Hairdresser Reacts To DIY Mullets

Published on Jul 12, 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch three people give themselves mullets. You guys know how much I love mullets so this is v exciting for me!

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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo
  • Tennessee Beck

    Tennessee Beck

    3 days ago

    fun story i was in an urban outfitters (je suis homosexual) and one of the workers there had a mullet and the person who i was with who is not gen z or millenial was like ????theres a kid???? with a mullet?? and he said he looked like someone from an 80s rock band and all i could think to say was
    "yeah lol thats kinda the point"

  • Thamires Schifini Fröelich

    Thamires Schifini Fröelich

    3 days ago

    para o primeiro vídeo: SIM pinte de roxo vai ficar 100% melhor

  • Myself_k


    3 days ago


  • Hopes and Dreams 299

    Hopes and Dreams 299

    3 days ago

    First guy gave me gender envy. Hell yeah

  • LaurLoVideo


    3 days ago

    I want to try a mullet SO BADLY!!! I just don’t know with my fine, thin hair if it would work at all. Anybody with similar hair rocking a mullet? Give me hope!

  • LaurLoVideo


    3 days ago

    I want to try a mullet SO BADLY!!! I just don’t know with my fine, thin hair if it would work at all? Anybody with similar hair rocking a mullet? Give me hope!

  • Ashle Kent

    Ashle Kent

    4 days ago

    Joe Dirt vibes with that trans-am driving mullet

  • SeriouslyTameBRITT_xO


    5 days ago

    the intro be freaking me out sometime lmao

  • Flo. C

    Flo. C

    6 days ago

    OMG, that intro made my day 🥰

  • Girlscout


    7 days ago

    First one is ready to become Joe Exotic's new husband.

  • potato pirate

    potato pirate

    8 days ago

    The first one could be a fashion model. Throw some money at that man and he would be runway 🔥

  • Ollivier Mae

    Ollivier Mae

    10 days ago

    My hair fell off and it turned into a mullet

  • Brenda Mabry

    Brenda Mabry

    10 days ago

    Don"t ever shave your eye brawls Mondo, I love them. They leave that mystery to your eyes.

  • Marjorie Danis

    Marjorie Danis

    10 days ago

    i'm am really nooot a mullet fan, but i agree that Crystal rocks it so good

  • 🍓 Strawberry ❤

    🍓 Strawberry ❤

    10 days ago

    Your intro. Your voice is amazing. 😄

  • 🍓 Strawberry ❤

    🍓 Strawberry ❤

    10 days ago


  • Amanda Knowles

    Amanda Knowles

    10 days ago

    2:34 "Mulletation" I love it 😂

  • Hailey Gatlin

    Hailey Gatlin

    11 days ago

    First guy looks SO GOOD… oddly enough. His energy is just immaculate.

  • Honey🍯


    12 days ago

    ‘Mom please help him. HI MOM!’😂😂😂😂😂

  • th3w0r1disy0urs


    12 days ago

    Just got done cutting a shag at 11:22

  • Julie Perko

    Julie Perko

    14 days ago

    I know he is just acting but he sounds so sweet!!😍

  • Rochelle Ballah

    Rochelle Ballah

    14 days ago

    We see you simping during the 1st one

  • Julie Cordova

    Julie Cordova

    14 days ago

    I’ve been watching the girl with the bright pink hair and she always manages to end up with something cute.

  • curlyhead9!


    14 days ago

    Crystal 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • L456 TaterTot

    L456 TaterTot

    15 days ago

    ‘You hate people who aren’t Vegan and you’re such a good person.” Ummm Brad I think those two statements cancel each other out.

  • Witchy Poo

    Witchy Poo

    16 days ago

    I am incredibly lucky. My boyfriend has gorgeous long hair that I’ve never seen him put up. He is afraid of it thinning though & wants a think beard & mustache. Any way that I can help?

  • Nika Jarred

    Nika Jarred

    17 days ago

    My random thought progression:
    Yeah, this lady would look better with a shag than a mullet imo.
    I need to leave in an hour...
    I'm hungry, I should get up...
    I have food right here, yay!
    *stays in bed*

  • H DA

    H DA

    17 days ago

    I love the word mullet, I first thought it would be a fluffy animal or a kind of fur/blanket. In German we call it Vokuhila and it took me some time to understand it is the same actually. Mullet sounds so round, fluffy and cute while Vokuhila just sounds oldschool to me. But does anyone know why one used the name of a fish for this haircut?
    Vokuhila refers to the german words VOrne KUrz HInten LAng which literally says "front short hind long". Might not be very inventiv but makes sense at least. But why a fish?

