Destiny 2: Season of the Lost - Festival of the Lost Trailer [UK]

Published on Oct 12, 2021
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Eva Levante invites you to join a Last City tradition that celebrates the light we find in the darkness. Gather round the campfire with your fellow Guardians, dig into your overflowing bags of candy, and fondly recount the tales of those who were lost but will never be forgotten.

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  • Rocky Balboaa

    Rocky Balboaa

    23 hours ago

    Starlight Shell & silver tercel doesn't drop at all ! They want you to finish these seals but you can't really finish them if nothing drops so hilarious the only thing that drops is garbage blue loot wasting everyone's time again ! Doing the weekly ! & daily & the ascendance challenge , all Bounty's on all characters , didn't reward anything useful ! Or any of the rewards to complete the collection badge , playing this since dreaming city came out done multiple times all missions & many more dreaming city activities , can't complete the dreaming city badge at all. Because of this, Starlight Shell & Silver tercel is not dropping ! Weeks after weeks still haven't seen it . again a title that we can't finish they gonna remove dreaming city when the queen witch comes out . so again they wasting everyone's time & day , really stupid the person who made that badge puts item in that badge that doesn't even drop ! So hilarious !

  • Whiskeynaught


    Month ago

    When you took away the Warlock double dash and changed it to consuming a grenade to do the double dash was enuff, i am deleting the game and unsubscribing from all destiny content and now the people i influence i will t divert them from the game you made an enemy whit all the tactical strike aganst the warlock class this was the last straw,

  • blancaobom


    Month ago

    not worth investing in destination 2 one penny. removed the game history. removed paid content from the game, most activities cannot be performed. needs 3 players or 6 players making it impossible to complete activities. It is not possible to increase the player power level, as it is necessary to perform high level activities and it is mandatory six players or three players, the game does not automatically search for players and alone it is impossible to complete the activities. without activities there are no weapons ,armor and exotic weapons among others, it is not worth investing in the destination 2

  • MuteTV


    Month ago

    Bri'ish edition

  • Noah


    Month ago

    does anyone already know what kind of pulse rifle the Jurassic green is? I would be surprised if I got my ultimate christmas list pulse rifle but Im hoping its an aggressive frame stasis one, cuz if a pulse rifle can get headstone Im officially gonna cry

    • Noah


      Month ago

      @Victor Cartagena unfortunately got the confirmation that its a rapid fire energy. a little pissy as we've gotten 3 energy rapid fires in 2 seasons and only 1 other frame in a crappier version of the messenger

    • Victor Cartagena

      Victor Cartagena

      Month ago

      It looks like an aggressive frame but also a lot like the adaptive frame (the bygones archetype)

  • Srekino


    Month ago

    imma cat ear dance in front of crow in the helm and go afk for hours 🙏

  • C Animations

    C Animations

    Month ago

    Let's just Dudeeeeee gooooooooo spksidjejekeodhfbhrufjfkrr

  • Dave Graham

    Dave Graham

    Month ago

    Is that a SPIDER SPARROW?!

  • Terence Bright

    Terence Bright

    Month ago


  • Charles Masser

    Charles Masser

    Month ago

    Reject cat ear dance
    Convert to dino

  • Javier Miranda Nieto

    Javier Miranda Nieto

    Month ago


  • Mathias Pearce

    Mathias Pearce

    Month ago


  • Bardia Ardakanian

    Bardia Ardakanian

    Month ago

    I legit laughed at the spider sparrow