Hairdresser Reacts To Impulsive & Drastic Haircuts

Published on Jul 5, 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch a few girls make impulsive decisions to chop all their hair off. Some of them did a pretty decent job!

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Anna Ivanov
Stella Cini
Alyssa Gray

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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo
  • Gloria Gonzalez

    Gloria Gonzalez

    Hour ago

    i love having short hair. Wha'ts the point of having long hair if you'll have it in a bun? Helloo

  • peekaboots01


    16 hours ago

    Too many ads. Seriously. Greedy.

  • Pam Speak

    Pam Speak

    23 hours ago

    I have super thick hair and it is a combination of curly, wavy and straight with so many different textures. I tend to leave it ages between cuts because I’m lazy and cannot be bothered going to get it cut so I show up at the salon with my hair half way doing my back, a major lions mane of hair and I ask for a shoulder length cut. Every single time they look at me like I asked them to sacrifice a puppy. They cut a few inches off and then ask if that’s okay, I always tell them to cut more. I don’t freak out because whatever it’s just hair. I know some people would freak out, I get why people do but for me whatever its no big deal. Over Covid times I was bored at home and asked my husband to give me an undercut because the thickness was driving me insane and I had nothing else to do with my life. He didn’t put the shaver guard on properly so gave me a 0 undercut instead of a 2. Not gonna lie it looked awful, I wore my hair down for months until it grew back enough. Now when bored I just cut a chunk of hair off and then neaten it up. It’s currently slightly longer than chin length and i love it. I’m sure a professional hairdresser would find so many mistakes with my hair but I just cannot bring myself to care.

  • Nicole L

    Nicole L

    Day ago

    I didn't know my face was oval...I thought it was square round but looks just like the girl from the 1st. Video. I'm inspired to cut my hair short now 😂 I dyed and bleached my full head and while it's been growing in I kept changing the color as it faded so its pretty dead. I actually really wanted silver but ever hair dresser told me it was like 150$ unguaranteed for how long and dark my hair is. I accidentally made my hair silver 3 times now....crazy what you can do with color theory.

  • Charlotte Farrell

    Charlotte Farrell

    Day ago

    Brad is crack up! He's saying what I'm thinking!"😂

  • Emilynn Henne

    Emilynn Henne

    4 days ago

    You can’t even come after Stella cause she’s a licensed stylist??

  • Olive Batzler

    Olive Batzler

    5 days ago

    I deid laughing when when she said excuse me sir that’s ilgel

  • Chaos Zone

    Chaos Zone

    5 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the sticker on his laptop has the omni colors on ittt

  • Stephanie Archer

    Stephanie Archer

    6 days ago

    I know I'm wicked late to the party on commenting, but I couldn't figure out why I absolutely loooooved the last girl.
    IT FINALLY HIT ME! She gives me absolute Robin Tunney vibes as Deb from Empire Records. And she frickin KILLED the shaved head look.
    This girl is an absolute queen with her shaved head, and I so hope she kept it up, because it looks stunning on her, especially with her cute ass widow's peak.

  • Luke


    6 days ago

    You’re not crazy for shaving your head, but you’re more likely to shave your head if you’re crazy. It’s just association

  • Children_are_yummy


    6 days ago

    My biggest flex is that the first girl goes to my church :)))))

    She’s friends with my sister UwU

  • Lila Lloyd

    Lila Lloyd

    7 days ago

    Brad…Stella is a hairdresser

  • kylizzxlmynizzl


    7 days ago

    it felt illegal watching this 👁👄👁

  • Melody Giitara Arreola

    Melody Giitara Arreola

    7 days ago

    Does he not realise that Stella is a hair dresser?

  • Chucklez Playz- #RoadTO45subs!🥵

    Chucklez Playz- #RoadTO45subs!🥵

    7 days ago

    I have thick hair and I have layers and I love it

  • ItsLucy


    8 days ago

    My hair used to reach like the bottom of my rib cage and I really wanted a change so when I was at college I had one of my friends cut my hair shoulder length and she did it in the middle of one of the college blocks and we were sat on the floor 😂

  • Nikita Evans

    Nikita Evans

    8 days ago

    I love that Brad said about girls shaving their hair should not be seen as insane! It makes me so mad too! (Like when a certain person who is in the news too much shaved her hair, that was such a liberating, FU to everyone for her! It could’ve been a positive thing for her mental health. But of course, misogyny had to step in.)

  • Kaylee Sharon

    Kaylee Sharon

    8 days ago

    those are literally her nursing siscissors

  • Francine Bales

    Francine Bales

    8 days ago

    Go to the hair dresser please please ….I never had hair like that …don,t ruined 😾 it

  • Spikey Bunny

    Spikey Bunny

    9 days ago

    I grew out my pixie during lockdown…. Yes, no haircut since March 2020… It’s pretty long now, but I’m not sure what to with it.

