I Bought A CARWASH BUSINESS, Let's Make More $$$

Published on Feb 23, 2021
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Now that you know I bought a car wash, let's talk about all the things I need to do to increase the sales and MAKE MORE MONEY.

Most people don't sell highly profitable businesses, generally there's something going on with them and in this video I talk about what the issues are with my *new* carwash, and most importantly what we plan on doing to fix these issues to increase revenues and make more money. Any more money we can make over the last owners revenue numbers will increase the equity SEVERELY with the car wash. A $100k/yr value add in the businesses we purchased would easily push this investment past the MILLION DOLLAR MARK.

As a part of this video series, I had a more than a few people ask me to start a video course on how to buy these kinds of businesses with minimal or no c credit, low down payments and potentially get amazingly low rates. So I came up with a business buying course, to show people how to use purchase money mortgages to take existing, profitable businesses over, If you're interested in buying or applying for a scholarship visit : InvestmentJoy.com/Course

Investment Joy
Investment Joy
  • Investment Joy

    Investment Joy

    9 months ago

    Hey guys! This is part 2 of my new business series. Soon I'll reveal the SECOND business I got as a part of this deal with only 5% down and 3% interest over 20 years (Which is awesome for a commercial deal). It certainly isn't flawless but these will be amazing money makers. The carwash you see had a down payment of only around $13,000 which I think is something alot could afford so I developed a course that includes contracts and methods on how to do this exact same thing. Take a look and consider purchasing at : http://investmentjoy.com/course

    • John Rodriguez

      John Rodriguez

      2 months ago

      I'm so happy & Proud of you Bro! # keep making them videos!

    • Suey Cuomo

      Suey Cuomo

      8 months ago

      Justin is cracked

    • Investment Joy

      Investment Joy

      8 months ago

      @Stephen under investmentjoy.com/course. Are you logged into a teachable account if you have one?

    • Stephen


      8 months ago

      @Investment Joy Im trying to sign up for the course but the buy it now button is gray and unable to be clicked on.

    • Aussie Manly Man

      Aussie Manly Man

      9 months ago

      I fix carwashes in Australia, couple of pointers to help you along. Don’t worry about ceramic coatings, to costly and customers won’t notice the difference between that and a good wax anyway. I run blendco chemicals which they ship from America, so should be cheaper for you there. Use stainless steel fittings and valves in the pump house, brass and anything else will erode to quick. Card readers on every bay and make your change machine accept card to and each swipe it will hand out say $5 in coins. I presume it’s a 24/7 wash, replace all the lights with LEDs, and put more in to make it really bright. Why the roller doors on the auto? Get rid of them. The bays will have a wash down PIN number so you can wash them down everyday, get a chemical called “kleen-wall”, it’s used to wash the walls in large highway tunnels and wash everything with it at first, I mean everything, those vacuum will blind you how they shine afterwards, then The bay/auto walls every 3 months. Shovel out the bay pits regularly as otherwise it will block your drain pipes. The reverse osmosis water should ONLY be for the final rinse on auto and bays, if it’s used for other things then it’s plumbed up wrong, it will need new membranes too and probably charcoal filter, and check it’s water is below 40ppm of TDS. Crime is a constant, so I run a lot of cameras, big alarm that has vibration sensors on everything, someone hits it with anything like a hammer or drill or grinder it will set alarm off. A lot more but that will keep you busy for a while. And don’t show too many videos about how the money is stored, most criminals try to break into the wrong area, which is good, let’s keep it that way by not showing them exactly where and how the money is stored.

  • Stranger in Town

    Stranger in Town

    8 days ago

    Ice Machine would be a very good money maker, I know of a Self-Storage in another county that has the ice vending machine & it a little gold mind for them. If you think about it you will have way higher car count than self - storage.

  • jack mcminn

    jack mcminn

    26 days ago

    You need to sell snow cones at the car wash in the summer who don't like snow cones

  • Khalid Young

    Khalid Young

    29 days ago

    Damn ShoeNice came up in the world

  • double AA

    double AA

    Month ago

    It’s snowing and this guy wearing a y shirt lol 😂

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    Slowed and Reverbed

    Month ago

    this man is wearing a frickin tshirt in winter

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    Month ago

    so we just gonna ignore that there is snow everywhere and he is just casually wearing a t shirt and some jeans

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    cc i

    Month ago

    pefect! thanks for the behind the scenes footage and info!!

