thanks for 5 million

Published on Nov 23, 2021
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Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez
  • Ruben Kossen

    Ruben Kossen

    2 hours ago

    yo, is this danny's second channel or something?

  • Edna


    4 hours ago

    Really glad I scubscribbed :)

  • Adam J Bell

    Adam J Bell

    5 hours ago


  • the_Color_pink


    5 hours ago

    I murdered and 85 people but ever since Danny said it’s not nice i’ve been clean for about five minutes now I have an urge to kill but it’s not nice so I won’t do it

  • Shammy Rasheed

    Shammy Rasheed

    6 hours ago


  • Shreya Das

    Shreya Das

    7 hours ago

    Love from India ☺️❤️

  • Shreya Das

    Shreya Das

    7 hours ago

    You deserve more ☺️❤️

  • ordinary gaming

    ordinary gaming

    11 hours ago

    Dababy be like

  • tofu♡☆


    14 hours ago


  • Urbz


    17 hours ago

    YAY GREG- Rowley

  • Lucy June

    Lucy June

    17 hours ago


  • Richie


    17 hours ago


  • Kiran


    19 hours ago

    I was thinking about stabbing my mom like 26.. 27 times today, but he changed my mind.

  • Countin' Boughton

    Countin' Boughton

    21 hour ago

    The way he randomly shows 4 serial killers in such a flashy fashion gets me every time lmao!

  • Skittle_Games


    21 hour ago


  • mash potato

    mash potato

    23 hours ago

    proud to be here since before 1M omg

  • Alexandra McLeod

    Alexandra McLeod

    Day ago

    Oh god gonna have to unsub then

  • Dead meme

    Dead meme

    Day ago

    Congratulations Drew 🥵 very proud

  • Sherye Cammarano

    Sherye Cammarano

    Day ago


  • beomgyus


    Day ago

    “the kind of family that is not invited to my house” LMFAOOO

  • Yoni Meller

    Yoni Meller

    Day ago

    "Thanks for five million subscribers!"
    _bursts into song about serial killers_

  • Man City A 12

    Man City A 12

    Day ago


  • riddle


    Day ago

    youre welcome

  • Dreams lost brother Ur mom

    Dreams lost brother Ur mom

    Day ago

    I saw a killer face behind you in the clip

  • Pulmino Plays

    Pulmino Plays

    Day ago

    It’s whatever man ur welcome, I guess

  • Antonis73


    Day ago

    Congratz man!

  • swagrapper D.O.G

    swagrapper D.O.G

    Day ago

    Btw u kinda look sus

  • sam k

    sam k

    Day ago


  • ً


    Day ago

    Now this is just pure gold

  • Dusty


    Day ago

    Wow, congrats Danny! That's about the population of Norway.

  • Snoovian


    Day ago

    I measure subscribers by how many New Zealands (my country) it would take to house all of the subscribers
    I hope one day we can repopulate the country with only greg

  • Alyse


    Day ago

    christmas at my place then i guess...

  • pine apple

    pine apple

    Day ago

    Danny: "Stop. Thats. Not. Nice."
    Me: *slowly puts down knife*

  • ˚๑ Boba_Cute ♡

    ˚๑ Boba_Cute ♡

    Day ago

    so happy for you!

  • Dunyah Mahmoud

    Dunyah Mahmoud

    Day ago

    I can’t stop thinking about sharing an interest with a serial killer now 👀

  • Average Greg

    Average Greg

    Day ago

    Thanks Danny. I was worried about getting murdered by a serial killer if I started doing YouTube videos. Now I know I don't have to worry until I have over a million subs.

  • Tom Trousers

    Tom Trousers

    2 days ago

    Ur welcome

  • Atlas Reacts

    Atlas Reacts

    2 days ago

    That was fire

  • tyler Lacelle

    tyler Lacelle

    2 days ago

    Why is his voice good though🤣

  • BossTheUnknown


    2 days ago

    *Killing isn't nice? Wow..I never thought of it that way.*

  • Olivia Orr

    Olivia Orr

    2 days ago

    we need a mormon sized mini van

  • Lizzy Dark

    Lizzy Dark

    2 days ago




    2 days ago

    Sorry for killing I will stop but you should check on your mom😳

  • R4nd0


    2 days ago

    Good job king drew Danny congrats

  • Megan Cowdell

    Megan Cowdell

    2 days ago

    Greg is just made up of stock photos

  • pixolotl


    2 days ago

    well if statistically 4 people subbed to you are serial killers then statistically 1 billion tiktokers are serial killers

    and 1 billion people use tiktok

  • Marissa Maté

    Marissa Maté

    2 days ago

    This... is gold 😂

  • FriendlyNeighborhoodGayCousin


    2 days ago

    Lol I just watched A Boy Called Christmas form Netflix and it is a trainwreck. If you're ever thinking of doing a movie review, would recommend that one.

  • Just a guy who watches youtube

    Just a guy who watches youtube

    2 days ago

    You are very underrated

  • Will gaming.

    Will gaming.

