How To Be A Water Influencer w/ Danny Gonzalez

Published on Nov 24, 2021
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Danny & Nick go back to the influencer lifestyle and try to become a Water Sommelier.




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Water Tasting 27:50
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  • Martin Riese

    Martin Riese

    12 days ago

    Thank you so much for being part of the show, had so much fun. Cheers

    • Ugh yes it’s Maxx

      Ugh yes it’s Maxx

      8 hours ago

      🥂 CHEERS

    • Scarxiett


      Day ago


    • Jennymk01


      2 days ago

      We would get along well lol! How do people not taste the difference between waters? The well water at my house is incredible, while my grandma's is horrendous. When I went to sleep camp, the water was so good I filled my water bottle and sipped it throughout the week after I went home. Also, at camp we went white water rafting and we got to fill our bottles in a spring, that was very different tasting as well.

    • Rebecca T

      Rebecca T

      2 days ago

      @M water science is really cool; I definitely recommend doing some research on it. I study environmental engineering, and it’s my favorite thing about my major.

    • Octosimp


      2 days ago

      Your passion about water and what you’re doing to spread it are so interesting to me, I hope you keep doing what you love and helping other people to discover a love for it too

  • J R

    J R

    2 hours ago

    I was on board with this until Martin literally said "oh, and this water tastes like cum!" - the deadpan reaction from danny and nick gave me so much 2nd hand embarrassment xD

  • Paige W.

    Paige W.

    5 hours ago

    Wow, I love this video, the educational info, and his passion! Thanks for taking the time to connect everything

  • Maleah Almada

    Maleah Almada

    5 hours ago

    they way nick said san bernardino 😂😂

  • Jane Meier

    Jane Meier

    5 hours ago

    why is everyone ur reacting to german?? like first Jeremy fragrance now this dude...Are we a weird land??

  • miep miep

    miep miep

    6 hours ago

    damn i was rlly surprised abt the direction of this video. wasnt expecting to e fasçinated

  • Fleep NA

    Fleep NA

    6 hours ago

    Went in for the laughs, left learning something new



    11 hours ago

    The interview with conan is hilarious, but only cause the title is literally just "martin"

  • 击₳𝖓𝔂𝖆✞


    12 hours ago

    dang i never thought about water this much

  • Too Many Opinions

    Too Many Opinions

    13 hours ago

    I mean, there is some truth to the idea that water with more minerals is better for you. But this guy is over the top

  • Vanessa Vu

    Vanessa Vu

    14 hours ago

    I found Martin a lot more interesting than listening to people talk about wine. I don’t find what he’s saying absurd at all. Water is the most important thing we consume and yet it’s so overlooked. Hope you guys do that in person tasting some day! Awesome guy

  • carbonated cosmo

    carbonated cosmo

    15 hours ago

    to be completely honest, i went into this expecting you guys to make fun of martin and be like "haha what's this guy talking about lmao" but i've been pleasantly surprised! this is genuinely very fascinating and informative, i've learned a lot even though i haven't even finished the video yet!

  • io


    16 hours ago

    I got so thirsty watching this and drank so much water just now. It's just Culligan though. Not a taste fan, just like the sensation of a waterfall in my esophagus. And knowing it isn't stagnant and full of amebas

  • Crazy Owl Girl CNCOwner

    Crazy Owl Girl CNCOwner

    17 hours ago

    Guys, don't drink Nestle water, they steal it from our supply here in the mountains in San Bernardino, and it's technically illegal but they get away with it by paying a small fine. So yeah

  • Annabelle Couchman

    Annabelle Couchman

    18 hours ago

    i'm thirsty.

  • Gracie Jo

    Gracie Jo

    20 hours ago

    listen,, aquafina is superior and i can’t explain why

  • Sanguine Cynic

    Sanguine Cynic

    20 hours ago

    You can tell this man genuinely cares about what he's talking about. I love it. And he's absolutely right about everything he says, especially his opinion of tap water being sold in bottles. Tap water is fine if it comes from the right place, but bottling it and selling it at a "premium" price is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Your left kidney

    Your left kidney

    21 hour ago

    First it's duck influences and now water influences? What's next? Ceiling fan influencers?

