Why you don’t hear about the ozone layer anymore

Published on Nov 24, 2021
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Finally, some good news about the environment.

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In the ’80s, scientists discovered there was a hole in the ozone over the South Pole. A significant layer of gas that deflects much of the sun’s radiation was disappearing much faster than anyone expected. Projections suggested it would collapse by 2050, increasing skin cancer rates, harming crops, and destroying the marine food chain. The situation was dire. But today, we are on the path to recovery.

Dr. Susan Solomon, among other scientists, contributed key findings to understand what was depleting the ozone layer and how to address it. In this video she takes us back to her expedition to Antarctica, breaks down how we managed to fix this huge problem, and looks at our next big environmental challenge - climate change - with the unbridled optimism that drove her to fix the ozone hole.

Further reading:

To learn about the scientific discoveries by Mario J. Molina and F. Sherwood Rowland that kickstarted research into chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the ’70s, take a look at their groundbreaking paper here:

To read the 1985 paper that revealed there was an ozone hole forming over the South Pole, click here:

You can find Solomon’s 1986 paper on her Antarctica expedition here:

To read more of Solomon’s work, check out her publications here:

To understand the Montreal Protocol in more detail, read the United Nations Environment Programme’s summary here:

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  • Vox


    12 days ago

    Hi! Christina here — I wanted to share NASA’s World Avoided scenario with you. As a child of the ’80s, the threat of the ozone hole was always something I was aware of, but this model really helped me understand the catastrophe we would’ve faced had we ignored it: https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/features/WorldWithoutOzone
    Thanks so much for watching our video! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

    • A Google User

      A Google User

      Day ago

      Everyone talks about banning shopping bags. No one takes about Amazon deliveries and bags lol



      2 days ago

      @Aurelius McNaughton Check out Jim Lee YT channel (AKA climateviewer)

    • Aurelius McNaughton

      Aurelius McNaughton

      2 days ago

      Oops! CFCs have made a comeback and there's no real (public) explanation why. Please get in touch with Anton Petrov of the USbil channel "What the Math" to verify. I would love to hear more scientific channels comment on this.

    • L


      3 days ago


    • g d

      g d

      3 days ago

      @FULL TILT I'm sorry but I don't agree with your statement, first off there is no proof that we have anything to do with the hole. When we finally got the technology to see the ozone layer the hole was there, we never observed it before. we don't know if it's a natural phenomenon or not. It gets bigger, it gets smaller, last year it closed off. I have to argue that we don't have a full understanding of what's going on like we think we do.

  • Pau


    13 minutes ago

    I was waiting for the pandemic to be mentioned. I read in a news some months or a year ago, that the ozone's been healing faster due to the global pandemic's restrictions. Less people go outside and using stuff that damages the ozone.

  • Bobby Grady

    Bobby Grady

    2 hours ago

    Pretty wild stuff

  • Anshul Singh Lodhi

    Anshul Singh Lodhi

    4 hours ago

    Literally , when I was in 10th standard , I had thought there is a hole in earth 🌍 surface , from where the O3 ( ozone ) is releases.😅

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    5 hours ago

    I hope we get “why we don’t hear about climate change anymore” video in the near future

  • Paul Mcgee

    Paul Mcgee

    7 hours ago

    I thought this was going to be, “we were all wrong, we went nuts over some normally occurring phenomenon.” Instead the story is “we did good.”

  • TØP🌀


    10 hours ago

    1:50 she look exactly like that vegan woman with the viral clip saying "eat your vegetable"

  • Matthew Peters

    Matthew Peters

    11 hours ago

    Stop driving so much. First step.

  • Navjeet Singh

    Navjeet Singh

    16 hours ago

    With woke and cancel culture that we have today, we could have never achieved it. Glad people listened to what scientists said.

  • lordamin2085


    17 hours ago

    The more scientists study, the more they learn that their earlier assumptions were wrong.

  • Al Bundy

    Al Bundy

    18 hours ago

    LOL complete garbage! Fodder for those who are easily scared and manipulated. They only use the "science" that supports their narrative. Can't believe many of you fall for these scams.

