CAR COOKING: Max vs. Baconator (sleepover at Wendy's)

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CAR COOKING: Max vs. Baconator (sleepover at Wendy's)

A head to head battle with Wendy’s, taking on the iconic Baconator.

I left that parking lot with a lot less money than what I started with…

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Sophia Greb

Max the Meat Guy
Max the Meat Guy
  • Jojo Humphrey

    Jojo Humphrey

    2 days ago

    You have 1 mil subs and you say your not really famous

  • Alexander Stamper

    Alexander Stamper

    6 days ago

    He’s famous enough for me

  • ꧁BT꧂ Faxir

    ꧁BT꧂ Faxir

    6 days ago

    Not really what do you mean you have 900k subs

  • 0kashl3y


    8 days ago

    You totally are famous. I've seen you everywhere but I love that you're very humble about it. "No. Not really" lmao yes u r.

  • Zeek


    10 days ago

    Lol imagine doing this in a not so good area and going out to check the pork belly to find a bunch of hobos huddled up snackin and staying warm I wouldn’t be mad besides the fact they didn’t ask lol

  • Adrian Miranda

    Adrian Miranda

    13 days ago

    Subscribe to his channel he's almost at 1m

  • V


    13 days ago

    I LOVE your channel bro!

  • Lu1


    13 days ago

    Never seen one of ur videos, keep up the good content bro

  • Curtis McGhee Jr.

    Curtis McGhee Jr.

    15 days ago

    Amazing video!

  • Landon Lorenzo

    Landon Lorenzo

    15 days ago

    Your a good dude👍🏻 I bet that made their day a hell of a lot better. I tipped the window worker at Taco Bell not long ago..

  • Blamb 15

    Blamb 15

    17 days ago

    Your the man dude 💯🔥

  • brendan


    18 days ago

    U the best

  • Ali Alqahtani

    Ali Alqahtani

    19 days ago

    More stay over night videos plz max

  • Codie Fitzsimmons-marsters

    Codie Fitzsimmons-marsters

    21 day ago

    Do more please i love these videos , I think no one can beat Mac Donald's cheese burger pattie

  • Price Medlin

    Price Medlin

    23 days ago

    The sheer dedication damn

  • Dalton Hanes

    Dalton Hanes

    23 days ago

    Try the jamocha shake from Arby's that's the best fast food dessert!!!

  • [RbZ360]


    25 days ago

    This content is too underrated. Max. Been watching you for a long time and I'm guilty for not hitting the like button. You're awesome dude.

  • Joshua Pratama Siregar 1513055

    Joshua Pratama Siregar 1513055

    25 days ago

    Yummy and you make me want tO eat

  • NuquieandJanneh Beedoe

    NuquieandJanneh Beedoe

    26 days ago

    You try frying steak 🥩

  • Orion Ryder

    Orion Ryder

    26 days ago

    This guy is a legend he is using osmo salt

  • Pamela Fierro Furman

    Pamela Fierro Furman

    28 days ago

    Such a good dude

  • Rabidanti


    29 days ago

    Imagine some stole his ribs 😩

  • *karubiel*


    29 days ago

    The dedication in this video just amazes me

  • Linkook


    29 days ago

    I’m surprised he doesn’t put flakey salt on his toothbrush

  • A Lit Grandpa

    A Lit Grandpa

    Month ago

    I want try this guy’s food so bad

  • Vortex II

    Vortex II

    Month ago

    Are you an alcoholic? Don't wanna be mean

  • barbarianbijuu


    Month ago

    Is that Lincoln Street in Worcester mass? Because Im 95% sure I recognize that parking lot lol

  • Lennert 2803

    Lennert 2803

    Month ago

    Truck 40,269 😳

  • ruben da costa

    ruben da costa

    Month ago

    U famous
    'Not really'

  • number3


    Month ago

    Bro this is goated content

    • Max the Meat Guy

      Max the Meat Guy

      Month ago

      Ayy thank you!

