I Spent 100 Days Hunting in Hardcore Minecraft… This is what happened

Published on Nov 21, 2021
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Inspired By Luke TheNotable:

Edited by Wisefish:

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I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened

Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days

Forge Labs

Edited By WiseFish:

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Forge Labs
  • Justine Waldman

    Justine Waldman

    Hour ago

    Good game

  • Ronnie Sijher

    Ronnie Sijher

    Hour ago

    This guy should narrate his own movie

  • Shae's Ghost *BOO*

    Shae's Ghost *BOO*

    5 hours ago

    LMAO. You crack me up. Anyone else love when he says he's about to win and knows he's going to die?🤣
    Also, hollow victory when you had to recruit help. 😂

  • Moronic Pumpkin Location

    Moronic Pumpkin Location

    5 hours ago

    hearing “my mans” once every 30 seconds is this channel summarized

  • Comrade Alpaca

    Comrade Alpaca

    5 hours ago

    Keep the river monster jokes coming, I love them.

  • Gia Thành Ông Nguyễn

    Gia Thành Ông Nguyễn

    17 hours ago

    ngl he should use his shield more often

  • Dokuzen-Teki


    22 hours ago

    15:46 he made a cestus. The Ancient Romans used these in gladitorial events. They are basically the equivilant of modern boxing gloves, but they were packed with leather strips, iron plates, and even sometimes spikes and blades.

  • jesus juice

    jesus juice

    22 hours ago

    this is so much more interesting than trying to kill someone before they the enderdragon

  • Mr Gaming

    Mr Gaming

    22 hours ago

    bro im dead lmao
    "this is going to be a short video"
    Me: *Looks and sees 50 minutes*

  • Kings Kingdom👑

    Kings Kingdom👑

    Day ago

    ForgeLabs : My mans hows it go- *gets cut off* again ForgeLabs : today we are hunting kim K

  • Erick Falcon

    Erick Falcon

    Day ago

    there was an un-skippable ad with coi leray playing and i HAD to dislike i apologize.

  • Rahmah Alrawi

    Rahmah Alrawi

    Day ago

    “My mans how’s it go- *im hunting Tim* “

  • GobberGamez


    Day ago

    Sean: Loses

  • Sergejs Niedra

    Sergejs Niedra

    Day ago

    Make 100 days with 6 of my fans but not me I don't have Minecraft.

  • Mingebrigtsen7


    Day ago


  • Janzen bein German

    Janzen bein German

    Day ago

    Him:"My mans hows it g- i kim i am hunting this man down ok"
    Me:reversing thinking i skipped*
    Also me:Realizing*
    Me again:did i just get tricked?

  • JayFox87


    Day ago

    I love how his mic picks up his breathing, kills me every time!

  • esme davids

    esme davids

    Day ago


  • Aryan Kaviya

    Aryan Kaviya

    Day ago

    Make a video on 100 days river monster

  • Soratron


    Day ago

    keep the river monsters, i love that series :)

  • Ricardo Baeta

    Ricardo Baeta

    Day ago

    Does anyone know the mods he used?

  • Eric Lee

    Eric Lee

    Day ago

    the start was a bit weird

  • Unnamed Channel

    Unnamed Channel

    Day ago


  • Spooky


    Day ago

    The intro X'D
    My mans hows it g-

  • Carlos Portillo

    Carlos Portillo

    Day ago

    Like geralt always said “this world needs a professional “

  • SC Vyv

    SC Vyv

    Day ago

    The medieval lancer on a horse that’s throws dinmite

  • Theres Leo

    Theres Leo

    Day ago

    What is your mic

  • Nomadx83


    2 days ago

    You will do this in reverse him hunting you ? Can be nice to see !

