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Published on Dec 5, 2020
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Santa Claus (Jason Bateman) receives a series of Christmas letters from an insistent man (Pete Davidson).

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Saturday Night Live
Saturday Night Live
  • creative thinker

    creative thinker

    5 hours ago

    Fucking rolling. Lmmfao

  • kai painter

    kai painter

    8 hours ago

    This is better than Eminem Stan 😂

  • Daily Imposter

    Daily Imposter

    23 hours ago

    That transition was flawless

  • TheDarcBird


    23 hours ago

    The end was excellent

  • Justin Ryker

    Justin Ryker

    Day ago

    Here come another wack ass diss track from Eminem😂

  • Taylor Newton

    Taylor Newton

    Day ago

    I loved the lyrics , "dear Mr Holly jolly two faced son of a bitch

  • Cam johnsons dad I got a ring mofos

    Cam johnsons dad I got a ring mofos

    Day ago

    11 months and here to say we need this in 2021

  • Jax


    Day ago

    I wish they put the writer’s name in the description.

  • Amalah X

    Amalah X

    2 days ago

    How am I only just discovering this 😂…..

  • wicked weeiner

    wicked weeiner

    2 days ago

    ''drank a 5th of eggnog dare me too drive'' 😂

  • Ali Isssa

    Ali Isssa

    2 days ago

    This is getting serious now panic attack

  • David Dupree

    David Dupree

    2 days ago

    3:24 Hmm....... Asking for a PS5 while holding a PS5.....

  • Epen Htch

    Epen Htch

    2 days ago

    Anyone notice how this video is 4.20 minutes long

  • Señor Sanchez⛧

    Señor Sanchez⛧

    2 days ago

    peter is comedy gold

  • DLC


    2 days ago

    Asian Elton John lol

  • Omi woah is me

    Omi woah is me

    3 days ago


  • King Moto

    King Moto

    3 days ago

    Dido😂🤣 brilliant!

  • Loaded Taco

    Loaded Taco

    3 days ago

    Really missed the chance to call this Stan-Ta.

  • Aiden Ilkhani

    Aiden Ilkhani

    4 days ago

    I lose it at "Dear Mr. holly jolly two-faced son-of-a-bitch".

  • Jesus Resendiz

    Jesus Resendiz

    4 days ago

    Lol omg! Loved it. And they even featured Eminem in the end hahaha nice.

  • Roger Anderson

    Roger Anderson

    4 days ago


  • Roger Anderson

    Roger Anderson

    4 days ago


  • •NancyyBabyy•


    4 days ago

    This skit is off the hook!

  • Don Petty and the space fakers

    Don Petty and the space fakers

    5 days ago

    One of the best sketches ever

  • PS5 Clips

    PS5 Clips

    5 days ago

    I love this 🤣🤣

  • WithoutArtItWouldAllFallApart


    5 days ago

    Jason Bateman been a fan since his Silver Spoon days. 😆

  • Jeff Jackson

    Jeff Jackson

    5 days ago

    It’s great but the laugh track is annoying

  • K. Ichigo GlobalEurope6

    K. Ichigo GlobalEurope6

    6 days ago

    best parody of all time

  • Nic


    6 days ago

    🤣 cheered me up this did, Jason Bateman plays a good santa

  • samuel glasscock

    samuel glasscock

    6 days ago

    Really good remake

  • Eric Jaap

    Eric Jaap

    6 days ago

    Without Pete Davidson, comedy would be dead.

  • R the swiftie

    R the swiftie

    6 days ago

    Stu u fed up

  • Dynamic Duck

    Dynamic Duck

    7 days ago

    How did they get the set so spot on.

  • Karen Anderson

    Karen Anderson

    7 days ago

    A year later and still waiting to get a ps5

  • Chrisrocks007


    7 days ago

    Was that Eminem on the tv

    • j


      7 days ago


  • Cole Fox

    Cole Fox

    7 days ago

    This shit ain't even funny . . .

  • Intrinsic Dior boutique

    Intrinsic Dior boutique

    7 days ago

    No cap

  • Mason G

    Mason G

    8 days ago

    This might be a niche reference, but who else is getting Krispy Kreme/Froggy Fresh vibes?

  • CA Jones

    CA Jones

    8 days ago

    This is so great!!!

  • NBFilmz


    9 days ago

    This was phat !!!

  • Real Workouts For Real People!

    Real Workouts For Real People!

    9 days ago

    Pete can pivot to a singing career any day now.

  • Handra Corjna Levstean

    Handra Corjna Levstean

    9 days ago


  • zeynep belek

    zeynep belek

    9 days ago

    what song is this based on

    • Lowly


      9 days ago

      Stan by Eminem

  • AfterGames


    9 days ago

    Best PS5 commercial to date

  • André Brown

    André Brown

    9 days ago

    The rhyme is 🔥

  • Zoi Loli

    Zoi Loli

    10 days ago

    One of the best SNL's skit

  • Dartzzz Gamin

    Dartzzz Gamin

    10 days ago

    Pete Davison was def relating this to our rare disorder 😃 🤬😭😈😇

  • SBakerNYC


    10 days ago

    the Asian guy is almost as unfunny as Keenan Thompson

  • Real RagnarTV

    Real RagnarTV

    11 days ago

    So did his chick have the PS5 the whole time or something?