  • Muse-ic


    19 hours ago

    wow humans finally did a good thing for the environment

  • Greg Ibar

    Greg Ibar

    20 hours ago

    Or maybe we are in another earth have you thought about that? Some of us are still sleep. But some others are in a future mode of consciousness to help and uplift humanity to a different frequency Mentality and then you have those bad who have had tried to stop it. Nevertheless in this earth that stuff is not going to work because humanity doesn't want anymore wars. Together we are building a better world. Look inside and find your pure essence of who you are and where you come from

  • Richard Temby

    Richard Temby

    22 hours ago

    How come we seldom hear anything about the greening of the planet? Oh! I know, it’s probably because we can actually see that it’s growing and the alarmists prefer to focus on things we cannot see. Just sayin!!!

  • Tajh Anderson

    Tajh Anderson

    22 hours ago


  • vug Ner

    vug Ner

    22 hours ago

    Only 100 companies around the world are responsible for 70% of climate change. Capitalism is the reason we must change the global economic system in order to address many problems, not only poverty but climate change, especially the plant system. It helps and reduces the number of births. It helps and changes the pattern of industry, recycling and lifestyle. In general, the extraction of lithium for electric batteries may be worse than the extraction of petroleum

  • Vinay A

    Vinay A

    22 hours ago

    I like how she said Practical. Climate change requires far too much public support, for Ozone, it was rejecting CFC and companies used an alternative. Phasing out gas powered cars, machines, meat industry etc is definitely a bigger challenge, but thanks for putting this together, Vox ! It gives us hope that we have come together for mother earth once and we will do it again.

  • Andrew


    Day ago

    Can guarantee what this COVID situation is all about and I don’t mind it at all.

  • Laavanya Koushik

    Laavanya Koushik

    Day ago

    Go vegan. Today 😭💚

  • Ningning


    Day ago

    I think the reason why they didn’t tell anyone was to keep people more green. If everyone knew the ozone was healing, they wouldn’t work so hard to recycle anymore and then they would just take advantage of it.

    • kensaiix


      Day ago

      what? recycling was never about helping the ozone layer. did you pay attention to the video?

  • Roland and Shukura

    Roland and Shukura

    Day ago

    Hey, woke up and fed up now, not seeing and feeling change? Doing what you can do be a better partner? A human being. Yet still not enough? Taking personal counselling, Continuing to pray 🤲🏾 trying to keep yourself humble and spiritually, hiding the pain hoping things will change for the better. But physically and mentally it hurts lord I pray I work as hard as you believe in us to come together baby 🙏🏾❤️😇

  • Shelly Meadows

    Shelly Meadows

    Day ago

    Not buying it

  • Jordan Bronson

    Jordan Bronson

    Day ago

    *Find a natural way to cool yourself. YES, there is a way and I've found it !!!*

  • Heather Beachgirl

    Heather Beachgirl

    Day ago

    Imagine a time when people believed science and cared about the environment.

    • michael d’costa

      michael d’costa

      3 hours ago

      @sarbajit hazra they weren’t being serious bro. chill

    • sarbajit hazra

      sarbajit hazra

      12 hours ago

      did you watch the video? this is literally an example of it

  • Mar Tijn

    Mar Tijn

    Day ago

    I guess she needed to add a fourth P to the story: Producers. Back then they directly attacked the producers of the chemical, and therefore went straight to the source. These days the narrative is aimed at the consumers and personal responsibility, a narrative invented by stakeholders such as BP. This ensured that for decades the big players stayed out of the picture. Change isn't possible if that remains the case.

  • Bc rich Warlock

    Bc rich Warlock

    Day ago

    But then you get those hard headed people who say it's a hoax etc

  • Vishnupriya KP

    Vishnupriya KP

    Day ago

    We shall keep it UP

  • A Google User

    A Google User

    Day ago

    Will Amazon stop it’s wasteful deliveries and plastic packs?!?

  • mustLoveDogs


    Day ago

    She said: CFCs build up every year and remain for 50-150 years - a minute later, she says that the CFCs diminished MARKEDLY in just one year.
    *Human activity is to blame* - of course it is - they keep felling the Amazon and Indonesian forrests...

