Great Idea 💡

Published on Oct 12, 2021
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  • kds471


    Hour ago

    Maybe learn how to spot screws better first.

  • Wolf Note

    Wolf Note

    2 hours ago

    Uh they make a 5 in one painters tool

  • Luar D'Andrea

    Luar D'Andrea

    2 hours ago

    Or you know, just use a screw driver

  • Andrew


    2 hours ago

    This is actually a really good idea for when you are on the job with multiple people trying to get it done quick and doing this type of work over and over. All the sarcastic kids like USE A SCREWDRIVER...yeah just swap tools everytime a screw isnt quite flush hundreds of times a week.

    • kds471


      Hour ago

      Usually it’s just a few in the whole house. If you have hundreds a week you should be going over all the boards with a screw gun before spotting them.

  • Phillip Meche

    Phillip Meche

    3 hours ago

    There’s screw drivers behind the vice but this dude decided to do this

  • Benjamen p

    Benjamen p

    3 hours ago

    Most blades have a metal butt, just whack the screw. 😳



    4 hours ago


  • David Gilbert

    David Gilbert

    4 hours ago

    Can someone explain to me how this is a great idea? I mean maybe? If you have no legs or too fat to go grab yourself a screwdriver...

  • jérôme laperle

    jérôme laperle

    4 hours ago




    4 hours ago

    *Or, u could have used the stanley screwdriver behind u....*
    Just saying

  • Ryan Sweeney

    Ryan Sweeney

    5 hours ago

    Just grab a screw driver

  • RealEst8_Dreams


    5 hours ago

    Ig the screwdrivers in the back are for decoration?

  • Troy Moore

    Troy Moore

    5 hours ago

    Now.take some lessons on how to plaster.

  • CGuy


    5 hours ago

    Well I'm guessing the screws where the least of his problems....real carpenters and drywallers will know what I mean.
    Like if you know!

  • Justin Hartman

    Justin Hartman

    5 hours ago

    Can you imagine wasting the time and ruining tools just to still suck at filling screw holes?

  • Rx Nugs

    Rx Nugs

    5 hours ago

    Pretty sure a #2 bit will run you more than a 5 pack of screwdrivers at harbor freight

  • Garrett Watson

    Garrett Watson

    5 hours ago

    This is fucking stupid. Why do I melt my brain with this shit content?

  • Home Mycology

    Home Mycology

    6 hours ago

    Why not.just use the screwdriver

  • Honda e Owner Reviews

    Honda e Owner Reviews

    6 hours ago

    Why so many likes though

  • Oscar JR

    Oscar JR

    6 hours ago

    Tell me you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing without actually telling me.

  • Baldur Titan

    Baldur Titan

    7 hours ago

    Man, if only things that put screwed screws further were to actually exist... hmmm

  • gg


    7 hours ago

    If only there were a tool that could drive screws

  • Thatoneguy22


    8 hours ago

    All these dumb fuckin videos on how to make unneeded useless shit has made me lose all faith in humanity!! We are doomed just remember these “content creators” are the future….

  • Dan Teri

    Dan Teri

    8 hours ago

    Make a couple more swipes at it bud

  • Josh M

    Josh M

    8 hours ago

    So he used a drill to make something that a drill can be used to do. And that's a life hack. Dear baby Jesus what has this world come to. Fyi many drill bits cost more money then a house hold screwdriver

  • Tim Marmontelo

    Tim Marmontelo

    8 hours ago

    Umm why

  • Awnra


    8 hours ago

    If you countersink the screw before you plaster, you wouldn't need to do double the work..

  • LeFauve


    8 hours ago

    What a wonderful troll, I hope.

  • LtD


    8 hours ago

    They make drywall screw setters... they work great

  • Jack Walsh

    Jack Walsh

    9 hours ago

    Come over here and finish your job.

  • Thunder Wolf

    Thunder Wolf

    9 hours ago

    I took a shit that was smarter than this jackass

  • Trevor & Chelsea Scott

    Trevor & Chelsea Scott

    9 hours ago

    They make a whole line of spackle blades with these already built in . . . Buy the right tool next time

  • Derbyginge


    9 hours ago

    Get kahbe lame

  • Matthew Stultz

    Matthew Stultz

    9 hours ago

    They make a tool for that exact reason costs only 3.99 at Home Depot 😂😂

  • Diego Goncalves De Sousa

    Diego Goncalves De Sousa

    9 hours ago


  • Popkornikus


    9 hours ago

    Тут пора уже в мегаляхи переходить

  • Mr. Cruz

    Mr. Cruz

    9 hours ago

    What is this....

  • David Lakin

    David Lakin

    10 hours ago

    Why?.............. WHY!!??? WWWWHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

  • Just a German passing by.

    Just a German passing by.

    10 hours ago

    Watch me put screws in the wall with a star shape

  • Tasu BeatZ

    Tasu BeatZ

    10 hours ago


  • Sawyer Northrop

    Sawyer Northrop

    10 hours ago

    I call this one the "landlord special"



    10 hours ago

    Did you do all those 16 extra wipes at the end for theatrics or………

  • Bruce Thomas Wayne

    Bruce Thomas Wayne

    11 hours ago

    Bro, you have screwdrivers right there. Use them.

  • Polygon Death

    Polygon Death

    11 hours ago

    If only there were a tool that could remove screws from a wall. Oh shit I just remembered, screwdrivers exist.