    • Rara Avis

      Rara Avis

      13 days ago

      Allegedly it was named after the French Fashion Designer Henri Mollet back in the 70s and then popularized by a Beasty Boys song later on. So, connection to the fish of the same name. I agree though, it does sound like a cute, furry little animal 😄



    18 days ago

    he needs you brad,to fix his mullet lol

  • Maddy


    18 days ago

    The first guy is giving me total "The Outsiders" movie vibes 😂

  • fire woods

    fire woods

    19 days ago

    nz kiwi teenage and adult male culture is mullets almost every boy at my school has one 😂

  • Xia Murphy

    Xia Murphy

    20 days ago

    Don't ask me how this ended up on my for you page after watching Karens reacting in public videos but it did and I love it. I love that he's so supportive even of the worst ones. That's really cool

  • Emo Queen

    Emo Queen

    20 days ago

    "Stop hitting on me. I'm gay"
    Why was this so funny to me?

  • Hannah G. Bird

    Hannah G. Bird

    21 day ago

    girl me too i get so dizzy when i see a mullet im in love

  • Leah Graff

    Leah Graff

    21 day ago

    I like how Brad can’t step away from vegans.

  • a r i e s

    a r i e s

    21 day ago

    watched all the ads for u king

  • a r i e s

    a r i e s

    21 day ago


  • Maddie B

    Maddie B

    21 day ago

    The first guy really was giving me Star Wars padawan vibes with the braid 😅

  • Rachel Wilson

    Rachel Wilson

    22 days ago

    Brad, your commentary is pure gold🥇❤❤.love yaaaa

  • Asi Licious

    Asi Licious

    22 days ago

    So lovely at start😆😆😆😆

  • PotatoCat:3


    22 days ago

    Brad: He would look good with a mullet! She would look good with a mullet!
    Me: you say everyone would look good with a mullet. 😐

  • Namiree Turner

    Namiree Turner

    23 days ago

    I love the commentary like they can hear you giving them pointers through you watching the video😂😂live for it tho

  • Rubiverse _

    Rubiverse _

    23 days ago

    Brad Ily

  • penny saxon

    penny saxon

    23 days ago

    I'm 47 and I want a mullet now lol

  • M


    23 days ago

    me sitting here before I cut my hair

  • Queen new thangs

    Queen new thangs

    23 days ago

    I’m organizing a wedding for the both of them 0:00 everyone’s invited

  • Maxiladix


    23 days ago

    you you gotta help me brad XD

  • jolene king

    jolene king

    24 days ago

    Ooh I don't like mullets 😬

  • indiea rose

    indiea rose

    24 days ago

    I died at 6:19

  • Diamond_ixridescent


    24 days ago

    Brad: is it getting hot in here or is it just ur mullet MMM **sticks tongue out**
    **snaps** **growls**

  • SinginginD


    24 days ago

    The first guy needs to do a reboot of My So-Called Life. I need him in a 90s grunge teen saga, STAT!

  • Rebecca Lowe-Hodges

    Rebecca Lowe-Hodges

    26 days ago

    no. no. no. NO MULLET is OK. I am 52 and NO mullet is OK. Words of wisdom from someone whose been there. Done that.
    but. You will learn your own lessens little cubs . : )

  • Erin Malone

    Erin Malone

    26 days ago

    Mullets make my vajine snap closed so hard? He totally has Model face and he needs a very awesome sleek haircut and an expensive suit. He could be so runway

  • Ella Draven

    Ella Draven

    27 days ago

    The first one is my favorite bc brad is in love

  • Brandon Miranda

    Brandon Miranda

    28 days ago

    Don’t play me like that. Keep talking that way and I’ll catch feels.

  • Diana Zhanay

    Diana Zhanay

    28 days ago

    I'm 18 seconds in and you just made my WHOLE WEEK!!!!

  • Londonna11


    28 days ago

    I give brad mondo permission to do whatever the f he wants to do with my hair

  • M Sia

    M Sia

    29 days ago

    6:16 Several Brad Mondo videos in, and THIS is the point where I stopped and asked, "Wait... Is Brad gay!? So cool!"

  • neraklr llessur

    neraklr llessur

    29 days ago

    Second one looks more like a shag...

  • neraklr llessur

    neraklr llessur

    29 days ago

    First guy came out looking like one of the members of Kajagoogoo! If anyone remembers the early 80's.....

  • undead pigeon man 'v'

    undead pigeon man 'v'

    Month ago

    My ma gave me a cut that looked like it came straight out of mad max: fury road and i fucking loved it it was like,,, a really wicked, kinda messy mullet and it gave me big gender vibes™

  • killuazoldyck


    Month ago


  • Nate


    Month ago

    3:56 boi looking like jim from treasure planet

  • ConfideNMusic


    Month ago

    "Its mullet season all year long" and then the animations, is me

  • LobBer


    Month ago

    I love how no one in this video is Australian

  • Metal Mellie

    Metal Mellie

    Month ago

    None of these people have a clue how to cut a mullet!!!!! AT ALL!!!!
    That is IS NOT how you cut the sides!!!!!! I grew up in the eighties and no one ever cut a mullet in any shape, form, or fashion, the way these people are doing it!!!!

