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Published on Nov 22, 2021
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In today’s video, I’ll be putting Ariana Grande’s NEW makeup line R.E.M Beauty to the test! I love Ariana, so I have high expectations for this launch! I test if the liquid eyeshadows, eyeliner, lipstick, and even highlighters are any good, and in the end, I MIGHT get kicked off the PR list for my honesty… enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!


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  • NikkieTutorials


    14 days ago


    • Victoria Pirela

      Victoria Pirela

      6 days ago

      off the table!!!!

    • Caroline Clyde

      Caroline Clyde

      6 days ago

      all of them :) though, I am really liking my everything and POV

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      Tortas Fritas ;;

      7 days ago


    • Sandra Andrews

      Sandra Andrews

      7 days ago

      Dangerous Woman

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  • Cecelia


    23 minutes ago

    i love your honesty! you look so glam with it, and personally as an arianator, i would just buy a regular drug store brand and compare it to this.

  • seedo tirza

    seedo tirza

    28 minutes ago

    Nikkie Can you review Becky G's tresluce linee

  • Avanziaga


    31 minute ago

    Her make up design is Y2K, which is either simplistic with metallic or colorful and gooey

  • Rhone Creates

    Rhone Creates

    58 minutes ago


  • Bianca Tv

    Bianca Tv

    Hour ago

    One thing about nikkie she gonna tell the truth 💯💯💯

  • Emma Animations

    Emma Animations

    Hour ago

    tbh if i were gonna buy products from ariana i would at least want it to resemble something she would wear which REM definately does

  • destiny may meek

    destiny may meek

    2 hours ago

    this is literally why MUSICIANS stay in MUSIC and BEAUTY GURUS do MAKEUP LINES ?!?!? likeeee ariana stop.

  • Nicole Oyler

    Nicole Oyler

    2 hours ago

    That lip color is so gorgeous on you!! Seems like they all work pretty well.

  • ultraviolet


    2 hours ago

    Why do you feel like you cant be straight, the packaging looks and feels cheap. Doesn't mean you still can admire her as an artist. To me, the description and the names are magical enough to sway people away from really questioning the actual product.

  • Kim Stone

    Kim Stone

    3 hours ago

    Wow can we just appreciate how Amazing Nikkie's skin is... 🥰

  • Kaitlyn Ryan

    Kaitlyn Ryan

    3 hours ago

    Nikkie makes putting lipstick on look effortless

  • Claire B

    Claire B

    3 hours ago

    Speaking of packages I just saw a tiktok where a Chinese brand has had this similar if not exactly the same packaging waay before her brand so I wonder if that's gonna get her in trouble

  • Mags


    4 hours ago

    HUNNY PLEASE TRY RARE BEAUTY!!!! Everything is amazingggg there. When i say everything i mean it

  • Asura Dori

    Asura Dori

    4 hours ago

    Love this look girl 💕

  • Only Eternal

    Only Eternal

    5 hours ago

    Nikkie is always laughing and mocking e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g - even her own opnions and her own products! It's so hard to take her seriously or respect her. Especially with other people on her channel. Lord. It's like she's dragging them the entire interview.

  • Sheila Andrade

    Sheila Andrade

    5 hours ago

    Nikkie please review Lisa's MAC products!!! (lisa of blackpink)

  • Geni Manyazewal

    Geni Manyazewal

    5 hours ago

    Soon will come a time all these witchcraft vanishes from the surface of the earth and humans live pure,decent and humble!!!

  • Miadella


    5 hours ago

    The lipstick feels very among us I can’t-

  • Katy Mercury

    Katy Mercury

    6 hours ago

    Every time you said “miss Mercury” I was getting so confused… due to my surname being Mercury 😂

  • PeachXSoju


    8 hours ago

    I wish she would have said the prices cause it’s hard to judge without knowing

  • carolina


    8 hours ago

    Haven't watched the whole video but I do want to say that the whole line looks cheap. From the packeging and the marketing and the names of the products?? I would have expected more of Ariana F. Gramdre, something more luxurious

  • Monica Sels

    Monica Sels

    8 hours ago

    curl your natural lashes. and then put mascara

  • Monica Sels

    Monica Sels

    9 hours ago

    nimya X
    nimyuh V

  • mariechristindapoz


    10 hours ago

    The maybelline new york mascaras are the best ngl!

