Can you beat Pokemon Emerald using ONLY items?

Published on Oct 26, 2019
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No Pokecenters, No PCs, No Free Heals. Easier than you'd think!

This was streamed live on Twitch:

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  • SmallAnt


    2 years ago

    Shoutouts to Mah-Dry-Bread for basically doing this first.
    Go watch his video too to see how he did it:
    Mah-Dry-Bread did a No Healing run at a Pokecenters and really only used the PC to deposit Pokemon, so we did slightly different challenges that are both pretty cool and have their own problems to solve (his is edited much better than mine too). Go check it out!

    • MrKingisherelol


      Day ago


    • Sparking Productions

      Sparking Productions

      12 days ago


    • ChuckNormis218


      19 days ago

      @Repent to Jesus Christ Repent to Jesus Christ repent to these NUTS!!!

    • Repent to Jesus Christ Repent to Jesus Christ

      Repent to Jesus Christ Repent to Jesus Christ

      20 days ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ! “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭3:20‬ ‭NIV‬‬ D

    • BlackTheDarkOne Blaydoe

      BlackTheDarkOne Blaydoe

      22 days ago

      Can't you release pokemon you don't need or is that a pc only interaction?

  • Muppetmaster


    6 hours ago

    Tropius using stomp on your swablu

  • theonlyrussianhere


    9 hours ago

    I swear smallant is so damn loud. My ears are ded

  • TheLittenLord


    23 hours ago

    My first ever shiny was a Phione in ORAS, got it via mesuda method with the GF Manaphy 2015

  • Isaac Cook

    Isaac Cook

    Day ago


  • Ricardo Torres

    Ricardo Torres

    Day ago

    Can you beat pokemon emerald with America's health care system?

  • comptonGANGBANG


    Day ago

    missleading title

  • Zachariah Gonzales Jr

    Zachariah Gonzales Jr

    Day ago

    Can he release pokemon in the challenge

  • Shalestorm


    Day ago

    "Why Nuzlockers ban Items" The Nuzlocke.

  • Narie


    2 days ago

    This feels like you’re vods Channel

  • Senku Ishigami

    Senku Ishigami

    2 days ago

    Are Pokémon items?

  • sawk


    2 days ago

    American health care run

  • unspokable


    2 days ago

    btw where secret bases in emerald?



    3 days ago

    The *only* shiny I've ever found was a shiny Zubat in Sun. I was totally cool with that because I won't hesitate to main Crobat as my flying type just for the change of pace.

  • Mick Gorro

    Mick Gorro

    3 days ago

    What about post-game Steven tho?

  • Mick Gorro

    Mick Gorro

    3 days ago

    Anyone else mishear "shiny" as "shoddy" in the "shiny pokemon stories" segment?

  • Ambily Jose

    Ambily Jose

    3 days ago

    Do pokemon speedrun

  • AlliedCookie


    3 days ago

    27:18 wholesome chat moment

  • Zvich Goodvch

    Zvich Goodvch

    4 days ago

    You are an incredibly passive aggressive man aren’t you

  • kovaleskaya


    4 days ago

    pokemon but it’s the american health care system

  • Lucacalelgamer xD

    Lucacalelgamer xD

    4 days ago

    3:24 do revives restore pee pee

  • The Novas Glow

    The Novas Glow

    4 days ago

    the "banned from walmart" run lmfao

  • Lekool


    4 days ago

    The pc shouldn't actually be allowed since it can heal the stored pokemon

  • penis


    4 days ago

    He didn't fight Steven, the run's not over!

  • Amberlee


    4 days ago

    I kind of want to do this in Shield, though obviously that's cheating a little because with the DLC I could probably manage to make it through with very little struggle on just making really good curry

  • Kpbillie


    5 days ago

    Watching this in 2021 is pretty funny. Hearing SmallAnt talk about how "beating the game without taking damage would be possible but super grindy" and knowing that he would later go on to do it and it was in fact SUPER Grindy. Or watching this man laugh at the thought of soft resetting to get a shiny Rayquaza, only to eventually wind up doing a shiny run full of soft resets.