  • John Al

    John Al

    Month ago

    How much did you buy it for

  • A I

    A I

    Month ago

    Would you consider getting security cameras for your car wash?

  • Sky Tek

    Sky Tek

    Month ago

    Several local (north east texas, DFW metroplex) car washes have changed hands in the last few years, going from decrepit nineties wrecks to refreshed businesses, and they have all worked the extras. I mean, new machinery to transform a self-serve bay into an automatic or turning a bay into a bagged ice/cooler fill station on one end and a pet-washing station on the other. The biggest thing that makes them pop seems to be getting the buildings cleaned/painted, fixing the road sign, making it obvious that someone gives a darn again and they get seemingly constant business in the season.

  • iLoveJesuschrist


    Month ago

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    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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    echev chaoy

    2 months ago

    Investment jou is slowly buying all of Ohio in front of our eyes

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    2 months ago

    So where’s your meth lab?

  • jennifer sprague

    jennifer sprague

    2 months ago

    public recors show this car wash sold for $581,667 not what you listed and that was the same month this was posted febuary of 2021 something doesnt add up.

  • RandomTube


    2 months ago

    You should buy mr beast

  • MAHU


    2 months ago

    Wait till everything starts breaking down and see if it's worth making less than a grand every few days

    • Investment Joy

      Investment Joy

      2 months ago

      Here we are, 6 months later...

  • Daniel Jack

    Daniel Jack

    3 months ago

    does carwash are profitable in winter?

  • Xavier


    3 months ago

    Alright, we're gonna start off, and do just the ones, and then we're go- *KKKKKKKKKKKK*

  • VernonTheArtist


    3 months ago

    Doug Demurio vibes 🙌🏾

  • Stephen Eggert

    Stephen Eggert

    3 months ago

    They break down all the time...never ending..it's a money pit..I take care of a nice self serve wash..vary updated .with a new automatic..an oasis XP..touch free..with ceramic wax..

  • Robert Young

    Robert Young

    3 months ago

    Um looks like you getting business in winter.. What did you buy it for

  • mopar_randy49


    4 months ago

    Did he say quirks and features? Is he a Doug demuro fan?

  • Patrik Nillekvist

    Patrik Nillekvist

    4 months ago

    Overall good video! Would’ve liked an estimated monthly cost of running, materials and based on what you currently maintained the wash for, a monthly maintenance cost. Would be very interesting to see what the monthly cost vs the monthly income would be to see how valuable owning a car wash really is. Love this stuff tho, keep it up!

  • Raleigh Eads

    Raleigh Eads

    4 months ago

    Majority/ if not all plumbing fittings should be stainless, the longevity of them speaks volumes. Saves you money in repairs, and countless hours of downtime. Might be worth looking into.



    4 months ago

    Do me a favor and look up sonnys car wash

  • José Munoz

    José Munoz

    4 months ago

    For soaps and waxes/ waxes with ceramic technology you can try talking with “Adams Polishes” for wholesale products. Been using their products for a couple years might be a good option for the car wash

  • stacey leblanc

    stacey leblanc

    4 months ago

    You remind me of kindly Kenyan

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    Zess T

    4 months ago

    Did he… did he say… DID HE SAY QUIRKS AND FEATURES?!?!?! Doug better not find out about this…

  • Brian E. Buxton

    Brian E. Buxton

    4 months ago

    Utilities are $1380 a month?

  • ProffD


    4 months ago

    Part of the EPA regulations, you have to reclaim, reuse, and treat before it is put down the drain. Imagine the soap from the equipment and it's effect on the ecosystems. Bacteria is important to the enviroment.

  • Alondon Milsap

    Alondon Milsap

    4 months ago

    Where do you buy the brushes and water hoses/sprayers I just bought a car wash

  • Javier Jaime

    Javier Jaime

    4 months ago

    I used to work at one and it was $3000 profit a day plus the money from the vending machines....not bad

  • Chillingworth


    5 months ago

    Look into graphene instead of ceramic. Much better stuff

  • Tanny K

    Tanny K

    5 months ago

    Yo hes rich rich

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    slimjim potter

    5 months ago

    I have a question. Is Brandon a retired actor. I swear he looks verry familiar

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    5 months ago

    Man, you love buying shitty businesses, christ-o-mighty my man.

