Adele East Spotted Dick, Cockles & 10 Other British Dishes | British Vogue

Published on Oct 18, 2021
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She may live in LA these days, but Tottenham girl Adele still feels right at home in a greasy spoon. Vogue’s November cover star braved the ultimate British taste test, tucking into traditional dishes from cockles to spotted dick - all while wearing a blindfold. Watch the video to see how many the superstar can correctly identify, and learn how she takes her PG Tips.

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Adele Eats Spotted Dick, Cockles & 10 Other British Dishes | British Vogue

British Vogue
British Vogue
  • Jasminne Young

    Jasminne Young

    3 hours ago

    east or eats?

  • Siobhán Katy Hall

    Siobhán Katy Hall

    4 hours ago

    her accent on “BANOFFEE PIE!!!” is so Tottenham 😂😂😂😂

  • Chelsea Sullivan

    Chelsea Sullivan

    5 hours ago

    Adele "east"

  • Shanna Daraiche

    Shanna Daraiche

    6 hours ago


  • Sam Sepiol

    Sam Sepiol

    13 hours ago

    La comida inglesa 🤢🤢🤢

  • Jiminie Pabo the best friend of floor😝

    Jiminie Pabo the best friend of floor😝

    14 hours ago

    Why no one is talking about the tittle

  • Ethan Mays

    Ethan Mays

    17 hours ago

    This was clearly made by Americans with stereotypical British food, they didn’t even pick meals. Just things with shock factor. Where’s shepherd’s pie? stew? Besides, the average British person has a multicultural diet, eating foods from around the world.

  • Caleb Cox

    Caleb Cox

    18 hours ago


  • Ashlee Walker

    Ashlee Walker

    21 hour ago


  • I'm Just A Girl

    I'm Just A Girl

    21 hour ago


  • Brit T

    Brit T

    22 hours ago

    Am I the only one begging that the title be fixed from EAST to EATS?

  • Minerva Casterly

    Minerva Casterly

    23 hours ago

    Beautiful and cool as usual. Love her music. She seems like a very down to earth person and someone you can enjoy hanging out with.

  • John Whitaker

    John Whitaker

    Day ago

    She ate what

  • Moony ;,

    Moony ;,

    Day ago


  • SeanDotCom


    Day ago

    Her accent is the most iconic

  • Emma Baakman

    Emma Baakman

    Day ago

    You should do this with Emily Blunt!

  • Mina ta

    Mina ta

    Day ago

    How gorgeous is sheeee 😱❤️

  • Hasan Nergiz

    Hasan Nergiz

    Day ago


  • Paqui 10

    Paqui 10

    Day ago

    I love her! I'm from Spain but my mom's best friend, almos her sister is british and when the people say Adele talks fast...Oh my... I don't think do. I mean is like back to my chilhood and be surronded by my aunty's family ('cause that was her to me, my family) on xmas day with our te and aftereat chocolates or any other day in summer eating a piece of Cadbury chocolate (i know, we were always eating or drinking hahahaha and i tasted much of that food) I LOVE ADELE AND HER ACCENT. 💕

  • Ching Kong Hua

    Ching Kong Hua

    Day ago

    Whoever was making the title of this video. SASSY!

  • Saurani Sumasafu

    Saurani Sumasafu

    Day ago

    So no one’s going to talk about the caption

  • Mikyla Jameson

    Mikyla Jameson

    Day ago

    Nice title.

  • Winnie


    Day ago

    coming from a non-british person, it was the title that intrigued me

  • Ren


    Day ago

    spotted what now?

  • huiruru


    Day ago

    I have been binge watching videos with Adele, I gotta say I can never get tired of her beautiful face omg

  • Uh Huh

    Uh Huh

    2 days ago

    I knew Adele was British but this is genuinely the first time I’ve ever actually heard her speaking. I don’t really watch celebrity interviews or award show or anything like that so outside of like singing, I had no clue what she sounded like lol.

  • Natasha N

    Natasha N

    2 days ago

    No one:
    Adele: BACON.......BRIISH BACON🥓🥓🥓

  • Pedro


    2 days ago

    She seems down to earth.

  • aeongify


    2 days ago

    spotted WHAT?