  • James Populo

    James Populo

    Day ago

    Yeah WE fixed it. Sure we did. We are incapable of fixing something we cannot break in the first place. All of earth’s systems are cyclical. ALL of them. Get over yourselves impotent humans. For every scientist that has a theory you can find one that has an opposite theory. That is all this stuff is. Theory.

  • Bob Smith

    Bob Smith

    Day ago

    Covid was the worst thing for the environment ... took us back like 10 years... clowns.

  • Bob Smith

    Bob Smith

    Day ago

    We need a social credit system and to limit travel, for the greater good!

  • Buckaroo Banzai

    Buckaroo Banzai

    Day ago

    says the flea to the dog



    Day ago

    My question then as it is TODAY WHY was it only at the South Pole? Why wasn't there this kind of depletion any where is across the world?

  • Michael Stein

    Michael Stein

    Day ago

    1:20 seconds in they're patting themselves on the back for how THEY healed the Ozone layer. Bzzzzzt

  • Krayzi Jay

    Krayzi Jay

    2 days ago

    Just another lie made up to control. Fear inc.

  • Tim Brown

    Tim Brown

    2 days ago

    I was shocked when I recently learned of the oceans capacity for absorbing heat and how
    we have already reached the critical limit early. Why is no body making a big deal of this??
    We have had a false sense of security with delayed surface temperatures. We have tech that
    would fix everything quickly if only we weren't so concerned about wealth generation. Time
    for no one to be in charge and everyone to do what is right.

  • Bon Flores

    Bon Flores

    2 days ago

    Bottomline: good news are rarely shared and bad news are always in the headlines

  • sor3999


    2 days ago

    CFC manufacturers probably didn't have deep enough pockets to fight a change that's why.

  • shaun louw

    shaun louw

    2 days ago

    Lies.lies and more lies

  • SandyRiverBlue


    2 days ago

    I'd like to see legislation that allows sellers to break long-term contracts with suppliers and manufacturers if a cleaner alternative comes to market. Competition will do the rest. If you're Home Depot and a new air-conditioner comes to market that is cheaper than what you are currently buying and just so happens to be cleaner, you'll go to the cleaner choice if you can.

  • Yvan Baquir

    Yvan Baquir

    2 days ago

    To everyone watching this, can we start lessening the use of single use plastic? Improper garbage disposal is easily one of the most important things that we neglect to do. We should be more aware of our actions especially ones that affect our surroundings so that we may preserve the beauty of nature and its life. Have a great day and a massive thank you for those who read this comment and decided to take part in preserving the earth.

  • Big G

    Big G

    2 days ago

    Nice "lead in". I just knew there was a "hook" in there. Two entirely different situations. Chorine was the key to the ozone situation. You SAW what you had to deal with. Climate change? Different animal altogether! Media wants to take a situation and stretch the truth soooo much it becomes a lie! These are different times. Different media back then, different values now. More greed. Different goals to achieve for the powers that be.

  • Jessica Sandfort

    Jessica Sandfort

    2 days ago

    This is so sad I was like crying and people aren’t trying enough

  • jyotsnaben natvarbhai patanwadia

    jyotsnaben natvarbhai patanwadia

    2 days ago

    And which people or governments or ngos are responsible? Please make an individual video on it.

  • Mr Nadio

    Mr Nadio

    2 days ago

    The media lies a lot. The media is now saying the ozone layer is healing, and at the same time about the global warming. It is an oxymoron.

  • missbehave


    2 days ago

    They stopped nuke testing in the stratosphere , THAT's the real reason !!

  • Gwahg Gasgr

    Gwahg Gasgr

    2 days ago

    people of EARTH unite again lets make changes!

  • FarcryOvR


    2 days ago

    It's sad change isn't done till the last minute before a catastrophe happens.

  • Teresa Watson

    Teresa Watson

    2 days ago

    Chlorine gas:
    (1) is at the top of the CFC list of causes.
    (2) is universally used in water supplies, with increasing production to meet population growth
    (4) evaporates into the atmosphere as the water is used.
    So ... there's more to it than what is being claimed.
    A lot more .

