"We Don't Talk About Bruno" Clip | Disney's Encanto

Published on Nov 24, 2021
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🎶 We don't talk about Bruno 🤫 🎶 Check out this brand new clip featuring the music of Disney's Encanto and see the movie only in theaters now!

Walt Disney Animation Studios' upcoming feature film “Encanto” tells the tale of the Madrigals, an extraordinary family who live in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. Each child has been blessed with a magic gift unique to them-each child except Mirabel. But when the family’s home is threatened, Mirabel may be their only hope.

The voice cast includes Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel; María Cecilia Botero as Mirabel’s grandmother Alma aka Abuela; John Leguizamo as Bruno; Angie Cepeda and Wilmer Valderrama as Mirabel’s parents, Julieta and Agustín; and Diane Guererro and Jessica Darrow as Mirabel’s sisters, Isabela and Luisa. Also lending their voices are Carolina Gaitán and Mauro Castillo as Mirabel’s aunt and uncle, Pepa and Félix; and Adassa, Rhenzy Feliz and Ravi Cabot-Conyers as Mirabel’s cousins Dolores, Camilo and Antonio, respectively.

The film features all-new songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda (“Hamilton,” “Moana”) and is directed by Byron Howard (“Zootopia,” “Tangled”) and Jared Bush (co-director “Zootopia”), co-directed by Charise Castro Smith (writer “The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez”) and produced by Clark Spencer and Yvett Merino. Bush and Castro Smith are screenwriters on the film. Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto” is now playing only in theaters.

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Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Victoria Ivanova

    Victoria Ivanova

    19 minutes ago

    I haven't watched the movie but I just thought that the bad weather at her aunt's wedding was caused by the aunt herself, because as far as I know her mood can change the weather and when Bruno said that the storm was coming she became upset and that led to the rain

  • nandipha Ndzimbovu

    nandipha Ndzimbovu

    3 hours ago


  • Ena Maestre

    Ena Maestre

    3 hours ago

    "I'm sorry mi vida go on" 😩🤚

  • Kristīne Gūtmane

    Kristīne Gūtmane

    4 hours ago

    Camilo was beautiful voice

  • HaxPlaysRoblox


    4 hours ago

    I thought all of the drama and singing was cringe, so I left the movie theater room and got some water while they were doing all of the cringe stuff 😅😂



    5 hours ago

    Me sono como a un tema de telenovela latina.. no se si en estados unidos hay algo similar a las televovela.

  • Shruthi Daniel

    Shruthi Daniel

    7 hours ago

    its so beautiful

  • 유수


    7 hours ago

    I want full clip!

  • Mathias Barraza

    Mathias Barraza

    7 hours ago

    "we don't talk about Bruno"

    *also they talking about bruno*

  • Francis Lacap

    Francis Lacap

    8 hours ago

    Bruno Mars long lost older brother

  • Gal Benjamin

    Gal Benjamin

    9 hours ago

    As a manchester united fan it was very funny🤣

  • Braulio Ibarra

    Braulio Ibarra

    10 hours ago

    Why is he black the fuck

    • Jimmy Zambrano

      Jimmy Zambrano

      11 minutes ago

      @Braulio Ibarra you sound ignorant 💀

    • Braulio Ibarra

      Braulio Ibarra

      Hour ago

      @Jimmy Zambrano where do I start ?

    • Jimmy Zambrano

      Jimmy Zambrano

      4 hours ago

      Whats wrong with him being black? Tf

  • Icha


    10 hours ago

    Encanto (2021)
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    WHATCH NOW 💜 https://j.mp/3Imj1ab 💜

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  • Pooja Bommireddipalli

    Pooja Bommireddipalli

    10 hours ago

    If you listen to the whole song, then there's a lil rap part in it and I think Dolores is gonna sing it. Because the rap part talks about how she can hear him muttering and mumblin. and ladies and gents Dolores' power again, she can hear a pin drop, and listen to the chorus a whole mile away. You know, this is just my lil theory. Thanks for reading

  • Ngô Thành Đạt

    Ngô Thành Đạt

    11 hours ago

    Silenzio Bruno nowwwww!!!!!

