I built a Cabin in 2020 - Start to Finish

Published on Jan 3, 2021
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2020 was a strange year. I built a cabin through it which helped me through it. I had no experience prior to this, I made some small mistakes, some big mistakes, and somehow got through it all in one piece.

Timberframe plans for cabin - homesteadtimberframes.com/tim...

Questions? Read this article! - www.fieldmag.com/articles/how...

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Music in order:
14 min "Planted" Ben Potter
16 min "Sunset" Flint
18.5 min "Hitting the Atmosphere" by RazBurg
21.5 min "White Lies" Lumane
25 min "The Void" Naski
27 min "Helios" Michael FK

Woodness Goodness
Woodness Goodness
  • Woodness Goodness

    Woodness Goodness

    4 months ago

    I also turned a horse trailer into a mobile bar - https://youtu.be/Lw_tdVQJ8So

    • Primitive Archery Man

      Primitive Archery Man

      14 days ago

      Look interested you guy, like your video.

    • Arlynne Cumberbatch

      Arlynne Cumberbatch

      16 days ago


    • Yuvi. Reddy

      Yuvi. Reddy

      17 days ago

      @Leopard friend

    • Agus


      29 days ago

      @Leopard y

    • Manahau PutraWajo

      Manahau PutraWajo

      29 days ago


  • Lenny R

    Lenny R

    Hour ago

    Love the fantastic finish on this cabin! It looks spectacular! Would be perfect for a bright and airy loft with all that ceiling height! Perhaps next time, eh? ;)

  • Joshua Woodward

    Joshua Woodward

    2 hours ago

    HOW IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HIM WEARING YEEZYS! That was the biggest flex of the video. Dudes just out here digging holes in $300 shoes 😂

  • The DisBeat

    The DisBeat

    3 hours ago

    Nothing like walking around while someone above you is shooting nails through some plywood 🤦‍♂️ awesome build though thanks for the content

  • imran baig

    imran baig

    7 hours ago

    Beautiful way of making

  • Frankb932


    8 hours ago

    Wow you are very fast. Just in 29 minutes did that?

  • Aymen Omerقناة المال

    Aymen Omerقناة المال

    11 hours ago

    i love that moment when i finally finish some hard work and i watch it from distance 🔥🔥✊✊❤️❤️

  • David Olmo Nordbeck

    David Olmo Nordbeck

    14 hours ago


  • Jason Smith

    Jason Smith

    21 hour ago


  • THE GONZALES FAMILY2020 gonzales

    THE GONZALES FAMILY2020 gonzales

    22 hours ago

    How much would this cost to build?

  • vincevega0


    Day ago

    Floor vapour barrier on wrong side? Missing vapour barrier on walls? I don’t know if it matters if it’s not drywall or the climate you’re in.
    You did a good job!

  • Denis Skripnikov

    Denis Skripnikov

    Day ago

    I only have one question, where to find a piece on land deep in woods and get a permit to build emerging you want on it, like in this case.

  • Frank Castle

    Frank Castle

    Day ago

    Love the build what was that stuff you were putting on the wood?

  • phaelax


    Day ago

    For someone who claims to have no prior experience, I'd say you did a bang up job

  • 샘킴


    Day ago

    정말 놀라운 솜씨입니다!! 보는 것 만으로도 편해집니다. amazing welcome to cabin world!!

  • Ziawen


    Day ago

    That look awesome!

  • Ник Белый

    Ник Белый

    Day ago

    Одних гвоздей ушло наверное килограмм 100

  • Randy Garrett

    Randy Garrett

    Day ago

    Where do you shit? Cook? Wash? Looks nice tho. I just don't know what you're gonna do in it.

  • Michael Boyle

    Michael Boyle

    Day ago

    Y'all build shit in the north different. Like funny different... In the south /USA south we build shit with concrete block filled with concrete and rebar. Then if we want to maximize insulation we 12" foam block wall stick to the concrete block. If we really want to make a florida igloo we 12" foam block wall the inside of the concrete block wall... 3' of freaking wall! Y'all do 2X4's and call it good... Northerners are funny.

  • MMA_junkie101


    2 days ago

    Absolutely gorgeous build guys

  • Autonut


    2 days ago

    Why did you install the wall insulation backwards?

  • анатолий новиков

    анатолий новиков

    2 days ago

    Здравый разум существует!

  • Строительство и Отделка 55rus

    Строительство и Отделка 55rus

    2 days ago

    Сколько денег ушло на этот шедевр ?