  • Dane Carrothers

    Dane Carrothers

    Month ago

    I'm surprised Noone else got worried when he pulled out a cucumber talking about his "new nightly routine"

  • Old School Muscule

    Old School Muscule

    Month ago

    Can u cook for me, ur food looks so good, u should open up a restaurant tbh😍😋👌

  • Interesting Person

    Interesting Person

    Month ago

    Max sounds like a movie trailer guy when he says "low and slow"

  • Carl Dagger

    Carl Dagger

    Month ago

    Anyone else hoping he would cook his own beef as well?

  • Death to morons

    Death to morons

    Month ago

    I subscribed your Channel.

  • WMarshallFan


    Month ago

    I hope Wendy's police don't caught you doing that, lol.

  • frank vo

    frank vo

    Month ago

    That was nice

  • Simon Ajack

    Simon Ajack

    Month ago

    Very good amount of bacon looks good

  • Fonseca Taliaferro

    Fonseca Taliaferro

    Month ago

    This is like an High school player going around middle schools and challenging them like it’s something impressive.

  • Krazy Scheiß

    Krazy Scheiß

    Month ago

    Luv ur content

  • Steve Jones

    Steve Jones

    Month ago

    I think the BLT was the best part of the video lol. Good stuff though man, this is pure dedication

  • levi margera

    levi margera

    Month ago

    Who the fuck would say no.

  • GM


    Month ago

    Yea he kept that money

  • Daevion


    Month ago

    My man's not called "MaxTheMeatGuy" for nothing, even his phones lock screen is MEAT

  • Barak Hernandez

    Barak Hernandez

    Month ago

    If you have a rally’s/checkers near you, I’d be interested in your take of a baconzilla

  • Prosper Sikhwari

    Prosper Sikhwari

    Month ago

    I liked the long video but I don’t think you sleeping over at the parking adds a lot, doesn’t seem like a wise choice for one’s health.

  • Chris Gutierrez

    Chris Gutierrez

    Month ago

    Love these videos pls make more 🥺

  • Dylan Baisley

    Dylan Baisley

    Month ago

    I got scared when he was going to sleep and pulled out the cucumber

  • youtube labeled me a predator

    youtube labeled me a predator

    Month ago

    Hi Maxxypooh

  • Another Dude

    Another Dude

    Month ago

    I have a question that ive been wondering about

  • Blue Neko91

    Blue Neko91

    Month ago

    “Are you famous ?”
    Max: not really
    Over 800 thousand people:

  • unknown?


    Month ago

    Omg that looks bomb

  • LegendsNeverDie


    Month ago

    This makes me mad lmao. Like you actually cannot think that fast food will be better than this right?

  • lmaoitsjeff


    Month ago

    Please do more of these theyre great

  • Tuqueque


    Month ago

    Imagine loosing 1k to Wendy

  • Daniel Ramos

    Daniel Ramos

    Month ago

    Lol what if someone str8 up took the thing when you was sleepin lol

  • Diver_todo


    Month ago

    Ay Love You

  • Baguiwan, Karel mae B.

    Baguiwan, Karel mae B.

    Month ago

    Why eat too much meat😪animal cruelty

  • Miku Chua

    Miku Chua

    Month ago

    You should try the peach mango pie from jollibee.

  • 15jbenson


    Month ago

    Frosty? Amazing. 😂😂

  • lmaoApollo


    Month ago

    I’d be down to try a random guy’s meat in a parking lot😋🤩

  • MrSnoopyxxx12


    Month ago

    This is fire

  • Kirito's Intern

    Kirito's Intern

    Month ago

    Just date Lisa already lol

  • Pidim's MMPR 3245

    Pidim's MMPR 3245

    Month ago

    Max the meat guy is amazing

  • Nikaia Ashby

    Nikaia Ashby

    Month ago

    "No one wanted to try the random guys meat in the parking lot "🤣

  • Brendorkus Aviation

    Brendorkus Aviation

    Month ago

    Imagine that guy just pocketed the money

  • Megagamer 52

    Megagamer 52

    Month ago

    Lmao why's no one talking about that clip at the end

  • lil drummerboy

    lil drummerboy

    Month ago

    bro max is such a good guy. respect

  • lil drummerboy

    lil drummerboy

    Month ago


    • Max the Meat Guy

      Max the Meat Guy

      Month ago

      USbil studio!!