  • Rob Lugo

    Rob Lugo

    6 days ago

    Revive does not restore PP
    Brand new sentence



    7 days ago

    Bruh. From the title I thought this was going to be a Main Character vs Pokemon MOD where you just throw hands with Gods and Trash.

  • Gabriel Casupanan

    Gabriel Casupanan

    7 days ago

    My favourite item if my Pokémon just died is revival herb and il just find s way to get tons of money and just spam it one died

  • Luke Cage

    Luke Cage

    8 days ago

    Not Small Ant slagging off the homie mahdrybread

  • Brexit Boy

    Brexit Boy

    8 days ago

    mah dry didn't use exploits

  • Bob Bobinson

    Bob Bobinson

    9 days ago

    So pokemon but with american healthcare

  • letmeskyforce


    9 days ago

    how do you play these pokemon game?

  • Lou H

    Lou H

    9 days ago

    LO, learning objective XD

  • GalapagosFinch


    10 days ago

    Alternate title: Can you beat Pokemon Emerald with the American Healthcare System?

  • NickisSick


    11 days ago

    What platform are you playing on man?

  • PhantomKrel


    12 days ago

    Haven’t watched whole video however move forget guy and HMS would be unlimited PP forget HM relearn HM

  • Delix Mariner

    Delix Mariner

    13 days ago

    No free heals, sounds like the American health care system.

  • Shane Moore

    Shane Moore

    13 days ago

    You haven’t REAAAALLY played Pokémon if you didn’t know the rare candy/revive trick . lol

  • Princess Narii

    Princess Narii

    14 days ago

    The problem with pokemon challanges is that alot of them are achievable by grinding.
    This one technically could be done by grinding leppa/sitrus berries but smallant blocked himself from doing that. (but it would be fair game)
    So in the end it was just a matter of can i make Lillicove city.
    You got more then enough money for restoration items and like smallant shows with the X items you dont need boosting moves to setup.
    For the rest its just soft resetting vs the artrocious AI to make a series of bad moves...
    This doesnt count just for this Challange btw lots of challanges are doable if you know the right paths.
    Its a very fair game with stupid AI alot of these challanges are mostly grind/bruteforce.
    Honestly its very hard for me to think of a challange that is actually impossible.
    Like i think you can win the game without being allowed to heal, or use healing items.
    Small ant didnt use this either. But he can technically also catch a 7th pokemon and replace it with one of his party members.
    That way he does lose his pokemon in his party but it gets replaced with a fresh pokemon. (and in my eyes this is not using the pc)
    But it might take alot longer and require more often misplays from the AI.
    But yes most challanges are doable but the harder you make them the more it requires dumb bruteforcing.
    The complexer you make them the less fun they get unless you really enjoy torturing yourself?

  • eatcheesekobe


    14 days ago

    from the beginning this basically sounds like a speed run of emerald, except without it being timed lol

  • Kassandra Patrick

    Kassandra Patrick

    14 days ago

    I leaned hard into the Lo puns watching this video. I was singing "I'm at an all time Lo!" every time Lo won his battles. Very entertaining play through challenge.

  • Baily Smith

    Baily Smith

    15 days ago

    He changed the title

  • Jackith vr

    Jackith vr

    15 days ago

    Slugma nuts

  • Fierceteam4042


    15 days ago

    Pokémon in a nutshell:”if you can beat the hell out of my Pokémon I’ll give you my life savings”

  • Aashir Anwar

    Aashir Anwar

    15 days ago

    Yo why does he still use surf against water type Pokemon's, better yet how does he kill them in one hit. Am I missing something he is doing?