  • anacsadder


    Month ago

    "Snackadoodledoo" XD

  • yesterday tech95

    yesterday tech95

    Month ago

    I have a mullet and I am god proud of it.

  • bukamila


    Month ago

    Brad I dont like mullets becouse it reminds me time during socialism in Czech republic...everybody had it :D

  • Tuulia Tamminen

    Tuulia Tamminen

    Month ago

    The first one was so steamy that I felt the thirst through my screen.

  • Mathilde Eide

    Mathilde Eide

    Month ago

    Ah the first guy is seriously hot.

  • Love Laneonthebeat Montes

    Love Laneonthebeat Montes

    Month ago

    I like the extensions.

  • TheNekoPuff


    Month ago

    I had the scene kid mullet for way too long and how I did it was you'd have long hair and cut short layers into it. like the 90 degree angle out from the head instead of 180 up. also point cut

  • madiola1234


    Month ago

    this girl would look good in the Jane Fonda shag in KLUTE

  • Rayisawesomeness


    Month ago

    Brad really had to make me blush at the start of the video 😩

  • The Hutch

    The Hutch

    Month ago

    I’m a girl, and I tend to wear my long up All. The. Time.
    There is no mulllet in my future, though. Lol

  • Francis Russ

    Francis Russ

    Month ago

    well that intro creeped me out. thx lol

  • Tara Davis

    Tara Davis

    Month ago

    you are really in love and i hope you msged that dude

  • Ecusile Haralu

    Ecusile Haralu

    Month ago

    "The best/worst hairstyle comes when you're bored"

    Yes... I cut my shoulder length hair into a wolf cut at night....... Yeah..

  • Literally Who

    Literally Who

    Month ago

    the 2nd one came out amazing. It looks really good for a DIY.

  • Jess


    Month ago

    You'd love Theo Von lol

  • Jennifer Torey

    Jennifer Torey

    Month ago

    I'm late to the party, but Brad said "there's something about a mullet that i love' and i'm all like 'yeah, cause its trash, and i'm here for it"

  • Mariana Ganzerla Casagrande

    Mariana Ganzerla Casagrande

    Month ago

    now I kinda want to cut a mullet at 2am

  • Bailee Lawlor

    Bailee Lawlor

    Month ago

    Brad I think your mans in the first one has a hickey on his neck, I’m sorry

  • XxEmilyPlayzXx


    Month ago

    Is it just me, or dose it make you uncomforteble when he says 'hi beautiful.' Like if you agree!!

  • Claire Mainord

    Claire Mainord

    Month ago

    i told you something happens to me when i see a mullet (random lion sounds inserted here)

  • Rae Rizing

    Rae Rizing

    Month ago

    Your intros are the reason why I’m in love with you 😂😂😂

  • lmbrtshrry


    Month ago

    OMG. That opening was sooo sweet. And I love long hair on guys too.

  • Miss Cabbyp

    Miss Cabbyp

    Month ago

    I have curly/wavy hair to my tailbone. The reason we wear it up so often is because if there is a slight breeze or any activity,
    1- it tangles
    2- it can get into your eyes and irritate them.
    3- it gets tangled
    4- it blocks your line of sight impairing your vision at the worse moments
    5- its hot and sweaty at the back of our neck
    And most importantly.... 6- its hurts to brush out tangles for 3 hours... ( the grey hairs are the worst inside tangles...giggles)

  • Delby259


    Month ago

    I've always had an accidental mullet no matter what hair cut i've had so this is WILD

  • Rachel OHara

    Rachel OHara

    Month ago

    Love brads jumper 😊

  • victoria rodionova

    victoria rodionova

    Month ago

    damn i hate mullet so much. like this is ugly

  • MixChix Beauty

    MixChix Beauty

    Month ago

    “You spend your time collecting trash on the beach”- IS a personality 😂😂😂

  • Jak h

    Jak h

    Month ago

    I clicked this because the southern woman in me HATES mullets

  • ash


    Month ago

    I can truly relate with brad on the first one… alt guys with long hair is my mf TYPE🥴
    that’s why I got my bf to grow his hair out❤️😂

  • Violet Valentine

    Violet Valentine

    Month ago

    Brand making me uncomfortable immediately because I’m still in bed in a housecoat with messy hair 😂💀😂💀

  • Abrodrawing


    Month ago

    “Stop hitting on me 😗 I’m gay😘”

  • Kimmy


    Month ago

    Im looking at Brad with the burning sensation to bleach my already red hair, its fadingggg

  • Juan


    Month ago

    What the heck was Brad wearing 😳 when he stood up.!!

  • Elizabeth


    Month ago

    Okay, the first guy gives me SERIOUS grungy model vibes. He's kinda quirky & nerdy, but he has a GORGEOUS face & jaw structure. I'm gushing right along with Brad. 🖤🤘🏼