  • Андрей Ильин

    Андрей Ильин

    2 days ago

    я человек из России и для меня мало утеплителя и батарей не хватает и туалета с ванной тоже, я конечно понимаю что у них климат теплый )) я всего лишь Волгоградец)) со степными ветрами и сухими морозами))

  • Giang Trần

    Giang Trần

    2 days ago

    Nice cabin



    3 days ago

    Я правильно понял, потолок без утеплителя? 🤔

  • Максим Белогорцев

    Максим Белогорцев

    3 days ago

    Мне одному интересно откуда электричество в лесу?)

  • Susan Orman

    Susan Orman

    3 days ago

    That is so nice!

  • Terry Gelinas

    Terry Gelinas

    3 days ago

    Loving the windows!



    4 days ago


  • 파노


    4 days ago

    바닥난방이 걱정됌. 한국 온돌의 중요성

  • Sam Thibeault

    Sam Thibeault

    4 days ago

    Amazing work man! Mostly by yourself very impressive



    4 days ago

    this is amazing I want you to know! great job!!

  • J H

    J H

    4 days ago

    Do you have a link to blue prints and parts ? I know the $ estimate changes.. I would like to find detailed build plans to get approved for a permit in my area. Convert to residence

  • Marcelli Silva

    Marcelli Silva

    5 days ago

    Quanta madeira, misericórdia. Esse povo não conhece tijolo?

  • lucab977


    5 days ago


  • BLZ


    5 days ago

    This was Amazing! This should be a required Man course!

  • SpadeGhostVampire7777


    5 days ago

    Everything looked good, up until you started painting things. Insulation though, that gave me goosebumps.

  • George Saris

    George Saris

    5 days ago

    amazing work and great music!!!

  • Tchano Bushcraft & Sobrevivência

    Tchano Bushcraft & Sobrevivência

    6 days ago

    Exelente cabana 👍

  • Jason Lancaster

    Jason Lancaster

    6 days ago

    Where's the bathroom?

  • NickeyNay


    6 days ago

    Wow 🤩 this is amazing just by the thumbnail! (I just started watching the video)

  • jari nieminen

    jari nieminen

    6 days ago

    sounds like moose hunting in Sweden. 😁😁 Well done 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Manuel Ruiz Ortiz

    Manuel Ruiz Ortiz

    6 days ago

    Lo que más me ha gustado son los desagües del cuarto de baño

  • اثير جواد

    اثير جواد

    6 days ago

    عاشو ممتاز

  • nomad49rus


    6 days ago

    Greetings! What piles of sand cover the piles?

  • MrTonyPiscatelle


    6 days ago

    Nice cabin but I'm confused as to why you installed the wall insulation backwards ?

  • ВсеяСветная


    6 days ago

    Мужчина творец! Озвучка супер!!! ❤

  • Jehovani Landa Gòmez

    Jehovani Landa Gòmez

    6 days ago

    Asu, todo de madera...

  • John W

    John W

    6 days ago

    I'm kinda sad it's over

  • Terry Williams

    Terry Williams

    6 days ago

    Wow this is a small house love it thanks for sharing a shower, sink and a toilet I hope is in it lol 😆 😀 yes

  • Whitegleeshy


    7 days ago

    thats just a fancy deer stand without a bathroom or bedroom lmaoo



    7 days ago

    Nice work 👍🏼

  • 66Cardiff


    7 days ago

    Should have stained the rafters before putting them up using a roller.

  • Аквариум это просто

    Аквариум это просто

    7 days ago

    Круто. Открывай фирму по стороительству домиков, это видео как реклама. Привет из Киева))

  • hotwheelz20072


    7 days ago

    Nice work man! Came out great! One thing I’ve picked up is when I’m driving threaded Rod I’ll put the nut on the top first in case I damage the threads by pounding them. You’re killing it though! Love it!

  • Уренский


    7 days ago

    Тшис ис хуеня

  • D Kendall

    D Kendall

    7 days ago

    Never see anyone frame w screws

  • Joshua Andree

    Joshua Andree

    7 days ago

    That’s a lot of windows but it looks siiick

  • 지젼짱짱맨


    7 days ago

    크기가 얼마입니까?

  • CAgrowin


    7 days ago

    Nice work, no shitter tho?

  • nikojohns03


    8 days ago

    Construction asmr. I love this. Beautiful work.

