D&D Story: Doomed the Universe with Karaoke (My Bad) [Fool's Gold]

Published on Apr 4, 2018
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My bad.
I'm pretty sure I'll make other videos on how bad I mess up in D&D but right now this story has a special place in my heart for how bad everything went....

This has some home brew in it obviously so don't need to lecture in the comments about rules and such. I aint one for rules. I live on the edge!
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Dingo Doodles
Dingo Doodles
  • gulabchand


    Day ago

    Wow 3 yrs ago

  • SindianStar


    11 days ago

    So who else is rewatching all of these the celebrate the kickstarter?

  • Dylan Dungeon Master

    Dylan Dungeon Master

    11 days ago

    i bet that when she started this 3 years ago she didn't expect for it to turn into a kickstarter that got 2.4 million in pledges

  • Jonasaurus7


    11 days ago

    She should remake this video with our new knowledge of what the campaign is

  • 323starlight


    13 days ago

    Came back as the Kickstarter is wrapping up and I gotta say, you must've been really nervous during these first few videos. The difference between your faster pace self now and your slower nervous self is like night and day.

  • FlynnNova


    13 days ago

    We've come so far in this story and I will defend Sipps with my life even after the developments of part 23

  • Liberty


    13 days ago

    Whatever happened to you, generic elf and orc part members...

  • Darksonic407


    13 days ago

    Three years, three years since I first watched this and the upgrade in quality is astounding. Three years and she's about to finish a 2 million dollar kickstarter campaign on this series... that's amazing.

  • FilmsVulpecula


    14 days ago

    im Dming and my part at level 2 beat two false hydras and a terrask like how im still in shock

  • Robert Preteroti

    Robert Preteroti

    14 days ago

    20 episodes in, and it doesn’t stop being this insane!! It’s amazing storytelling, and jaw dropping D&D. I’ve held back tears several times, and I can’t wait to hear how it ends!! Thank Dingo!!!

  • Lynar Matal

    Lynar Matal

    15 days ago

    First Video to one of HitPoint Press's highest funded Kickstarters!
    Glad to have been following for so long, great story and I'm ready for a rewatch!

  • Apollo9898LPs


    15 days ago

    "I didn't think my first video would be dungeons and dragons" Well ya see,

  • Krell.14


    15 days ago

    years have gone by, but this video? the start of something I look forward to new installments of even to this day.

  • cruke


    15 days ago

    i wonder if you made this video with the expectation of it becoming a 20+ ep series

  • Rammie The Sheep Boi

    Rammie The Sheep Boi

    15 days ago

    going back amd watching this after episode 23
    this is funny bc i can tell who is who

  • Benjamin moen Falstad

    Benjamin moen Falstad

    16 days ago


  • original coward

    original coward

    17 days ago

    It'd be awesome if at the end, sips comes back to the bar to sing karaoke and actually pulls off casting dancing lights

  • Chaitanya


    18 days ago

    your song was so bad that you summoned d&d Godzilla

  • Mega Rock slash

    Mega Rock slash

    19 days ago

    back where it all started

  • Felix Rós

    Felix Rós

    20 days ago

    all it does is kill, eat, sleep, eat hot chip, and LIE

  • appyboyhay


    20 days ago

    which one asked you to sing

    • appyboyhay


      12 days ago

      @Evan Kemp proble

    • silver megaman

      silver megaman

      13 days ago

      @Evan Kemp gothi, they said gothi

    • Evan Kemp

      Evan Kemp

      16 days ago

      Probably Erina

  • Livcat172


    23 days ago

    Whate it’s not normal to have the anti crisis in your closet😅

  • Oliver Duffy

    Oliver Duffy

    26 days ago

    Wild magic is the best version of magic
    Change my mind

  • Axolotl Inc.

    Axolotl Inc.

    29 days ago

    Every time I remember this series exists I have to rewatch the entire thing because I forget it all.

  • Akairo Noodles

    Akairo Noodles

    Month ago

    Oof, once I saw the outline, instantly knew it was a MF Tarrasque

  • Jack Russell116

    Jack Russell116

    Month ago

    Im from 2020 if your new stay tuned it's going to be a Very wild ride :)

  • Kevin Fischer

    Kevin Fischer

    Month ago

    Uhh… oops.