  • john reurink

    john reurink

    11 hours ago

    Um why not just use a screwdriver

  • ugly mcfatty

    ugly mcfatty

    12 hours ago

    What the actual fuck 😂

  • Spudgun42


    12 hours ago

    Can’t cover em? Leave em! Not your job!

    • Spudgun42


      12 hours ago

      Or just smack a dirty great hole in the wall where it is and slop over it

  • kim andersen

    kim andersen

    12 hours ago

    Call the drywaller a get your money back

  • That Cat

    That Cat

    12 hours ago

    smooth brain

  • Александр Деревянко

    Александр Деревянко

    12 hours ago

    С ума сойти

  • Sulleyboo0


    12 hours ago

    Just use a screwdriver you spastic

  • Inkwyvern


    13 hours ago

    That's a really pointless idea, goddamn

  • Кузьма Кузьмович

    Кузьма Кузьмович

    13 hours ago

    Лауреат "шнобелевской премии" )))

  • _BlackMagicRus_


    13 hours ago

    250 полуляхов из 250

  • Jonathan


    13 hours ago

    Do they make these vids Bc they really think they can help people or are they just trying to pissed us off

  • inter- vals_

    inter- vals_

    13 hours ago

    This is very impractical. Have a good day

  • Richard Beddoes

    Richard Beddoes

    13 hours ago

    Stupidest fucking thing I have ever seen.

  • Jaram Bake

    Jaram Bake

    14 hours ago


  • yamabushi170


    14 hours ago

    If only he had an electric drill which can take that screwdriver bit. Wait...

  • Venom Gaming

    Venom Gaming

    14 hours ago


  • Jonathan Jadotte

    Jonathan Jadotte

    14 hours ago

    People are dum I'ma leave it as that

  • Ivan Padilla

    Ivan Padilla

    15 hours ago

    That work still looks like shit

  • Poohbear Pacino

    Poohbear Pacino

    15 hours ago

    All those damn screwdrivers back there and you decided to make one?👀 somebody call KHABE LAME

  • Matt


    15 hours ago

    Looks like shit 👍

  • Graze you so funny

    Graze you so funny

    16 hours ago

    I geuss screwdrivers don't exist anymore 😳

  • T Hixson

    T Hixson

    16 hours ago

    These tool shorts are seldom made by those who use them.

  • Brian


    16 hours ago

    At this point, I'm pretty sure you're just doing this for engagement in the comments section. Kudos to you and your clever business tactic.

  • Rodrigo dsousa

    Rodrigo dsousa

    17 hours ago

    O cara tem uma parafusadeira pq ele furou o cabo da outra ferramenta?

  • Baby


    17 hours ago

    Ohmygod. Thank god someone finally addressed this problem. I never understood what to do in a situation like this. Such an innovative tool

  • Scout Trooper 1177

    Scout Trooper 1177

    17 hours ago

    Dude STOP wasting time money and products. They have this wonderful invention called a screw driver or even a impact gun. You can easaly fit the scre driver in your pocket and not destroy a perfectly good taping knife

  • ✝️Crazy Scotsman loves irn bru🈵

    ✝️Crazy Scotsman loves irn bru🈵

    19 hours ago

    Maybe just use the screwdrivers in the back round

  • Jeff Franklin

    Jeff Franklin

    19 hours ago

    Wow.........impressive. That's definitely not a waste of time and energy....and a Philips bit. Make sure you patent your invention. Everyone will need this.......... 🤔

  • Bo


    19 hours ago

    You can see the fucking screw driver in the background....

  • Bo


    19 hours ago

    Why are you this way?

  • DrewMania


    20 hours ago

    Troll video

  • Liam Gribbin

    Liam Gribbin

    22 hours ago


  • Sk1p_SG


    23 hours ago

    Остановите Землю, я выйду!

  • Josh Sed What

    Josh Sed What

    Day ago

    smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Skinny_Pingus


    Day ago

    How did he get those screws in there to begin with

  • john clark

    john clark

    Day ago

    Are you kidding me?

  • Henry Jones

    Henry Jones

    Day ago

    Hello Khaby...

  • GarchaFPV


    Day ago

    Retarded idea. Should be the title of this video. Because ummm 🤔🤔🤔🤔 it is 🤔 a retarded idea.

  • Rolly Alcantara

    Rolly Alcantara

    Day ago

    I’m not sure what I had just watched.

  • Sir ButterButter

    Sir ButterButter

    Day ago

    Oooooooor just own a screw driver so you dont have to damage what looks like a good scraper

  • Barbatio


    Day ago

    Or you know, what's a screwdriver

  • 3rd None

    3rd None

    Day ago

    Barley covered the holes..

  • Gaius Julius Caesar

    Gaius Julius Caesar

    Day ago

    Impact driver tips are more expensive than screwdrivers. Why would anyone do this?

  • Maximus


    Day ago


  • BCHN1


    Day ago

    No way that bit doesn't spin.
    If only there was a tool that would drive screws into a wall.
    And that's not how you patch a hole.

  • 863 jhit

    863 jhit

    Day ago

    Dude you can use the back of the blade like how my dad does it

  • You know my name.

    You know my name.

    Day ago

    ....come on, man.

  • You know my name.

    You know my name.

    Day ago

    ....come on, man.

  • Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    Day ago

    This is stupid. It looks like he has about five screwdrivers on his workbench. Maybe invest in a toolbelt instead, where you can hold different tools.

  • Yeyo Wild

    Yeyo Wild

    Day ago

    So Stupid idea.

  • Ricardo Cortez

    Ricardo Cortez

    Day ago

    K pendejo