True Facts: The Mosquito

Published on Oct 9, 2021
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      @YoMumgae kk

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      Michael Lujan

      3 days ago

      Bro I won't give your video a thumbs down just because you funny.

    • Michael Lujan

      Michael Lujan

      3 days ago

      I despise mosquitoes with every fiber of my being.

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      Gina Lola

      6 days ago

      It's " MR. SNUFALUFIGUES With glasses on" 😜 lol

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      6 days ago

      8:08 if you wanna skip the mid video ad

  • mythology2467


    Hour ago

    Ticks, now mosquitoes, I'm guessing we're going to get leeches next. And the fun fact it was literally someone's job once upon a time to walk into marshes and be live bait to collect them.

  • Nurse Diane

    Nurse Diane

    3 hours ago

    Watching this while lying in bed with the room light on…because there’s a mosquito in here. Who the F are these people willing to let a mosquito suck on them for science?! Screw that nonsense. And the flowers that are pollinated by mosquitos can F right off. Mosquitos are of the Devil.

  • RAGE


    3 hours ago

    I used to hate mosquitoes, but now that I've learned that they pollinate, I now respect them MUCH more.



    6 hours ago

    yo is teddy doing alright?

  • Jonathan Ehn

    Jonathan Ehn

    6 hours ago

    It would be paradise, to live in a world without mosquitoes. To be able to sit outside in a lawn chair on a summer evening without becoming a buffet.

  • J R McKim

    J R McKim

    6 hours ago

    Are you Neil Kaplan? The guy who does the eng dub for madara Uchiha?? I swear its like a stoned Madara Uchiha giving a lesson.

  • Curtis Smith

    Curtis Smith

    8 hours ago

    i would be curious to see and understand the True Facts of the East Asian centipede... a suggestion. i mean, would there be any comedy in the life of a venomous polyped ?

  • Herri Berri

    Herri Berri

    11 hours ago

    Giant water bug, I think. Is what big boy was.

  • littlej211


    15 hours ago

    Watching that egg pod hatch was one of THE most disturbing, horrifying and near unbearable things I have ever done. I know what my nightmares will be for all the rest of time

  • tombocai


    17 hours ago

    i'm left wondering who are all of those people that volunteer to be bitten by mosquitos so people can study and document the process.

  • Elton Alabado

    Elton Alabado

    17 hours ago

    Wow never thought mosquitoes to be so complicated

  • bigshortstop


    18 hours ago

    “And see how long you last……..
    ……..till you get arrested.”

  • BGA 1970

    BGA 1970

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    Please say it again "Demon BB"

  • Water is wet

    Water is wet

    21 hour ago

    Didn't realize Mosquitoes were this cool. I might even raise some as pets.

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    Adrian Vio

    Day ago

    Moscow weetos

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    Day ago

    "No Qualifications"
    "No Prior experience"
    And that means
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    Love your videos. I was worried for a bit you wouldn't produce anymore after I watched them all.

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    A dildo wearing glasses... that's how you start a video right there👌

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    Day ago

    at this point I am starting to wonder if Jerry is even real

  • Angry Car Mechanic Plays

    Angry Car Mechanic Plays

    Day ago

    So...if mosquitoes use blood to make their eggs...doesn't that mean that human DNA is mixed in with the mosquitoes DNA? Or are the proteins broken down?

  • Garrett


    Day ago

    LMAO 3:80, I was literally thinking, ‘damn, little holes, might have to skip this part.’



    Day ago

    i want a Mark Rebillet ft Zefrank mix !!!

  • Twitching Dead Girl

    Twitching Dead Girl

    Day ago

    Dinsorities: "You know what I love about pupas?... I get older and they stay the same age, heheheh...alright"

  • Just Some Guy without a Style

    Just Some Guy without a Style

    Day ago

    It doesn't matter who you are Men, women, Furrys, Serial Killers, everyone hates Mosquitos 🦟

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    Rock Doc And Little Bird

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    Now how can I order eggs from the big one?