  • gery colt

    gery colt

    2 days ago

    Your ghost skin hunting a guy looks like the tripple k guys

  • Mista NoName

    Mista NoName

    2 days ago

    Love the river monsters joke everytime 👾

  • Charlie Fulks

    Charlie Fulks

    2 days ago

    do a river monsters 100 days

  • Michael Mard

    Michael Mard

    2 days ago

    dont ever stop making rivier monters jokes! my man jeremy wade ou there catchin river mosters. please do a river monsters game video

  • Damian Kohut

    Damian Kohut

    2 days ago

    are you shawn mendes

  • Bryan with a y

    Bryan with a y

    2 days ago

    "gathering resources don't even worry about that"
    *grass block in hotbar* 👁️👄👁️

  • Erl Kathleen Marie Antimano

    Erl Kathleen Marie Antimano

    2 days ago

    *a short video*
    the video: 53:25

  • Vortex77


    2 days ago

    I see he finnaly got to tnt trap plan. No pressure plate or trip wire and only 1 block.


  • Ianeitor:D


    2 days ago

    alternate tittle: i spent a 100 days hunting down unsorted guy then a recruited a hunter so he hunts my prey xD (no hate just saying)

  • Bmorecrafty


    2 days ago

    Is there like a mod pack with all the gameplay mods + visual mods???

  • White Blaze

    White Blaze

    2 days ago

    was watching your dude's video. he left the pressure plate behind on day 9.

  • White Blaze

    White Blaze

    2 days ago

    You wanna talk river monsters? Lets get ya into a world with ice and fire dragons mod, Lycanites mobs, AND improved mob AI.
    Then it won't be a joke anymore, because then the river monsters will be real! XD

  • shadow sniper921

    shadow sniper921

    2 days ago

    Why dont you wait till you get a full diamond armor and full diamong tools and wepons

  • ChickRen Roasts

    ChickRen Roasts

    2 days ago

    Lmao forgelabs said river monsters in a video once again 😂😂

  • A guy who is everywhere.

    A guy who is everywhere.

    2 days ago

    How about 1,000 days?

  • Olex


    2 days ago

    “I was starting to crave big meat” - Sean 2021

  • Demonic


    2 days ago

    Uee right this video is gonna be short like its almost 1 HOUR!!!

  • Stevebomer


    3 days ago

    It’s the mans

  • Revelations Official

    Revelations Official

    3 days ago

    14:54 “the horsemen are drawing nearer!!! On leather steeds they ride! They’ve come to take your life!!!” If y’all listen to metal music you’ll know this reference

  • Anthony Thursby

    Anthony Thursby

    3 days ago

    What are the mods used?



    3 days ago

    KIM-JONG-UN !!!!!!!!

  • Catlin Kerswell

    Catlin Kerswell

    3 days ago

    dude jeremy wade and river monsters is awesome, i love it, you rock man keep up the awesome work. your videos are top tier goodness ^_^

  • M. I.

    M. I.

    3 days ago

    41:25 oof uhhhhh yeah well that’s what you see that’s what you see when they forget to cut bits out of the video.😂😂😂😂

  • M. I.

    M. I.

    3 days ago

    5:30 ha that rhymed 😂😂😂

  • Not Noah

    Not Noah

    3 days ago

    “This video is gonna be so short”
    -looks down to see an hour long video

  • Hani Hamo

    Hani Hamo

    3 days ago

    ahh yes very short vid ...... 53 mins

  • Rahul Singh

    Rahul Singh

    3 days ago


  • Cjp


    3 days ago

    River monsters is the best !!!! ❤️

  • Keyondre Athaullah

    Keyondre Athaullah

    3 days ago

    Sean win as hunter with a help, and then Kim win as hunter with respawn every 1 day

  • Ryan Planck

    Ryan Planck

    3 days ago

    please keep talking about river monsters please play the game or make a mod in minecraft, and please go ice fishing

  • John Watt

    John Watt

    3 days ago

    PLEASE make a video on river monsters the video game!!!

  • 荼毘


    3 days ago

    My mans, I know you did not just make your character white as a ghost to try and scare a mans. I am DYING over here that's so funny

  • John Fernandez

    John Fernandez

    3 days ago

    Sean you should arrange your items in Minecraft to avoid oofing alot

  • robloxboysage.


    3 days ago


  • OPGhost X

    OPGhost X

    4 days ago

    Starting to crave big meat?