  • Stesey Bomboy

    Stesey Bomboy

    15 days ago

    Imagine being allowed to catch a level 70 after the 7th gym
    Laughs in crown tundra

  • Vintage Misery

    Vintage Misery

    15 days ago

    Ant laughing at Gyarados using 3 Dragon Dances into Surf but then he uses Outrage with X Attacks lol

  • Just a kid

    Just a kid

    15 days ago

    If I had to pick, aron is my favorite pokemon
    Sad wooper noises

  • Henry sheridan

    Henry sheridan

    15 days ago

    ive always wondered what he playes on for these games

  • Sunjay


    16 days ago

    Winona's Swablu used perish song because she saw you couldn't switch out

  • djdbdn djdj

    djdbdn djdj

    16 days ago

    Wait i just ubderstandet that in emerald steven is not champion and wallace is not last gyms leader

  • Angelo


    17 days ago

    thought I would see a cool challenge but got jebaited by the title, nice

  • Bug Type Eevee

    Bug Type Eevee

    17 days ago

    So basically Pokemon Emerald, but you're in America and have to pay for all your health care

  • ChineseMan


    17 days ago

    Shouldn’t the title be “using NO Items”?

  • BmnGameBoy


    18 days ago

    I bought my Pokémon Emerald from a sex toy seller on eBay for €5

  • Curly Crossley

    Curly Crossley

    18 days ago

    What does the torrent talk mean?

  • Headywon


    18 days ago

    First shiny was a Raticate in Gold, had no idea what shinies were so I was very confused by the slightly different colors

  • tera Bera

    tera Bera

    18 days ago

    US healthcare challenge If you want to heal, you better pay for it.

  • Lam Fan

    Lam Fan

    18 days ago

    Seeing SmallAnt not get/use Pokémon other than Swampert is very frustrating for small brain like me, he’s up against a tropius, has a castform with a move that it’s quad weak to, and all he can think about is keep making Swampert, a Pokémon that is quad weak to grass, and cannot hit with one of its stab moves, do all the work.

  • Jayden Kwok

    Jayden Kwok

    19 days ago

    Almost thought you were going to only use items and not pokemon using struggle to win.

  • Bobbieness


    19 days ago

    When I read the title I thought he meant he couldn’t deal damage through Pokémon attacks and was only allowed to use items to fight or avoid battles, and was thinking it would be impossible. Lols.

  • MgoldenGaming


    19 days ago

    Omg smallant how did you find out about the secret joestar technique

  • Missy


    19 days ago

    You mean every time i play any pokemon games? I only raise 1 pokemon per playthrough lmao

  • As1anotora


    19 days ago

    Run failed, Wallace forced you to use a PC 😂
    All jokes aside, amazing video, love seeing runs like this, great content man

  • sree harshan

    sree harshan

    19 days ago

    The rocks means reshiram.Go play pokemon insurgence if u don't know what i mean

  • Fangirl Reice

    Fangirl Reice

    20 days ago

    52:12 Barok Van Zieks liked this

  • Repent to Jesus Christ Repent to Jesus Christ

    Repent to Jesus Christ Repent to Jesus Christ

    20 days ago

    Repent to Jesus Christ!
    “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,”
    ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭3:20‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • The DMS

    The DMS

    20 days ago

    You couldn't do this in sword and shield because they heal you every fifteen minutes!

  • gamermusiclover


    21 day ago

    This challenge would be kind of easy in the new Pokemon games since people are healing your left right and center

  • Thomas Favors

    Thomas Favors

    21 day ago

    I was wondering, why not start off getting a bunch of xigzagoons then just walk around getting items with their pick up ability? You can even get ethers this way. I’m commenting early in the video so he might do this. But it’s the first thing I would do if I were playing by his rules

  • Santiago Perez

    Santiago Perez

    22 days ago


  • Isaiah Batcher

    Isaiah Batcher

    23 days ago

    8:39 I'm watching this after the, "my celebrity crush watched my stream" video so I thought it was cul I guess

