How I almost died buying my first smoker

Published on Oct 18, 2021
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How I almost died buying my first smoker 🛵🥩

Would you risk it all for a grill? Let me know if you like stories from my life in China and I’ll do more!
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Sophia Greb

Max the Meat Guy
Max the Meat Guy
  • Vape Cat III

    Vape Cat III

    9 hours ago

    Did this dude just eat dirt?

  • SFW


    Day ago

    Wait, Was that really dirt?

  • poompop1 7

    poompop1 7

    Day ago

    Did you die?

  • Louis Aguilar

    Louis Aguilar

    Day ago

    Man who likes dirt on there beef I do who else?

  • Rigatoni Phoni

    Rigatoni Phoni

    Day ago

    Lotta people saying “the blood is gross” etc, it’s not blood.. it’s the myoglobin in the meat, which contains iron that turns red when exposed to oxygen. No blood in your steak, very common misconception.
    Google it.

    • Frost The Weavile

      Frost The Weavile

      15 hours ago

      That would be too much work for them. My entire family except for like once person thinks it’s blood and cooks beef until the point that it becomes leathery.

  • Ismail Adan

    Ismail Adan

    2 days ago

    That is raw bro it is bleeding

  • Johnathan Pabon

    Johnathan Pabon

    2 days ago

    What's the point on smoking something if your just going to eat It raw the fuck??

  • Logan A

    Logan A

    2 days ago

    If you let the meat rest after cooking like you're supposed to it'll stay juicy instead of pissing the counter when you slice it

  • The real softie here ✨

    The real softie here ✨

    3 days ago

    And that’s what we call dirt with blood beef lol

  • Comrade Doge

    Comrade Doge

    3 days ago

    -30 social credits

  • Lenny Gazquez

    Lenny Gazquez

    5 days ago


  • Ian Shue

    Ian Shue

    6 days ago

    Why’d you go on an electric scooter? Did you not have a car?

    • I Play Games

      I Play Games

      5 days ago

      He probably didn't, in China parking and even cars are not cheap and you can get pretty much everywhere you need to go on a scooter

  • Oskar Scott

    Oskar Scott

    6 days ago


  • maxwell the great

    maxwell the great

    7 days ago

    Dirt wtf

  • shake307 shake307

    shake307 shake307

    8 days ago

    Wait, dirt?

  • Ayoob7972


    9 days ago


  • TheOneWhoWas


    9 days ago

    Yea keep sharpening knives over your food… how are them tiny metal shavings

  • Juice -0

    Juice -0

    9 days ago

    What is this Dirt stuff ? Lol

  • B Manning

    B Manning

    10 days ago

    Dirt?for real man

  • Julie


    11 days ago

    It’s still raw it’s BLEEDING but still look good

    • I Play Games

      I Play Games

      5 days ago

      you misspelled myoglobin

  • spidermatt56


    12 days ago

    So I'm guessing that was pepper...?

  • Kat


    16 days ago

    All of your fans are VERY happy you didn’t die. Also, that steak looks delicious!!

  • Not_Will


    17 days ago

    Poison steak

  • Hencenofire


    19 days ago

    How many times you had story that you were almost about to die or burn yourself

  • Koena • 67

    Koena • 67

    19 days ago


  • Meow


    20 days ago

    Hey max the meat nigga! Do you think you could pin me? 🥺🥺

  • Gogoro Gheorghe

    Gogoro Gheorghe

    21 day ago

    I think his vegan

  • John


    21 day ago


  • John


    21 day ago


  • Angay Likigan

    Angay Likigan

    21 day ago

    why did you put a dirt on a meat

  • Fruity Idiot

    Fruity Idiot

    21 day ago

    It's still walking around

  • Krishna B

    Krishna B

    22 days ago

    You almost died giving yourself heart disease which does not exist in carnivores.

  • SpookyRaccoons


    22 days ago

    That thing is still raw and will not only give you a fairly upset stomach but the dirt may contain all kinds of parasites, small insects and bacteria that would even be worse off. Good luck with your tapeworms.

  • miss-royal


    23 days ago

    It's raw and why would you put dirt on that-

  • h


    23 days ago

    A fucking raw

  • Jlo loj

    Jlo loj

    23 days ago

    I don’t eat this but in my opinion it looks 🤮 sorry 😅

  • Ryan Williams

    Ryan Williams

    23 days ago

    I think he took mood cake to seriously

  • Josh Helton

    Josh Helton

    24 days ago

    That raw

  • rxndomzz


    24 days ago

    Excuse me.. DIRT?!

  • Ranniier Domeneden

    Ranniier Domeneden

    25 days ago


  • Russ Burling

    Russ Burling

    25 days ago

    Guy threw dirt on the meat them only half way cooked it 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Osaki


    25 days ago

    Whats a smoker

  • Cory Dudley

    Cory Dudley

    25 days ago

    Looks great minus the EARTH. WTF?

  • Zachary Oliveira

    Zachary Oliveira

    25 days ago

    That wasn’t actually dirt was it who puts dirt on there steak

  • Tanner Morgan

    Tanner Morgan

    25 days ago

    Isn’t that blood

  • CookieLord 69

    CookieLord 69

    25 days ago

    Is it supposed to have that much blood left in it???

  • Starburst Ninja69

    Starburst Ninja69

    25 days ago

    WTF why dirt its dirty now

  • Malene


    26 days ago

    No im not

  • The Internet

    The Internet

    26 days ago

    its raaaaawww

  • nokia


    26 days ago

    What is that bloood?

