Mini Ice Breakers 🧊

Published on Oct 11, 2021
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  • MagiCandy


    10 hours ago

    Nowi kinda want to buy red star stickers and put them on a bunch of ice breakers in a random store just to f with people-

    • Penolophy Zeon

      Penolophy Zeon

      2 hours ago

      Woah Chill out~😂

    • S0u134t3r


      3 hours ago

      "They called me a madman"

    • Name


      4 hours ago

      I'm definitely doing that.

    • Blair Miller

      Blair Miller

      4 hours ago


    • A Random Commenter

      A Random Commenter

      5 hours ago


  • SirensMelody


    Hour ago

    Okay but where do you buy those tiny ones then??

  • yer da man

    yer da man

    Hour ago

    If I find a star I ain't buying that shit .. dont know who been touching it.

  • flibby bibby

    flibby bibby

    2 hours ago

    Wow thats one of the worst tattoos ive seen. It looks like scribble and its just all alone on the hand and fingers

  • Whomst Has Awakened The Ancient One

    Whomst Has Awakened The Ancient One

    2 hours ago

    What is in the lil box?!?!

  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    3 hours ago

    Ya you can tell the sticker in the original looks very paste on

  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    3 hours ago

    Now I think it’s to make people buy their products haha

  • Aalana carter

    Aalana carter

    4 hours ago

    Does all cat fake fake fake s*** s***.

  • Teresita Crisostomo

    Teresita Crisostomo

    4 hours ago

    Wish I was there but I am too far away Philippines

  • Mhayzie Lee Javier

    Mhayzie Lee Javier

    4 hours ago


  • Mhayzie Lee Javier

    Mhayzie Lee Javier

    4 hours ago

    Then why you loed

  • avacado


    4 hours ago

    Not a cap



    4 hours ago

    That's a great first tattoo bro really committed looks great🤣🤣🤣👎

  • Maze Runner

    Maze Runner

    5 hours ago

    What the fuck is that

  • A Random Commenter

    A Random Commenter

    5 hours ago

    Bruh you got for a split second there

  • My Wolfs🐺sin0fGlutony&GreedFreki&Geri

    My Wolfs🐺sin0fGlutony&GreedFreki&Geri

    5 hours ago

    But where did the lil pack get bought at

  • Robert Mathison

    Robert Mathison

    5 hours ago

    No u just don’t want to hit your self

  • Amanda Greco

    Amanda Greco

    5 hours ago

    I was just staring hard at icebreakers today debating on getting one since I haven’t had them in years. I didn’t get one tho. And I think this is cap

  • Libby Bloom

    Libby Bloom

    5 hours ago

    But where’d you get that mini ice breaker 😂

  • Made by Dimi aka GreekMachine

    Made by Dimi aka GreekMachine

    5 hours ago

    Ya buts what that small one from?

  • maf1k47 drip

    maf1k47 drip

    7 hours ago

    Who already knew

  • Pie Bag

    Pie Bag

    7 hours ago

    Hey I know I’m old and don’t know a lot of the slang nowadays but what do you mean by “cap?” I understand the slap 👋 lol thanks buddy and please people don’t scold me to bad lol

  • Lindzie Rakes

    Lindzie Rakes

    7 hours ago


  • No Hardy

    No Hardy

    7 hours ago

    Now I’m craving the strawberry and cooling crystal duos. I used to eat them like candy.

  • gamer kid

    gamer kid

    7 hours ago


  • RexyPlays


    7 hours ago

    Or did he fake that so he don’t get slap Dun Dun Dunnnn

  • I'll destroy your punani!

    I'll destroy your punani!

    8 hours ago

    Yeah, his star was glittery and yours were flat.

  • Gang Tbefg

    Gang Tbefg

    8 hours ago

    I thought they stopped selling these

  • Jules Viant

    Jules Viant

    8 hours ago


  • Chadwick Harris

    Chadwick Harris

    8 hours ago

    My life will never be the same again. OMG ! You got a million hits of this? I'm hatin just a wee bit. But give you props. Congrats.

  • I_lostmyaccverysad


    8 hours ago


  • Luna-chan


    8 hours ago

    It's a mini brandz😩

  • thaikid


    8 hours ago

    what is this trash hand tattoo? you just wasted your body

  • The wisdom cat

    The wisdom cat

    9 hours ago

    Me about to share ot

  • LayLay


    9 hours ago

    I thought this was stupid as fuck, but it is because you yes, put her months ago, stick on it like, who do that stupid, motherfucking dumb shitI thought this was finna be dumb as shit, but it is this shit is not real, that's some motherfucking sticker on that one too

  • Tha Pum

    Tha Pum

    9 hours ago

    It is cap bro bro bro bro

  • Valentino DiCrocco

    Valentino DiCrocco

    9 hours ago


  • Marvel Johnson

    Marvel Johnson

    9 hours ago

    Never lie ever again 🥺

  • Shymare Davis

    Shymare Davis

    9 hours ago


  • Amanda Johnson

    Amanda Johnson

    9 hours ago


  • Izzy Sharp

    Izzy Sharp

    9 hours ago

    If he bought the star from the store then that means it could be real

  • Aesthetic Me

    Aesthetic Me

    9 hours ago

    Did you guys realize that his cap says 'SLAP' (red one) 'CAP' Blue one

  • Aesthetic Me

    Aesthetic Me

    9 hours ago

    Atleast he was very honest and said it was cap. Because ppl would actually buy it.