  • Josh Derak

    Josh Derak

    2 days ago

    For as long as I've been alive, the media keeps saying we have ten years to fix climate change. Obviously they didn't call it that in the 80s. But it's always ten years. "If we don't change things in ten years we're all dead." You know, it's these companies to blame for selling the public these toxins. Don't blame the common people for this mess when it's DuPont and other.

  • Ramen Style

    Ramen Style

    2 days ago

    But you have to take into Account, we need this healing process to be a negative feedback loop, or else we are going to have this planet make ice age round-two-electrobuguloo from an unwanted positive feedback loop

  • Zeina Dagher

    Zeina Dagher

    3 days ago

    I love the idea of the 3 P’s, but in the specific case of climate change, I think she missed one - Political.

  • Carl Napp

    Carl Napp

    3 days ago

    And because the ozon hole rivals the CO2 theorie, which is far more profitable and well accepted by the mentally handicappeds.

  • Gary


    3 days ago

    Trojan horse Climate Change video

  • The Downphoenix Archives

    The Downphoenix Archives

    3 days ago

    Glad we averted this crisis but the current one I just don't see happening.

  • DALX. & ADNAMA Media

    DALX. & ADNAMA Media

    3 days ago

    I think it was different back then because there weren't bad actors on the internet running disinformation campaigns saying climate change isn't real.

  • edenbriand


    3 days ago

    The fact that you showed a nuclear power plant LETTING STEAM OUT through cooling towers at 7:52 while showing footage of a bunch of polluting elements is a big part of the problem: the media has no idea what it's talking about then it comes to climate change and energy.

    • kieran firkin

      kieran firkin

      2 days ago

      That's a coal fired power plant

  • SHAD !

    SHAD !

    3 days ago

    I hope we see a video explaining why we no longer hear about raging politicians debating.

  • kao saeteurn

    kao saeteurn

    3 days ago

    It was done because news and people of power and influence put it front page and educated the mass.

  • Justin Kraus

    Justin Kraus

    3 days ago

    This channel is a joke

  • Sir Patrick Mack

    Sir Patrick Mack

    3 days ago

    Translation: we were unable to tax you for it, so we changed our focus to global warming until we couldn't prove that either so we just call it climate change now because it's vague enough to tax you for it.

  • OliveChap


    3 days ago

    It was all fun & good until that theatre artist acting like nobel person appears... These wokes troublemaker are no use of society..

  • Team X

    Team X

    3 days ago

    Very nice and brief explanation

  • LittleJohnny Forthright

    LittleJohnny Forthright

    3 days ago

    Ok,. Alright,. I'm convinced now. Thank you Vox.

  • joe bama

    joe bama

    3 days ago

    every brushed electric motor gives off ozone. ozone air cleaners. lightning..

  • momatomic


    3 days ago

    That 'more' that needs to be done is to stop ships from burning 'fuel oil' out to sea. It is the most toxic substance in our environment. See 'ship tracks'. Our 'climate change' is caused by climate control. The problem has always been that anything that can used for good has the equal potential to be used for bad. The most naive thing a person can allow themselves to think, self included, is 'but why would they do that?' Emphasis on 'they'. 'They' are not us and do not represent us in any scenario. 'We', us, take care of one back yard at a time. That is how we collectively achieve success. Never concede to the megalomaniacs who claim authority to know better than you. They don't. Their agenda is not our agenda. We are not expendables. There is room for every living soul on this planet, and the condition of the planet is not 'our' fault. Don't accept something that requires us to exit life. Love one another. Best results.

  • Odell Bey

    Odell Bey

    3 days ago

    Cause its all lies 🤷🏾‍♂

  • Odell Bey

    Odell Bey

    3 days ago

    Cause its all lies 🤷🏾‍♂

  • Kryle


    3 days ago

    Dupont is a cancer to the world, and the chemicals they release, now we have pfas everywhere, today's miracle is tomorrow's asbestos

  • Caonabo Javier

    Caonabo Javier

    3 days ago

    I don't agree with the concept of climate change is to blame on human activities. Mother nature has its commings and goings too, and are much bigger and much stronger than what humans could do to their own planet.