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    Mitzuki C

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  • ZephyrinSkies


    Day ago

    That macro footage is amazing and this was so informative. But I still can get over the urge to set them on fire. Except the elephant mosquito.

  • Inaire Falen

    Inaire Falen

    Day ago

    did i just learn something? :0

  • Erick Christensen

    Erick Christensen

    Day ago

    There ya go, reason why ya can’t kill all mosquitoes since they are pollinators.

  • Femaiden


    Day ago

    3:11 i knida wonder what that is myself. . .the mouth parts look loke an assassin bug

  • William Ashcraft

    William Ashcraft

    Day ago

    Where did Jerry go

  • skyphone1


    Day ago

    5:37 yet they always manage to go right next to my ear and irritate me for 30 minutes until I start hunting it with a shoe at 3 am
    Edit: 10:30 so now your telling me if I just stop breathing all my issues will fly away
    Edit: 10:57 ......fuuuuuc-

  • skyphone1


    Day ago

    Very much appreciated the warning early on about holes. Also wish I listened I dont know why I was an idiot but curiosity got me

  • elftails m

    elftails m

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    I hope he’s not one of those guys who finds every opportunity to make one of his borderline jokes at all the mixed company parties he attends.

  • _ DanielzAGamer _

    _ DanielzAGamer _

    2 days ago

    Funny commentary and pretty entertaining ngl XD u got my sub sir

  • Goblin Cleric

    Goblin Cleric

    2 days ago

    This video and the one on ticks has helped with my phobias. not saying he should do one on roaches but Im more comfortable with images of ticks and mosquitos cuz I hear Zefranks voice in my head saying something silly.

  • Giorgiann Pinzón

    Giorgiann Pinzón

    2 days ago

    I do really respect all the effort and enthusiasm you put into making this. Thank you for all of it, you are awesome and I admire you

  • Good IDia

    Good IDia

    2 days ago

    4:40 heLLO

  • Ota Hime

    Ota Hime

    2 days ago

    So educational yet entertaining!

  • akathesia


    2 days ago

    16:25 mosquito song
    so i dont have to guess again and again where it is every time i wanna listen to it

  • Fella


    2 days ago

    So... I grew up with the Discovery Channel. Back when they did... Discovery stuff. I think Zefrank has replaced - with the help of many qualified type of folk - the entirety of the Discovery Channel at this point. I mean, fuck yeah. It's informative AND funny and I can tell mosquito jokes that no one will ever understand now.

  • Joshua Militar

    Joshua Militar

    2 days ago

    mosquitos BEBEHS

  • EmbleerHomba


    2 days ago

    You bastage. "Koalas in the rain" was catchy enough. Now you want to invade my mind with this mosquito song.

  • Shawna Sams

    Shawna Sams

    2 days ago

    Thx for the warning ⚠️

  • cake fart

    cake fart

    2 days ago

    The creation of mosquitoes are the result of a severe behavioral disorder.

  • galaandding


    2 days ago

    You are a genius:))

  • Tyler Cunningham

    Tyler Cunningham

    2 days ago

    D E M O N
    B A B Y

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    Chris R

    2 days ago

    The large brown one @3:07 looked like a belostomatid

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    G Hill

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    Fantastic!!!! Love it

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    Jon Plaud

    2 days ago

    4:19 I had to stop and catch my breath from laughing so much.

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    2 days ago

    that ending song was PERFECT!

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    Ben Hofsteadter

    2 days ago

    My child is a 2:11

  • Kylie Heckman

    Kylie Heckman

    2 days ago

    Dude I was a research assistant in the lab with the landing mosquitoes, it was so surreal to see that footage in a Zefrank vid.

  • emily gross

    emily gross

    2 days ago

    Do one on the spotted lantern fly!

  • Pink Harlequin

    Pink Harlequin

    2 days ago

    Learning about the mosquito makes me wanna leave the planet.