    2 days ago

    Greg +5M

  • Mpho Soane

    Mpho Soane

    2 days ago

    immediatley stops serial killing

  • Jeffrey Lucci

    Jeffrey Lucci

    2 days ago

    It's ok Danny, you're not the first family I'm apart of that I can't come to their house 😭

  • Army Bts

    Army Bts

    2 days ago


  • Jyo MCrow

    Jyo MCrow

    2 days ago

    We're not invited to your house? :((

  • Dexevt


    2 days ago


  • oSIayerr


    2 days ago

    Stop that's not nice

  • Kevin


    2 days ago

    Thanks Danny I am no longer serial killer.

  • Marinette Dupain-Chang

    Marinette Dupain-Chang

    2 days ago

    So when’s the annual Greg Christmas Dinner?

  • stink book

    stink book

    2 days ago

    GREG ARMY 😡😡😡💪💪💪💪😤😤

  • K A T

    K A T

    2 days ago

    cant stop watching it’s so funny

  • Legend of the green teals

    Legend of the green teals

    2 days ago

    Guys you didnt know this is dreams 2nd channel his already faced reveal

    • Tdog


      2 days ago

      Nah it was april fools

  • Roul


    2 days ago

    Friendly reminder that this dude is an adult married man. Not 15-year-old boy.

    • Lorelai Wood

      Lorelai Wood

      Day ago

      Yea and we love him

  • Junie Leroy

    Junie Leroy

    2 days ago

    5M Family members

  • Puggy the rapper.

    Puggy the rapper.

    2 days ago

    Meow me Greg

  • Vickie Thompson

    Vickie Thompson

    2 days ago

    Me for serial killers ha that would never be me*
    Also me has a head collection of dolls*
    Me now: well heck

  • Vickie Thompson

    Vickie Thompson

    2 days ago

    I am one of the Greg

  • Chalk Mlik

    Chalk Mlik

    2 days ago


  • MayJoji


    2 days ago

    Bro I just realized. You made Liam Neeson's Nissan.

  • Sandy shores

    Sandy shores

    2 days ago

    What if we’re all serial killers and you don’t know Danny 😈

  • J.L


    2 days ago

    Hey I know I’m late but can you make a video about its this game I think it called figure fantasy I’m not sure but the adds are weird

  • Natalie


    2 days ago

    That’s. Not. Nice.

  • okay so

    okay so

    2 days ago

    you're welcome drew!

  • a queer that sometimes trolls

    a queer that sometimes trolls

    2 days ago

    He only have 5 mil??? I thought this man had 15 mil or some shit

  • Doge Studios

    Doge Studios

    3 days ago

    Damn it. now I have to stop being a serial killer

  • YL


    3 days ago

    Whats up with the serial killer type? lol

  • Ribcage 3

    Ribcage 3

    3 days ago

    Glad we eliminated those 4 serial killers ;D

  • We are the spy ninjas Yp

    We are the spy ninjas Yp

    3 days ago

    I am a girl so also say Greg and gergi



    3 days ago

    Mormon sized family is such a good line

  • Sara


    3 days ago


  • : Double double trouble :

    : Double double trouble :

    3 days ago

    I am a Greg your the Greg kInG 👑

  • Blue


    3 days ago

    Thank you

  • Detailed Gacha

    Detailed Gacha

    3 days ago

    "a mormon-sized family" 💀💀💀

  • Dolphin Man

    Dolphin Man

    3 days ago

    Dominic Toretto will be proud

  • You Buggin Out

    You Buggin Out

    3 days ago

    Danny you gotta make a video about the movie rapsittie street kids believe in santa, it's on YouTube

  • bucklee


    3 days ago

    Danny: "Stop that's not nice"
    News the next day: "Murderer rates have dropped to 0%"

  • Tommy Stofko

    Tommy Stofko

    3 days ago

    I'm a greg

  • Syamimi Adi

    Syamimi Adi

    3 days ago

    hi, everyone! i'm a new greg from a couple months back :)

  • Spinalice might be a cat

    Spinalice might be a cat

    3 days ago

    This has the same energy as too many cooks

  • Athaya Muhammad Zidan

    Athaya Muhammad Zidan

    3 days ago

    wassup dweam total u. have 31m subs

  • Levi


    3 days ago

    Danny, blink twice if you're being held hostage

  • bumblebee560


    3 days ago

    Hahaha! Congrats on 5 million Drew!

  • Ben S

    Ben S

    3 days ago

    You are welcome. And yes, I did it all.

  • Brynerin Moyes

    Brynerin Moyes

    3 days ago

    I'm using my mom's YouTube account so I can sub twice. I think i might be in love. Not with you I just wanted you to know.

  • Chris Richards

    Chris Richards

    3 days ago

    I love this energy

  • Hey I Ain’t Cheap!

    Hey I Ain’t Cheap!

    3 days ago

    I mean he’s not wrong about the serial killer part lmao

  • CrazyPotatoGaming


    3 days ago

    5 million Gregs wow

  • Taylor


    3 days ago

    the fact that when you look up “who is the fastest growing channel on youtube” it literally says Greg

  • Miniman plays

    Miniman plays

    3 days ago


  • Peter Griffin

    Peter Griffin

    3 days ago


  • WitchCunt407


    3 days ago

    wanted to let you know i am one of the four but now i am stoping because danny said stop thats not nicethank you danny you have changed my life for the better:)