The One Where I Give Birth | Labor & Delivery Vlog

Published on Sep 24, 2021
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Our baby boy has finally joined us earthside. In this vlog, you'll see the days leading up to our son's arrival and yes, he's a Virgo just like his mama. ♍️


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Jenn Im
Jenn Im
  • Christine Cho

    Christine Cho

    3 hours ago

    You are the cutest pregnant woman in the world. I go between adoration and jealousy. I was a beached whale when I was pregnant, and everyone was too kind to even hint at it. I only found out in photos. 😭

  • Lydia Abeditho

    Lydia Abeditho

    8 hours ago

    Jenn thanks for the nice video and congratulations 🥰🥰.

  • Lydia Abeditho

    Lydia Abeditho

    8 hours ago

    Congratulations 👏 👏

  • Anastacia Juelz

    Anastacia Juelz

    20 hours ago

    omg this was extremely beautiful ❤️!!

  • Anastacia Juelz

    Anastacia Juelz

    20 hours ago

    awe your baby is a virgo❤️❤️

  • Kaylin He

    Kaylin He

    3 days ago

    I’m 11weeks now, I cried!!

  • Healing Souls

    Healing Souls

    4 days ago

    Hats off to you sister..
    U r so cool.

  • Samantha Elizabeth

    Samantha Elizabeth

    4 days ago

    i love when you are like "oh let me show you whats in our hospital bag...." and its only food 😂

  • Ms. Simp

    Ms. Simp

    5 days ago

    Why did you curse try not to cuss anymore

  • Thuku Mark Mwangi

    Thuku Mark Mwangi

    10 days ago

    This was amazing!!!

  • Julianna Turner

    Julianna Turner

    11 days ago

    thank you for sharing you whole experience its very informative, emotionally raw, funny and freighting but in a good way!

  • Celeste Ly

    Celeste Ly

    13 days ago

    He’s a Virgo just like you Jenn 🥺🤍 I’m crying so hard rn

  • Pi


    13 days ago

    So much love ❤️
    God Bless you and your Family Jen.

  • Abbi Camargo

    Abbi Camargo

    13 days ago

    Im new to your channel and I love how real you are! Congratulations ✨👶🏻💝💐

  • Dr. Maaza AA

    Dr. Maaza AA

    14 days ago

    omg I was away for a while congratulation Jenn such a beautiful moment, I teared up at the end. may god bless him with good health good fortune and success

  • Grace Ritz

    Grace Ritz

    15 days ago

    4:57 look of joy in the jacuzzi

  • Atsushi Sakurai

    Atsushi Sakurai

    16 days ago

    Why in USA u give a birth in a room :O ? In europe is on the operating room always with your doctor..

  • Michelle Kim

    Michelle Kim

    16 days ago

    In tears, crying… congratulations Jenn and Ben!!💙

  • Right path

    Right path

    17 days ago

    Thank God for epidural all im saying

  • adeline wurzer

    adeline wurzer

    17 days ago

    why thank god u didn't eat hot cheetos? lol what

  • Karina Xiong

    Karina Xiong

    18 days ago

    This was so emotional and helpful to watch. 33 weeks along now and feeling all sorts of emotions- anxious, nervous, scaree, excited, and so done with being pregnant.

  • Charlotte Pegrum

    Charlotte Pegrum

    18 days ago

    I've just stumbled across your channel for the first time. You just seem like the sweetest person. Congratulations to you both

  • Kate Austin

    Kate Austin

    19 days ago


  • Nilo x

    Nilo x

    20 days ago

    I'm currently expecting for the first time and watching this gave me so many feelings of hope, excitement, anxiety, and to be honest it was also a relaxing way to experience the concept of labor. I don't feel as scared about it as I was before.

  • farhahxoxo


    20 days ago

    the throwbacks got me tearing up 🥺

  • Suse Q

    Suse Q

    21 day ago

    How lovely. Peaceful and calm. Nice female dr .. congrats. 😊

  • camellia3ds


    21 day ago

    Thank you so much for documenting your journey Jenn. When I saw your pregnancy announcement, I really felt like I relate to you because I too am afraid of change and I get anxious a lot. I want to be a mother one day but I’m downright terrified of pregnancy and birth. But seeing your own change and journey has brought a lot of hope for me. I’m neither expecting or married as of yet but I think I’ve learnt to accept life as it comes through you. One day when the time comes for it to be my turn, I hope to revisit your videos to help ease my nervousness by then.