  • Joseph Schroeppel

    Joseph Schroeppel

    23 days ago

    this is basically pokemon but without free health care

  • Jack Jumbo

    Jack Jumbo

    23 days ago

    Ant looks like Eminem if he picked up a nintendo instead of a mic

  • Unpaid Intern

    Unpaid Intern

    23 days ago

    Mah-Dry-Bread been reaaaaal quiet since this dropped

  • TheBigEaredBandit


    24 days ago

    This was a lot easier than I thought

  • Droooooo0


    24 days ago

    Tropius is pronounced "trop" like "tropical" not "trope"

  • Zac Suter

    Zac Suter

    25 days ago

    Anyone know what the move deleter trick he was talking about @ 46.00 ? i never heard about that before?

    • Joe Price

      Joe Price

      21 day ago

      he would delete a hm move then reteach it to the same pokemom as hms have infinite use. it is practically useless outside of this run

  • Desmond De La Internet

    Desmond De La Internet

    25 days ago

    The OST being sung by SmallAnt was my favorite part

  • Joshua Clark

    Joshua Clark

    25 days ago

    Forced Castform? Can I get a hail yeah

  • TylerMay Harmon

    TylerMay Harmon

    26 days ago

    American run through

  • Georgiy Perelygin

    Georgiy Perelygin

    26 days ago

    This run feels like Pokemon Rusty 2

  • The_Maker18


    26 days ago

    wait . . . this is how I always play a pokemon game. but I am an item hoarder so I littly go till faint and then brut force . . . lol

  • Sheer Wire

    Sheer Wire

    26 days ago

    44:48 wait i thought gardevoir was a fairy type so outrage wouldn't affect

  • Cherry355


    26 days ago

    Does he use a emulator or does he just have a Gameboy

  • Hailey Ihrig

    Hailey Ihrig

    26 days ago

    So good I watched this run twice

  • WaterBottle Blue

    WaterBottle Blue

    27 days ago

    This video reminds me of Pokemon Masters EX

  • Joshua Pomeroy

    Joshua Pomeroy

    27 days ago

    Couldn't you use the daycare service itself to store an extra pokemon

  • Shay TRB

    Shay TRB

    27 days ago

    "My PP will get so much bigger!!"
    -Smallant, 2019

  • Dawn Nightinger

    Dawn Nightinger

    28 days ago

    Uhhhh... Yeah... Just catch a single Zigzagoon early on and level it up without evolving it. Every now and again, it'll give you some super good and expensive items. Plus Zigzagoon is an HM slave so it has another use as well.

  • Nick


    28 days ago

    don’t hate on mah dry bread, his challenges are infinitely more entertaining than yours and he’s the one that popularized this format of video lol

  • LeafNinja-Fox


    29 days ago

    What is "The Man" a reference to exactly?

  • Lucas C

    Lucas C

    29 days ago

    *sees title* well, no. You would have to use pokemon

  • Larry Rottenberk

    Larry Rottenberk

    29 days ago

    12:24 "Registered this Scott person," they didn't need to do Scott like that

  • Matthew Dewar

    Matthew Dewar

    29 days ago

    Not really a challenge if you abuse the move deleter and catch the level 70 legendary. At least mah dry bread didn't use Rayquaza lol

  • RiOtBiRd


    Month ago

    Pkmn logic
    A special potion made for pokemon: restores 20 hp
    A better version of the potion: restores 50 hp
    A random human drink:

  • Savannah Mikasa

    Savannah Mikasa

    Month ago

    .-. I actually just made a post last night that I have never ran into any shiny pokemon. ;-; I have played so many pokemon games and still have never run into any. Unless they were pre-placed shiny pokemon (Ones you have 100% rate of running into because story!)

  • Cat king miow

    Cat king miow

    Month ago

    This video is litterally you as a kid completing the game with only your starter because you didn't wanna train any other pokemon

  • Cat king miow

    Cat king miow

    Month ago

    My first shiny was a shiny Dratini in the Safari Zone in FireRed...
    It got away-