Surviving 99 Years In SQUID GAME In GTA 5!

Published on Oct 11, 2021
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From birth to death, this is 99 years in Squid Game - an entire life in the GTA 5 Dimension! Can Steve grow from young to old and survive every Squid Game challenge in his life? We're evolving and upgrading Squid Game Steve to old man in Squid Game with The Front Man in GTA 5! It's Squid Game in GTA V!



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~ Music/SFX by Epidemic Sound:

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Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure game played from either a third-person or first-person perspective. Players complete missions-linear scenarios with set objectives-to progress through the story. Outside of the missions, players may freely roam the open world.

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    is everyone obssesed in this game

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    Hey Checkpoint I love realy your vid and i love squid game to i will sub Every Videos and like

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    Why do you sound in old funny😂

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    Omg guys roblox 0 years old to 99 OMG WATCH RIGHT NOW!

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    None of these games are accurate

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    Steve Green stole the money from the squid games

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    Are you a baby?

  • KK


    11 hours ago

    How do you get the plushy‘s Steve

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    Yes you are Guido yes you are

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    I hate this video

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    what is this family friendly shit, i mean its just bullshit watch somthing good like pewdipie

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    Thhis pluse is so cool I buy 3

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    Me to

  • °Izzy_Draws°


    18 hours ago

    Front man : wait why is a baby here.?
    Circle : I don’t know we won’t probably survive
    99 years later baby? : LOOK AT ME NOW BE RICH

  • Rhaine Velasquez

    Rhaine Velasquez

    20 hours ago

    Me thinking how u all still alive without eating

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    Hey you not to use day

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    This was terrible 😐

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    how old is the front man its was an adult when steve was a baby

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    We're he said aaaa! 😂🤣🤣🤣😂 7:55

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    Champion Goldfish The first

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    Do Face reveal

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    lol the nose is so big you can see it through the mask

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    Old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Gido want was that bad Gido

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    I think that the glass bridge was glass bridge jump and if you step on the wrong glass you fall down.

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    If i was immortal i would get drunk and see this

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    to be honest, I like the G.U.I.D.O AI but I dont really get along with roleplaying

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    Kidnapped and the frog you stuck it in the playing game must wait to squish game and buy money and fries

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    😂 de end

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    Corpse joined my Minecraft server. Now he hates me. / TommyInnit

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    Challengers:baby can't walk on glass
    Checkpoint 1 year old:*walks on glass*

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    9:12 u good bro

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    Lelan Seppala

    Day ago

    Him I will never betray you guys train a pain punching everyone on I am OK we can knock out as many people as we can didn’t you say that you were never going to betray them

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    Very sick

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    hes supposed to die

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    You should be last bec it’s a better chance and they could die

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    *The New Old Man Is Him...*

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    miei no 354

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    Nice work

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    Can you do A adopted by squid game plz

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    You should be the 001 on 99 because he old a made the game

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    yoir dad lol

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    no it not how that work.

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    You’re a robot stole all the money

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    I love the work!! ❤️

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    Imagine this in real life

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