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Published on Oct 10, 2021
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Not depressed; my hermit power levels are just rising.

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  • Obsydian04


    9 days ago

    Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very relatable

    • Chaos drill

      Chaos drill

      23 hours ago


    • Hi


      2 days ago

      Super pooper

    • Emberlyn Crow

      Emberlyn Crow

      3 days ago


    • mucumuc!


      3 days ago

      Swoozie if your getting bored, make an animated series or something with 20 minute episodes and voice your character.

    • Shadow-guy


      3 days ago

      Very x41 relatable

  • Plazmov


    32 minutes ago

    Yea ok at first I related but when I’m hanging out with friends i don’t wanna go home

  • Matt Candy Productions

    Matt Candy Productions

    2 hours ago

    I kept hearing "something must be wrong with me" I thought it was on repeat for a moment lol

  • CLUB Y5

    CLUB Y5

    6 hours ago

    Someone count how many times he said "I think there's something wrong with me."

  • Space Prince

    Space Prince

    6 hours ago

    Good it’s not just me that eats Cinnamon Toast Crunch all day Bc that stuff bussin

  • MmmChestnut


    7 hours ago

    I can relate man. I’m an introvert as it is, but I have trouble socializing and wanting to make time for anything other than video games now.

  • Gogeto king of saiyens god of power

    Gogeto king of saiyens god of power

    8 hours ago

    Earf another good one

  • Gogeto king of saiyens god of power

    Gogeto king of saiyens god of power

    8 hours ago

    Over cwwwwwwwwwwwwwelmd

  • Orange Tuber

    Orange Tuber

    8 hours ago

    bro your just burnt out eventually you'll get better

  • Ashley Klug

    Ashley Klug

    11 hours ago

    this is depression, swooz. i have similar feelings and it’s so hard to break the cycle. keep trying though!

  • Hanyo


    11 hours ago

    I feel for ya no energy? yep that's me like in general social activity hahaha lockdown lock down my soul

  • Whiskyrose


    13 hours ago

    Very relatable and I’m sure it is for a lot of other people as well💙💙

  • Adam Xei

    Adam Xei

    15 hours ago

    Hey, swoozie, it's okay man. You don't have to go nowhere. You ain't got to post no videos. Just work on you, man.

  • Anthony Rivera

    Anthony Rivera

    15 hours ago

    Like Eric once said "I don't wanna dance but I'd still like to be invited to it" lol

  • Sora


    17 hours ago

    My friends better give me a good reason to get up from this comfortable couch 😪

  • unknown dude

    unknown dude

    18 hours ago

    Very relatable 😂😂😂

  • Dejacks


    18 hours ago

    Hermit, party of one🙋‍♂️. That's me....

  • Xtina J

    Xtina J

    18 hours ago

    Me feeling seen while watching this....
    Then reading the comments and everyone saying its depression...
    Then me feeling like I must've been depressed since birth 😕 🤔

  • 💀Satan💀


    21 hour ago

    sWooZie nothings wrong with you! This energy is 1000 percent me. Just chill you’re fine 🖤

  • Paradise Team

    Paradise Team

    21 hour ago

    Lmao 😂 the Xbox and PlayStation shade is REALLLLLLLLLLLLL

  • Minimee


    Day ago

    homie was too hermit to turn on the camera

  • ChristiansCruze


    Day ago

    Swoozie was def tired while drawing this animation 😭

  • Muir Jones

    Muir Jones

    Day ago

    Somebody had a big ol mug of the depresso espresso

  • ColdRayne


    Day ago

    Some poetry vibes

  • FrozenFlames


    Day ago

    Finally, someone who gets it.



    Day ago

    That me very day



    Day ago

    Lmao I do be lazy to get my food from
    The lobby

  • ZTx火Sengoku CODM

    ZTx火Sengoku CODM

    Day ago

    Omg i laughed so much

  • LyricalGenes


    Day ago

    *Yep...sounds familiar*

  • m-Kh3ild


    Day ago

    Super relatable

  • c4arla


    Day ago

    ive just realized where my accent came from lol the one that shows up randomly

  • noobinator Simelane

    noobinator Simelane

    Day ago

    The app is called a kid

  • The Godly Gamers

    The Godly Gamers

    Day ago

    Swoozie, we love you.