  • Wen


    22 days ago

    this is a really sweet video 🥺🥰

  • Jasmine Corvic

    Jasmine Corvic

    22 days ago

    Thank you so much for showing a positive birthing experience! I'm pregnant with my first child, and all people tell me is horror stories. After watching this it's made me feel happy and excited to give birth :)

  • Triany Resmitasari

    Triany Resmitasari

    22 days ago

    Long time no see jennie ... now you have baby omooo .. cukhahae!!!

  • Yourlocalblackgirl YLBG

    Yourlocalblackgirl YLBG

    22 days ago

    Okay bitch why am I crying I was doing so good and then that end hit me I love but I hate you but I love you congrats I’m here bawling in Toronto at 1 am and shite ❤️❤️❤️ I’ve watched you since I was probably 16 and I’m 26 now and I love you dude thanks for making this look so doable labour has always fucked me up and this was like omg like actually beautiful ❤️

  • Lauren Davis

    Lauren Davis

    23 days ago

    Jenn’s “I like it” at 14:05 is so cute and funny 😆

  • Lyle Amores

    Lyle Amores

    24 days ago

    Have you got covid vaccines while your pregnant?

  • Kanchan


    24 days ago

    It's such a wholesome moment you've captured beautifully.

  • Brenda B

    Brenda B

    25 days ago

    Beautiful video. Thank you!

  • Lucy Fang

    Lucy Fang

    25 days ago

    omg i cried at the countdown

  • Daniella Dowden

    Daniella Dowden

    26 days ago

    When he was counting and u see the little clips and the lights and everything it was just a beautiful video i loved it so damn much god bless this family welcome to the world lenny

  • heavenly peach

    heavenly peach

    27 days ago

    Omg I just witnessed the creation of a human 😊

  • world clique

    world clique

    27 days ago

    the world can't wait til you have your first black grandkids

  • julie yo

    julie yo

    27 days ago

    This video is so sweet 🥲

  • Yumi HH

    Yumi HH

    28 days ago

    Most chill out.. calm labor I ever witness... absolutely beautiful. Congratulations..💗💗💗💗

  • Habibah


    28 days ago

    I cried jenn

  • One Above All

    One Above All

    28 days ago

    This is making me afraid to have baby with my wife

  • D N

    D N

    29 days ago

    I feel like this video has prepared me to be a better, thoughtful partner if I ever get to go through this with someone I love. Thanks for the heads up and inspiration!

  • Victoria Harris

    Victoria Harris

    Month ago

    Omg no daddy n labor room ?? I’m watching when you checked and I’m like let daddy in the room

  • Victoria Harris

    Victoria Harris

    Month ago

    Damn I love your vibe . This is my first vlog and definitely not my last!!! Congratulations 🍾

  • Stefany Sanchez

    Stefany Sanchez

    Month ago

    Omgggggg he was born on my birthday exactly near the time I was born. Congratulations 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • Stefany Sanchez

      Stefany Sanchez

      27 days ago

      @Tsumugi Yukiwara omgg. Its so funny that they birthday I remember the most was Sept 2nd, 2003 when I turned 5. I remember the day from morning to end. No other birthday I remember it like that one specifically. Its like I celebrated it yesterday. I even had a surprise party. Incredible to think that you were born that same exact day hehe.

    • Tsumugi Yukiwara

      Tsumugi Yukiwara

      27 days ago

      @Stefany Sanchez @Stefany Sanchez Woah we have quite an age difference, I was born on September 2, 2003! :D

    • Stefany Sanchez

      Stefany Sanchez

      27 days ago

      @Tsumugi Yukiwara how old are you? I was born sept 2, 98

    • Tsumugi Yukiwara

      Tsumugi Yukiwara

      27 days ago

      I was about to say the same thing, my birthday is the same too! I am so happy for them!💕

  • ędaislife


    Month ago

    Congratulations for both of you 😭💜💜

  • winnie macx

    winnie macx

    Month ago


  • Alyshia Jackson

    Alyshia Jackson

    Month ago


  • Jonie Scott

    Jonie Scott

    Month ago

    I’m so glad this was on my YouTube timeline, last year I watched your video “ what I learned in my twenties” I loved it, now your a mom congratulations!!!! 🥰❤️

  • Nadd


    Month ago


  • bebe w.

    bebe w.