  • Bolushi


    4 days ago

    *Casually walks past a life and death struggle between a hyena and a snake* 40:25 - 40:29

  • Skip's Stars

    Skip's Stars

    4 days ago

    Intro: Lemme tell you this is sonna be a short video
    Video Length: 52:25
    Me: *_X to doubt_*

  • Liz Kepple

    Liz Kepple

    4 days ago

    I love the river monsters references

  • Liz Kepple

    Liz Kepple

    4 days ago

    I fucking love the river monsters references

  • Labert


    4 days ago

    I don't care 100 days in blah blah blah i'm just want to watch my man playing minecraft survivals

  • jack smyth

    jack smyth

    4 days ago

    How do you get this version of mine craft ?!

  • Jesse Adams

    Jesse Adams

    4 days ago

    This is Dr Doofenshmirtz energy

  • Ar2OO


    4 days ago

    9:39 “snipings a good job mate”

  • nel zarita jalbuena

    nel zarita jalbuena

    4 days ago

    this video doesn't seem fair for unsorted guy

  • Def2 Playz

    Def2 Playz

    4 days ago

    Ma man.

  • Filip SKR

    Filip SKR

    4 days ago

    I love river monsters🥰

  • Username Is Avalible

    Username Is Avalible

    4 days ago

    Every time my man's say "full proof plan" you know the plan did not work....

  • CasticDigital


    4 days ago

    oh my gosh why do you talk like that, its like your saying a single sentence for an hour straight

  • Yiming Chen

    Yiming Chen

    4 days ago

    Who else loves these 100 Days videos? 🤔

  • MastaMattrix


    4 days ago

    RIVER MONSTERS GANG! Such a great show.

  • Emma Bechand

    Emma Bechand

    4 days ago

    You can use left control to go faster lol!

  • Sabergon


    4 days ago

    My god he picked the slowest horse

  • Darkdabber24


    5 days ago

    That cut at the start of the video 🤣

  • JayCup


    5 days ago

    Come on my mans, I was supporting you but you brought in another person while he killed you himself /:

  • Herobrine


    5 days ago

    Damm Kim

  • ThisTuna Games

    ThisTuna Games

    5 days ago

    never enough river monsters, give us more

  • Blufullmun


    5 days ago


  • bsnook981


    5 days ago

    No comments on how he just brings in another person. I probably would have been irritated if the rules got changed on me like that.

  • Bob White

    Bob White

    5 days ago

    If you stutter one more time I’m going to lose it

  • Renata Hernandez

    Renata Hernandez

    5 days ago

    Where da man go?

  • DJ P

    DJ P

    5 days ago

    me seeing all the shows i dont got ;-;

  • Richyy!꼬링크


    5 days ago

    Wow, I ya- can't believe any of this. I can't believ- ya- dwjargh-... I dunno- – okay gonna write that under his comment section.

  • Sinon.


    5 days ago

    Where do I find the texture packs he's using

  • You're Wrong

    You're Wrong

    5 days ago

    Sean, unless Kim uses shaders too, for videos where you need to be aware of your surrounding, see the enemy on time n react accordingly, try to not use shaders. I think I can speak in the name of most of us, it wouldn't bother us so much. I'd make it a fair fight for you because shaders really do darken objects and make them much harder to see. The added reflection isn't something that helps you either. If the opponent doesn't use it, you're at a disadvantage before you even start. Much love my man.

  • Arctic


    5 days ago

    Ayo can someone tell me what mods those are.

  • Dylon jenkins

    Dylon jenkins

    5 days ago

    Personaly i watched alot of river monsters as a kid.Im not tired of those jokes

    • Nick H

      Nick H

      5 days ago

      wat is that susy link?

  • Marcus Acosta

    Marcus Acosta

    5 days ago

    "Like my man Jer- no"

  • Xhanisaloser


    5 days ago

    “I survived 100 days with river monsters”

  • Lou Sniper

    Lou Sniper

    5 days ago

    I was gonna say he should make a manhunt featuring dream but the video would only last 2-3 min 🤣🤣 I’m joking my mans I love you bro

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    5 days ago

    Sean: "I telling you know, this is going to be a short video" Me: looks at the video length... "Yeah no... I don't think so"

  • Fernando Aviles

    Fernando Aviles

    5 days ago

    Kim won, don't cap

  • Karl Marx

    Karl Marx

    5 days ago

    More River Monsters jokes