  • Darcie Games

    Darcie Games

    9 hours ago

    I was about to do it 🥺

  • TaskForceSector7


    9 hours ago

    😆 🤣 loved the ending 🤣 😆

  • Romy Ras

    Romy Ras

    9 hours ago

    Where did you get a little ice gum

  • Miley Sanders

    Miley Sanders

    9 hours ago

    I just love how honest he is 😂😂😂☺️❤️😂

    • Cassie


      7 hours ago

      I just want to say that I freaking love the tattoo on your hand it’s so dang cool

  • Angelique Pounce

    Angelique Pounce

    9 hours ago

    That’s a cap 🧢

  • andreianne oleta

    andreianne oleta

    10 hours ago

    You are joking about

  • Kenai Bracke

    Kenai Bracke

    10 hours ago

    You are a legend and on you're shirt is a legend

  • Jake Patrick

    Jake Patrick

    10 hours ago

    What shirt is that?

  • Alix fortune

    Alix fortune

    10 hours ago

    Yo badass tattoo

  • WavyJustWavy


    10 hours ago

    He know he lieing like shit he just dont want to get slap

  • Balkanaki gojo

    Balkanaki gojo

    11 hours ago

    Joestar food

  • Videoxstar


    11 hours ago


  • doomii


    11 hours ago

    Why make up dumb shit like this?

  • Sxilent _Skam

    Sxilent _Skam

    11 hours ago


  • ZuuOP


    11 hours ago

    You got shit on your fingers!



    11 hours ago


  • Rosie McKinlay

    Rosie McKinlay

    11 hours ago

    You shouldn't be doing that I believe you for a sec please don't do that 🐱

  • Skrogy


    12 hours ago

    Imagine the first guy sees this and was like “wait it’s real?”

  • Ayla Bryson

    Ayla Bryson

    12 hours ago

    NO it's fake

  • Blinky ꪜ

    Blinky ꪜ

    12 hours ago

    Pin Me Please

  • Randomdude


    12 hours ago


  • EssyncexFidgets


    13 hours ago

    It was a mini brand

  • TotallyToysTV


    13 hours ago

    Why do you wanna lie at first?!

  • AuditorezCrafting


    13 hours ago

    That's how it is, you could see in the other video a moment of pause

  • Nikki Anderson

    Nikki Anderson

    13 hours ago

    Why does he look like post Malone with no tattoos

  • Apple sauce prince

    Apple sauce prince

    13 hours ago


  • Cleetus McBitties

    Cleetus McBitties

    14 hours ago

    Lmao wait wtf, why this dude choose his fingers and hand for his first visible tattoo 🤣🤣🤣

  • Aniah Samone

    Aniah Samone

    14 hours ago

    You got it form the shop

  • Aniah Samone

    Aniah Samone

    14 hours ago


  • DMP Masters

    DMP Masters

    14 hours ago

    Now no one believes you

  • [ Alex ]

    [ Alex ]

    14 hours ago


  • The gacha mitten

    The gacha mitten

    14 hours ago

    Dude i like your honestlt🥰🥰

  • Asian Doll

    Asian Doll

    15 hours ago


  • Rose Boy

    Rose Boy

    15 hours ago

    his tattoo is awesome man

  • Kiko Mohammad

    Kiko Mohammad

    15 hours ago

    My Northern European brain thought this was snus🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Mark Roberts

    Mark Roberts

    15 hours ago

    How whould it get to the top

  • Bryanna Jackson

    Bryanna Jackson

    16 hours ago

    *buys red stars and puts em on random containers*

  • Spy ninja kaci

    Spy ninja kaci

    16 hours ago


  • Brittany Hall

    Brittany Hall

    16 hours ago


  • MaxIsLate


    16 hours ago

    Man that tattoo looks incredible good,

  • Bruno Gobbeb

    Bruno Gobbeb

    16 hours ago

    Cap or hands

  • Random vibes

    Random vibes

    16 hours ago

    Lol he exposed him

  • Boss


    17 hours ago

    Dang he went through the whole thing then told us at the end

  • Cash Kid

    Cash Kid

    17 hours ago 🎥🎥🔥🔥

  • Forepic Games

    Forepic Games

    18 hours ago

    Poor little timmy he just wanted a mini ice breaker

  • retro sun

    retro sun

    18 hours ago

    i just don’t get how you benefit from lying to others



    19 hours ago

    How’s it feel to have a mitten must suck lmao

  • Danielle Walsh

    Danielle Walsh

    21 hour ago

    How did you find that

  • Naruto


    21 hour ago

    Can't wait where did you get the thing then

  • CaedesMom


    21 hour ago


  • Munira Zainal Abidin

    Munira Zainal Abidin

    21 hour ago

    Cap lol

  • Is time fr Goobis draw

    Is time fr Goobis draw

    21 hour ago

    New it

  • Amar gaming

    Amar gaming

    22 hours ago

    Why u tatto ur hand it’s haram

  • Alice Gair

    Alice Gair

    22 hours ago

    Sooo where do you get the little one

  • Al ghozy Red tiger

    Al ghozy Red tiger

    22 hours ago

    In the start i said cap

  • Nino's Adventure

    Nino's Adventure

    23 hours ago

    Can I eat ice breakers im 12