  • snowy weather

    snowy weather

    2 days ago

    I search jelly deals, but it turns out a jelly eel. Yeah Adele no seasons and just boil like that, anyone will just be turned off about it

  • Katie Stenson

    Katie Stenson

    2 days ago

    Every time she says fries instead of chips a British person dies inside🥺

  • Anjalee Dhanraj

    Anjalee Dhanraj

    2 days ago

    is it a fry up?? 👀👀 A FRY UP 🤚🤚 BACON🥓🥓

  • Symphony


    2 days ago

    she's so me.. but on a different level

  • THE CEO of C plus MEDIA

    THE CEO of C plus MEDIA

    2 days ago

    She’s a true goddess.

  • jennalyn gray

    jennalyn gray

    3 days ago

    half of the stuff idk what she’s saying but i act like i do

  • natalia velez

    natalia velez

    3 days ago

    She’s so awesome. British food 🤢Omg I almost passed out of grossness

  • carloscream


    3 days ago

    She and Florences (Welch and Pug) must be good friends.

  • Nathaniel Munoz

    Nathaniel Munoz

    3 days ago

    Why is no one talking abt the…🤨

    • Risandy


      2 days ago

      Spotted d

  • Nika Hodge

    Nika Hodge

    3 days ago

    “Cheap and cheerful it’s jelly, custard and cream” one that sounds good to me

  • tamika jones

    tamika jones

    4 days ago

    I would love to see her don73 questions

  • HappyMV


    4 days ago

    She is talented, drop dead gorgeous, and has the greatest sense of humor.

  • Blessed Ndhlovu

    Blessed Ndhlovu

    4 days ago

    "I'm always hungover"-LOVE.HER!!!!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tamara G

    Tamara G

    4 days ago

    such a waste of food

  • love beauty

    love beauty

    4 days ago

    ow....she looks like supermodel now....

  • Chelsea Westbrooks

    Chelsea Westbrooks

    4 days ago

    A true Taurus guessing food 🥘

  • Harvey Santiago

    Harvey Santiago

    4 days ago

    She looks much younger

  • snowy weather

    snowy weather

    4 days ago

    I'm dissapointed there's no dirty joke. It'll be funny if calm collected Adele did, but as expected I guess

  • Sara


    4 days ago

    I thought that Americans and Brits would have a lot more similar foods, but I’ve heard of none of the foods mentioned!! So interesting!! No homefries and French toast I guess!

  • david stuart

    david stuart

    5 days ago

    You are such a really down to earth lovely genuine person and I can get never get fed up listening to you ..

  • Felicia Albanese

    Felicia Albanese

    5 days ago

    I hate blind eating it’s not funny fun or anything poor Adele

  • Prod. by Chris

    Prod. by Chris

    5 days ago

    Very British lol I love it

  • ayla salci

    ayla salci

    5 days ago

    Proper north Londoner.

  • Adam Azri

    Adam Azri

    5 days ago

    Even if you dont listen to her music, how can you NOT FALL IN LOVE with her. She's perfect!! ❤❤❤

  • minerliton


    5 days ago

    9:30 queen straight up spittin' facts

  • LaRon Murphy

    LaRon Murphy

    5 days ago

    I just love love love Adele

  • Kathryn Bellerose

    Kathryn Bellerose

    5 days ago

    Adele is amazingly talented and down to earth. She looks fantastic.

  • Rae Nicole

    Rae Nicole

    5 days ago

    Florence Pugh: Loves Blood Sausage
    Adele: Hates Blood Sausage
    Both: Perfect for Hangovers

  • Kristen Miller

    Kristen Miller

    6 days ago

    she was speaking a different language for most of the video hahaha her accent is so strong I love it

  • Erica Ampem

    Erica Ampem

    6 days ago

    So pretty

  • WideII


    6 days ago

    I just went blind between Adele and Katy.

  • yolanda lopez

    yolanda lopez

    6 days ago

    What about crumpets?

  • North Itsera

    North Itsera

    6 days ago

    Kipper is smoked mackerel. Whats wrong with them.

  • Ruben Betancourt

    Ruben Betancourt

    6 days ago

    she looks amazingggggggg

  • Jorge Camino

    Jorge Camino

    6 days ago

    adele is so cute ☺️

  • Akhmal Haikal

    Akhmal Haikal

    6 days ago

    English is my second language,
    It's kinda hard to understand this legend accent.😅

  • Tack Draas

    Tack Draas

    6 days ago

    Jeez she’s looks hot af

  • Nem Nymeria

    Nem Nymeria

    6 days ago

    Rarely see a celebrity being this competitive, which is great, it's fun to see.
    It's much better than 'just get this over with' attitude.