  • Ryan Hutch

    Ryan Hutch

    Day ago


  • Serene Duhaithem

    Serene Duhaithem

    Day ago

    Omg this hit home.

  • chance okeson

    chance okeson

    Day ago

    Sounds like your depressed and bored of staying inside the entire time.

  • Mohamed Hashim Osman

    Mohamed Hashim Osman

    Day ago


  • Kenneth Wade Jr

    Kenneth Wade Jr

    Day ago

    Something is wrong with me I don’t have friends lol like for real no one wants to hang with me

  • Kōru


    Day ago

    If this is happening recently it could be due to the fact that Mercury is in retrograde

  • Jada Marks

    Jada Marks

    Day ago

    swoozie i feel you my guy like i just cyant these days

  • L A

    L A

    Day ago

    SAME SWOOZIE... SAME. As an extrovert my social batter go from 100% to 0 in 2 mins.

  • Patty McCullough

    Patty McCullough

    Day ago

    That’s called depression

  • Levaughn Tam

    Levaughn Tam

    Day ago

    I've never related so heavily to anything in my entire life.

  • Andrew Attard

    Andrew Attard

    Day ago

    bro watching this vid is making my tired LMAO

  • Lucky Slug

    Lucky Slug

    Day ago

    In my professional opinion as a human female, i believe this is the result of the highs and lows of life. Theres spans of times when we are hustling, socializing, doing all the things... with little rest and lots of mania. Then, naturally that doesn't last forever, so you come down and it feels like a life hang over, sleeping all day and not really wanting to do much of anything... it will pass. but going forward we must be mindful to control that energy, or at least be gentle with ourselves as we go through the motions...p.s. Love your work xoxo

  • Rika Sano

    Rika Sano

    Day ago

    Understimulation makes u tired :/ I try to avoid buying online groceries so I can force myself to go out and browse and acc use my legs and my brain

  • TheCommonGentry


    Day ago

    ... could always hire a bulter.. or maid....sama...

  • TheCommonGentry


    Day ago

    i think you had a massive introvert day... i'm basically like this on a daily tho tbh

  • popcorn2086 5

    popcorn2086 5

    Day ago

    Bro this has been me the last 2 years

  • Nothing New

    Nothing New

    Day ago

    This sounds like a poem

  • Stryker 1205

    Stryker 1205

    Day ago

    I don’t even have friends so I can’t get invited anywhere

  • Adn


    Day ago

    close but my friend don't ask me to hang out bc I'm already anti social

  • Angelica T

    Angelica T

    2 days ago

    Swooizie describing depression for 5 min. Straight...

  • The Savage GOAT

    The Savage GOAT

    2 days ago

    I was like this for a little while after the pandemic started



    2 days ago

    if i had a dollar for every time swoozie said "i think theres somethings wrong with me" i would be a billionare

  • Priultimus


    2 days ago

    I too have depression

  • ClearlyElemental


    2 days ago

    Sounds like “burn out.” People are saying it could be depression but it could ALSO just be that he’s burnt out and needs to take a break.

  • livinabitwoozy


    2 days ago

    Hey swoozie...i hope youre doing okay dude..-

  • C.O.D 94

    C.O.D 94

    2 days ago

    All my susy bakes who
    Dont like leaving they house say yeah!!

  • Najayla Jefferson

    Najayla Jefferson

    2 days ago

    I feel this

  • Some One

    Some One

    2 days ago

    Flaking huh?

  • Marquise Williams

    Marquise Williams

    2 days ago

    Thanks for scheckin on me bro!💯😵

  • Jerson Knoops

    Jerson Knoops

    2 days ago

    Maybe quarantine wasn’t that bad 🥴

  • 卂乃ᗪㄩㄥ卂ㄥ丨


    2 days ago

    Ur burnt out

  • Naya Nunya

    Naya Nunya

    2 days ago

    I also like just knowing my friends are out having fun together while I’m at home chilling

  • Pertinax_doodle _

    Pertinax_doodle _

    2 days ago


  • Trevon


    2 days ago

    Be like that fr

  • ItsGhac


    2 days ago

    Lazy ahhhhs

  • dragon wren

    dragon wren

    2 days ago

    Be yes I get it

  • •gacha x bella•

    •gacha x bella•

    2 days ago

    I love his new style of art these past videos and I love being in bed eating cereal

    • Pertinax_doodle _

      Pertinax_doodle _

      2 days ago

      All fun and games until you spill it on the bed.

