Binging with Babish: Dalgona from Squid Game

Published on Oct 12, 2021
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Candy takes a turn for the deadly this week as we recreate the viral honeycomb candy from Squid Game, whose complex shape must be extracted to avoid a bullet to the head. The stakes are decidedly lower in real life, but as it turns out, dalgona has a few tricks up its sleeve...or I'm just very bad at making it.


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Babish Culinary Universe
  • Babish Culinary Universe

    Babish Culinary Universe

    8 days ago

    Should've made a triangle.

    • doj


      Day ago


    • MaxIsABigKaiju


      2 days ago

      Beanloaf from The Mr. Men Show pls

    • Onyi Ononye

      Onyi Ononye

      2 days ago

      Youve been killed 5 times now 😂

    • Ben Lawver

      Ben Lawver

      2 days ago

      Your supposed to use a pin in addition to licking the back, not just licking

    • KrimsonDawn


      3 days ago


  • sjk


    Hour ago

    Dal Go Na literally means “it is sweet” in Korean. It’s like a statement/commentary. I recall the first time my Russian American friend asked me if I tried Dalgona coffee, I thought she was referring to some fancy European chocolate coffee drink to come find she was talking about the caramel sugar candy I used to eat as a child in South Korea for a penny. 😆

  • WarBerJr02


    Hour ago

    you need a mould...

  • Fanece Miller

    Fanece Miller

    2 hours ago

    I made like 7 of them today & only one stuck. Basically in order to be able to press it while still hot, you have to pour it onto parchment paper with sugar sprinkled on it, spray oil onto your presser & put sugar on that too before pressing it onto the honeycomb

  • Anna Adams

    Anna Adams

    2 hours ago

    Apparently even for Koreans it´s really hard to make dalgona candy successfully xD it does require practice!

  • The Zodiac Thriller

    The Zodiac Thriller

    2 hours ago


  • Powerful Dog's Dick

    Powerful Dog's Dick

    3 hours ago

    should have just used parchment paper on the bottom and only used spray on the press

  • teddfufu


    3 hours ago

    i tried it for the first time and it worked every time i do it 😃 no fancy equipment, just a ladle and a silicone mat

  • Matt Riogas

    Matt Riogas

    4 hours ago

    The right copyright singly test because router symptomatically cure among a lowly motion. agonizing, aboard brick

  • Val Mid

    Val Mid

    5 hours ago

    *Everyone is cooking this cookie until a guy with a polygon mask shows up*

  • greenlizardballs


    5 hours ago

    I have an idea for a show where you have to drink a glass of water without looking and leave exactly an inch of water left. If this condition is not met, they give you a back massage.

  • Shashank


    6 hours ago

    I made it in my first try

  • Luna Dev

    Luna Dev

    8 hours ago

    Tip: pour it onto a tray lined with parchment paper and it dosent stick whatsoever and at all, you don’t even need any kind of utensil to peel it off with

  • Derek Gaming

    Derek Gaming

    9 hours ago


  • Fantom OutSyder

    Fantom OutSyder

    9 hours ago

    I couldn’t find a coke mirror at my restaurant store :(

  • b3qaNim


    10 hours ago

    This video needs a dead Babish count

  • ultimateninjaboi


    11 hours ago

    Now I'm gonna have to play around with delgona syrup in my cocktails

  • shan4883


    13 hours ago

    You have to add a little bit of sugar to make it not stick to the tool which is what they use for the original version of it. Sugar on the bottom and top. It's like using flour with bread dough but this is sugar dough. And also you don't have to use any of these methods but just a laddle and letting the dough to cool on a flat surface with wax paper to flatten it.

  • Anna Fowdy

    Anna Fowdy

    14 hours ago

    I can't tell what's harder, getting the shape out or actually making the candy.

