'SHANNON COURTENAY UNPROFESSIONAL; I'll win Commonwealth then FIGHT HER' - Carly Skelly

Published on Oct 16, 2021
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Carly Skelly challenges for the Commonwealth super-bantamweight title, for the second time, next week, and is targeting future fights with the likes of Ebanie Bridges and Shannon Courtenay.

Jamie Mitchell's trainer on Courtenay: usbil.info/free/und_xbmqtaSFfdA/video.html

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    Month ago

    Good luck for the future.

  • Ruthy


    Month ago

    Well said mate x

  • hupra72


    Month ago

    Shanny did the same with Rachel Ball. Came in overweight, got dropped, lost the fight and had a facial expression that said, I've been ripped off. She needs to stick to fighting lollipop ladies. Good on this girl for being honest. Good luck to her in the future.

  • ringspanner


    Month ago

    Carly Skelly, what a breath of fresh air, a great ambassador for the sport. Would love to see her fight EB and knock the spoiled brat out of SC.

  • Keepsafeandsound


    Month ago

    Brilliant interview.

  • jason morgan

    jason morgan

    Month ago

    Used to like Shannon but amazed by her attitude after losing

  • overcorpse


    Month ago

    IFL has a habit of removing videos of other boxers criticizing Courtney. Quite sad really.

  • Ferdinand Badu

    Ferdinand Badu

    Month ago

    4:53 the reason why we are all here 😊

    • silverfox1 silverfox

      silverfox1 silverfox

      Month ago

      👍🏽 Nice one

  • Mystic Editor

    Mystic Editor

    Month ago

    Whoever fights with Shannon I'll be rooting for them

  • Hamdan


    Month ago

    Shannon can fight Savannah next, she can make the super middleweight easily

    • dirk bow

      dirk bow

      Month ago


    • Steven Townley

      Steven Townley

      Month ago

      Seriously 😳……?

  • Ninja's Rose

    Ninja's Rose

    Month ago

    Using being on the blob as an excuse lol maybe if she wasn't knocking out Matchroom show tickets online and was training there wouldn't be a problem. Shannon is the most unlikeable women in Boxing and she brings it all on herself. She's right, it is unprofessional!

    • BBK


      Month ago

      on the blob thats fucking hilarious

  • DAVID Warren

    DAVID Warren

    Month ago

    She is so unprofessional turning up at that weight

  • weltschmerz


    Month ago

    I hope she whoops Pat Butcher

  • Steven Townley

    Steven Townley

    Month ago

    Good to hear an honest interview 👍🏻