  • Anthony Bundy

    Anthony Bundy

    2 days ago

    I feel the same. Life has gotten too crowded these days

  • 100 % Chicken

    100 % Chicken

    2 days ago

    Why do I feel like he was in bed recording this video

  • Matteo Meehan

    Matteo Meehan

    2 days ago

    Lack of responsibility, that’s it. You’re too available to hang out with friends because like you said, you “get paid to as little work as humanly possible.” You have too much free time because you’re not consistently working hard to make or improve at something

  • Space V

    Space V

    2 days ago

    wasting my time away

  • ikhinosen egbele

    ikhinosen egbele

    2 days ago

    At least he gave us permission to stalk him

  • ikhinosen egbele

    ikhinosen egbele

    2 days ago

    finally, a relatable story

  • Sonic


    2 days ago

    its called "being allowed to finally be introverted"

  • Johnathan Forbes

    Johnathan Forbes

    2 days ago

    69k likes nice😏

  • AZ XDAidey

    AZ XDAidey

    2 days ago

    Sry swooz but ur animation got worse

  • SoapTJ


    2 days ago

    This is why I'm a social shut in because you don't have to make excuses for not being out all the time.

  • ebi ebi

    ebi ebi

    2 days ago

    Brun out !!! Metal not good !

  • Sp2oncer


    2 days ago


  • Lea Rose

    Lea Rose

    2 days ago

    Bruh same. But it seems like your depressed. You should talk to someone.

  • Regan Correia

    Regan Correia

    2 days ago

    We still didn't know if there is something wrong with him 😂🤣

  • Brightish


    2 days ago

    Nah, he says it's not depression, just high hermit level.

  • Kazman2007


    2 days ago

    Have you considered working at Apple?

  • phoenixfriend


    2 days ago

    Swoozie, please do check to make sure there's nothing medical going on before concluding psychological. Low energy and mental drive are symptoms of many different conditions. Vitamin D deficiency for example. I know you live in a sunny climate but it sounds like you're spending a lot of time indoors. Tbh, I suspect I might have one too, though my symptoms are different.

  • HopiaManiPopkern


    2 days ago

    Swooz, you're probably just having your period soon.

  • DPooleThe1


    2 days ago

    Thanks swoozie!!!

  • Esther's Diary

    Esther's Diary

    2 days ago

    This be happening y'all right?

    I'm just tripple checking

  • Devaughn Rice

    Devaughn Rice

    2 days ago

    I swear I just feel like I'm wasting away in an endless void with no energy at all 😂😂

  • Ellie Detres

    Ellie Detres

    2 days ago

    Honestly I was watching this 🤔 thinking
    ... I think I married a Hermit becuz that's how it be! Haha, I chuckled soo hard when you said, I be invited places and I'll go over just to take a nap and I felt that...this boi napping right now. Thanks Swoozie, I been following for a long time.

  • Gaming with KingK

    Gaming with KingK

    2 days ago

    I think there’s something wrong with me, because I heard swoozie say that like 10 times. I had to double check if I accidentally backed up the video 😂



    2 days ago

    Im rellatin

  • Weeb Context

    Weeb Context

    2 days ago

    Swoozie, you are depressed.

  • chon deadle

    chon deadle

    2 days ago


  • NR.1 plant

    NR.1 plant

    2 days ago

    This felt like the same 30 second video on loop

  • Mary Obafemi

    Mary Obafemi

    2 days ago

    Guys I think he’s tired or smth

  • Mirco Apperlo

    Mirco Apperlo

    2 days ago

    Can relate!

  • nightlibra


    2 days ago

    yo stop bein a mood