Food Theory: Yes, You SHOULD Eat Your Pokemon!

Published on Oct 10, 2021
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Have you ever stopped to wonder if the people in the Pokemon universe EAT Pokemon? I know, I know - that is SUPER dark! Isn't that why you keep tuning in to these episodes? I am going to figure out who is the TASTIEST and most NUTRITIOUS Pokemon you should be eating! Watch out Pikachu!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper, and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

The Food Theorists
  • Diego Monico

    Diego Monico

    Hour ago

    Forgot Magikarp. In the games, several fisherman fish for them. And plus, they're everywhere.

  • Chariot requiem

    Chariot requiem

    Hour ago


  • Pascal Takes

    Pascal Takes

    Hour ago

    I agree with the criteria of your ranking but that's exactly why I have to ask: What about Magikarp? I think Magikarp would make perfect sense as a main food source. Fish is not an uncommon thing to eat and food also has a very strong cultural background. In some regions of the earth fish is traditionally consumed more than elsewhere. Now all the regions of the Pokémon world are Islands or Peninsulas, making it very plausible that the sea plays a dominant role as a source of food. Magikarps are not only able to inhabit both salty and fresh water, unlike the other Pokémon you mentioned they're common in EVERY region of the Pokémon world. The waters there are swarmed by Magikarps. So you wouldn't even have to raise them, allthough they hatch very quickly - you can simply walk over to the nearest water place and catch them! Probably even without the use of Pokéballs or the help of trained Pokémon since Magikarp can't really defend itself anyways. Just grab a fishing rod or hurry down to the market when the big fishing boats return - even the supermarkets in the cities gotta be packed with fresh, delightful Magikarp.

  • Gee aRe

    Gee aRe

    Hour ago

    The guy who ate gardevoir: 😳

  • TheSpudKing 1

    TheSpudKing 1

    6 hours ago

    Umm I totally wouldn’t play a Pokémon farming simulator..totally

  • carl wheezer

    carl wheezer

    6 hours ago

    Wait yall just now eating pokemon i been doing that charmander favorite to eat btw

  • a very happy piece of pizza

    a very happy piece of pizza

    7 hours ago

    I wonder if Psyduck would act like LSD because of their powers

  • Scorch the Spooky

    Scorch the Spooky

    8 hours ago

    13:23 by the way in like the very first episode ever, there's a bouffalant farm (it also shows up quite a few times)

  • Spoopy


    8 hours ago

    Eating pokemon is like eating dogs or cats

  • kristian tacbian

    kristian tacbian

    9 hours ago

    “would put up less of a fight cracked me”

  • John


    10 hours ago

    matpat, you put a picture of gabite while mentioning garchomp

  • vrtxte


    11 hours ago

    The dislikes are vegan people

  • captian bacon

    captian bacon

    11 hours ago

    My only concern about ur math on mudsdale. Is that its a ground type. So there's probably a large amount of that mass thats inedible or not good tasty earth stuff. Like dirt is edible but you not gonna order a plate of it medium rare...

  • Jinhunter Slay

    Jinhunter Slay

    11 hours ago

    But wait, Matpat. What about transportation costs? Some of those Pokémons only exist in far away regions like Kalos.

  • Caroline B

    Caroline B

    12 hours ago

    what is your favoroite pokemon min is jilipuf

  • VixeniMoon


    13 hours ago

    In theory, its plausible, but i do hold one major complaint on this. It's not region specific. You make mention of cows vs goats in real world farming around the world, but you don't do the same for the 8 regions of Pokemon.
    Take Kanto and Johto for example, they would not naturally have access to Skiddo milk, but they have an abundance of Miltank milk, and since these two regions are quite literally a single river apart, they easily have shared resources, but Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola and Galar are all very far from each other and it very well couldn't share the same ecosystem. (Heck, Alola alone has 4 ecosystems to keep an eye on, all very diverse and demanding different stock of available resources.)
    Across the table, the Pokemon listed are good options, but they're far from ideal in practice. Not to sound totally nitpicky about it, but I would not consider this an accurate list unless it's verifiable that all Pokemon listed can be found and easily raised in every region.
    But that's just my take on it~

  • James Evans

    James Evans

    14 hours ago

    Anyone else notice how totally bonkers the weights are for the Pokemon? I mean seriously a Tauros a buffalo sized bull is only a hundred and ninety-four lbs?