    Month ago

    this is beautiful

  • Tom Sellers jr

    Tom Sellers jr

    Month ago

    Look good yum how get me list recipes

  • Risma Di swiss

    Risma Di swiss

    Month ago

    Congratulations 🥰

  • S M

    S M

    Month ago

    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

  • Kristina DK

    Kristina DK

    Month ago

    ““For this is how God loved the world: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.
    “There is no judgment against anyone who believes in Him.
    But anyone who does not believe in Him has already been judged for not believing in God’s one and only Son.”
    ‭‭John‬ ‭3:16, 18‬ ‭

  • Francheska Escalera

    Francheska Escalera

    Month ago

    Suuuuch a good video thank you for letting us into this moment!

  • sin


    Month ago

    i am so sorry but when i saw "birth vlog" i had actual PE class flashbacks. this was so beautiful though :')

  • Banafshe Safari

    Banafshe Safari

    Month ago

    It's been a while that video ended and I'm still getting shivers and my heart beats really fast and I have tears in my eyes. I don't think anything else till this day moved me so much. When I heard the baby come out after waiting for a long time and going through so much pain and discomfort... it's really the most beautiful and unreal thing I have ever seen. I have a whole another level of gratitude towards life now. Jen thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are a beautiful human being and a gentle soul and a great mother🤰🏻🤱🏻💖🌼🕊 and your bond with your husband is just beautiful I wish you and your loved family all the best in universe🌌🤍🌻

  • kxoxjungla


    Month ago

    Your are so so so beautiful

  • Henri


    Month ago

    i cried

  • Violet uou

    Violet uou

    Month ago

    Yet you still look like your first video on YouTube. I am very certain you’re drinking blood.

  • Victor Lui

    Victor Lui

    Month ago


  • Chiesa Bimo Radityatama Pribadi

    Chiesa Bimo Radityatama Pribadi

    Month ago

    Congrats and Sucessfully - Jenn Im...!!! ☺

  • Galaxy Shanell

    Galaxy Shanell

    Month ago

    Your husband is very very very very handsome

  • amberaura


    Month ago

    so grateful that you let us into your life so gracefully. it's been an absolute joy watching you all these years. ♥

  • Lynne Higgins

    Lynne Higgins

    Month ago


  • Raz Eizleen

    Raz Eizleen

    Month ago

    im so happy for you jen! ive been following you since idk when and i literally cried watching this video! such a strong MOM!

  • Cheyenne Hayden

    Cheyenne Hayden

    Month ago

    the way I SOBBED when you pushed him out 🥺😭congratulations y'all, you deserve the world



    Month ago

    so emotionally when I saw this video again. Congrats and best wishes

  • Tenzin


    Month ago


  • Cali Girl on the Road ...

    Cali Girl on the Road ...

    Month ago

    Aww thank you! I’m 10 weeks pregnant! I can’t wait!

  • jada b.

    jada b.

    Month ago

    this was... beautiful wow.

  • The Byrd's Nest

    The Byrd's Nest

    Month ago

    When you're a mom as soon as you get comfortable with one stage the next stage is upon you- pregnancy is just the beginning of that feeling!

  • Sara Regan

    Sara Regan

    Month ago


  • R. Tahina

    R. Tahina

    Month ago

    Congratulations ! Jenny-Benny-Lenny. Welcome to the earth little baby.