  • Nick Jowett

    Nick Jowett

    Month ago

    Just found this and you had me at "Monkey in Hareem pants"

  • Nick Russell

    Nick Russell

    Month ago

    I just started watching her videos and I already realise the similarities I have with her campaign. That being the inconvenient luck we have with our roles and how it makes our problems worse then they already are. I love it!

  • its silvy the jackalope

    its silvy the jackalope

    Month ago

    I really wanna see this reanimated with gothi, I just really wanna see it

  • BambiCambi


    Month ago

    watched this all in one day and now i'm rewatching it again----

  • Ghost RC

    Ghost RC

    Month ago

    where it all began

  • venabre


    Month ago

    I come back here every once in a while because this story is great and I love it and I can't believe I had never paid attention to that detail but...

  • Cris Jones

    Cris Jones

    Month ago

    Ah dungeons and dragons I was a Viking elf named gizzard gobbler and imagine doom slayer but a Viking

  • sweesbees


    Month ago

    episode 1: drunk karaoke
    episode 22: let’s commit genocide

  • Mrheehee22


    Month ago

    I now find it hard to believe that sips never got drunk, after all the *events* that happened. (No spoilers for newcomers)

  • Gamer x

    Gamer x

    Month ago

    Bad magic is not good bot mabe😅

  • Molledd


    Month ago

    Part 1: yAaY aLoHol!

  • Aryanas random

    Aryanas random

    Month ago

    This is my seven time watching this I love it!😍

  • Sophia


    Month ago

    It's been HOW MANY YEARS since this came out

    • Princess Doc

      Princess Doc

      Month ago

      3, almost 4



    Month ago

    This series made me love Wild mages

  • Sunshine


    Month ago

    This has been going on for 3 years

    • Princess Doc

      Princess Doc

      Month ago

      almost 4

  • the boss 2.0: awakened furry

    the boss 2.0: awakened furry

    Month ago

    This is my life
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    Watch new video
    Depressingly wait again
    Rewatch the series
    And wait again

  • Amylia Clenny

    Amylia Clenny

    Month ago

    Came back to see how it all started / began.

  • spamuel98


    Month ago

    Feels so nice to come back to the beginning of this series after watching 20 episodes of this madness!

  • Dirk Doogenstein

    Dirk Doogenstein

    Month ago

    Ah, early Sips...
    How things have changed over the years
    So much ADVENTURE!
    And plushies, and kickstarters, and just, congrats.
    On everything you've accomplished :)

  • Adam Desouky

    Adam Desouky

    Month ago


  • Daniel Thunderson

    Daniel Thunderson

    Month ago

    Who else is watching the whole thing over again

  • a very weird furry

    a very weird furry

    Month ago

    Went from a drunk monkey singing, to commiting genocide with an artificial god

  • Rafael Hernandez

    Rafael Hernandez

    Month ago


  • InTheBeanStalk


    Month ago

    who were the two characters that were with sips during this part of the story? erina and gorthan? the stand in characters look a bit like their characters, or one could assume they were them

    • Eris Moira

      Eris Moira

      Month ago

      The one how got sips to sing i think is gothi (in one of dingo speed build mentioned it) and I think the other one was Erina

  • Hornet!


    Month ago

    I’m Guessing Getting Drunk Was Erina’s Idea…

  • Riche Bright

    Riche Bright

    Month ago

    Also I'm a big fan so far

  • Riche Bright

    Riche Bright

    Month ago

    But now I know it exists

  • Riche Bright

    Riche Bright

    Month ago

    Before I started to watch your videos I didn't even know that d&d existed

  • しのぶとう


    Month ago

    Bro, just came back from the latest episode and realized I COMPLETELY FORGOT FELIX IS/was Dingodoodles boyfriend

  • vamp567


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    Just came back from the latest episode. Amazing how far this whole thing has come.

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    Dumb Cat

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    New episode out, time to watch the entire series again

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    Mike Fluff

    Month ago

    Where it all started.