  • Cantatrice Chauve

    Cantatrice Chauve

    10 hours ago

    What is that 9.5? Are you afraid to give a 10 to someone else than you? Geez

  • Ada


    11 hours ago

    16:09 🤠

  • Marloes Rooijackers

    Marloes Rooijackers

    12 hours ago

    Het staat je prachtig! 🤩

  • P😊m😎jass


    12 hours ago

    Nikki, please try dazzle foundations you will be loved it

  • jlz mchls

    jlz mchls

    12 hours ago


  • Lady Steel

    Lady Steel

    13 hours ago

    Si he fooled everybody by saying was a woman when actually is a dude in disguise?

  • Adam Bredenkamp

    Adam Bredenkamp

    13 hours ago

    People acting like Ariana actually made this lol. Her team hired people to do all this

    • Poyayo


      8 hours ago

      Which explains why the packaging looks like colour zones packaging 😬

  • Angie Cats

    Angie Cats

    14 hours ago

    I wish nikkie wouldn't use such blurring filters on her videos so that we can actually see the true results.

  • Lyn


    14 hours ago

    Honestly? the packaging for the eyeshadow palette looked cheap.... if i didnt have any context, id think it was a mint tin. Which is disappointing bc i know exactly what concept shes going for. If it was holographic, i feel like it wouldve even been more space themed....

  • Michaella


    15 hours ago

    I’m sorry but the whole collection looks like it’s straight up from AVON or some other pyramid scheme brand. I get the recyclable thing and I LOVE IT but still it could’ve been done with a lillll bit more aesthetic

  • 𝑏𝑒𝑒𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒𝑑 シ︎♡︎

    𝑏𝑒𝑒𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒𝑑 シ︎♡︎

    16 hours ago

    I can agree about the eyeshadow palette. Its quite cheap and easily scratch type but overall my opinion with you is the same. I love it !!

  • Brit Dinsdale

    Brit Dinsdale

    16 hours ago

    This look is SOOOOO gorgeous Nikkie! That lip colour 😍 😍 😍 😍

  • syeda shyra

    syeda shyra

    17 hours ago

    The Nimya is still too expensive … 98 pounds like that’s like 20 per product .,, which is fine until u remember that fan 😖😖 and buying separately is even more w shipping so, ya no.

  • Jessica Duckworth

    Jessica Duckworth

    18 hours ago

    I love the eye shadow packaging truthfully I would prefer not to have a heavy pallet to carry around and honestly I rather the product work then worry if the packaging looks cheap

  • onceandforall19


    20 hours ago

    Ok this looks on you is STUNNING!!

  • Melissa Virtue

    Melissa Virtue

    20 hours ago

    I love the minimalistic look of all the packaging :) Plus as others have noted, the material is made of recycled products, so the feel of the material may just be something we're not used to yet

  • Austin Savage

    Austin Savage

    20 hours ago

    Girl bye

  • Kai Alexandria

    Kai Alexandria

    21 hour ago

    Okay but baby girl Nikkie
    That dark lip color though 😍😍😍😍😍



    21 hour ago

    Actually Ari I care about the planet so you can shove your plastic packaging!…

  • Chris


    21 hour ago

    That lip color is amazing!!! Wish I had the lips to wear it.

  • Jose manuel Amador

    Jose manuel Amador

    21 hour ago

    Love ❤️ Nikkie 🌹I enjoy watching all your videos tsweetheart 👼🌸

  • Sergio Andrés Escamilla

    Sergio Andrés Escamilla

    21 hour ago

    Yes, you’re being honest, but you don’t know the story behind it

  • Gnomie Graze

    Gnomie Graze

    22 hours ago

    I think R.E.M was meant to mimic Ariana's makeup preferences. When do you ever see her with bold looks?

  • Maggie Dvorak

    Maggie Dvorak

    22 hours ago

    Soooo… short lashes, curved down, droopy lash person over here!
    Have you ever tried babe lash mascara???
    It gave my pathetic little lashes PURPOSE!!!
    It actually redirected them upwards?? Even when i don’t wear mascara they now reshaped?
    Anyone else?
    To be fair, i used the serum as well to grow mine longer but i LOVE the mascara!