  • Surfermario


    14 hours ago

    I wonder what a ghost type pokemon would taste like?

  • Harper George

    Harper George

    15 hours ago

    Remember when Brock used his frying pan as a drying pan?



    16 hours ago

    Mat...Sometimes you scare me.

  • Zodiak Games

    Zodiak Games

    16 hours ago

    There absolutely should be a Pokémon professor who studies Pokémon edibility

  • lakshya _

    lakshya _

    16 hours ago

    Who doesn't wanna eat nurse joy😳😩

  • Delayed Reaction Man

    Delayed Reaction Man

    17 hours ago


  • drix


    18 hours ago


  • JustNobody05


    19 hours ago

    5:30 n i c e

  • Andrea bilokapić

    Andrea bilokapić

    20 hours ago

    Hoot hoot looks like a cooket chicken leg

  • Basty Rabino

    Basty Rabino

    20 hours ago

    Any steel-type Pokemon you can't eat

  • IWasTaken


    21 hour ago


  • Super Logan

    Super Logan

    21 hour ago

    Wait what

  • Klyde VillaLord

    Klyde VillaLord

    23 hours ago

    11:20 You sounded like you are singing or rather rapping HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA

  • Zachariah Faulkner

    Zachariah Faulkner

    23 hours ago

    mudbray and mudsdale eat dirt. Like literally dirt. I don't think they'd taste very good no matter how much meat they've got on em. I'm pretty sure most of that weight would be due to the literal rocks in their stomachs. Gotta account for taste. No point if they're inedible.

  • Seth Seth

    Seth Seth

    23 hours ago

    Who cares it's the same as life anyways so what's the point of this

  • DaleAts Overton

    DaleAts Overton

    Day ago

    this is definitely one of them youtube videos that just destroys your childhood

  • Andrew


    Day ago

    There are 2 major factors you missed in this:
    1) Pokemon differ from region to region, so where one region might indeed feast on mudbray, another region might use something very different (like on an island, Magicarp's might be the food of choice, being a fast to hatch fish).
    2) This assumption of yours is based solely on growth speed/ weight of the pokemon, but another VERY important factor is taste! Mudbray's might taste HORRIBLE, whereas something else slightly smaller might taste very good, and still fall into the fast to grow category.

  • DavidGamer 3054

    DavidGamer 3054

    Day ago

    You have to consider taking out all the guts and some bones

  • lion cub

    lion cub

    Day ago

    Mat pat you forgot that in the first episode of pokemon animals wear real and then they removed them in epasode 2



    Day ago

    Nurse joy

  • Tami Gray

    Tami Gray

    Day ago

    "Nurse joy is a pokemon'

  • Gabriel Caysip

    Gabriel Caysip

    Day ago


  • Ziffer777


    Day ago

    Pretending that Pokedex Pokemon weight = meat weight is just plain stupid.

  • Kkmm Kkmm

    Kkmm Kkmm

    Day ago

    How would Arcus

  • Reese Carr

    Reese Carr

    Day ago

    Hey Matpat, I think grilled Nurse Joy would be the best.

  • ryan williams

    ryan williams

    Day ago

    Magic harp is made of bone

  • Timothy Church

    Timothy Church

    Day ago

    Ok I may be wrong but wasn’t the channels called food theory and Gil theory. 😳😳😳 is this a…… theory?!?!?

  • Sam_Smithy5478


    Day ago

    The problem with the dairy analysis is the divergence goals of herd growth vs milking period/production. The analysis did not consider milk production period or volume produced. Assuming the "real world" comparison a slower leveling rate would imply a longer adolescent period and a longer milking period per pregnancy. The larger mass of Miltank and slower growth rate implies more milk production for a longer period of time.

