Host Cardi B's Opening Monologue from the 2021 American Music Awards - The American Music Awards

Published on Nov 21, 2021
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Host Cardi B kicks off the 2021 AMAs live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Watch more highlights from 'The 2021 American Music Awards' and Stream Next Day on Hulu.

  • Sister Sam

    Sister Sam

    Minute ago

    Not Ayesha in the background

  • Denver’s Impression

    Denver’s Impression

    2 hours ago

    She speaks & sounds like a drunkard woman on the street😆😆

  • Sidney Egbele

    Sidney Egbele

    4 hours ago

    Has she done this before¿¿¿???

  • Kandie Elise

    Kandie Elise

    4 hours ago

    Cardi came out in full drag 🤣👀🤦‍♀️

  • chanel barbie

    chanel barbie

    5 hours ago

    Totes happy for cardi, BUT OMG AYESHA OMGGGGG I CANT-

  • SPURS210 TX

    SPURS210 TX

    7 hours ago

    They should've got someone else who is sexier

  • SPURS210 TX

    SPURS210 TX

    7 hours ago

    She don't even come up with her own raps

  • Good Vibe

    Good Vibe

    9 hours ago

    Nicki impacts her so badly.

  • Claudinho Alcântara

    Claudinho Alcântara

    11 hours ago

    Uma vibe bem carnavalesca 😂

  • Devan


    15 hours ago


  • Christopher Vries

    Christopher Vries

    15 hours ago

    Help they playing ayesha ero

  • carlos dupree

    carlos dupree

    17 hours ago

    "if you GHETTO and you know it clap your hands"(CLAP CLAP)

  • Tee Tanner

    Tee Tanner

    18 hours ago

    Great Job!!! Hope some people could keep up!!! 💜

  • Vivika Revuru

    Vivika Revuru

    19 hours ago

    anyone searching for Purple Hearts here u go💜

  • Carelys margarita De aza

    Carelys margarita De aza

    22 hours ago

    Ajjajaja OMG🤣🤣 I LOVE HER

  • Im Rainsrapidly🦦🍷....

    Im Rainsrapidly🦦🍷....

    Day ago

    Lmao! I literally just cut my hair in a MULLET 😭

  • Dodi Kh

    Dodi Kh

    Day ago

    Not me looking for Pearson in the yellow dress 👗

  • Adyson Nguyen

    Adyson Nguyen

    Day ago

    I hate Cardi B

  • Couch Princess

    Couch Princess

    Day ago

    Trash. Just more plastic now.

  • Sophia P

    Sophia P

    Day ago

    Nobody else can do what Cardi does what an absolute legend.. She cracks me up so bad.. Love her 😂

  • Shone Collins

    Shone Collins

    Day ago

    I have to admit, at first I was not a fan of her. But she started to grow on me. Now I can’t get enough of her humor. Thanks for the upload.

  • Yvonne Burton

    Yvonne Burton

    Day ago

    The Bronx Best place to vacation🤣🤣

  • atorwbmax


    Day ago

    I'm dyin that she did Oprah YOU GET A CAR, YOU GET A CAR, YOU GET A CAR LOL

  • Tera hay Where’s

    Tera hay Where’s

    Day ago

    Ima vacay the Bronx. But I have to wear bullet proof vest all the time.😂 maddafackka!

  • Danielle F

    Danielle F

    Day ago

    How did Cardi make her hair like thar

  • Ngân trần

    Ngân trần

    Day ago

    Chị ơi em yêu chị. I luv u Cardi B

  • Not Isaiah

    Not Isaiah

    Day ago


  • Tammy White

    Tammy White

    Day ago

    If she never said that she was nervous and sweating, she definitely didn’t look like it at all she looked extremely comfortable, good job Cardi B!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🥰🥰🥰👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Veronica Okomi

    Veronica Okomi

    Day ago

    Her energy to infectious 👏🏾❤🔥

  • Michael Nobles

    Michael Nobles

    Day ago

    “Whatever, whatever I’m givin’ looks!” That outfit was everything!