  • Stefan Mayer

    Stefan Mayer

    23 hours ago

    Rictofen getting that mf liquid divinium

  • Nanu Nanu

    Nanu Nanu

    23 hours ago

    ok but I kind of love this man

  • Jose Mena

    Jose Mena

    Day ago

    Vichy Catalan tastes like garden hose water

  • Bookwitch


    Day ago

    Danny still looks greenscreened wherever he is XD

  • princessdot


    Day ago

    love this video itd be interesting to do a whole series interviewing niche influencers

  • aslan


    Day ago

    tap well water is the fucking bomb

  • Summer


    Day ago

    I'm from England and have never heard of the water he says is very popular in the UK

  • BezKa


    Day ago

    Now I want to have a water tasting. People always called me crazy for saying water has a taste

  • miley dunbar-scott

    miley dunbar-scott

    Day ago

    75% is a C for you guys???? damn thats an A in the uk, america must suck

  • fsinnes


    Day ago

    Anyone else think Danny seems stoned?

  • BezKa


    Day ago

    Danny's eyes look dead

  • Mallory bird

    Mallory bird

    Day ago

    Water in my city makes my sink smell like bleach when I run it long enough to do anything like wash my face

  • Digrono It not delivery

    Digrono It not delivery

    Day ago

    Is nick green or not

  • sloughfisch


    Day ago

    This whole video and Martin make me so happy. I also have always noticed the different tastes to different types of waters and have had some people think I’m just lying for attention. It’s so cool to me to see Martin putting fact to what I’ve been experiencing my whole life and how passionate he is about it. I’ve had a rough couple of days and this video plus Martin’s energy is just what I needed :)

  • Scarxiett


    Day ago


  • Karma's A Bitch

    Karma's A Bitch

    Day ago

    This guy is so passionate about his water, I love him

  • Jadzia


    Day ago

    Danny's going to have to stop drinking La Croix on his second channel and drink ROI instead

  • Rubi Miranda

    Rubi Miranda

    Day ago


  • Matt.mp4


    Day ago

    I live at arrowhead and for us it's tap water lol

  • Leilani


    Day ago

    synchronized head nod 🐌👍

  • mazon hehe

    mazon hehe

    Day ago

    not gonna lie i hate hate hate the taste of water but i want to try his water instantly

  • cheese hill

    cheese hill

    Day ago


  • Deven Shortt

    Deven Shortt

    Day ago

    nick is so drip-tastic!

  • Meghna Bhogal

    Meghna Bhogal

    Day ago

    This dude is soo wholesome!

  • Bruce


    2 days ago

    I actually love this guy. He's just really passionate abt his interest, and even though it's niche and not something most people notice or think about, he wants to share his interest with the world, and he has! I (as well as about 25% of people) have extra taste buds per area on my tongue, and I've always noticed the differences in water types. Everyone else thinks I'm weird for being specific about the water I drink. I refuse to drink Dasani (as most sane people should), my favorite bottled water is Poland Spring. It's cool to see that there's other people who actually care about this stuff, and to see someone who's so passionate about it he's educating people. I think he's my new hero

  • Natalia Schuler

    Natalia Schuler

    2 days ago

    There's nothing better than seeing someone get to talk about something they care about while also being respected and taken seriously. i never would have thought that this would be interesting but I was incredibly curious and ended up glued to this video! You guys asked great questions and he gave really wonderful helpful answers

  • Jade Ramsey

    Jade Ramsey

    2 days ago

    Well, this video turned super wholesome! I am actually so happy you guys did that interview with Matin!! I am interested in water now. Great job!

  • SilverDagger


    2 days ago

    I clicked on this video because I thought this would be a reaction to some ridiculous scammer trying to push expensive bottled water down everyone's throat, but it turns out that's not the case at all and this guy actually is very interesting and has so many good points. I always knew waters tasted different but didn't think about it much. Water is such a fascinating thing, thanks to Martin for sharing his passion with all of us and talking about the scams in the industry. Great video all you guys!