  • Erik Savini

    Erik Savini

    5 months ago

    Paint the outdated brick. First impressions are lasting impressions. Very inexpensive improvement for a fresh look

  • Danyaal Dollie

    Danyaal Dollie

    6 months ago

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    Danyaal Dollie

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    Angela Hoult

    6 months ago

    How do people make a living??

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    6 months ago

    Where's the crystal meth?

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    Michael Byrd

    7 months ago

    I haven't ever claimed to be a smart man........but didn't you have a horrible time with "jamming " due to a nasty sticky coin in one of your laundromat videos.? Love your content

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    Francisco Arroyo

    7 months ago

    Love the Shirt. Toy Story.

  • Joe Afu

    Joe Afu

    7 months ago

    It cost a million to buy a car wash in California for a self service at least

  • Scott McGuinness

    Scott McGuinness

    7 months ago

    Are car washes usually purchased? Or leased from the landlord?

  • Jason King

    Jason King

    7 months ago

    I purchased 3 twice the ice machines I'm located in the southeast and I have plenty of stores to tell if interested

  • Brandon L

    Brandon L

    7 months ago

    I doubt you will read this, buy Nanoskin makes some really, really great products, especially in bulk. I don't know the scale, but 5 gallons of spray ceramic from them is $297. All of their products are what I use for my side detailing business and they're awesome.

    • Investment Joy

      Investment Joy

      7 months ago

      We have a company close that's pretty awesome

  • D R H

    D R H

    7 months ago

    This dude is a Dynamo. Get things started then make that money work for you rather than you work for it

  • musharraf Wajahat

    musharraf Wajahat

    7 months ago

    Hey investment joy, how much time do you give to this car was daily or weekly?

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    WebCity Films

    7 months ago

    switch to Standard coin/bill acceptor.

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    7 months ago

    oooo how's the meth business going. if you know what i mean

  • Chris Perez

    Chris Perez

    8 months ago

    I think the ice business would be a steal you already have half the means to do so and I’m pretty sure everyone in that trailer is gonna need ice for there beer during summer

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    Yufeng yan

    8 months ago


  • Jony Villalobos

    Jony Villalobos

    8 months ago

    Question is HOW do i find one for sale?

  • Matteo Schatz

    Matteo Schatz

    8 months ago

    My friend here justin, he’s already taken, and he owns a multi million dollar company my guy
    Boy how they grow up

  • Kyle Bell

    Kyle Bell

    8 months ago

    I've waited a long time to comment on your videos and you have definitely went through this from the ground up. You made it. If you ever venture to North Alabama I'd like to suggest a business for you.

  • Xiaobo Liu

    Xiaobo Liu

    8 months ago

    This is super weird, I am pretty sure this is the first time I visit your channel but I feel like I have seen a lot of your videos! Ice machine is a good idea! RO water is so clean that should be better used! Good job!

  • Ruan Vorster

    Ruan Vorster

    8 months ago

    love the ice idea

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    Andy m

    8 months ago

    It would look better if the car wash was washed ! power wash the place !!

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    I think he should make a shirt or hoodie with the “it’s just one of those things” line on it

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    Walter white.... I get it mmmmmm shhhhhhh

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    8 months ago

    Start a ice vending machine pleaseee

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    8 months ago

    He said QUIRKS & FEATURES lol, has to watch Doug Demuro

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    8 months ago

    those walls need a good pressure washing. good on you tho!

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    Moe Whitfield

    8 months ago

    So using the walter white tactic, Nice!

  • TB Property Network

    TB Property Network

    8 months ago

    A 20 year note financing @ $634,000 with 3% interest doesn't' come out to $1,250/mo. Your math ain't right. Check a financial calculator

  • spooky pokey

    spooky pokey

    8 months ago

    Came across your channel today and tbh I'm a fan of your content
    I really like how you explain stuff and the inside you give us about owning a business

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    Sean Lankarani

    8 months ago

    You aren’t worried about getting robbed posting videos like this?

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    Suey Cuomo

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    Justin is cracked

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    8 months ago

    Install a touchless unit.

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    earnest phrase

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    You know its snowing right?

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    Rick Williams

    8 months ago

    you are local to me and would love to learn from you

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    8 months ago

    the moment he said that he wants to make his r/o water also vend ice.....hustler.

