Savannah Marshall vs Lolita Muzeya WEIGH-IN | Sky Sports Boxing

Published on Oct 15, 2021
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The Newcastle weigh-in for Savannah Marshall vs Lolita Muzeya, as a local favourite defends her WBO middleweight title.

Marshall interview:

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  • Black Magick Genetics

    Black Magick Genetics

    Month ago

    My God, That looks like Clarissa Shields Jr 👀..Where do they go to find all these ugly women?

    • Awsedrfyhujol Wwsedrftgyjujikol

      Awsedrfyhujol Wwsedrftgyjujikol

      Month ago

      What a pathetic person you are. Why do you feel the need act like this ??

    • John shipanuka

      John shipanuka

      Month ago

      Black magick you must be crazy! There is no ugly human being in GOD'S own creation. You are a bad person. GO.... Girls go! You are both beautiful.

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    Month ago


  • Jane Johnson

    Jane Johnson

    Month ago

    Good MC!.........NOT!