  • google g

    google g

    11 days ago

    waited a year to come here again

  • Luke Naoumovitch

    Luke Naoumovitch

    12 days ago

    2:30 Wow, Pete could play a really good terrifying stereotypical trailer-park abusive boyfriend 😳 anybody else see it?

  • Jusin002


    12 days ago

    I know where this comes from but nah it ain't me

  • Jose Perez

    Jose Perez

    12 days ago

    It’s so funny that I was just listening 👂 to Stan by Eminem and this popped up ⬆️

  • veo sar

    veo sar

    13 days ago

    Pete davidson please never stop on this

  • Pauline Burns

    Pauline Burns

    15 days ago


  • Mjiw2413


    16 days ago

    Elf was fat 😂

  • Freya S

    Freya S

    16 days ago

    the amount of times i’ve watched this

  • Aaron Thomas

    Aaron Thomas

    16 days ago

    Is no one talking about elton jhon.

  • Timmy the Woo

    Timmy the Woo

    17 days ago

    Yah, I get that SNL is Pandering to the druggies. However, Pete Davidson needs to go.

  • Jaxsien plays

    Jaxsien plays

    17 days ago

    I can't believe people think snl is funny bruh

  • George Nambo

    George Nambo

    18 days ago

    Obviously SNL hates Xbox🤣



    18 days ago

    Damn... 11 months later and I still can't get a PS5. 😭😭😭

  • Ewelina Mw

    Ewelina Mw

    18 days ago


  • Michael Talamo

    Michael Talamo

    20 days ago


  • The Last Dad on Earth

    The Last Dad on Earth

    20 days ago

    This is more of a PS5 commercial.

  • Ross Ashland

    Ross Ashland

    21 day ago

    Could've sworn I've seen a similar parody of stan like 15 years ago, and I can't find it now.

  • supapredaking


    21 day ago


  • Richard's World Traveler

    Richard's World Traveler

    22 days ago

    Dear Kanye, I meant to write you sooner, but I just been busy with your wife
    You said she's pregnant now, how far along is she?
    Look, I'm really flattered you would call your daughter that
    And here's an autograph for your mother........

  • Mrs Austin

    Mrs Austin

    23 days ago

    This brings me back. Great parity.

  • Bun


    23 days ago


  • andrzej golota

    andrzej golota

    24 days ago

    once again the unfunny asian guy ruins a good skit

  • Huckleberry Lachow

    Huckleberry Lachow

    24 days ago

    Didn’t think this sketch could get any better, and then the guy who played Elton John came on and I realized I was right. That dude sucked

  • Pax Polaris

    Pax Polaris

    24 days ago

    “Art Little”

  • Israel Pedro

    Israel Pedro

    25 days ago

    The video lasts 420 😏

  • mikeyboy01443


    27 days ago

    copied the idea from chris moyles santa stan...

  • Sydney Spears

    Sydney Spears

    27 days ago

    They really missed an opportunity to name this skit Stanta Claus

  • rookie124 reed

    rookie124 reed

    28 days ago

    I really liked Stan but I think this outdoes it, it’s just better

  • shavontay ikerria

    shavontay ikerria

    28 days ago

    this was so fire. pete did so good at rapping and kate sounded so good singing 😩

  • Vjitsu 888

    Vjitsu 888

    28 days ago

    F awesome! 🤣PS5

  • Loek


    29 days ago

    "Dear mister Holly Jolly two-faced son of a bitch" ngl that caught me off guard, nearly spat my drink on the screen

  • punkybrewsterspussyhat


    29 days ago

    Ya, but it ended dumb with Dimenem in it

  • Simon Trimble

    Simon Trimble

    Month ago

    Did Chris Moyles not do this about 15 years ago?

  • raquel m

    raquel m

    Month ago

    🤔… this was HEAD ON! 😃 👏🏽

  • Rump Wrangler

    Rump Wrangler

    Month ago

    I just rubbed one out to this

  • Justin Brahm

    Justin Brahm

    Month ago

    Dear mr holly jolly 2 faced son of a bich and the eggnog part where there best parts

  • The Unvlog Channel

    The Unvlog Channel

    Month ago

    The waves of laughter where the ppl who get the reference start laughing first and then the plebeians later!
    best SNL song ever

  • ooz


    Month ago

    POV: Pete isn’t acting.

  • CagedPhoenixThe1st


    Month ago

    They should do a part 2 (eminem's bad guy) because it's still difficult to get one!
    (edit) nvm finally got one.

  • WisdomFrom Above

    WisdomFrom Above

    Month ago

    Briliant !

  • Konstantinos


    Month ago

    Fake laughs are annoying

  • OG Broski

    OG Broski

    Month ago

    “Dear holly jolly two face son of a bitch” 😂

  • supershinigami1


    Month ago

    Shame he didn't get to play Valhalla. It's a good game.

  • JackAttack1131


    Month ago

    The time is 4:20 genius

  • Ryan Dykton

    Ryan Dykton

    Month ago

    it's pronounced "soul"

  • Alieha White

    Alieha White

    Month ago

    Who else paused it to look at Petes actual tattoos?

  • Fidel Molina

    Fidel Molina

    Month ago


  • Ethereal Cloudwaves

    Ethereal Cloudwaves

    Month ago

    I like how this is still relevant Christmas 2021

  • Jamie Love

    Jamie Love

    Month ago

    Yes pete!

  • Poisonednostalgia


    Month ago

    Lmao Eminem and dido should be proud

  • Steven Lucas

    Steven Lucas

    Month ago