  • 🐁Swaggy Ellz🐁

    🐁Swaggy Ellz🐁

    Day ago


  • Veronica Cooper

    Veronica Cooper

    Day ago

    She did that

  • Inez M.

    Inez M.

    Day ago

    She was great

  • Ricardo Manoel

    Ricardo Manoel

    2 days ago

    •THE QUEEN!😍

  • T Q

    T Q

    2 days ago

    What was the intro music

  • BMW Jourdan Dunn Goddess!

    BMW Jourdan Dunn Goddess!

    2 days ago

    Me and Cardi B have such the same personality. I love that for us black folks, AMEN!😍 She’s so funny and talented. An IOCN! Y’all I love this black women so much, and glad my Afro Latina brother and sistas have representation! Hopefully we can get a darkskin Afro Latina too, like that one from Brazil! I just wanna say, I love y’all black folks! (Not me getting emotional!)😭❤️

  • Evette Vasquez

    Evette Vasquez

    2 days ago

    We got a beach over there!!! Is it Orchard! 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Creep-P


    2 days ago


  • Daniel Wallas

    Daniel Wallas

    2 days ago

    Man! You gotta love cardi😂 “wasss popping!”

  • M


    2 days ago

    Someone needs to translate for me. I turned on CC but I'm not sure... lol

  • Dimitris Prokopis

    Dimitris Prokopis

    2 days ago

    whats the song

  • Makeupbykriis


    2 days ago

    the fact i barely hear people talk about the fact she walked to AYESHAAAAAAA?!?!?!?!?! WHAT AN ICONNNN 🤑

  • Ria Moreau

    Ria Moreau

    2 days ago

    just makes you laugh,and that's good ,the world need laughter.



    2 days ago

    #diyletscreate and this is why u don’t treat people like your servants. Good things r happen to her bc of her attitude. No matter how big Cardi gets!!!

  • Lickoff


    2 days ago

    Love Cardi

  • Nilwell Est

    Nilwell Est

    2 days ago

    She looks like Trinity K. Bonet here

  • carmine


    2 days ago

    the fact ayesha erotica is being played in the background…

  • Udegbunam Chuks

    Udegbunam Chuks

    2 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Cardi B and Adele remain two celebs I don't necessarily like their music 100% but they crack me up so good.

  • Maisee Lee

    Maisee Lee

    2 days ago

    Sounds like a good preacher stand ovation from cardi

  • Fatima Sartay

    Fatima Sartay

    2 days ago

    omg i fall for her every single time

  • lacsereyace Daie

    lacsereyace Daie

    2 days ago

    I love this unproblematic queen!!!

  • Jxvdxs3


    2 days ago

    1:43 Her facial expressions 😂

  • yana_lu


    2 days ago

    She is weirds 😂

  • Blue Roses & Sapphire♎

    Blue Roses & Sapphire♎

    2 days ago

    I LOVE THIS LOOK!💎🔥 She's so funny!😂
    I love her❤

  • Fillah Ohhe

    Fillah Ohhe

    2 days ago

    Garbage, is them type of wolves in sheep clothing - that's destroying the Western values.

  • Elizabeth McLemore

    Elizabeth McLemore

    2 days ago

    “You get a car! You get a car! You get a car…
    I’m just kidding y’all don’t get nothin.

  • LaManda F

    LaManda F

    2 days ago

    What a natural entertainer love this bitch!!!

  • Carey Holness

    Carey Holness

    2 days ago

    Cardi B gave Energy!!

  • Mathy Messy

    Mathy Messy

    2 days ago


  • Ms. Monique Brown

    Ms. Monique Brown

    2 days ago

    How do you not LOVE Cardi B? How?

  • Aniyia Heard

    Aniyia Heard

    3 days ago

    I have no idea what she said fr

  • Nadia S

    Nadia S

    3 days ago

    She needs a speech therapist or take out those vaneers



    3 days ago

    Don't tell me that she is not the Queen please . Thank you

  • Godwin Dei

    Godwin Dei

    3 days ago

    Ghana to the world forever and always ever no cap.

