid growing up...tear

  • Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith

    3 days ago

    I want to buy Totally Normal Business Guy.

  • - { Nay } -

    - { Nay } -

    3 days ago

    Keith finally won, I'm so happy!

  • Sara Freibergs

    Sara Freibergs

    3 days ago

    I want All four of your little selfs 😭 dam you living on a set income an only able to get my kids 50.00 gift cards each for Christmas

  • Divya Joseph

    Divya Joseph

    3 days ago

    Jay can totally become the next big thing

  • Divya Joseph

    Divya Joseph

    3 days ago

    Keith Is so creative and smart like he suprises me so often through these episodes

  • Divya Joseph

    Divya Joseph

    3 days ago

    Okay Jay is amazing!!!! Super creative super original damnnn love it Keith.

  • Divya Joseph

    Divya Joseph

    3 days ago

    Okay daze is so creative!! Ned that's so unique

  • Taylor Goodnight

    Taylor Goodnight

    3 days ago

    Sorry the try guy figurines just look like bad funko pop.

  • Divya Joseph

    Divya Joseph

    3 days ago

    Zach: this is for grownups ain't no kids shit
    Editors cut to Jamie. A kid.
    Plot twist 101

  • Mayu


    3 days ago

    I need a Jay-the-regular-business-man figurine voiced by Keith

  • Cute Girly Goth

    Cute Girly Goth

    3 days ago

    Keith's bird-man is giving me Chicken Boo vibes

  • Eden


    3 days ago

    Eugene reminds me of the kid that was always the 4th or 5th best student in art class. Always very confident in his skills, but without the skills to match the confidence

  • jordan taylor

    jordan taylor

    3 days ago

    I want to put “jay the totally normal businessman” on my desk so I can change his faces according to my mood.

  • Sheila


    3 days ago

    omg jamies voice 🥺🥺🥺

  • julianna Carvalho

    julianna Carvalho

    3 days ago

    Jamie is now a Try Boy not a Try Baby :(

  • That one traumatised Makoto

    That one traumatised Makoto

    3 days ago

    I imagine walking into a museum just to see a gay horse in the middle-

  • Seannie Coulter

    Seannie Coulter

    3 days ago

    I’m obsessed with keiths toy. Can 2nd try LLC mass produce these STAT. Also Keith don’t feel too down about Zach’s theme of his creations, you’re a beautiful man and you know it ☺️❤️

  • Just me

    Just me

    3 days ago

    Eugene should’ve made a horn as the stand for a pride flag

  • Artzy Sky

    Artzy Sky

    3 days ago

    Who told Jamie he’s allowed to age?