  • L


    3 days ago

    How did we actually do it

  • Steve Lehmann

    Steve Lehmann

    3 days ago

    7:45 you know that that is water vaour right? Like, thats what those towers are used for, they aren't deadly

    • kieran firkin

      kieran firkin

      2 days ago

      The thick ones are cooling towers yeah, the thin ones are smokestacks though

  • Jennifer Sun

    Jennifer Sun

    3 days ago

    The solutions to climate change is also practical,less reproduction.

  • Jennifer Sun

    Jennifer Sun

    3 days ago

    this gives me hope about climate change

  • Chabil


    3 days ago

    We've been getting rain here lately. It's December. It went from 30 degrees to rain to 20 degree winter temperatures within 3 days. It's so extremely abnormal and yet we have people who won't believe in climate change.

  • Karl Koch

    Karl Koch

    3 days ago

    Since 2020 we know we have a second ozone hole over north pole. The ozone layer in sum is 2021 way thinner than before, especially in the lower ozone layer... and still decreasing. But if you take just a quarter of the full informations to the ozone layer... then yeah, we won 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Brian Pinheiro

    Brian Pinheiro

    3 days ago

    Greta thunberg can become the first cine actor with a Nobel prize instead of any movie award.

  • Jared Spencer

    Jared Spencer

    3 days ago

    Oh vox......

  • miky carney

    miky carney

    3 days ago

    Democrat lies same thing with global warming

  • Terri Heymann

    Terri Heymann

    3 days ago

    Certainly helped not having ozone depletion deniers🧐

  • Linjica Konikon

    Linjica Konikon

    3 days ago


  • Anjali Lalithambika

    Anjali Lalithambika

    3 days ago

    Everyone in the WEST understands sun burns. But that was enough, because it was their activity that was contributing nthe most.

  • George Low

    George Low

    3 days ago

    Hey are you get up on top of one of your rockets and go

  • Rose Angel

    Rose Angel

    3 days ago

    It healed its self. Nature doesn’t give up without a fight. Now we need to use electric cars and renewable energy and be sustainable in everything we do. Metal straws, recyclable material, no plastic, etc. also find a better way of garage disposal than to bury it.

  • Karl Müdsam

    Karl Müdsam

    3 days ago


  • peryyola


    3 days ago

    Maybe if they stanned gaga

  • Dr Seuss

    Dr Seuss

    3 days ago

    Need to make two pipelines down rivers, a say Atlantic ocean supply line and a waste line, everyone's off toilet to tap and every town taps on, horizontal boring etc, and dumps back into a sealed line. River is uncontaminated and separate system full of water now for nature and irrigation, otter don't put salt in their water, now they put it on more roads and winter travel is safer, everyone uses a stream distiller to disinfect and remove salt at the kitchen counter for a couple gallons of drinking water a day, no more drain to mouth
    Wishing you could hybrid the dna of grass and corn for a lateral corn/grass crop for indoor vertical farming for massive amounts of more cattle on earth
    The poor could eat surf and turf every meal, a kid making nothing at a fish store could make 90k in an indoor fish farm and Peele looking for jobs could be restocking ponds and lakes with healthy fish