  • chris paul apalin

    chris paul apalin

    Day ago

    i hate this and you that not very family friendly

  • Noot Noot Noob

    Noot Noot Noob

    Day ago

    The funny thing is my dad gave me the nickname hoot bear

  • Evan Gonzalez

    Evan Gonzalez

    Day ago

    If people eat Pokemon, does that mean there are Pokevegans and P.E.T.P (People for the Ethical Treatment of Pokemon)?

  • ScribbleScribe


    Day ago

    .....MatPat.......are you okay?

  • Barnesofthenorth


    Day ago

    I mean the one you get milk from would be a good one for meat as well, you'd be constantly impregnating them to get the milk do you may as well eat the young males.

  • SuperBulbasaurLogan


    Day ago

    Do You Think Officer Jenny Is Also A Pokemon Or Do All Officer Jennies Look Different?

  • Michael Caballero

    Michael Caballero

    Day ago

    Pokemon vegans are triggered

  • Wolf War Master

    Wolf War Master

    Day ago

    No doubt the fringe hate group PETA is going to watch this and start Yapping about Pokémon and cruelty again.

  • Leonor Crafts*

    Leonor Crafts*

    Day ago

    0:01 G E N E R A L K E N O B I, Y O U A R E A B O L D O N E!!!!

  • MEEP_ORDIE_shorts


    Day ago

    At0 the starting of this vid there was a pokemon unite 😂😅😭😅😂🤔🤔😛👀

  • GregRyan


    Day ago

    Hoot hoot gon be gamey af.

  • vinod rai

    vinod rai

    Day ago

    Pokemon food

  • Inez Olij

    Inez Olij

    Day ago

    but you said in your other video that pokémon are humans so if you eat pokémon then you are cannibalist

  • okdunmb o

    okdunmb o

    2 days ago


  • small kid

    small kid

    2 days ago

    BUT i had a pokemon card that was a 1999 year old first Edition weepinbell that had regular bird sitting on it's head.
    So are there regular animals in the Pokemon world???

  • max nguyen

    max nguyen

    2 days ago

    i actually thought of this long ago when i was young i was always likek what are theye eating they even ate magikarp

  • turah catra

    turah catra

    2 days ago

    i eat onyx

  • Dadood


    2 days ago

    Im more of a pokemon Food guy to be honest.

    • Dadood


      2 days ago

      Was never a fan of pokemon Game or Film.

  • Blob Fish

    Blob Fish

    2 days ago

    It's as same not being vegan in the real world and the pokemon world

  • Harvi Lewis Sarabia

    Harvi Lewis Sarabia

    2 days ago

    ok cool but can you eat nurse joy?

  • Sean-key Kong

    Sean-key Kong

    2 days ago

    Magic carp and chips anyone and if you are not a fish fan then try are famous Tauros, burgers just got up try the breakfast scrambled Exeggcute with cut up Stantler sausage.

    • Sean-key Kong

      Sean-key Kong

      2 days ago

      What your a cannibal in that case try or nurse joy limbs from a hand full of joys who never made it through nursing school but once I heard one exasperated or company and joined some team rocket.

  • Farmerboy385


    2 days ago

    there is a reason and I bet you know this but people don't like mutton normaly. So lambs are harvested early for the reason kinda.....

  • Farmerboy385


    2 days ago

    Also I live on a farm. Sheep good!

  • Farmerboy385


    2 days ago

    Also pork is at a what I heard a 40 year high.

  • Farmerboy385


    2 days ago

    I do wonder what applin taste like?

  • Aikawa Kano Ch.

    Aikawa Kano Ch.

    2 days ago

    Mudbray/Mudsdale are covered in mud and have super dense bones. Probably not the best meat source. Please re-think this theory.

  • Halter Veri Vonitria

    Halter Veri Vonitria

    2 days ago

    I'm sure Humans have found very useful uses for the Vaporeon Pokemon 😳😳😳

    • I have no soul D-class

      I have no soul D-class

      Day ago

      The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.