  • fiore mendez

    fiore mendez

    23 hours ago

    nikkie you should try soap and glory's mascara in the gold bottle!

  • Tal Rev

    Tal Rev

    23 hours ago

    It’s always always so satisfying watching you out on foundation

  • hannah tolley

    hannah tolley

    23 hours ago

    the make up packaging is terrible...the eyes shadow is the worst and there's very little product...i hope the price point isn't high.

  • J A D R A N

    J A D R A N

    Day ago

    Daily reminder: If you are a arianator it is ok to be honest, Being real & not agreeing with something ariana say’s or does makes you a real stan, Remember that.

  • Leen 'C

    Leen 'C

    Day ago

    girl we need to see you with the Neptune Highlighter !! NEEEEED

  • Bonney Marie

    Bonney Marie

    Day ago

    I kind of feel like the packaging is something I would’ve gotten as a child with my dress up make up ….sorry 😬

  • Ethan


    Day ago

    I got her liquid shadow and love it as a base for the palette. I got the shade babydoll and like it as a warm everyday portable palette. The only thing I would change about the palette would be for it to be easier to open, same with the highlighter packaging. I’ve had trouble with both and usually don’t have issues with opening things like that, I couldn’t imagine trying to open them with a disability. Also the kohl eyeliner was a bit dry, I was expecting more of a creamy liner.

  • Gay Plastic

    Gay Plastic

    Day ago

    When you started singing you sounded like Caroline Polachek ☠️

  • McKenna Hernandez-Bettencourt

    McKenna Hernandez-Bettencourt

    Day ago

    I actually really like that the lip gloss is in the like, 2000s packaging bc it helps prevent lipstick getting into the product

  • Chelly Allende

    Chelly Allende

    Day ago

    Don't be sorry, I agree packaging ehhh

  • ice cream diet

    ice cream diet

    Day ago

    “it takes twenty minutes to go in there” LMAO stop 😭

  • Ana Bedolla

    Ana Bedolla

    Day ago

    i personally don’t like the lashes because they look cheap and you could def find them at a beauty supply for $2-$3

  • Homo Sapien

    Homo Sapien

    Day ago

    Nikkie‘s soft look is my „let‘s go extreme-look“ 🤣 But love it. Will try Ariana‘s eyeliner. Thanks for the review.

  • Yolanda L

    Yolanda L

    Day ago

    i loved how the Neptune highlighter made your eyes pop a bit more against the warm eyeshadows

  • HeyAlex100


    Day ago

    Who’s Next….

  • 8티즈


    Day ago

    "ooh she's natural today" 😭

  • don adam

    don adam

    Day ago

    I love this look on you so much!!

  • Sophia Beltran

    Sophia Beltran

    Day ago

    Honest, true, tea the packaging isn't hitting

  • Ivana V

    Ivana V

    Day ago

    i honestly don't see a single product here worth the money

  • blairnikayla


    Day ago

    Do you get the helmet if you order everything or something lol I really want it 🤣

  • blairnikayla


    Day ago

    I’m 18 and I barely wear makeup but I love Ariana too much so I rushed to buy some of her makeup and I’m not disappointed in it at all since I’m not into all the extreme makeup on myself. Only thing I hoped for was eyelash glue with the lashes 🤣💛

  • Keide Sanchez

    Keide Sanchez

    Day ago

    Ok first of all- the hair? I love it sooo much. If she had a tutorial for it, my life would be complete. It's such a clean look😮‍💨💕

  • Lara Melissa Javonitalla

    Lara Melissa Javonitalla

    Day ago

    I want that lipstick Nikkie 😍😍😍 Gorgeous!!!!

  • UlrikkeL94


    Day ago

    I think every time a celebrity releases a make line, clothing, perfume etc is nothing but cash grab with the exception of maybe rihanna

  • Dianos Elle

    Dianos Elle

    Day ago

    NIkkie, you should 100% try Florasis makeup! I think it deserves a review.

  • Dianos Elle

    Dianos Elle

    Day ago

    NIkkie, you should 100% try Florasis makeup! I think it deserves a review.