  • Luis


    8 days ago

    Lo que siempre me preguntó do de cagan 💩

  • MLBB arena

    MLBB arena

    8 days ago


  • oscar anandra

    oscar anandra

    8 days ago

    How much does it cost all of the building?

  • Rasti Rasti

    Rasti Rasti

    8 days ago

    Super wow wunderschön

  • Łukasz Klucznik

    Łukasz Klucznik

    8 days ago

    Patecki ma lepszy 🤪

  • Tomas Lancer

    Tomas Lancer

    8 days ago

    I'm impressed it looks incredible and i believe it stays in the woods for long time bcs u did much importants thing especialy on the roof.BUT i'm from Czech Republic and here and in the other EU countries we have not that much air conditioning and it turns me on if i see the ac on cabin like that,typical american person,ac,tons of the ice😁😁😁 anyway that's only one thing i hate on this,it's amazing work man 👌

  • L i

    L i

    8 days ago

    Good job 👍🏻💯

  • Patrick Paterson

    Patrick Paterson

    8 days ago

    That poor little pancake air compressor
    "I'm tired boss"

  • News Redial

    News Redial

    8 days ago

    It looks better than Little Bill's house.
    Is there no alternative to having tin/aluminium roof cover? It must make a right noise when it rains.
    And what's that ambient sound? Is it close to a highway or is that wind?
    And, why do those retractable ladders not have angled rungs? They are always used an an angle which means the 90 degree edge of the rung is the part that your entire weight rests on.

  • VW Fan

    VW Fan

    8 days ago

    My only complaint… it’s not mine…! …good job on the build !!!

  • ucannod


    8 days ago

    Most impressive.

  • Alexander ruiz

    Alexander ruiz

    8 days ago


  • D


    8 days ago

    갖고 싶다

  • Senzu's Media

    Senzu's Media

    8 days ago

    ayo where is the RR?

  • Christopher


    9 days ago

    CLICBAIT..........Where's the cabin? Dude it's in your backyard, at best its a guest house not a cabin. Wow look at all those dislikes......apparently 4,400 ppl agree with me.

  • Стелла Синявина

    Стелла Синявина

    9 days ago


  • David Godoy

    David Godoy

    9 days ago

    How many windows do you want?

  • Richard Zechmeister

    Richard Zechmeister

    9 days ago


  • Albus Dumbledore

    Albus Dumbledore

    9 days ago

    This is the best fucking video I have ever seen

  • Andrii Piddubnyak

    Andrii Piddubnyak

    9 days ago

    По доброму заздрю інструментам... І осінь тепла, напевно десь під Нью-Йорком.

  • Ewelina Pietruszka

    Ewelina Pietruszka

    9 days ago


  • Кнау Укрв

    Кнау Укрв

    10 days ago

    Сумма потраченна на постройку ?

  • Андрюха Сухой

    Андрюха Сухой

    10 days ago


  • Reaver Six

    Reaver Six

    10 days ago

    White wash on the wood was a horrid idea....

  • nomercy


    10 days ago

    Hmmm how much would u say the total was??? Curious this would be a nice get a way spot.

  • Jokr JAK

    Jokr JAK

    11 days ago

    why wear the yeezys to do this

  • J D

    J D

    11 days ago

    It's weird in this design how the trusses are set before the other 2 walls. Is it harder to keep everything squared up this way or do you just cut your trusses identical and that pretty much is what you go on?

  • Cristian Silva da Rocha

    Cristian Silva da Rocha

    11 days ago

    Nutella total faltou 🔨 e prego ir só na pistola de presao e barbada

  • Brandon Hearn

    Brandon Hearn

    11 days ago

    OSHA would have a fit

  • Holden David

    Holden David

    11 days ago

    Neat little house

  • Neco


    11 days ago

    quien pudiera trabajar con unas yeezy

  • Nikos Nikolaidis

    Nikos Nikolaidis

    11 days ago


  • Palm Trees

    Palm Trees

    11 days ago

    0:02 tool name?

  • Cptn Hook

    Cptn Hook

    11 days ago

    u know a dude doesnt give a fuck when u see him working in his yeezys

  • Cptn Hook

    Cptn Hook

    11 days ago

    dont know u. but im proud of u. looks sick

  • ClaugDawg


    11 days ago


  • rafaela pereira

    rafaela pereira

    11 days ago

    Terapia pra mim

  • David Aames

    David Aames

    12 days ago

    this is sooooo awesome! great work! love it!