  • Kyle Fu

    Kyle Fu

    2 days ago

    Its a coincidence that i got a door dash ad before watching this video

  • Aikawa Kano Ch.

    Aikawa Kano Ch.

    2 days ago

    PETA and the vegans are gonna have a fun retort to this one.

  • Spider Chan Yes

    Spider Chan Yes

    2 days ago

    I will eat a mr mime

  • Pikachu gaming

    Pikachu gaming

    2 days ago


  • Ryan Carter

    Ryan Carter

    2 days ago

    I'd eat Nurse Joy if you know what I mean wink wink
    Also, I just started rewatching the entire anime, and season one episode seven you can see a ton of non-pokemon fish swimming in the cerulean city gym aquariums. I'm convinced that plenty of non-sentient animals exist in the world of pokemon, its just that they aren't shown for the most part because thats not what the viewers want to see.

  • The Nd

    The Nd

    2 days ago

    Mudbray's legs are it's heaviest part though same for mudsdale

  • Impossiblah


    2 days ago

    You didn't analyze aquaculture and fisheries, but Magikarp fits with your "fast hatching" criteria, and canonically people do eat them

  • HowzerHead


    2 days ago

    ahh yess kan-to

  • The Sezenians

    The Sezenians

    2 days ago

    "I don't always believe all the theories that we produce..."
    MatPat, That's singlehandedly the scariest thing I've heard all Halloween!

  • John Joseph Casiño

    John Joseph Casiño

    2 days ago

    Nurse Joy might be the most delicious 😋

  • Harrison Sproule

    Harrison Sproule

    2 days ago

    7:33 Is that a GaRcHoMp?

  • Joshua Murtz

    Joshua Murtz

    2 days ago

    Canto special!! Fried zubat with a seared pidgey wings .

  • starfield games

    starfield games

    2 days ago

    that you will

  • impostersat YouTube

    impostersat YouTube

    2 days ago

    That thumbnail looks disturbing.

  • TeenTraveler 17

    TeenTraveler 17

    2 days ago

    Yummy yummy in my tummy.

  • TheLastGuest Soldier

    TheLastGuest Soldier

    2 days ago

    0:15 LOL LOOK AT HIS REACTION! 看你能不能看懂第

  • Andrewn’t


    2 days ago

    7:34 thats a gabite..not a garchomp

  • Rodolfo Salazar

    Rodolfo Salazar

    2 days ago

    Matpat , what about the regional diets of the pokemon universe. Each region had different pokemon so by that logic every region would now be able to depend on just skiddo or hoothoot. So what would be the diet for every region would be an awesome video. Thank you. 😊

  • Ceomonsity yt

    Ceomonsity yt

    2 days ago

    POV: you got a bad Pokemon

  • Ashlynn Pomeroy

    Ashlynn Pomeroy

    2 days ago

    MatPat: "Pre-evolved forms of Dragonite, Tyrannitar, and Garchomp take..."

    The pictures shown: Dragonite,
    Me: Okay
    The pictures shown: Tyrannitar
    Me: Good
    The pictures shown: Gabite
    Me: Wait, hold on, WHAT!!!!!!????!???!?!? THAT is NOT GARCHOMP. *Rant starts*

  • TheCreepypro


    2 days ago

    glad I'm not the only one who thinks that some pokemon would be delicious to eat

  • ::::::::::::::::::::::::


    2 days ago

    Dining on palkia tonight

  • not meh

    not meh

    2 days ago

    Look at the food theory that logo mat shows on screen and tell me it doesn't look like joshDub intro but without the music I'm starting to see a pattern

  • Hélios le gigantosaure

    Hélios le gigantosaure

    2 days ago

    We eat rabbit too.

  • Sander Oberas

    Sander Oberas

    2 days ago


  • Liv Marit Nystad

    Liv Marit Nystad

    2 days ago

    huh now i know game theory is female