    • Dr Seuss

      Dr Seuss

      3 days ago

      Grow too much food so when the food truck is empty, it takes back the extra food with blemishes for fertilzer on indoor crops where there's no need for pestcde as there no bugs indoors, you can grow any crop with with above or below ground (mirrored clay wall) vertical farms, magnifying glass panels at ground level, solar 24/7/365 growing seasons, indoor fresh water fish farms, indoor whaling, grow grass and put cows and chickens on it all year round (won't even stink up a metropolitan city in a high rise) plant dirt and grass and cows where torn down factories left concrete waste slabs) in a building grass can be grown in many floor to ceiling returnable plats on a conveyer, that's takes it up to the dairy floors for food where the cows eat it at 3' above the floor, the floor has a squeegee system and the cows are herded from one half of the floor to the other for cleaning: an automated squeege cleans the floor and empties it into a special for drain: the cow manure goes back down in a pipe for fertilizer : ) the floor has a floor washer, like a car wash, but with clean spayed water on the floor and a squeegee system : ) So good Salt water can be separated with oxygen being released like a rain forest to the outside air while the electricity generated disinfects waste water as it makes energy (NASA does this to make cabin oxygen while it releases everything else to space) Everyone uses a small steam distiller to disinfect and remove salt at the sink for drinking and cooking, everyone gets soft water to their house from the ocean, (already has natural salt in it) drag pipelines to every continent, more jobs, and divert river system maybe to deserts to take sea water rise from melting ice caps and maybe restock what used to be an ocean, natural sand filter at least, just don't put sharks in there and you can surf : ) NASA uses electrolysis to make cabin oxygen from water and they release the hydrogen gas to outer space, you could use the h as clean energy and release the oxygen to the planet as a rain forest, drag ocean soft water to municipalities, they use a small steam distiller at the sink for drinking water, everyone's off toilet to tap, and you use electrolysis to disinfect the waste water and make energy. You split the ocean stream for indoor fresh water and salt water fish farming. You build or convert 40 story buildings for indoor farming. Every acre under roof is an 80-120 acre farm, but instead of 12 hours of light, there's solar glass panels and you have 24 hours of light, 12 months of growing instead of 6, so maybe an 80 acre indoors is like 320. You grow too much food so the empty good truck picks up the blemished felt and vegetables for fertilizer. You can have a cow floor, a dairy farm and a chicken floor in what was an office building. One person drives an hour with gas and clogs tollways to drive to a city where someone else has to drive an hour to his town to work. Now they both work from home, they can get paid more and write off an office in their home, empty office building can be converted to indoor farms, and the sprinkler system can be used for irrigation. You can grow every crop in the world, everywhere, indoor, with every climate and 24/7/365 agriculture, and not even smell farm animals in a building For what it costs to build housing here and grow food on welfare, we can pay people who want to go to another country and build indoor farms and drag ocean lines and build clean energy waste water stations. Who wants to get paid to go to south America and maybe even live there? Whether you were from there, want to get paid to go on a humanitarian effort, or maybe move there : ) With today's technology and the skilled people who came here to learn skills, maybe they would love to develop their home turns and make it great, with more than enough food and water and electricity for everyone, everywhere People work for each other for paper and out of an overflow they trade. Everywhere will be a good home for everyone who lives there Food in cold climates can be grown underground in clay dug out cylinders with mirrored walls, solar night lights and heaters and glass solar roofs

  • Lili Tom

    Lili Tom

    3 days ago

    3 Ps. The problem is Personal & Perceptible & solution is Practical

  • J.Robert Sergertson

    J.Robert Sergertson

    3 days ago

    People stopped sending money to "save the ozone layer" and the fear poen stopped

  • Serge Lev

    Serge Lev

    3 days ago

    Кill all human, problem gone? 10k years later. Cows become huge and produce more co2 then the humanity ever did... (curb your enthusiasm ending)

  • erich


    3 days ago

    I could use a little clarification on "the hole formed each spring" - spring in which hemisphere?

  • Dream Diction

    Dream Diction

    3 days ago

    The good old days before we discovered that scientists will say whatever they are paid to say.

  • israel cruz

    israel cruz

    3 days ago

    So the people in the 80s we're highly intelligent, and solve problems, but in the Modern Era did we become Idiocracy?

  • Karol Ochman-Milarski

    Karol Ochman-Milarski

    3 days ago

    so which P is missing that the climate threat is not being dealt with? I think it's only the fact that it was actually easy (just swapping chemicals) that made it possible.

  • Don Caluga

    Don Caluga

    4 days ago


  • Duolingo Bird

    Duolingo Bird

    4 days ago

    our school district is still saying its depleting but then again the textbooks (yes our school district still uses them) are from the 1980s and most of them still mention the USSR as a current nation

  • Dig-it Dan

    Dig-it Dan

    4 days ago

    What are they?
    Is life threatened by chem-trails?

  • Louie P

    Louie P

    4 days ago

    What a bunch of Bullshift.

  • just the tip? band

    just the tip? band

    4 days ago

    lol we fixed nothing. hole was caused by H.A.A.R.P. it punhces hole in ionosphere when running. once this was discovered they swept it under the rug of illusion.