have you ever seen a yellow laser?

Published on Oct 12, 2021
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have you ever seen a yellow laser?

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  • Joseph Cook

    Joseph Cook

    6 minutes ago

    Piss laser

  • Nathaniel Kenney

    Nathaniel Kenney

    Hour ago

    Heh heh…pp laser

  • Andrés Rocha

    Andrés Rocha

    2 hours ago

    Imagine a balloon filled with hydrogen

  • Tine Resnt

    Tine Resnt

    4 hours ago

    What’s that lightning thing he shines the lazer into at the end?

  • Johnny Williams

    Johnny Williams

    8 hours ago

    Me:(sees lightning) RISE KING GHIDORA RISE!!!!!

  • Elrond McBong

    Elrond McBong

    10 hours ago

    If you thought, light sabers are comlex...

  • • ArTxSpAz •

    • ArTxSpAz •

    11 hours ago

    *Laughs in Fireboy and Watergirl*

  • Tim Magee

    Tim Magee

    11 hours ago

    Can we do lasers in LN2?

  • Stratus


    11 hours ago

    dude pulled out that one Solar Beam spell



    13 hours ago


  • Blocky


    13 hours ago

    Where do you get this lazer

  • Hxs Zilla

    Hxs Zilla

    16 hours ago

    this guy have irl lightsaber

  • Just_Daniel


    17 hours ago

    Orange or yellow are my go to lightsabres

  • Hopmah208


    17 hours ago

    He gives me the "I can't believe you've done this" vibes

  • osmacar


    20 hours ago

    It's the jedi sentinels laser pointer



    22 hours ago

    that is like beam

  • віктор Калитин

    віктор Калитин

    23 hours ago

    How about orange one?

  • Phil Mish

    Phil Mish

    Day ago

    Fork off

  • lakky king yt

    lakky king yt

    Day ago

    This guy would be topper in maths and seince

  • Shelton Willey GRAFFITI

    Shelton Willey GRAFFITI

    Day ago

    Bois we made it, pee laser

  • Qisto


    Day ago

    I thought it was the color gold

  • Kaze


    Day ago

    Can you take your han trough it

  • Edit Time

    Edit Time

    Day ago

    Ray thanks you for explaining

  • Akatherealone


    Day ago

    I have no clue what this man said all I know is that is one beautiful laser

  • nonchalant mandems

    nonchalant mandems

    Day ago

    You know, I see this and am like
    'How in the freakedy frick nuts have lightsabers not been invented yet'

  • Oofulous


    Day ago

    U sound like the kid from home alone

  • Woo Six

    Woo Six

    Day ago

    Yellow chem XD.
    Don’t shine yellow into your eye

  • Zach Plays

    Zach Plays

    Day ago

    His strongest one is the invisible

  • Kokomi simp

    Kokomi simp

    Day ago

    I like your words funny man

  • ツFredi


    Day ago

    Yeah, I wish these were more common. Yellow/orange lasers are beautiful, but *so* expensive compared to other ones like red and green

  • Giovanni Tajek

    Giovanni Tajek

    Day ago

    It's the holy laser

  • LLG


    Day ago

    When you touch the light does it hurt

  • ryan vermilion

    ryan vermilion

    Day ago

    I know this might sound stupid but can lasers get so powerful where they hit eachother and deglect like a lightsaber

    • ryan vermilion

      ryan vermilion

      Day ago


  • DebzLife


    Day ago


  • BandaidBoy


    Day ago

    I understood the first half of the video

  • Generic Rat

    Generic Rat

    Day ago

    Yellow lasers wth is that a those are the 5 year old laser stuff i rlly wanted to see black lasers

  • Dolphin Edits

    Dolphin Edits

    2 days ago

    The force is strong with this one

  • Dawidh Yeshua

    Dawidh Yeshua

    2 days ago

    Nerd but cool laser tho

  • David Gvir

    David Gvir

    2 days ago

    Now I did

  • Godzilla


    2 days ago

    Damm thats a great lightsaber you have right there

  • Xorberax


    2 days ago



  • Phia


    2 days ago

    Piss laser

  • Devdoesitbest


    2 days ago

    I understand nothing about this but it's still so cool

  • Joe Medlen

    Joe Medlen

    2 days ago

    Now I can make Orokin traps from Warframe

  • Lucas Kloen

    Lucas Kloen

    2 days ago

    This guy is general grievous of the laser pens

  • Lord Puddingl

    Lord Puddingl

    2 days ago

    Oh shit that's cool

  • No one

    No one

    2 days ago

    The real life version of lightsaber s

  • Gremlin boi A.k.A. Dylan

    Gremlin boi A.k.A. Dylan

    2 days ago

    You’re a Jedi Gordon!!!!!