  • vhynnz973


    12 hours ago

    bruno for me is a dog

  • Crescent Moon

    Crescent Moon

    12 hours ago

    I feel like Bruno just means it's ok to be stressed and to let yourself relax for real with the wedding day issue. He could probably tell she was hiding her feelings again so she can appear to be calm and relaxed which is not healthy. He didn't cause the storm but made her realize she was stressed. From her realizing that could cause her to make it rain and then anxiety kicked in causing the even worse weather then she blames Bruno for him trying to just say hey relax with a smile. At least that is the interpretation I feel may be accurate....

  • Akshay Pradeepan

    Akshay Pradeepan

    12 hours ago

    ബ്രൂണോ യെ കുറിച്ചൊരക്ഷരം മിണ്ടരുത് 🤫🤫🤫

  • Heba ewiss

    Heba ewiss

    13 hours ago

    Just wanna say something funny 😆
    So I watched this in the cinema and I went to the bathroom right after this part then I heard a little girl singing the song in the bathroom stall next to me 😂💖
    She sounded so cute

  • Hopper SK726

    Hopper SK726

    13 hours ago

    Y Disney look so real…god damn those graphics lol

  • Zrausts.


    15 hours ago

    Encanto : We dont talk about Bruno
    Luca : Silencio Bruno

  • Cat Draws

    Cat Draws

    15 hours ago

    On parle pas de bruno c'est la chanson préférée de ma soeur, désolé pour les Français oh et, les sous-titres disaient qu'une ligne était une cloche à tacos

  • RhyanMarga


    16 hours ago

    Ughhhh I love this song sooo much even though I haven't watched. But I know this movie is beautiful 😍

  • Anthony Guerrero

    Anthony Guerrero

    17 hours ago


  • John Martin

    John Martin

    19 hours ago

    Ladies get you a man who will smile and enjoy your wedding day even when it’s interrupted by a literal hurricane

  • blissbeauty anon

    blissbeauty anon

    19 hours ago

    0:36 Pepa: Bruno walks in with a mischievous grin.
    Me: No that's Hermando. Easy mistake.



    20 hours ago

    This whole song was made so that Disney could flex thier fabric animation.

  • Derek Yonkers

    Derek Yonkers

    20 hours ago

    At the time of the wedding
    Pepa: such delicious cake we’re having. Que Rico.
    Bruno(having a premonition): the Haitian president’s going to f**kin die

  • Tafari Ali-Alkebu'lan

    Tafari Ali-Alkebu'lan

    21 hour ago


  • Rainbow Demon

    Rainbow Demon

    23 hours ago

    This song is really clever at alluding already that Bruno might be villified wrongly. Pepa controls the weather, meaning she most likely caused the hurricanw

  • angel subs

    angel subs

    Day ago

    Lin manuel did it again guys

  • Olivia Romanchuk

    Olivia Romanchuk

    Day ago

    we don't talk about Bruno but we can sing about him

  • welcome to Sophia's Channel

    welcome to Sophia's Channel

    Day ago

    I love the enanto

  • Unknown Account

    Unknown Account

    Day ago

    Encanto: "We don't talk about Bruno"
    Luca: "Silencio Bruno"
    disney has a vendetta on bruno confirmed

  • Zenku


    Day ago

    Cancion " no se habla de bruno ". * Procenen a hablar de bruno *

  • Blubala


    Day ago

    Props to the animators its really smooth and fun to watch distinct character movement lots of emotion in their movements some really talented and skilled people worked on thus

  • Alles Gut

    Alles Gut

    Day ago

    Bruno be like the new fight club....