  • courtney jones

    courtney jones

    9 days ago

    Me in the medical field- she is cutting her hair with medical scissors.

  • Sophie W

    Sophie W

    10 days ago

    19.26 ..want to know what a hero looks like's HER ! Did you hear what she said she gave up her job and is living in a hotel room to work in the ICU with Covid patients....what an incredible young woman ! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Sophie W

    Sophie W

    10 days ago

    Have you seen this woman it's unreal lol

  • Taylor Conrad

    Taylor Conrad

    10 days ago

    To your question on why people think your crazy for shaving your head, it all started with Britney bitch🤣

  • Ace Spa

    Ace Spa

    10 days ago

    Sooo true, I alwaaaays have the urge to shave my head but I am such a people pleaser and sheep I don't ever do it. I looove shaved heads on women!

  • Tabby Roberts

    Tabby Roberts

    10 days ago

    That first video though, I've gotten a similar haircut from a hairdresser. I have thick hair and got it cut to shoulder length, she just did a clean cut and let me leave. I lived in a tropical climate, it was hell.
    I was 10 at the time which is why I just trusted her to do well, regret that decision.

  • Carolyn


    10 days ago

    Welcome back to my channel
    Brad: Thank you, I’ve never been here before, but thank you
    Why am I dying over that?! 😂🤣😂🤣

  • kai


    11 days ago

    the fact I cut my hair with a knife a few months ago, cause I was having a mental breakdown and then proceeded to give myself bangs too and found out I have curly hair and not frizzy wavy ;-;

  • Rebecca Salyers

    Rebecca Salyers

    11 days ago

    She shaved her head ! Wow ! No fear!

  • Jaz Archuleta

    Jaz Archuleta

    11 days ago

    Brad definitely had a drink or 4 before this 🥴🤣

  • bkd. potato

    bkd. potato

    12 days ago

    Did she just cut a fvcking bob herself?! This is impressive.
    Also, the third lady look absolutely stunning with short brown hair!

  • LittleMiss 2

    LittleMiss 2

    12 days ago

    Dear Brad…what’s your thoughts on pretty thin hair layers or no layers?

  • blatist


    12 days ago

    17:09 THANK YOU!!

  • Margaux F

    Margaux F

    12 days ago

    Sis using her trauma shears to chop her hair was INSPIRING!! And yes, scrubbing my hair every. Single. Day. After working the covid trailers last year at my hospital had me ready to shave my hair, also. Fight the fight, girl. We got this.

  • Queen LayLow

    Queen LayLow

    12 days ago

    Omg the last video was definitely so satisfying. Like yes CHOP IT OFFFF😩😍😍💕💕 I love a short cut.

  • Queen LayLow

    Queen LayLow

    12 days ago

    LMFAOOO Brad is me atp cause u not bout to quote me on sum I’ve said in the past and forget everything I said when I said it 😭🤣 lmao he’s like no I know I didn’t just throw that out there I definitely said something about a cut.

  • Voda Mihai

    Voda Mihai

    13 days ago

    Is he gay? He’s complimenting women way too often

  • EspressoStreams


    13 days ago

    If brad is hair inspo man stella is hair goddess.

  • summer


    13 days ago

    Brad would die if he saw aliia nasyrova’s hair broooooooooo

  • Patrina Perkins

    Patrina Perkins

    13 days ago

    I’ve missed watching your videos SSSOOO much…I used to watch you on Facebook but haven’t been on their in forever! Ssssoooo glad I found you again!!! Love your videos SSSOOOO MUCH!!!

  • Alyssa Peterson

    Alyssa Peterson

    13 days ago

    The ICU nurse is using trauma shears to cut her hair. XD
    Girl! those are for cutting clothes, not for hair.

  • Ridita


    14 days ago

    It's dangerous watching this type of videos. Suddenly I want to cut my hair.

  • Miya Heidt

    Miya Heidt

    14 days ago

    I’ve been wanting to shave my head for so long but everyone in my life keeps telling me no 😂😩

  • Abigael White

    Abigael White

    14 days ago

    Ooooh the last girl (Alyssa Gray) who shaved her head would look AMAZING with a bleached tip pixie cut

  • Sharmistha Biswas

    Sharmistha Biswas

    14 days ago

    He looks like Saif Ali Khan😅

  • Karen Levine

    Karen Levine

    14 days ago

    Those are bandage scissors!! nurse here

  • Kristin Mourning

    Kristin Mourning

    14 days ago

    I love the last girl shaving her head. Her attitude is everything lmao

  • Lelynn Miller

    Lelynn Miller

    14 days ago

    omg.. 😲 .. heart palpitations.. 😬 .. here's lil tip for ppl everywhere.. plz DON'T JUST lean over your sink, & simply start cuttin.. hair doesn't disintegrate, down the drain.. IT GETS STUCK & CLOGS.. lay u a paper-towel down, OVER your sink, so that it catches your hair, like a placemat/bib. (💁🏼‍♀️ that way all those itty-bitty lil hairs can go in the TRASH, rather than having them building up, down up in your pipes) .. plumbers aint cheap..