  • Archie Bryant

    Archie Bryant

    7 days ago

    I love her even more she likes cockles

  • Zel


    7 days ago

    I cant be the only one that thinks that UK must have the worst food dishes.

  • Mouatez Abdelhammid

    Mouatez Abdelhammid

    7 days ago

    ayo ayo ayo wait a second O.o

  • NPTV


    7 days ago

    "Im a-dough" ? ...few moments later,only then I realized she was saying "Im Adele" but with the british accent. Pardon me ,O' Silly ol me

  • Nefeli Christogoula

    Nefeli Christogoula

    7 days ago

    I love to listen to her sing but I also love to listen to her talk, so charismatic, funny and jolly. Her accent is so cool, too!!

  • Desiree C

    Desiree C

    7 days ago

    “oh it’s bloody huge- BANOFFEE PYYYYYYYYYYYE!” 💀💀💀

  • Alexzandra Lindo

    Alexzandra Lindo

    7 days ago

    Wild title

  • glendavonne


    7 days ago

    Love her free spirit down to earth personally I hope she never turns into a diva.

  • Ana Nunes

    Ana Nunes

    8 days ago

    Is it a deram?
    I Love you so Much
    São uma a cara das outras

  • Juliana Novaes

    Juliana Novaes

    8 days ago

    Muito orgulhosa de vc Adele... Muito mais bonita e saudável 😻

  • anis ayari

    anis ayari

    8 days ago


  • Tae


    8 days ago

    spotted wHAT???

    • Risandy


      2 days ago


  • tcvt tcvt

    tcvt tcvt

    8 days ago

    Is it just me or does it annoy anyone else that when you see people "try" food on TV segments that they only take one bite and leave the rest ? I mean It just feels like such a waste !

  • Seanb GG

    Seanb GG

    8 days ago

    Shes making a change and these people feed her for tons xx

  • Ciel Lu

    Ciel Lu

    8 days ago

    Oy oy saveloy 🤪

  • C Fanny

    C Fanny

    9 days ago

    Respect. Adele you are an authentic person.

  • carla warriner

    carla warriner

    9 days ago

    So competitive. 🤣🤣

  • Dylan Singh

    Dylan Singh

    9 days ago

    oi oi saveloy 🤣

  • Emmanuel Banzon Productions

    Emmanuel Banzon Productions

    9 days ago

    "BACON!... BRITISH BACON" -Adele 2k21

  • Juan Eguia

    Juan Eguia

    9 days ago

    It’s the nails for me

  • Ellie Louise

    Ellie Louise

    9 days ago

    so obsessed with the fact that she makes her son and herself a sunday roast even in LA :(

  • Angela Baciu

    Angela Baciu

    9 days ago

  • Nourhan Berjawi

    Nourhan Berjawi

    9 days ago

    americans getting shocked hearing a Londoner speaking is hilarious

  • Just what I like... !

    Just what I like... !

    9 days ago

    I’ve said I love her cheeky wit almost as much as I do her magnificent vocals!😽

  • Louise Kostecke

    Louise Kostecke

    9 days ago


  • EyeGlassTrainofMind


    10 days ago

    Ahh she called chips fries! So funny to see that bit of the American dialect is coming out :D

  • Hope Kgaogelo

    Hope Kgaogelo

    10 days ago

    I would love her as a friend even if she was not a famous super star. She has an incredible funny bubbly personality!!
    I am having a rough day and time. I need someone with such a personality in my life to keep me going!

  • JXT 16

    JXT 16

    10 days ago

    She is as real is it gets that’s why she’s so relatable. I love her.



    10 days ago

    Who else got hungry while seeing this video? 😅

  • Elaisa Bartolay

    Elaisa Bartolay

    10 days ago

    We are untiring fan of yours. You are adorable and true.

  • Representative Loops

    Representative Loops

    10 days ago

    Hi adele say hi to british dishes

  • Dan Jackson

    Dan Jackson

    10 days ago

    Well how about that, she’s tasted it so much that she knew it was cockles just from the smell.

  • Lynn Nettleship

    Lynn Nettleship

    10 days ago

    I love an aul cockle myself