  • HeavyHandedDame


    2 days ago

    He's got a point. I watched Critikal's bottled water review and didn't think Fiji water could be that great but I got a bottle and could immediately tell the difference. To think something so mundane could be so deep.

  • Skorpi


    2 days ago

    I totally get what he is saying! North Scotland has really good ‘fresh’ water, if you down south a bit the water tastes different. It’s warmer out the tap and tastes like chlorine. So I can imagine water from different contrived taste completely different

  • Rebecca Bernier

    Rebecca Bernier

    2 days ago

    Does Danny have gray hair??

  • HooDie HuSSeiN

    HooDie HuSSeiN

    2 days ago

    Nick is like a Tan Kurtis🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Daddy


    2 days ago

    K but WTF happened between 10:23 and 10:48😭

  • Sage Nicely

    Sage Nicely

    2 days ago

    Why did he say AKA as acahh 😩😩

  • elli percy

    elli percy

    2 days ago


  • Matt Ng

    Matt Ng

    2 days ago

    I fully expected this to be a meme video about the water sommelier. glad to see i was wrong

  • Jennymk01


    2 days ago

    Honestly though, do people not taste the difference between waters? The water at my house is incredible, while my grandma's is horrendous. When I went to sleep camp, the water was so good I filled my water bottle and sipped it throughout the week after I went home. Also, at camp we went white water rafting and we got to fill our bottles in a spring, that was very different tasting as well.

  • Anastasia Sierra

    Anastasia Sierra

    2 days ago

    They seem like the class clowns that actually pay attention to their teachers sometimes and I love it

  • Valerie Rose

    Valerie Rose

    2 days ago

    I would vote for you guys in the election

  • makenzie gillis

    makenzie gillis

    2 days ago

    i like that in the beginning it was kind of a joke but during the interview i actually learned some stuff, you guys gave him a chance to explain everything unlike all the other interviews he's done where people just think he's kinda some weird water guy. You can tell martin is very passionate about health and clean water for everyone i loved this video.

  • Daniel Ramos

    Daniel Ramos

    2 days ago

    that sideways reference!

  • Ali Voss

    Ali Voss

    2 days ago

    They didn't taste Lacroix though because this isn't Danny's second channel

  • Angel Torres

    Angel Torres

    2 days ago

    Every German guy sounds like Richtofen is the only thing that I learned.

  • Jen Amlaw

    Jen Amlaw

    2 days ago

    I went into this thinking " ok weird water expert?", But in the end he was really interesting to listen to.

  • Tristan Spohn

    Tristan Spohn

    2 days ago

    I just love his pure love and passion for it. Such a wonderful energy. 😊

  • Brooklynn Dees

    Brooklynn Dees

    2 days ago

    Dude that first video actually scared me

  • clownish


    2 days ago

    Martin my beloved

  • Rebecca T

    Rebecca T

    2 days ago

    Not you saying “total dissolved solids;” the environmental engineer in me just died a bit inside knowing that I should be studying for my finals.

  • KJ Santos

    KJ Santos

    2 days ago

    wow i learned a lot from this video!

  • Miron Andreas

    Miron Andreas

    2 days ago

    I think it's also important to keep in mind that becoming a "certified water sommalier" like Martin Riese costs $2.2k USD and requires only 2-3 months worth of education.
    Please do NOT reference these individuals as qualified authorities on health issues or the biological implications of minerals and water additives. They are not.

    • Martin Riese

      Martin Riese

      Day ago

      I do this now since 15 years, I received my degree as a water sommelier in 2010, but that does not mean I was done learning in 2010. I study and learn every day about water, I received the O-1 visa for the United Stated in 2011 for extraordinary ability on my knowledge of water. So yeas, you can become a water sommelier in my very own Academy now online, but that doesn't mean you are Martin Riese afterwards 😉