  • Toucher


    26 days ago

    Max always makes a face at the end either saying 1. “Damn that’s good” or 2. “Wtf did I do wrong”

  • Bobbie Boelling

    Bobbie Boelling

    26 days ago


  • blueberry_frog


    26 days ago

    I can’t even Amazon’s me being able to afford this much meat

  • Elliot Scherzer

    Elliot Scherzer

    26 days ago

    This is just perfect commitment

  • Vulpes Inculta

    Vulpes Inculta

    26 days ago

    Maybe don’t ride an electric scooter when it rains-
    Like do you not check the weather? Lol.

  • Curb Tube

    Curb Tube

    26 days ago

    te blood when he squeezed the steak 🤢🤢🤢🤑🤮🤮

  • Rosalie Khan

    Rosalie Khan

    27 days ago

    I looks like it's bleeding

  • fuck the hatersss

    fuck the hatersss

    27 days ago

    It's still alive bro

  • Jennie Wright

    Jennie Wright

    27 days ago

    Nothing makes me feel more sick than seeing blood coming out of improperly cooked meat 🤮

    • Rigatoni Phoni

      Rigatoni Phoni

      Day ago

      It’s not blood. Blood is drained from the meet before it gets anywhere near your kitchen. That red is the myoglobin, which contains iron that turns red when exposed to oxygen. No blood in your steak, very common misconception.

  • Kanye Fuller

    Kanye Fuller

    27 days ago

    My mom: the cow's still bleeding..m fucking raw

  • Random Human

    Random Human

    27 days ago

    No offense.. but that looks disgusting and why in the world would you put dirt on it

  • MAXMAIN•97years and

    MAXMAIN•97years and

    27 days ago

    Is that blood

  • Atroxine


    27 days ago


  • Keagan Sharkey

    Keagan Sharkey

    27 days ago

    But all that dirt must ruin the taste 👅

  • Wiziyoi


    27 days ago

    I will now grow up

  • Young Miami

    Young Miami

    28 days ago

    No salt, no pepper, no garlic just dirt. Mayonnaise ppl strike again 🤢

  • Galaxy nai

    Galaxy nai

    28 days ago

    It looks raw their is still blood on their you may get sick

  • Jenette H

    Jenette H

    28 days ago

    Dirt um no

  • funkemonke


    28 days ago

    Okay but...DIRT??!!!
    I think it's still alive my man

  • Aja Monee

    Aja Monee

    28 days ago

    It’s still bleeding. I’m cool on it lbs.

  • Soviet Union

    Soviet Union

    29 days ago

    So raw steak with non-melted fat AND dirt? Yeah that cant taste good

  • Galaxystarwolf 1023

    Galaxystarwolf 1023

    29 days ago

    First of all it was not all the way cooked

  • Matthew Dingus

    Matthew Dingus

    29 days ago

    Dirt? Seriously? Eww.

  • Anam JQ

    Anam JQ

    29 days ago

    Did you actually eat dirt😳😫😔

  • Maroon Moon

    Maroon Moon

    29 days ago


  • Sharkie Boii

    Sharkie Boii

    29 days ago

    Is that still alive because I don’t think it supposed to bleed

  • Andres Fabricio Velazco Sagua

    Andres Fabricio Velazco Sagua

    29 days ago

    Ptm como alguien se comería carne con tierra

  • sharlee mogeror

    sharlee mogeror

    29 days ago


  • The Melcolm Dragon fire

    The Melcolm Dragon fire

    Month ago

    Why did you put it in dirt??.

  • random things that I found

    random things that I found

    Month ago

    People are throwing up because of dirt

  • Anthony Rogers

    Anthony Rogers

    Month ago

    Make a hot pocket steak

  • BurntLoaf🍞¿


    Month ago

    That steak is so uncooked I can still hear the cow moo 🐄

  • p


    Month ago


  • HolimanFN


    Month ago

    ewwwwww dirt

  • musabeendrill


    Month ago

    Dogs shit on there bro, people walk there

  • Veera Arora

    Veera Arora

    Month ago

    Dude there was blood ewww🤢

  • dotty2x


    Month ago

    why were you living in china

  • Hunter Ware981

    Hunter Ware981

    Month ago

    Bro that stake is fucking raw

  • Mincro Pogg

    Mincro Pogg

    Month ago

    Thats the blm steak

  • Paradox IOS

    Paradox IOS

    Month ago


  • Mr Zie

    Mr Zie

    Month ago

    That's fucking raw... bloody dripping... U are vampire cannibals..

  • Justin Smith

    Justin Smith

    Month ago


  • Footballmaster 95

    Footballmaster 95

    Month ago

    that shit is still mooing

  • Fire witch

    Fire witch

    Month ago

    Mhhhhhhh dirt



    Month ago

    Y is there blood water coming out the meat that ain't good for u broskii

  • Swipook


    Month ago

    Its so raw that i can still hear the cow moo-ing 😭

    • a


      Month ago

      Nah it’s a perfect medium rare

  • Phasma Jxyz

    Phasma Jxyz

    Month ago

    Why is it raw

  • Count Bendego

    Count Bendego

    Month ago

    My brain hurts.

  • Benadrill


    Month ago

    Dat shit ✨Bussin✨

  • Caffinna's Creations

    Caffinna's Creations

    Month ago