I bought a ABANDONED laundromat, we found $$$ inside

Published on Oct 9, 2021
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Here's a real quick video about the laundromat I bought that had abandoned machines in it that we discovered were full of money.

If you want to watch the longer more detailed video click here : usbil.info/free/mmKorbR_x4Wkq8Q/video.html

Or consider watching my video about Justin's $300 machine in front of this abandoned place making big $$$: usbil.info/free/lKCa3ct9p3BxYcw/video.html

Investment Joy
  • Chad Kroeger

    Chad Kroeger

    59 minutes ago

    drink the soda

  • Cody cannons

    Cody cannons

    2 hours ago

    They definitely took the money

  • ΛCE


    3 hours ago

    Wow found a jackpot ... 🙄

  • Elizabeth Schreffler

    Elizabeth Schreffler

    3 hours ago

    Every little bit helps..

  • Louis Moffett

    Louis Moffett

    4 hours ago

    Those snack and drink machines are money makers if they still work.

  • Your Mom

    Your Mom

    4 hours ago

    Is that Trippie's laundromat in Chillicothe? Wow

  • PaiCult


    5 hours ago

    Ngl this makes me wanna get a soda machine but I'm afraid of it getting stolen lol

  • Lorenzo Spurlock

    Lorenzo Spurlock

    6 hours ago

    No way this real

  • J T

    J T

    6 hours ago

    Why did the nickels look like quarters

  • Keysha


    7 hours ago

    Let's go Brandon! 🙏💪👊🙌

  • Lusciouzz Gemiinii69

    Lusciouzz Gemiinii69

    8 hours ago

    When you start in the green lol

  • MR Chicken

    MR Chicken

    8 hours ago

    Let’s go Brandon!!

  • Dustmop


    8 hours ago

    Wow it’s practically paying for itself

  • Andrew Sabin

    Andrew Sabin

    9 hours ago

    I bought it for 10 grand and made back barely anything my first day!

  • Hey Dude

    Hey Dude

    9 hours ago

    99 quarters but a bitch ain't one

  • DJSiQRiQ


    10 hours ago


  • Nate Lindberg

    Nate Lindberg

    10 hours ago

    Idk why, but as an investor myself, I dont like u.



    11 hours ago

    Repent of all your sins to ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST

  • Johnathan Bird

    Johnathan Bird

    11 hours ago

    Don't know the workers... But who's not to say they kept at least 20 bucks for beer? 😂

  • Bob Smith

    Bob Smith

    11 hours ago


  • broke_unnie❤️🤧😩


    11 hours ago

    I would make into an arcade 😎

  • Christine Nolan

    Christine Nolan

    11 hours ago


  • Lee Petersson

    Lee Petersson

    12 hours ago

    And on today’s episode of things that didn’t really happen. 😂

  • Aaron Lopez

    Aaron Lopez

    13 hours ago

    Congrats, that's not a bad haul.

  • Still Here

    Still Here

    13 hours ago

    The owners must have been supremely depressed to leave all that behind. If they were evicted, the landowner would have repossessed everything. The pop machine hardly ever belongs to the proprietor, so one wonders what the backstory is.

  • Jathen Lachney

    Jathen Lachney

    14 hours ago

    Screw the money I would judt take the machines

  • Nic Jennings

    Nic Jennings

    14 hours ago

    good crew for lettin ya know



    15 hours ago


  • bowen voowy

    bowen voowy

    16 hours ago

    Your crew def took their cut “bringing it back to the office”

    • Louli Frazier

      Louli Frazier

      6 hours ago

      Why did you just copy and paste another comment?

  • Rlaire Cedfield

    Rlaire Cedfield

    16 hours ago

    Hey, since you own this, can I have it and pay you a mortgage?

  • Quaff


    19 hours ago

    That was half the money

  • Chronic Awareness

    Chronic Awareness

    20 hours ago

    I hate these types of videos

  • Crusaduck


    20 hours ago

    Poor gus

  • Paul G.

    Paul G.

    Day ago

    Mae must have passed away.

  • Jane Best

    Jane Best

    Day ago

    that’s 3 minutes i won’t get back again

    • bowen voowy

      bowen voowy

      16 hours ago

      Man should of taken a Pepsi I heard a few decades makes it’s spruce up

  • Mastashake


    Day ago

    Who cares

  • Nature’s Peace

    Nature’s Peace

    Day ago

    I’m pretty sure it was a lot more before it got to his office 😂💀🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Tonia Vasseur

    Tonia Vasseur

    Day ago

    Is that were Brian laundry is hiding

  • Angelo B

    Angelo B

    Day ago

    Brandon??? Let's Go Brandon!

  • Sasa K

    Sasa K

    Day ago

    I feel like this guy just likes using his money counting devices more than making actual smart investments

  • Brad Harper

    Brad Harper

    Day ago

    Oh I just abt guarantee there was at least double that much there🤣

  • 1983 Toyota AE86 Trueno

    1983 Toyota AE86 Trueno

    Day ago

    Mister crabs would be proud

  • TuckyPlays Local_Tescos

    TuckyPlays Local_Tescos

    Day ago

    The payday gangs laundromat

  • Snake Was Right

    Snake Was Right

    Day ago

    That's how much money was left after they took their cut

  • Kori Moore

    Kori Moore

    Day ago

    If they work for you for free it's slavery!!! you are able to buy abandoned buildings why are you not paying your workers???

  • Gtraz01


    Day ago

    Let’s Go Brandon!