  • Lelynn Miller

    Lelynn Miller

    14 days ago

    the 1st girl's hair reminded me of my Daughter's. (undyed & unfried) sep, me & my Daughter BOTH have hair that's OVER 3ft long.. since hers turned out darker than mine, it doesn't hold the color streaks, like my blonde hair does. (neither of us will use the bleach, or any other color, that might change our NATURAL hair color) 💓💚💜💙 these are my colors (pink, teal, purple, & blue, mixed thru-out the blonde)

  • Lance McGill

    Lance McGill

    15 days ago

    Don't use the Lord's name in vain.

  • ebbybadebby slayton

    ebbybadebby slayton

    16 days ago

    when he said “omg it looks so bad a**” but it completely cut out the a**

  • Nicole


    17 days ago

    Watching this while cutting my hair 🤣🤣

  • Mara


    17 days ago

    when u said clippers i thought abb nail clippers and i was so confused knowing that i also do that when i feel sad

  • just gaming

    just gaming

    17 days ago

    19:26 “she looks so bad (beep)”

  • Mia McCarthy

    Mia McCarthy

    17 days ago

    Hey brad Stella is a hairdresser😂

  • Bre Kathleen

    Bre Kathleen

    18 days ago

    How do you even wash a shirt that is red and white 😅😅🧐

  • Faded Red Sweater

    Faded Red Sweater

    18 days ago

    This reminded me of when I once impulsively cut the top of my hair shorter when the top was below my chin [I had an undercut btw] because I had an existential crisis and because of my punk visage I didn't look too bad. And coincidence, my day turned out to be horrid and I was prepared for it after the cut. The day turned out to be less horrendous because me cutting my hair reminded me I still had control and stability of something, aside from organization with my cleaning tools, because I just needed to be reminded that not everything is out of control.

  • L!lylovesfrogs


    18 days ago

    nice shirt

  • ☆𝕊𝕜𝕪𝕝𝕒𝕣☆


    19 days ago

    Brad:It’s seems like she has a plan that’s good!
    (10 seconds later) uhhh errrrrrrr……

  • AnnePixie Bettinger

    AnnePixie Bettinger

    19 days ago

    7:12 I think she looks better with the shorter hair to be honest. I would NOT have the guts to cut my hair. I have very thick, very fine, very CURLY hair that I DO NOT trust around hairdressers after some issues in the past (taking 1 inch off of curly hair vs straight hair has a lot of differences especially since hair weight can effect the curls)

  • Alisaurus


    20 days ago

    I’ve never used rubber bands cutting my hair lol 😂

  • sirdyy


    20 days ago

    ok but can we talk about how pretty anna is??? before and after cutting her hair, she's gorgeous omg.

  • Emo Queen

    Emo Queen

    21 day ago

    Brad has a pattern. In all of these videos his face goes -> 😀😯😐😕😠😤😱😲😍

  • ninino86


    21 day ago

    The last woman had great eyebrows for a shaved head. Looked great.

  • Sova Bipo

    Sova Bipo

    21 day ago

    i love how Brad is so friendly yet sassy XD

  • Mary Ellen Thompson

    Mary Ellen Thompson

    22 days ago

    That first girl’s hair is so beautiful. I can’t understand why she would want to do a home`grown haircut on it. They hardly ever go well. Good grief girl. if you are bored pick up a coloring book or go to a salon. Surprisingly, her haircut turned out fairly well. Now she should go to a salon to get it cleaned up. The shorter hair becomes her.

  • Mikasa


    23 days ago

    can we appreciate that he pauses their video on a flattering frame. it may be small but i thought it was cool of him

  • Gemma Gibson-Hardman

    Gemma Gibson-Hardman

    23 days ago


  • Joana S

    Joana S

    23 days ago

    Why does he kind of look like a blonde version of Ian Somerhalder? I mean I ain’t complaining…

  • Samantha Dotson

    Samantha Dotson

    24 days ago

    You get off on this in the most family friendly way!! Love you Brad!!