  • Cooking with EMET

    Cooking with EMET

    15 hours ago

    Who is going to be eliminated? 🙃

  • Harley Pennington

    Harley Pennington

    16 hours ago

    So add a “whip it” to milk… gotcha

  • Watch n' Learn Boys

    Watch n' Learn Boys

    16 hours ago

    "Dead" needs to be censored in this case. Friendly advice. 😊

  • surely every answer coexists effortlessly

    surely every answer coexists effortlessly

    16 hours ago

    Really not your day is it bud

  • Nathan R

    Nathan R

    17 hours ago

    3:14 That's what he said.

  • FAii Da

    FAii Da

    17 hours ago


  • 너구리


    18 hours ago

    When I was young my grandmother and I would make dalgona and put them on lollipop sticks rather then just as disks. Reminds me of my childhood growing up poor in rural Jeolla-do.

  • Chrome Maskqurae

    Chrome Maskqurae

    21 hour ago

    'Lets make Dalgona and do the challenge.. If you break the Dalgona then you're a gona' - Chrome

  • SW4GGY JENNA🌴. rxsesmangos

    SW4GGY JENNA🌴. rxsesmangos

    22 hours ago

    Ur beart is white awesome!

  • Logan Wisnieski

    Logan Wisnieski

    22 hours ago

    Babbish which was harder the ube cake or this coffee. Which has a better pay off between the 2

  • Luna Twilight

    Luna Twilight

    Day ago

    im curious why ya didnt use wax paper and cool it in the frige before removeing it

  • Fer CZ

    Fer CZ

    Day ago

    When the masked soldiers failed making them they also got shot

  • Cordell Erskine

    Cordell Erskine

    Day ago

    “Ooop i broke it “
    So on theme with the show

  • Liuhuayue


    Day ago

    I haven't watched Squid Game. I thought it was a cookie.

  • Chewstew


    Day ago

    need that parchment paper babish!

  • Sniper


    Day ago

    I love that making dalgona looks as tedious and annoying as extracting the actual shape. All of it looks painful

  • Jos Con

    Jos Con

    Day ago

    Learned how to make these at work. It’s def not as complicated as shown in the video.

  • K!ra


    Day ago

    I love this. It made me giggle a bunch too ☺️

  • Smiley


    Day ago

    Bruh why did u soay oil on the presser and remove the oil, when you put the oil the candy will not stick so try it again

  • SingerOfSongs


    Day ago

    Lots of other comments have said this, but I really appreciate that you include the struggle and the failure along the way. Cooking is hard!!

  • Jojo


    Day ago

    After watching how to basic's "How to make Dalgona" video i can confirm no one can properly make a perfect Dalgona.😂

  • Friendly Neighborhood Serial Killer

    Friendly Neighborhood Serial Killer

    Day ago

    thank you for this recipe, helps me with a personal project.

  • NA


    Day ago

    It’s actually spelled dahlonega

  • Gallery sun

    Gallery sun

    Day ago

    오징어게임에 나오는 ‘도시락’ 도만들어주세요🙏🏻

  • The Greatest Meowstic

    The Greatest Meowstic

    Day ago

    What are the rules of the dalgona game? Besides cutting out the shape

  • Aliza Lee

    Aliza Lee

    Day ago

    its weird and funny that my childhood activities are now a worldwide fascination haha

  • Crunchy Water

    Crunchy Water

    Day ago

    the only real pain was for the guards making it.

  • Dylan Patterson

    Dylan Patterson

    Day ago

    Disclaimer: all the swear words where used in the making of the candy.

  • {• Błøödmöøn •}

    {• Błøödmöøn •}

    Day ago

    I tried to make this thing like 5 times but I kept burning the sugar and my mom made me stop-

  • Twigpalm


    Day ago

    This is my first time hearing anyone say the name out loud (in TikTok fashion everyone just called the coffee "whipped coffee") but I hate it and I'm still choosing to believe how I read it at first by mistake, "dangola." Sounds cooler. Easier to pronounce.