  • Ice King

    Ice King

    Day ago

    Man should of taken a Pepsi
    I heard a few decades makes it’s spruce up

  • DeathWalker420


    Day ago

    I hate bs videos like this

  • Michael Dickens

    Michael Dickens

    Day ago

    Wow your lucky

  • Horizon


    Day ago


  • Cecilia Sanchez

    Cecilia Sanchez

    Day ago

    I’d like to see what you do with the place , like a “before and after” 🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Mr. Martell Sincere

    Mr. Martell Sincere

    Day ago

    Awesome 🤠

  • Robin Scott ll

    Robin Scott ll

    Day ago


  • Derk Dillon

    Derk Dillon

    Day ago

    All cap

  • Victor Arteaga

    Victor Arteaga

    Day ago

    Should of checked the bills could have some valuable ones

  • xavier wilson

    xavier wilson

    Day ago

    I feel like they took sum I would of lol

  • Ndncjfjdu Dhchdjjd

    Ndncjfjdu Dhchdjjd

    Day ago

    Let’s go Brandon

  • Scott Oliver

    Scott Oliver

    Day ago

    You the same one that just posted you Mt dew machine full of money to? Right next to the Abandoned laundry mat Hmmm.

  • Erick Perez

    Erick Perez

    Day ago

    Sure they did !! -_'-

  • DrayKo-Okami Direwytch

    DrayKo-Okami Direwytch

    Day ago

    I find it hard to believe in a money centric society, an owner of a laundromat would suddenly neglect to remove the money from their machines before closing shop. This video is misleading due to lack of context.

  • Zero


    Day ago

    Damn almost made $200 back. But how much was the laundromat?

  • Cynthia Campos

    Cynthia Campos

    Day ago

    Wow that's good happy for you😂😂

  • 𝑀𝑎𝑔𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑎


    Day ago

    You could say that it was _money laundering_

  • TomTom


    Day ago

    He said pop lol

  • stephanie Conner

    stephanie Conner

    Day ago

    Um how many people u know forget money so I call bullshit!! Staged!!

  • peter papadimitriou

    peter papadimitriou

    Day ago

    Lucky you

  • MoviesWithJosh


    Day ago

    I bet they took some money

  • Enzo Gonzalez

    Enzo Gonzalez

    Day ago

    I saw a DIME in those quarters

  • Crisco Morees

    Crisco Morees

    Day ago

    "Aaaand the total is. One sevent".......
    😂 😂

  • Mike Dior

    Mike Dior

    Day ago

    What the hell is “Pop”

  • Muddy Tire Films

    Muddy Tire Films

    Day ago

    Worst explication ever. “They called me and said there was a bunch of money in the machines and I needed to get it, there’s vending machines with pop and I came over here so they took the money to my office”

  • Lee


    Day ago

    How much was the laundromat??

  • Bipedal Hominid

    Bipedal Hominid

    Day ago

    All the bills ended up in their socks

  • Pilatus Anonymus

    Pilatus Anonymus

    Day ago

    I’d love to have that pepsi vending machine

  • colonizemj


    Day ago


  • Anthony Rosario

    Anthony Rosario

    2 days ago

    How much did you buy the laundromat for?

  • Woah, Dude, its me!

    Woah, Dude, its me!

    2 days ago

    An abandoned.*

  • Grayson Conners

    Grayson Conners

    2 days ago


  • Financial Freedom Made Simple

    Financial Freedom Made Simple

    2 days ago

    what a good problem to have "the machines are full of money" lol

  • Larry Reyes

    Larry Reyes

    2 days ago

    Your employees told you about the money when they didn't have to I think something is in order

  • roro Ruhaa alqaisie

    roro Ruhaa alqaisie

    2 days ago

    You're going to be the richest person

  • No One

    No One

    2 days ago

    Lmao they some crazy ass workers

  • Jack Hill

    Jack Hill

    2 days ago

    You lost me at “pop”

  • Spazz Rico

    Spazz Rico

    2 days ago

    I didn’t know u from Chillicothe 😂😂

  • LaLadybug2011


    2 days ago

    And if you take the fronts and backs off the dryers, you'll find more paper money. You can do this to your home washer and dryer. Especially if you are going to sell or give them away. There are YouTube videos to show you how to do it. It's unreal!

  • The Reptilian Brazilian

    The Reptilian Brazilian

    2 days ago

    So anyone could of went in and got money?

  • KId


    2 days ago

    The fact that he cut the clip when he was showing the money at 69

  • AK Seraph

    AK Seraph

    2 days ago

    I dont want to watch these stupid videos y am i getting them recommended to me

  • Jabber Wocky1776

    Jabber Wocky1776

    2 days ago

    Let's Go Brandon

  • ACE _

    ACE _

    2 days ago

    Say money one more time

  • The BIGOMN

    The BIGOMN

    2 days ago


  • Patrema Gilbert

    Patrema Gilbert

    2 days ago


  • Chris Emilio

    Chris Emilio

    2 days ago

    They stole some of your money for sure lmao

  • Shock_Solo


    2 days ago

    This guy just likes using bill and coin counter and recording it, no way any cheap a** laundromat owner leaves anything behind, they would have took the soda to smh

  • William Bennett

    William Bennett

    2 days ago

    Hope you checked them coins

  • Katelyn Brown

    Katelyn Brown

    2 days ago

    That's cool. Save the abandoned sodas. People's collect them.

  • Non-masturbating Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Non-masturbating Tyrannosaurus Rex

    2 days ago

    People actually think this is real

  • C M

    C M

    2 days ago

    Not it wasn’t