  • Hafsa khan4O3

    Hafsa khan4O3

    24 days ago

    why was he flirting with us at the start of the video

  • Renata Tarnawski

    Renata Tarnawski

    25 days ago

    Those scissors that vid 2 used is
    The scissors dr's use 2 cut clothing off
    In Emerg

  • Gamer kids 19

    Gamer kids 19

    25 days ago

    She now looks like a real Stella

  • Tiger 7655

    Tiger 7655

    26 days ago

    At the end when he said “omg you look so bad***” I thought he said, “omg you look so bad!”

  • CrumbleBread Pie

    CrumbleBread Pie

    26 days ago

    Last time I impulsively cut my hair I cut it so short like I was almost bald. It was really impulsive and I fuxked my hair 😂

    • Manoela Cardoso Ribeiro

      Manoela Cardoso Ribeiro

      16 days ago

      Sussy baka

  • Masuga Nut

    Masuga Nut

    26 days ago

    The nurse was my favorite ❤️

  • Amaya Jones

    Amaya Jones

    27 days ago

    Imma go ask to shave my head now thank u😌

  • Nur Izzati

    Nur Izzati

    27 days ago

    The last woman! After the shave, her smile looks so precious

  • HannahBatYacov Yacov

    HannahBatYacov Yacov

    27 days ago

    Brad’s humor is so therapuetic. 😂😂
    It’s everything.🥳🎉🥰🎉

  • SimulatedEmotions


    27 days ago

    That last girl 1000% treats her hair like I do LMAO love to see it. Been bald 5 times, mohawk several times, all home done. Love it

  • paqrikaX


    27 days ago

    I loved using clippers for my straight across baby bangs but couldn't imagine the back of my head lol

  • Heather Sunday

    Heather Sunday

    27 days ago

    bandage scissors getting it done

  • lykania13


    28 days ago

    "I love a good nub!" wtf XD

  • Miscellaneos101


    28 days ago

    I just can't get enough of Brad, he's so funny and amazing at what he does. I actually wish I could meet him. 😆

  • Машандра


    29 days ago

    A year ago I cut my long curly blonde hair suuuuuper short and never regretted it honestly , now my hair is growing out and I realized they having short hair is sooooo soooo easy 😩

  • Linda Fry

    Linda Fry

    29 days ago

    The nurse dead ass cut her hair with bandage scissors. I love her.

  • Aspire CAN

    Aspire CAN

    29 days ago

    I can't believe the nurse was using Bandage Scissors to cut her hair! 😳 Great fits bandages, but really, really bad for hair. 😁

  • Queen Rayna

    Queen Rayna

    29 days ago

    Stella looks so freaking hot with that short cut omggg

  • Glowing For The

    Glowing For The

    29 days ago

    Brad being the flirty but wholesome music arts teacher for 17 minutes

  • Agnes Marshank

    Agnes Marshank

    29 days ago

    Brad: do it do it do IT DO IT DO IT NOW ANNAAAAAAAA!

  • Agnes Marshank

    Agnes Marshank

    29 days ago

    Brad don’t be sorry I like your tutorials and I think she does to so pls don’t be sorry I love your channel so much and now I think I said don’t be sorry about 100 times so I’m sorry about that anddddddd now this is super long ima end it noww

  • Lazy Gacha

    Lazy Gacha

    Month ago

    POV: while watching this video you were cutting your hair because people misgender you too much

  • Thisisanya


    Month ago

    17:09 Word. Brittany Spears got put under conservatorship for that.

  • Carl Johns

    Carl Johns

    Month ago

    I dont know anything about hair or cutting it. But I will say Brad is a hella handsome fella and I have a massive crush on him.

  • Evelyn Kohl

    Evelyn Kohl

    Month ago

    Anna: well I guess I just have to keep going
    Brad: nah just leave it there 😂

  • ChristinePlays


    Month ago

    I did haircut where I did myself with it even shorter in the back, a more dramatic front to back difference, using my bathroom mirror and a hand mirror on a nail on my door behind me. Turned out flawless and everyone asked what salon I went to. Its not impossible to do your own hair no matter what you want, there are just different techniques and it takes longer. you just gotta have patience and attention to detail

  • Nyx The Dragon

    Nyx The Dragon

    Month ago

    Brad: “i don’t have a lot of hope for this..”
    Me: me either that’s why I’m here

  • Rizzi C.

    Rizzi C.

    Month ago

    I love the 1st girl's hair (before the cut, I still haven't finished watching yet lol).

  • Xxrandum8xX


    Month ago

    6:20 yeah if u have rlly thick hair (like me hehe) PLEASE GET LAYERS YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!!!!!

  • Jocelyn Dilberian

    Jocelyn Dilberian

    Month ago

    Story time: I got bored cut off my very long hair short half of it my scissors broke so the last few pieces on the side I was cutting off I ripped out of my scalp I have one side Long other short til I got home and then cut the other side. It’s very uneven but I don’t carr