  • Josh RT

    Josh RT

    Month ago

    "you dont understand, i tpk'd the universe"
    me, who's rewatching the whoole series: yeah ahahaha

  • Drew G

    Drew G

    Month ago

    I still can’t decide if the tpk was the tarasque incident or is still yet to happen

  • David Ferguson

    David Ferguson

    Month ago

    Is sips a wizard? Also what's his stats?

  • ishvalda _

    ishvalda _

    Month ago

    Is it weird that this is the video that got me into dnd?

  • ishvalda _

    ishvalda _

    Month ago

    The fact that this has gone from a one off video on TPK-ing the universe to a 20+ part epic is insane

  • Freefall42


    Month ago

    10:13 ...yeah

  • Docei Deer

    Docei Deer

    Month ago

    First few seconds "I didn't think my first video would be Dungeons and dragons."

  • Mumberry19


    Month ago

    "I TPK'd.. the universe"
    After the most recent stuff, I'm very scared-

  • Jelly the fish

    Jelly the fish

    Month ago

    Worst part is permanent so no enchant stuff in there so you never no know what an enchant is on an item is intelligent out of town

  • Raven Adelram

    Raven Adelram

    Month ago


  • Poke Den

    Poke Den

    Month ago

    Spoiler warning

    Its amazing to think we all started here 3 years ago,during Kareoke gone wrong,now Sips is gonna go commit genocide and is embracing the curse and an artificial god.Like,holy crap

  • Corrine Snyder

    Corrine Snyder

    Month ago

    My main introduction into DND

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    Delta Wolfkin

    Month ago

    This was the video that single handedly got me to love D&D... even though I don't play...

  • GrimmMemoirs


    Month ago

    I'm so used to your art style as seen in the more recent Fools Gold episodes, that I always forget it looked different at the beginning of the series!

  • Zeynep K

    Zeynep K

    Month ago

    I- I have heard of dnd before but never actually looked at what it was and this seems amazing, so, uh, how do I play it? Or where?

  • The Black dragon Gamer

    The Black dragon Gamer

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    Ah memories

  • Robin Gamer

    Robin Gamer

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    Oh damn that extreme unlucky

  • JDMilewski


    Month ago

    3 years ago, a great story started, slowly building up a fan base over those years, and the story never stopped being amazing.

  • Master_Mega


    Month ago

    I have Gary the shadow demon in my closet but he’s cool

  • Master_Mega


    Month ago

    I don’t think you were expecting to be making a rocking Kickstarter based on your game with a *FREAKING GOD MINI OF THE VERY TARRASQUE!!!*

  • MemoryPhaseStudios


    Month ago

    Coming back and it's amazing to think that, in a little over three years since this video went up, you now have a kickstarter for this campaign setting! Your art has evolved as much as more and more of the story has been revealed. Real excited for the kickstarter!

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    twindash2 the tea cup

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    0:09 YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO commits leave video

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    Just some guy with a handlebar mustache

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  • ATrashedPanda


    2 months ago

    I swear dingo and ben are the only people who should be allowed to use this art style. Anybody else doing it feels cheap and lazy

  • Gloria Elise Chavez

    Gloria Elise Chavez

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  • Daniel T

    Daniel T

    2 months ago


  • Party Cat

    Party Cat

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    is this a board game or a video game? I might be interested in playing

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    Hibekaze veteran duelist

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    On my 3rd rewatch I'm running my own game

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    2 months ago

    I have never played d & d but this was cool 😎

  • Broken subscriber

    Broken subscriber

    2 months ago

    Ok so this is my like 8th time watching this and I just now noticed your shirt kinda looks like it has allmight on it. So with that comes this question, do you watch My hero academia?

  • Tina Michaels - renegadenikita1

    Tina Michaels - renegadenikita1

    2 months ago

    I once watched a podcast called dndnd and in it a player called zabbas was trying to create a distraction at a rich party but failed to. so instead he tried to cast fog cloud, but he cast fire ball and killed almost a ball room full of people.

  • FnafLover13


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    I'm just casually looming (knitting with a loom) while I listen to this :D

    BTW I in 7th grade taking knitting class :D

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    Riche Bright

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    hi Dingo Doodles

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    Mr. Floofy Cat

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    Jasper Hawkins

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    2 months ago


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    Keith Nigel Sta.Teresa

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