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    Abanoub Tawdrous

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    Just commenting to boost your algorithmic thingy.

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    Arkin Azimet

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    wth, this sounds fimiliar! watch out you might face some detectives.. hahahah ... you remind me W.W- Hisenberg! hahahahahahahahaha

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    lewis costas

    8 months ago

    Investment joe!! Where did you buy your top!! I want one!!

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    8 months ago

    If you put playback to 1.75 it sounds absolutely normal! You talk really really slow dude!

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    Tom Eckhardt

    8 months ago

    What is the town's population and traffic count?

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    Luke Nuke

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    Luke Nuke

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    • Luke Nuke

      Luke Nuke

      8 months ago

      Do what he commands you and you surely shall be blessed and tested further by the lord to prove yourself unto him

  • Sean Jones

    Sean Jones

    8 months ago

    from bus as well...buddy get some coders, no reason to be paying 200-400k for that outdated stuff when they've made raspberry pie available and other systems that make those obsolete 2021, your absolutely losing money

  • levon rosenbauer

    levon rosenbauer

    8 months ago

    12 0r 13k for a car wash? Im in the wrong business just spent 40k on skidsteer

  • Panda P.

    Panda P.

    8 months ago

    17:51 how did you get 1024$ from only 5$ bills?

  • heavyq


    8 months ago

    Oh wow. Saw this on Tiktok, never thought I'd see it on YouTube a few days later. I loved carwashes as a kid so this is some weird dream thing for me :D

  • 100


    8 months ago

    Even though it's a touchless automated car wash, I guarantee there are a group of drivers who turn away after seeing those guiding rails/tracks on the ground that could scuff up their rims

  • Eric Marsi

    Eric Marsi

    8 months ago

    If you do upgrade the wash system, I highly recommend the Petit Accutrac 360i. They're made right up the road from me and have seen amazing success from them. Hopefully one day will own one

  • Maku


    8 months ago

    shoenice seems to be doing well :O

  • Al Borland

    Al Borland

    8 months ago

    My car is my baby and I know a decent amount about car detailing. If a touchless car wash offered a ceramic infused shampoo in a wash I’d pay 20$ for a go in the winter to keep the car protected in the middle of winter and add on to whatever I’ve already done. Does your wash have an undercarriage spray also? That’s a big advantage and something I look for.

  • MrClopperhead


    8 months ago

    The only reason I know , I would buy a carwash is, to launder money of my crystal meth business ..

  • Cary Burnett

    Cary Burnett

    8 months ago

    Yes, but that can be a downside to having the cheapest soft drink in town. Everyone will come to know that eventually and, even with a high capacity machine, you're still going to dedicate a large amount of time and energy focus on that.
    I wouldn't do it if I were you.
    Still have the vending machines. Just don't undercut everyone. 😀

  • Caleb Holder

    Caleb Holder

    8 months ago

    I probably wouldn't buy ice from a car wash. The water might actually be super clean, but in my head, when I see a car wash, I just think of nasty water that came off a muddy truck and down into the drain. That's not something I want to associate with ice that I will put in my drink.

  • Kieran Stone

    Kieran Stone

    8 months ago

    i think its a great idea but with increased popularity of the car wash the water tank might not suffice to supply both machines but i also have no clue what im talking about

  • Journey with Cerney- Stock Videos

    Journey with Cerney- Stock Videos

    8 months ago

    Does he ever say what he bought it for? I never heard a number or if he's trying to keep that private

  • azmcdermott xxx

    azmcdermott xxx

    8 months ago

    Well done on buying a car wash you rock xx good luck

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    8 months ago

    Walter White has entered the chat

  • Brian Matthews

    Brian Matthews

    9 months ago

    Valve maintenance is easy, coat them in 100% silicone grease. They will last much longer. Just get some Acid Brushes from A-ZON and brush it on. Simple!

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    Brujira Gaming

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    Great way to wash the money from your Meth sales.

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    How Long is it going to Take to make a Profit ?

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    Keith Hankins

    9 months ago

    I want one.
    I worked in bank security for a while and the idea of adding the card readers makes me nervous. Sometime will eventually attach something on there at some point to steal card info.

    • Funky Mies

      Funky Mies

      8 months ago

      u mean skimming?