  • Roy


    Day ago

    Ayo maui lookin fine

    • břàțž


      Day ago


  • Terteya


    Day ago

    Can somebody tell me what's the genre of this music? I can't find anything like this from my guesses

    • Charly


      Day ago

      Generos colombianos 🇨🇴🇨🇴 salsa and tango

    • Diana Munoz

      Diana Munoz

      Day ago

      Salsa Son y otro ritmos Colombinos

  • Martina Alvarez

    Martina Alvarez

    Day ago


  • BrainETR


    Day ago

    Lol I love how the song called “we don’t talk about Bruno” is literally only talking about Bruno

  • yui


    Day ago

    Woahh this is just a short clip from the movie and it is already blowing our mind right from the music to the animation!! I think this is gonna be awesome too if this is gonna have a live theatre musical showw

  • Dona


    Day ago

    Encanto (2021)
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i got Free from here
    WHATCH NOW 💜 https://j.mp/3IlDOe0 💜

    ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもの再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね5). .
    #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑)
    #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  • Laura Cerqueira Machado

    Laura Cerqueira Machado

    Day ago

    While I was watching the movie I thought they excluded Bruno maybe because he was the villain of the movie because he was evil or maybe because his power drove him insane, but come on he was such a lovely guy, how could this family be so insensitive to basically make a rule to pretend their own son/brother/uncle did not exist only because of a power he didn’t choose and could not help?

  • Iamjabezt


    Day ago

    Luca: *talks all about Bruno*
    Encanto:yes but no

  • gokart


    Day ago

    because bruno mars is not making music anymore

  • Zeddy


    Day ago


  • Mster105


    Day ago

    I bet that Bruno is just a guy that drank too much beer

  • Pheonix Sapphire

    Pheonix Sapphire

    Day ago


  • Crispy Bean

    Crispy Bean

    Day ago

    Therapist: Short Maui isn't real, he cant hurt you.
    Short Maui:

  • Sadako Tyan

    Sadako Tyan

    Day ago

    I Love Bruno

  • Bailey Hector-Taylor

    Bailey Hector-Taylor

    Day ago

    0:49 lol

  • NorthSoundGaming


    Day ago

    1. wear headphones
    2. Watch the singers move left to right on the screen and match which headphone their vocals come out of
    in particular: 0:32 when he sings "no clouds allowed in the sky"

  • Bee?


    Day ago

    Ok like I haven’t watched this yet but why are they blaming him when the person who controls the weather with her emotions might have been the reason as far as I see it???

  • Consuelo Amortegui

    Consuelo Amortegui

    Day ago

    Loved the movie

  • RenegadeElite101


    Day ago

    Just saw the movie with my GF today, the movies pretty good. The animation is cleaner than I've ever seen (save for some truly top notch films) and the plot brought a few tears to my eye (which is unusual since I normally don't cry during films). No Spoilers but can confirm that Bruno is best character.

  • Zoroark Zeppelin

    Zoroark Zeppelin

    Day ago

    We went from “Silenzio Bruno!” to “We don’t talk about Bruno.”

  • {An iDioT}

    {An iDioT}

    Day ago

    I love how Mirabella subtly dances while everything is happening

  • daniel Merzandi Tio sassia

    daniel Merzandi Tio sassia

    Day ago

    Maui at the colombia

  • Dakota Kofron

    Dakota Kofron

    Day ago

    Anyone else hearing "he f**ks my brain" instead of "he floods my brain"

  • miss-oli


    Day ago

    I guess it’s a bad year to be named Bruno 😂 no one seems to like him

  • Sammiboi


    Day ago

    That’s it. This is peek Disney. They can’t top this song

  • elfbabs


    Day ago

    Every new disney movie, I can’t even pay attention to the story bc I’m so amazed by the graphics.

  • Sydney Aubrey

    Sydney Aubrey

    Day ago

    The groove in this is ASTRONOMICAL

  • Poonam Singh Creations

    Poonam Singh Creations

    Day ago

    Wait those character designs are from Disney's moana

  • Lyle Cozart Miner

    Lyle Cozart Miner

    Day ago

    The realism of this scene hurts my brain

  • Luke Spencer

    Luke Spencer

    Day ago

    First “Silencio Bruno” and now this, who’s Bruno and why do Pixar have a grudge against them?

  • Adam Iain

    Adam Iain

    Day ago

    I feel so bad for Bruno

  • Sallyrobloxworld


    Day ago

    Is bruno anyone elses favorite character-?

  • Ronnie Yates

    Ronnie Yates

    Day ago

    Silenzio Bruno!