  • Anna altman

    Anna altman

    3 days ago

    Cardi love you 🥰🥰🥰🥰 your soooo real!!!!! Always making me laugh 😂🤣😂🤣😅 your an amazing person ,very humble, que dios te cuide hermosa!

  • N1K0 ERXTIC44

    N1K0 ERXTIC44

    3 days ago

    este sera el unico acercamiento que tendra ayesha de estar en unos premios

  • Beatrice Marie L. Blanza

    Beatrice Marie L. Blanza

    3 days ago

    I love you my queen Cardi b ❤️😍

  • Yaniv Sommer

    Yaniv Sommer

    3 days ago

    Total mood.

  • Zayena Elam

    Zayena Elam

    3 days ago

    The headgear, outfit, everything! She looks amazing! Go ahead hunnty! Lol

  • Fridah Wanjiku

    Fridah Wanjiku

    3 days ago

    Wow the dressing code is and looks lovely my favourite artist cardi b.....the energy is hot 🔥🥵😍👌😎❤🔥

  • Barbie 🐇

    Barbie 🐇

    3 days ago


  • Vixen Touk

    Vixen Touk

    3 days ago

    queen of rap slayed

  • José Allende

    José Allende

    3 days ago

    My parrot speaks like her...

  • kiwistrwberry82


    3 days ago


  • kiwistrwberry82


    3 days ago


  • marquita Williams

    marquita Williams

    3 days ago

    She so bad .

  • Enigma Nightmare

    Enigma Nightmare

    3 days ago

    Bronx is the place to be y'all!! Omg im dead 😂😂

  • ben arthur

    ben arthur

    3 days ago

    Worst outfit ever!!!

  • Sophia Peters

    Sophia Peters

    3 days ago

    Cardi almost took me out she said the Bronx is the best place to vacation 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Cardi is a whole vibe ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Chrisealiams


    3 days ago

    Not a good host

  • Татьяна Жучкова

    Татьяна Жучкова

    3 days ago

    Cardi обожаю тебя💣💥❤

  • Kevins Biscuits n'Jelly

    Kevins Biscuits n'Jelly

    3 days ago

    No lie I swear! Cardi's voice, tone, talking is what I hear in my head when I see dramatic Emoji's 😲😱😬😨😂😂

  • Nombre


    3 days ago

    No but she look good as hell 😂

  • James Williams

    James Williams

    3 days ago

    She’s like the female hood version of Michael Scott

  • sintawintabinta


    3 days ago


  • sintawintabinta


    3 days ago


  • Moksam V

    Moksam V

    3 days ago

    I barely understand the artists name when she was saying it, lmao 😂😂😂

  • Roxsand Bebbs

    Roxsand Bebbs

    3 days ago

    Loving that dress!!!!🖤

  • tammy p

    tammy p

    3 days ago

    Cardi is a whole mood on steroids times a thousand. A new mathematical formula needs to be created just for her

  • Angela


    4 days ago

    lol I love her



    4 days ago

    The whole thing its Vulgar has nothing todo with the music essence it self
    The era of gridy 💰 money and ratings chasing absolute decadence in the music. Total Joke

  • tamara and hussein tube

    tamara and hussein tube

    4 days ago

    OH MY GOD jojooo siwa

  • E.J. Huggins

    E.J. Huggins

    4 days ago

    Cardi is INCOMPARABLE 🙌🏾

  • Ocean Wavers

    Ocean Wavers

    4 days ago

    The audience seems like they're saying "tf"

  • Ocean Wavers

    Ocean Wavers

    4 days ago

    She did it so ghetto

  • Diva Status

    Diva Status

    4 days ago

    She’s so awesome and cute 🥰

  • Shanice


    4 days ago

    My girl cardi b we are same horoscope and we have the same type of energy and Vybz🥰

  • Perscilla Browne

    Perscilla Browne

    4 days ago

    We love you Cardi B😘