  • Plaines_LV


    Month ago

    More people should appreciate ur content, you put a lot of effort into them.
    But that comment in the parking lot-

  • Eggybread


    Month ago

    'The steaks are a lot higher than usual'

  • SavageXGhost


    Month ago

    should be easy. baconator is trash

  • Sam Fulham

    Sam Fulham

    Month ago

    Great video love the sleep overs keep it up

  • WockFrmCrossWestern 6971

    WockFrmCrossWestern 6971

    Month ago

    Can we please get longer videos like this brokay.

  • WockFrmCrossWestern 6971

    WockFrmCrossWestern 6971

    Month ago

    Are you famous?

  • balenziaga killer

    balenziaga killer

    Month ago

    Almost 900k subs and still so humble

  • Oskar 464

    Oskar 464

    Month ago

    I love your longer style content, you proved yourself to be as entertaining or even more as some of the top cooking youtubers, keep it up

  • Xeronim


    Month ago

    Max should actually tour around the states and trying meats

    • Nathan Cerdeno

      Nathan Cerdeno

      21 day ago

      Trying meats😏

    • KD


      Month ago

      Yes 100%

  • Xeronim


    Month ago

    Mans going hardcore outside

  • neil


    Month ago


    • Max the Meat Guy

      Max the Meat Guy

      Month ago

      More coming soon!!

  • Diego Romero

    Diego Romero

    Month ago

    Where do you get the amazing meats from

  • MrFight4Life.


    Month ago

    Part of my nightly routine... wait what..?

  • Brian


    Month ago

    The BLT 🥪 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Mister clean

    Mister clean

    Month ago

    Would be cool if these long videos became a thing :)

  • Canadian Castaholic

    Canadian Castaholic

    Month ago

    Yes please.

  • NoahGamez


    Month ago

    Number 1 looks more like able to stand but number 2 is just like it was smahed

  • Randy bobandy

    Randy bobandy

    Month ago

    If he had to give everyone a total of $1000 lol

  • Leobron Jamies

    Leobron Jamies

    Month ago

    Max vs In N Out?

  • Abu Mujahid

    Abu Mujahid

    Month ago

    bro do more long videos like this please

  • John Doe

    John Doe

    Month ago


  • Vishnu M

    Vishnu M

    Month ago

    Make more videos Max! Cheers

  • Lieutenant Flyboy

    Lieutenant Flyboy

    Month ago

    Max, your haircut is starting to resemble a certain retired master chef contestant. Great work!

  • Hashim Alkhatib

    Hashim Alkhatib

    Month ago

    Max I know you won’t see this but what do you like more beef or lamb?

    • Hashim Alkhatib

      Hashim Alkhatib

      Month ago

      @Max the Meat Guy wow you actually replied your a legend! To be honest I if it’s quickly cooked I like lamb more because it’s more tender, but if it’s slow cooked for 6-12 hours I like beef more. Thank you max!

    • Max the Meat Guy

      Max the Meat Guy

      Month ago

      Of course I’ll see this! Honestly I like both a lot, depends on the day of the week. Hbu?

  • stick o

    stick o

    Month ago

    Damn bro vegan teacher might have heart attack when she saw this

  • MrTraveller


    Month ago

    Excellent next level video, add on’s & extras thx

  • Ryuzaki


    Month ago

    How can you be that dumb?

  • Rai force

    Rai force

    Month ago

    The man who has 816k subs is not famous

  • Swynty


    Month ago

    Easily top 5 for youtube cooks, in my top 3 😎👍

  • Mack302


    Month ago

    Your version of looking rough is welcomed at my house 😂❤️

  • doggo


    Month ago

    Hey max i think someone is copying ur name its call dims the meat guy but no space i have space to read its easily