  • Plucky Bellhop

    Plucky Bellhop

    Day ago

    If you want to take it a step further you can also put mildly crushed dalgona on your drink before you add the whipped coffee

  • des ^^

    des ^^

    Day ago

    squip gam

  • Myles


    Day ago

    I made it on my first try >~>

  • Catherine Mabry

    Catherine Mabry

    Day ago

    When flatening it wait like 30 secs to a min for it to harden a little and then when pressing lightly tap it down so it doesnt stick

  • Black mamba king

    Black mamba king

    Day ago

    Ow of corse your gunna make these

  • EntityX4000


    Day ago

    from squid game? seriously?

  • Bonnie Howell

    Bonnie Howell

    Day ago

    I attempted to make these without the nifty kit you have and after 6 tries, finally had something that had the desired shape and taste.

  • CSvB


    Day ago

    I guess, I'm gonna stick with our version of Dalgona, called Törökméz (Turkish Honey), it's made from sugar, baking soda and honey.

  • Alsizar!!!


    Day ago

    To make it more authentic you should have one of the triangle guys nearby in case you break the cookie.

  • Nicole Taylor

    Nicole Taylor

    Day ago

    I appreciate your efforts that you continue to try. Even after failing many times, it’s refreshing.

  • originalkaratemastr


    Day ago

    I thought they were using something like cornflour, not oil. You can watch plenty of videos of the original people making it in Korea

  • A Typical Palate

    A Typical Palate

    Day ago

    Showing your failures makes me feel much better when attempting any of these viral trends.

  • Sally O’Meara

    Sally O’Meara

    Day ago

    your frustration is real and i relate

  • Christina Peebles

    Christina Peebles

    Day ago

    Babish was a genius in choosing to make this video

  • Kenneth Brown

    Kenneth Brown

    Day ago

    There's always something refreshing about seeing a chef on a cooking show breakdown and start cussing

  • Keanu


    Day ago

    Imagine being in squid game and babish just randomly makes coffee in challenge 2

  • Joebobjon112


    Day ago

    Now I have to assume that all of the mask guys or at least the ones in the kitchen had to do a full summer camp to make these things properly before the events of the show.

  • Lemoni


    Day ago

    Now make it into a sausage.

  • tuğba çınarlı

    tuğba çınarlı

    Day ago


  • Joseph Lee

    Joseph Lee

    Day ago

    hey love your channel. by now you probably know but no oil is needed, just some sugar on the bottom.

  • Kevin John Santos

    Kevin John Santos

    Day ago

    Please make a version of the cabbage soup shown in charlie and the chocolate factory

  • hidgy


    Day ago

    the street vendors who make these often use sugar to keep the candy from sticking. next time try that!

  • michael shed

    michael shed

    Day ago

    The guards in the show have some serious culinary skills, gotta give them that.

  • Zion Goldsmith

    Zion Goldsmith

    2 days ago

    crazy how two different ‘dalgona’ were both huge hits two years running!

  • B1ackf00t


    2 days ago

    In all fairness, I must have done a decent job on my first few tries. The first one I scorched, 2nd came out but seemed cooked a bit too much. 3rd also scorched lol. 4th set had too much baking soda, so it was very light and lost a decent amount of taste. I tried a 5th time, and all in all, was finally satisfied. It seemed like maybe a little less cooking on the sugar, but everyone else seemed to enjoy that, saying it gave a small toasted marshmallow taste.

  • Atomik Cosmonaut

    Atomik Cosmonaut

    2 days ago

    What's a coke mirror?

  • Jackcowmoo


    2 days ago

    You know they are hard to know if he has trouble with them

  • Navarre Sissel

    Navarre Sissel

    2 days ago

    Must have been a very trying episode to make babby. Much akin to the original episode. I would LOVE to see the botched episode behind this. Maybe on my birthday a little later this month. Hint hint I'm sure everyone else would like to see this botched too!

    • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

      Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

      Day ago

      You don't need the dalgona set for this. Just use an old ladle, something with a flat base and grease paper. Use sugar instead of non-stick spray for better results. Also, no need to fan it to cool. If you are using a flat metal surface, the dalgona will cool off by itself.