  • misssammaa


    Month ago

    Congrats!!! My baby boy was born Sept 2nd and I am Korean too, dad is white! He was born 14 weeks early though, but he is doing well so knock on wood he comes home in a few weeks 💙

  • Jennifer Martinez-Flores

    Jennifer Martinez-Flores

    Month ago

    This literally made me cry! Second time Jen! What’s crazy is Sept 2 is my best friends birthday! & she’s Korean! 🤧🧸💛 this is actually the first birthing video I’ve ever watched! Congrats to you and Ben! 💛🧸

    • Jennifer Martinez-Flores

      Jennifer Martinez-Flores

      Month ago

      @Everything About Life thank you for your such kind words!

    • Everything About Life

      Everything About Life

      Month ago

      Dear person that' reading this, we may know each other but I wish you all best in life! 💫 Stop blaming yourself, accept things and go foward. Your smile is precious😍 All the keys of happiness is on your hand, so open it up💪 I believe in you, Love from a small USbilr!💙

  • Greer Bennett

    Greer Bennett

    Month ago

    Oh my gosh sobbing

  • Sara Men

    Sara Men

    Month ago

    My daughter was born on September 2, 2019. I started to watch your vlog since I moved to US in 2019. I really like you and such a coincidence , our babies was born on the same day. She is 2 years now. But watching this video still makes me so touched. LOVE YOU~

    • Everything About Life

      Everything About Life

      Month ago

      Dear person that' reading this, we may know each other but I wish you all best in life! 💫 Stop blaming yourself, accept things and go foward. Your smile is precious😍 All the keys of happiness is on your hand, so open it up💪 I believe in you, Love from a small USbilr!💙

  • no named weirdo

    no named weirdo

    Month ago

    I swear I literally just discovered ur channel from Zach. But I feel like I've been on a long journey with you🥲 the dramatic music made me cry 👍

  • tenzin nyidron

    tenzin nyidron

    Month ago

    Last part makes me cry it's so sweet...god blessed .... congrats..

  • Beach Bunny Gaming

    Beach Bunny Gaming

    Month ago

    Why did I start crying 😭😭 omg this was amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  • Liczi


    Month ago

    i really love your house

  • Meghan Hughes

    Meghan Hughes

    Month ago

    i LOST IT when ben showed the VIBE CORNER! i'm dead! "got some little fairy lights just gives it a little voibe!"

  • LeSweetpea パリス

    LeSweetpea パリス

    Month ago

    Crying 😢❤ So beautiful!

  • MIO


    Month ago

    Baby Lennon

  • Keter Auguste

    Keter Auguste

    Month ago

    Just came across their channel and cannot stop watching now ...I love their house!!!!

  • Corinne


    Month ago

    i genuinely want to know what about a delivery vlog makes someone want to dislike it? like actually took the time to press that thumbs down? a new life is brought into the world, what is there to dislike about that? i am genuinely curious.
    Either way, congratulations! You were so chill, calm and cool during your entire labor and delivery...i would have never guessed it was your first time! He's too precious. Enjoy the ride!

  • Baked Potato

    Baked Potato

    Month ago

    This is the first video I watched in this channel. I am amazed by her attitude, mostly her honesty and calmness.

  • Kee Kees

    Kee Kees

    Month ago

    This video is so well made. Congratulations!!!

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    lululu lu

    Month ago

    Congrats! Such a lovely family!

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    Raven Llya

    Month ago

    Congratulations on the birth Jen & Ben! New chapter in life and hello to baby Lennon 👋🏻

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    B. Eunisse

    Month ago

    Jenn what a great work! Welcome Lenny 💝

  • Joyce Lai

    Joyce Lai

    Month ago

    The reels before Lennon was born had me in TEARS.

  • Haileehui


    Month ago

    You would be a great mom!

  • Ciara


    Month ago

    This whole experience is waaaaay different from the labor scenes I've watched in movies and from the stories I hear from family. I told myself I'm never gonna have a kid because I'm scared of going through this lmaooo. But this was refreshing to see, and it really melted my heart to see how chill you were and how supportive Ben is. Thank you for sharing! 💕

  • Анна Быковская

    Анна Быковская

    Month ago

    Я плакала. Поздравляю ♥️

  • outro suzy ♡

    outro suzy ♡

    Month ago

    I’m just gonna enjoy my life rn bc pregnancy is a whole different level istg 💀💀💀 but well done to both of you and your baby