  • Daisy Cole

    Daisy Cole

    2 days ago

    Someone take their computers away at Disney, they're getting too good at animating its scary

  • regina simpson

    regina simpson

    2 days ago

    Um I smell a SuperCarlinbrothers theory video.

  • Sussan obidinnu

    Sussan obidinnu

    2 days ago

    Who knows how I can watch movies on Netflix without Subscription? Is it actually possible?

  • Ophelia


    2 days ago

    What a loyal and accurate depiction of Colombian culture

  • Brandee Bee

    Brandee Bee

    2 days ago

    Let’s all just say it’s a Bruno Silencio Bruno 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  • A G

    A G

    2 days ago

    What does Disney have against ‘Bruno’?
    First they say: ‘Silencio Bruno!’
    And now they make a whole song talking about how ‘we don’t talk about Bruno’

  • Jay Cerrito

    Jay Cerrito

    2 days ago

    Pepa looks like Belle if she hasn't slept in days and her husband looks like Maui from Moana if he was a tango dancer. Basically they're Belle and Maui in Colombia form

  • stardust shine

    stardust shine

    2 days ago

    pepe:he ruined my wedding by making it rain
    me: oh did he miss i can control the weather my mind

  • Abi Morris

    Abi Morris

    2 days ago

    Animators better be proud cause this looks amazing!! I can't imagine how many howrs went into that

  • MCPhatman


    2 days ago

    Oh no...
    Now I am going to have to watch this 😭

  • Jaysa Hunter

    Jaysa Hunter

    2 days ago

    Bruno gets all the bad rep but imo it seems like Pepa’s power is the most dangerous bc the weather is tied to her emotions and she’s a very temperamental person. She needs some tips from Elsa

  • neko JAF

    neko JAF

    2 days ago

    Shut up Bruno.

  • PicAhmad


    2 days ago

    it's not the complete song ?

  • RIght Hand Man

    RIght Hand Man

    2 days ago

    Sorry for spoiler: don’t read this if you don’t want spoiler

    Still going….

    Bruno can see the future.

  • giGi


    2 days ago

    Me gusta más en español 😳

  • Yashiro Nene

    Yashiro Nene

    2 days ago

    We don't talk about Burno we sing about him

  • Suni Glow

    Suni Glow

    2 days ago

    Lin Manuel didn't say ANYTHING about SINGING about Bruno

  • Suni Glow

    Suni Glow

    2 days ago

    This is already the most popular song in the movie it's the only video to reach million

    • B B

      B B

      Day ago

      Under the surface had more

  • Fovely


    2 days ago

    Bruno bucciarati

  • James Fuerza

    James Fuerza

    2 days ago

    I’m gonna guess Bruno has the power to see into the future😀

  • My Thoughts Exactly

    My Thoughts Exactly

    2 days ago

    Disney really upped their game with these 3d musical numbers. Not that the songs from Tangled to Moana were terrible but the animation of some of them felt like music videos rather than the bombastic and colorlful animated musical numbers the 90's disney movies had. Moana did started with it like Shiny or Youre Welcome, but Encanto really perfected the 90's disney feel

  • J B

    J B

    2 days ago

    I listen to this, about 10 times a day. I'm obsessed :p

  • Kona Kona

    Kona Kona

    2 days ago

    We don't talk about Bruno no no no
    But it OK to sing about Bruno oh oh oh

  • Unicorn TV

    Unicorn TV

    2 days ago


  • Lyanna Zabreen

    Lyanna Zabreen

    2 days ago

    talks about bruno anyways*

  • Ivan Skty

    Ivan Skty

    2 days ago

    We dont talk about bruno!
    The whole song : About bruno

    TwT i thinked this comment was original until i scrolled dlwn i realized someone already used it

  • Shayne ReUploads

    Shayne ReUploads

    2 days ago


    hi what doin

  • Uncle Wiley

    Uncle Wiley

    2 days ago


    It's still so funny to me that Pepa's grudge started bc Bruno was calling her sweaty. He wasn't even telling the future lmao. Peak sibling energy

  • Stingkeh


    2 days ago


    "But we do sing about bruno"