  • Pink Harlequin

    Pink Harlequin

    2 days ago

    I hate those things with a passion. Next time I see a mosquito I'm gonna take a tweezer and slowly pull it's legs off or rip it's mouth tube out so it can slowly die of starvation. I get a mosquito bite, the red spot will not disappear for months, sometimes a year depending on how much I scratched the f'ing bite. I itched the entire time just watching this. Booo Zefrank! You've crossed the line with this one. 😄

  • Jay J.

    Jay J.

    2 days ago

    I think that all mosquito species that spread human diseases should be eradicated.

  • Koffbee


    2 days ago

    You know how people feed movie scripts to an AI and let them write their own script? I want someone to do that with Zefrank's videos.

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    Scorpius 11

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    How about..... True Facts: The Coronavirus.

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    Sizing on your shirts is awful.
    Unless you're short and fat.

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    fausto gutierrez

    2 days ago

    Is there a way to have those subtitled on spanish?? I want to show it to everyone!

  • Chris M

    Chris M

    2 days ago

    Fun fact, mosquotos are THE most dangerous animal to humans. Killed more humans than anything, including other humans. Its bananas

  • Shawn Anston

    Shawn Anston

    2 days ago

    say baby one more time.

  • Lucky Chance

    Lucky Chance

    2 days ago

    Elephant Mosquito is the exemption

  • Valfalos


    2 days ago

    Actually didn't know Mosquitos pollinate flowers. Maybe we shouldn't exterminate them all after all. :?

  • Gail Rawson

    Gail Rawson

    2 days ago

    Ze, you make me smile.

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    Aurren TV

    2 days ago

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    3 days ago

    Ok I didn't know mosquitoes are pollinators 🙌 they just earned my respect. 💐✌🤎

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    3 days ago

    Awesome as always

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    Lilys On The Moon

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    I …I am being attacked by the mosquito mafia! Please help they are demanding my iron and I’m anemic!

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    Cozad 2112

    3 days ago

    This is a random video suggested to me, but damn the narrator is amazing 🤣. Also damn I didn't know there was so much shite about these stupid bugs. I usually hate random YouTube suggestions, but this video is absolutely amazing 🤣 Thank you for making this.



    3 days ago

    Dragonflies are one of our greatest allies against these disgust creatures.

  • DZ


    3 days ago

    Once I got bitten by mosquito to my mentula and it was the worst sucking I had.

  • Michael Lujan

    Michael Lujan

    3 days ago

    All mosquitoes that feed on people need to be exterminated end of story.

  • Madame Blackimus Prime

    Madame Blackimus Prime

    3 days ago

    4:40 You're welcome.

  • scrappy doo

    scrappy doo

    3 days ago

    That's why you don't ask what something is good for...... you'll end up with a grumpy chicken 🤣
    That's gold 👍

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    scrappy doo

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    scott flynn

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    Absolutely awesome...
    And I laugh my arse off each video. Thanks!

  • K to tha L A

    K to tha L A

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    I didn't see any of the Clinton, Bilderberg, Bezos or other mosquito species on here...? I'm confused.

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    348 Loaded Lever

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    Very entertaining video

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    Lol! He does look like a depressed ghost.
    Also the search history joke got me. I dropped my food when I laughed. Thankfully, it was just grapes. 😂😂

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    seiom jvony

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    mutualism is the most common lol.

  • Wolf


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      seiom jvony

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      Demon BABY 😅

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    AnRa Arting

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    Marc Derix

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  • This is Ajang

    This is Ajang

    3 days ago

    Judging by the length of this video, I think you have a lot of issues with the mosquitoes, Frank lol

  • MiniCat


    3 days ago

    Thank you for teaching about the mosquito! They are a very important part of our ecosystem, being main food sources for fish, birds, bats, frogs, and many important insects!! That's the only thing I wish you had included in the video, their importance in the food chain.

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    Mait Rebane

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