  • hansch4fer


    Day ago

    babe thats a meteor not a comet im crying pls 😭😭😭

  • Chi Town Chei

    Chi Town Chei

    Day ago

    This should be your signature look.

  • Thedislikesofyou


    Day ago

    I think all the products are very very beginner friendly (maybe not the eyeshadow). I loved every one of them

  • ria ria ria ria

    ria ria ria ria

    Day ago


  • mjayy lol

    mjayy lol

    Day ago

    she looks stunning !?

  • Melaniee Mw

    Melaniee Mw

    Day ago

    Literally no one...
    Nikkie: *applies lipgloss*
    “oh, oh, hmmm oh so hmmm ohh”

  • ⟆𝖮 ႸᎯ ♡

    ⟆𝖮 ႸᎯ ♡

    Day ago

    wow the lipstick is win

  • Leon Lemon

    Leon Lemon

    Day ago

    the lip gloss packaging specifically looks like a prototype. like not the finished product. 😓

  • Pascal Figura

    Pascal Figura

    Day ago

    Please stop using that filter on your skin ...

  • Heather


    Day ago

    100% my fav look on you!!!!

  • Manola De la Vega Morales

    Manola De la Vega Morales

    Day ago

    honestly i think that the inspiration and intention behind the packaging is super cool and from my perspective as a designer, i think it looks really chic retro and just really cute. from the beginning i saw the packaging and loved it (the look of it). idk about the quality or weight of it but visually i find it so nice.

  • Highly Curious

    Highly Curious

    Day ago

    I love Ariana soooo much but I thought her REM perfume packaging really cheap too

  • Naomi Disaster

    Naomi Disaster

    Day ago

    Girl you never looked better, I don't understand the cover of this video.

  • HappyConfetti


    Day ago

    "soft approachable look" 😅 I love your look though

  • MIra Markovic

    MIra Markovic

    2 days ago

    not a fan of the packaging of the products at all. looks cheap..

  • Ashley Rae

    Ashley Rae

    2 days ago

    omg i used to watch every single video RELIGIOUSLY years ago when i was like 13 literally worth watching for me idk what happened but i’ve just found you again and i feel so at home 🥺 i’m so glad your doing so well :)

  • ava


    2 days ago

    i cant do extreme makeup, i can barely do makeup in general. when i saw how neutral and simple the products were i knew i had to try it out. its definitely something ariana would be into to because she tends to go with simple looks anyway. also her 60s space theme is also perfect, not too crazy and still professional looking

  • Betty Gidey

    Betty Gidey

    2 days ago

    Omg sis🤩 where was i all this time,just saw your video with Adele then this and “Yuh”🤩🥰

  • Оля Буттафоко 2Б

    Оля Буттафоко 2Б

    2 days ago

    Does she know how pretty she is???????

  • Ana Quintanilla

    Ana Quintanilla

    2 days ago

    Gurrrl, I have droopy eyelashes too but I figured out a curling technique and I use Mabelline waterproof mascara ( the purple and blue one) the stay UP ALL DAY and my eyelashes look LONG

  • Jordan-Melissa Corrigan

    Jordan-Melissa Corrigan

    2 days ago

    This look/lip is beautiful on you! STUNNNNNINNG! X

  • S Zn

    S Zn

    2 days ago

    Love it! I want the liquid eye liner

  • Leticia


    2 days ago

    Thank you for this honest review! Im intrigued by the eyeliner pen. Always looking for a black black pen that is easy to apply. Looks like a winner.

  • Marywana MFC

    Marywana MFC

    2 days ago

    The packaging is giving Claires.

  • Jessi Ogden

    Jessi Ogden

    2 days ago

    I love how sweet you’re even with being honest. That’s much needed in our generation. The packaging looks cheap I immediately noticed that. I think she’s aiming for younger girls but she has no idea how loved she really is by woman too! Maybe she does? Despite it being recycled it could have been less young girl like. Maybe she will come out with more? I’m proud of her I think the palette colors look nice!

    • samantha marie

      samantha marie

      39 minutes ago

      the packaging is made out of recycled material so that's why it looks cheap !

    • Emma Animations

      Emma Animations

      2 hours ago

      if it was aimed at young girls woulnt it basically be rainbow?

    • ♡

      7 hours ago

      Young girl like is her entire aesthetic.