  • Miron Andreas

    Miron Andreas

    2 days ago

    The important takeaway here is to be sure that you *are drinking plenty of water*
    Being a "water sommalier" is great and all, but it isn't necessary. Not everyone in the world has access to clean drinking water, and many of us who DO, still do not consume an adequate amount!
    I have a biology degree, and currently working on a medical science degree. At the end of the day, no- it really doesn't matter whether your water is distilled or raw spring water. Water is water and it WILL hydrate you, regardless.
    The mineral content does little more than slightly alter taste; you *should* be getting adequate mineral consumption through a balanced diet. And if you aren't, well, unfortunately, mineral water still won't make up for that dietary problem.
    So don't put too much stake into which waters are spring waters, and which are municipal in origin. Just find what YOU like, and drink plenty of it! 🙂

    • Martin Riese

      Martin Riese

      Day ago

      I agree with you that every water will hydrate you, but the World Health Organizations published studies about the danger of consuming distilled or low TDS waters over a long time period. When it comes to purified water, I am not against purified or filtered water at all, its great to do this at home, but I do not like the idea that a company can create a marketing story and sells you processed tap at the grocery store for a premium amount.

  • julia -

    julia -

    2 days ago

    I would really want to know what this guy thinks about desalination and how that affects the taste of water - especially given that its growing in popularity in a lot of drought-ridden cities

  • dae


    2 days ago

    Honestly he's kinda silly but he seems genuine

  • NoBody NoWhere

    NoBody NoWhere

    2 days ago

    The interview was the best part he’s so knowledgeable and charismatic I really enjoyed the video

  • Andrew Caird

    Andrew Caird

    2 days ago

    Is no-one going to make fun of the editing error where the audio track from Danny and Nick was dragged over the instagram post so that the audio and video didn't match up (at around 10.35) for several seconds. No one? OK I'll start. You stuffed up the audio you should listen to your video before you post it. There, now my day feels fulfilled. Now to find someone else online to make a fool of. Gotta go, looks like someone on Facebook used a "there" instead of "their".

  • Mango


    2 days ago

    Him meeting 2chains was so good

  • Małgosia Milczewska

    Małgosia Milczewska

    3 days ago

    One of my favorite bottled waters in Poland is Muszynianka, it’s sparkling with around 1800 TDS, it’s pretty salty and the bubbles are super tiny and don’t like “sting” on the tongue, my go to waters as a kid were Nałęczowianka and Cisowianka, actually from the same town, both still, 650 and 740 TDS respectively. I used to refuse one specific water, Żywiec Zdrój which is 230 TDS and would tolerate but dislike one with 320 TDS, I hated them because they were overwhelmingly bitter for me. Over the years I’ve become more acclimated to lower TDS water because I’ve started drinking tap water from a filter (because pipes are often rusty and gross where I live and I think it might be dangerous to drink tap straight and I wanted to reduce my amount of waste) and that reduces it quite a bit. Now I actually dislike Nałęczowianka and Cisowianka because I find them too sweet and bland and tend to go for the more extreme ends of the spectrum. I never knew there was a number to assign to all of these thoughts and feelings I had about these waters and it was such a big part of my childhood. I should’ve looked into it at some point but never bothered I guess. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Małgosia Milczewska

    Małgosia Milczewska

    3 days ago

    26:05 I actually remember drinking water from a spring near a church that was blessed maybe by Pope John Paul II (he was from here, Poland) or something else, I don’t remember exactly. It was pretty tasty and I was a water snob as a kid, there were some brands that I refused to drink because they were too bitter for me.

  • Rhee Gret

    Rhee Gret

    3 days ago

    Poor Joe.

  • Cheesy chio

    Cheesy chio

    3 days ago

    See I was against my mans Martin at first but in reality he isn't against tap water just corporations selling tap water for a mark up which point! Down with the capitalistic society indeed. Drink your tap don't buy it. Also, water does have a taste. School fountain water and my tap taste so different (one tastes basically like bleach *school*). It ain't crazy to say there's better tasting water out there.