  • ᴋɪʙᴏさん


    2 days ago

    So How to Basic wasn't really lying when he was having a hard time in his video trying to make dalgona.

    • Phoenix  𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE

      Phoenix 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE

      Day ago

      “The first thing to go wrong in this episode” cracked me up xD

  • Tomorrow-Yesterday


    2 days ago

    honestly i think it was the baking spray, everyone i've seen do it seems to do it perfect with sugar and I think that might be the trick. sprinkle sugar on the parchment instead

  • Damian Nightwalker

    Damian Nightwalker

    2 days ago

    you also did it wrong to begin with, you have to have the whole thing stay intack
    D, ,

  • Celestalis333


    2 days ago

    Just found your channel and glad I did. You’re funny.

  • Tim Worley

    Tim Worley

    2 days ago

    I just tried this once with this random cute girl and we did it first try... we aren't even chefs c'mon bingi babi

  • Kelsey Struss

    Kelsey Struss

    2 days ago

    I didn't understand at first why the production team had to hire an actual dalgona street vendor to produce all their dalgona. Thanks for enlightening me.

    • Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

      Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

      Day ago

      You don't need the dalgona set for this. Just use an old ladle, something with a flat base and grease paper. Use sugar instead of non-stick spray for better results. Also, no need to fan it to cool. If you are using a flat metal surface, the dalgona will cool off by itself.

  • Michael Kim

    Michael Kim

    2 days ago

    Actually, dalgona (달고나) just refers to the sugar + baking soda material. The real name of "Candy from Squid Game" is ppop-gi (뽑기), because it has a shape that you have to ppop-a (뽑아, or "pull out" / "extract"). FYI! : )

    • Michael Kim

      Michael Kim

      2 days ago

      + if you successfully extract the shape without breaking it, you got an extra one for free : ) that's Korean culture

  • Jay Park

    Jay Park

    2 days ago

    sadly your pronunciation was a little off XD
    its more 'dahl gona' the 'a' is more 'ah'

  • SmileLeen


    2 days ago

    You might have to add sugar to the surfaces to prevent sticking

  • Christopher Sanchez

    Christopher Sanchez

    2 days ago


  • Adrian Montenegro

    Adrian Montenegro

    2 days ago

    N A L G O N A

  • Alyssa Borlat

    Alyssa Borlat

    2 days ago

    cant believe i got it right the first time and ppl struggle doing this

  • histijoe


    2 days ago

    You should partner with Nile Red to make the super sophisticated coffee from breaking bad!

  • BoyLabo Manyaman

    BoyLabo Manyaman

    2 days ago

    I thought you are going to put the real dalgona on the milk

  • Deven Attale

    Deven Attale

    2 days ago

    I made this myself at home I got a bad blister and I ended up with dalgona and it tastes like gingerbread and caramel

  • Fox trot

    Fox trot

    2 days ago

    Just came from "How to Basic". First I thoughts it was a parody, then I came here (a channel which I know makes everything in absolute perfection) and oh boy it wasn't a parody I guess...

  • José Miguel González Wachter

    José Miguel González Wachter

    2 days ago

    Babish i hope that if you get recruited into the "Squid Game"... it will be as one of the guards who has to make those things. You wouldn't last 2 seconds at the games! 😅

  • Spider Man

    Spider Man

    2 days ago

    Some people let things cool before touching it....

  • 유태욱


    2 days ago

    I love how he pronounce "Dalgona"

  • Onyi Ononye

    Onyi Ononye

    2 days ago




    2 days ago

    it is comforting to know that even professionals who always make things look easy struggle like the rest of us. we learn more from our failures than our successes.

  • IceLaza


    2 days ago

    Actually it's dalgona not dalgona.

  • Ruben Gideonse

    Ruben Gideonse

    2 days ago

    you gotta use powdered sugar instead of nonstick spray

    • [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

      [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

      Day ago

      "Trying to play the Dalgona game by myself was tiring and a waste of time, so I invited several homeless people to an island to play with me"