  • Axel Troy Sugiarto

    Axel Troy Sugiarto

    2 days ago

    Put yellow glass on a white laser

  • superfly


    2 days ago

    Now that is a yellow laser. For me its more to amber really

  • Dragon Chazzy

    Dragon Chazzy

    2 days ago

    It’s reys light saber

  • Snore


    2 days ago

    "It is strong enough to pop a balloon"
    Bloons TD6 Dartling gunner: "Write that down, write that down!"

  • wetbedbandit


    2 days ago

    I saw a really shitty one in star wars



    2 days ago

    Who remembers rays lightsaber

  • Abd Wafi

    Abd Wafi

    2 days ago

    Woah, yellow lasers looks so cool!

  • Unknown U

    Unknown U

    2 days ago

    Yes but creature rarity colour is blue

  • Shelby Creed

    Shelby Creed

    3 days ago

    But can I touch it?

  • anonymoose


    3 days ago

    This dude can go complain as a Jedi with one of these lol

  • Rey Gregorio

    Rey Gregorio

    3 days ago

    Humanity is becoming a jedi

  • Seth Rune

    Seth Rune

    3 days ago

    For some reason this reminds me of Star wars just in a more scientific way LOL

  • The LazyAlgorithm

    The LazyAlgorithm

    3 days ago

    If he hadn't blocked the beam when bringing that camera closer, we would have seen what most Jedi's see when they die.

  • spooky


    3 days ago

    The only reason we don't see those many is because of how rare yellow kyber crystals are

  • Brody Varnado

    Brody Varnado

    3 days ago

    How did you get it please

  • Lord Buttsauce

    Lord Buttsauce

    3 days ago

    piss laser :)

  • Dick Diamonds

    Dick Diamonds

    3 days ago

    Have I ever seen a yellow laser? Yeah I dubstep

  • Just Egg

    Just Egg

    3 days ago

    Real life terraria npc

  • generic brick

    generic brick

    3 days ago

    How much r they

  • Kxpe GT

    Kxpe GT

    3 days ago

    Laser can make you blind. But i wonder if he point the laser at the camera and we are watching the video, are we gonna go blind?

  • Furbrey


    3 days ago

    So basically if you tape it to your head your the vision

  • BigXchicken


    3 days ago


  • Artichii


    3 days ago


  • Okay AndI

    Okay AndI

    3 days ago

    I'm gonna nod and pretend to understand that. But thanks.



    3 days ago


  • Entity 261

    Entity 261

    3 days ago

    I dare you to but your ballz in front of the laser i promise it wont hurt ive tried it

  • Kajetan Miliankovic

    Kajetan Miliankovic

    3 days ago


  • Nahidur Rahim

    Nahidur Rahim

    3 days ago

    NileRed style

  • Moomoomilk


    3 days ago

    Did you walk through it… again

  • Breadskate


    3 days ago

    How big can you make the beam? Can you get bigger kyber crystals?



    3 days ago

    I have not

  • CowboyBen


    3 days ago

    no idea what he just explained but he was right: it is really cool

  • aola wili

    aola wili

    3 days ago

    I honestly love it when you say “pretty cool right?” At the end of all your videos 👍🏻💯

  • rando man

    rando man

    3 days ago

    How much are some of these lasers? I'm really interested in a nice cyan or yellow beam. Could you help me find a source?

  • Kenyetta Moore

    Kenyetta Moore

    3 days ago

    I don't know much about lasers so dot judge me but can u put it hand in front of them?

  • T.A.L


    3 days ago

    how much.

  • Yash


    3 days ago

    I got motivated to learn my light chapter 😂

  • DXway Boltz

    DXway Boltz

    3 days ago

    If only i had a friend like you

    • aola wili

      aola wili

      3 days ago

      Da looks like light saber sheeeaayewagdsh

  • dylan Lussier

    dylan Lussier

    3 days ago

    I guess it would be hard to make a yellow light saver.

  • King


    3 days ago

    where can i buy

  • Sam Like

    Sam Like

    3 days ago

    Warren Graham

  • MinoProd


    3 days ago

    Is this real YouTube 😶

  • Juhkewzy


    3 days ago

    Please keep putting all your energy into things you love

  • Enoch Earnshaw

    Enoch Earnshaw

    3 days ago

    Where do you buy these

  • Guesty gaming

    Guesty gaming

    3 days ago

    Light saber

  • Nala


    3 days ago


  • Joinkable


    3 days ago

    I like your funny words magic man

  • Cama


    3 days ago

    Can't find any selling online for normal laser prices... sad

  • mr jellie

    mr jellie

    3 days ago


  • jimmy _animation

    jimmy _animation

    3 days ago

    Its not rare

  • Hashem Ahmed

    Hashem Ahmed

    3 days ago

    Da looks like light saber sheeeaayewagdsh