  • Chelsea Verner

    Chelsea Verner

    3 days ago

    I'm really happy that you guys did your best to listen and appreciate what he was saying, and you didn't immediately jump to, "it's all bs." Sadly, it's a low bar, but you guys cleared it like pros. Lol
    I also really appreciate what Martin had to say, no crap, no sales pitch, just a guy who's passionate about healthy water sources.
    Good video :)

  • Irrelephant


    3 days ago

    How come that I, as a German, never hear about those German people until I watch one of your videos? ahahah
    But honestly, this video was amazing... I was just clicking on it for the meme but damn did it take an interesting turn

  • •Lexi Lives•

    •Lexi Lives•

    3 days ago

    Hate to be the one to tell y'all this, but apparently the San Bernardino Mountains in Cali have shit water XD

  • Da2noob


    3 days ago

    This was cool

  • josephmpierce


    3 days ago

    Wait, am I learning something?

  • Jeremy Pickett

    Jeremy Pickett

    3 days ago

    You can totally make water with medium to high TDS. Us home brewers do it all the time. Check out a brewing store, and you can pick up the minerals used to emulate water from all over the world.
    I usually go for Burton on Trent, or the Guinness water profile. Costs pennies, add it to distilled water, boil, then chill.
    Oh, and the "green raw water guy" is gonna kill someone some day. (He was not featured)
    Oh, and I once saw a guy who could blind taste the difference between the waters from all the great lakes. It was fascinating.

  • kali.


    3 days ago

    I love this dude what the fuck

  • Uncertain Zee

    Uncertain Zee

    3 days ago

    I honestly appreciate that Danny was pretty skeptical at the start, didn't really get it, and looked kinda caught off guard when Martin showed up lol. He was still totally respectful toward him and kept an open mind and didn't immediately dismiss the water-tasting, also Nick's set up to the whole thing worked pretty well.

  • Shady Stars

    Shady Stars

    3 days ago

    Not the direction I thought this was going but I’ve learned something instead haha

  • Cecilia Bruce

    Cecilia Bruce

    3 days ago

    I didn't actually expect to learn something cool today lol

  • Zuflu


    3 days ago

    When I visit my granparents and drink tapwater at their house, I always get a hit of nostalgia for some reason. If I'm drinking it everyday, I don't even notice, but when I drink it for the first time, a memory triggers in my brain it;s so weird.

  • Iveyue_


    3 days ago

    I think he was on like our local news

  • TaiTai


    3 days ago

    10:36 aw man I knew this episode was dubbed not subbed pshhh

  • Baihe Qipian

    Baihe Qipian

    3 days ago

    I thought he was a quack at first, but after your interview, he really knows his stuff. He must have an amazing sense of taste to be able to distinguish all these details

  • Pigeon Medal

    Pigeon Medal

    3 days ago

    I can’t help but be reminded of that one ProZD video

  • Wika 123

    Wika 123

    3 days ago

    I felt a sudden need to drink water after watching this lol

  • Sienna Kish

    Sienna Kish

    3 days ago

    i’ve always noticed the different tastes of water and i’m so happy i’m not crazy 💀 i live close to a place that used to be recognized as the best tap water in the world and it slapped

  • 4it4k


    3 days ago

    This is ✨content✨

  • memequeen69


    3 days ago

    I'm actually so glad you two gave him a chance, unlike all the famous hosts and celebs! I'm from Rome, Italy and different tastes in waters have always been a regular for me. Here it's common for people to "not liking" some type/brand of water, mostly when moving between regions. For example, Rome's water is full of iron, many can't drink it, coming from outside, but to someone who's lived there their whole life, this is "regular" water. When I go to Tuscany during Summer, I absolutely CANNOT drink their tap water, like the Acqua Panna you showed in your vid is absolutely foul to me!
    So when I started the video I was a bit disheartened because I thought you would only make fun of the idea since you weren't accustomed to it, but I once again found myself pleasantly surprised by your kindness and open-mindedness

  • Sara amiri

    Sara amiri

    3 days ago

    Cute video

  • Roya Sulaimani

    Roya Sulaimani

    3 days ago

    That's interesting here in Saudi Arabia we have zamzam water it's a natural water full of minerals and they give it here for free
    It's well known here for it's healing ability other than religious reasons but because of its high content of calcium and magnesium salt

  • 127Faby


    3 days ago

    Couldn’t focus on anything else after I realized that this man reminds me of the villain in Who Framed Roger Rabbit