New disturbing allegations emerge in Waukesha Christmas parade attack

Published on Nov 23, 2021
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A judge in disbelief as we learn disturbing new allegations in the Waukesha parade attack.

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  • Honjonck


    9 hours ago

    Pure human trash. A waste of taxpayer's money. Bring back the death penalty

  • Carlo The Atheist

    Carlo The Atheist

    20 hours ago

    he must be put in death penalty.

  • heart attack on a plate

    heart attack on a plate

    22 hours ago

    shouldnt have been out on bail and he should be charged with a hate crime and.domestic terrorism

  • Steve Panwitch

    Steve Panwitch

    Day ago

    What if it were a white man doing this to a black crowd. Open your eye's. Stop reversed racism.

  • Jo Bu

    Jo Bu

    Day ago

    I hereby volunteer to pull the switch, kick the stool, pull the trigger, or whatever needs to be done... (side comment) Tattoos are stupid.

  • B F

    B F

    2 days ago

    He's an open racist who called for violence against folks who just happen to resemble the folks he consciously and with intent, ran down. But, because he's verifiably guilty of numerous other crimes, he's simply a criminal with an extraordinary history... thus his hate crime is being dismissed? That's called preferential treatment, highlighting Privilege.

  • henmich


    2 days ago

    WHY IS THERE BAIL AGAIN????????? Hold this repeat felon without bail for Christs sake. So if someone ponys up the money, he'll walk free again until the trial???????? madness.

  • john city

    john city

    2 days ago

    How does he even have a nail with all the video fukk is existence

  • Ima Elder

    Ima Elder

    2 days ago

    Lock him up in white population " Please " .

  • The Gillman

    The Gillman

    3 days ago

    Now the left and lying media are setting up this turds story line…uh, he has mental health issues but never a mention if that in his lengthy career in crime. Kind of like felon George from Minneapolis shit hole.

  • Alpha Overlander

    Alpha Overlander

    3 days ago

    Bro just needs the death sentence…just my thoughts

  • shurpie


    3 days ago

    Dudes been playing too much Gta

  • M W

    M W

    3 days ago

    Just looking at him makes me want to throw up.

  • Kapuda


    3 days ago

    Why won't the media call this what it was...An act of terror in direct retaliation for the Rittenhouse verdict...

  • Kemble L. Gilstrap

    Kemble L. Gilstrap

    3 days ago

    We need a penalty worse than death.

  • rotorheadv8


    3 days ago

    Why are they not charging this guy who ran over nearly 1/2 a hundred people with terrorism or but are charging the 15 yr who shot 11 with it?

  • Jn br

    Jn br

    3 days ago

    As soon as the BBC realised he's black they weren't interested

  • Drg20


    3 days ago

    Death penalty sounds pretty good 👍🏼

  • Nate Tally

    Nate Tally

    3 days ago


  • Summer Alz

    Summer Alz

    3 days ago

    There should be no Bail for him!!! He would do this again if he gets out.

  • Sylvia M. Nagel

    Sylvia M. Nagel

    3 days ago

    Prayers for Tucker and his family! 💙❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  • wayne shearer

    wayne shearer

    3 days ago

    And he can bail. a 9mm will end this a$$holes life and save the taxpayers millions..

  • sarut2


    4 days ago

    Death is not enough punishment for this piece of sh!t. Agonizing torture of hell is.

  • JAR


    4 days ago

    this y i dont trust dark berries they r toxic

  • JAR


    4 days ago

    this people going insane

  • jon jon

    jon jon

    4 days ago

    How in the FUCK does this piece of shit even get considered for bail??? This is a capital murder case!!!

  • Smee & Family

    Smee & Family

    4 days ago

    Give the parents 5 minutes each with this nut-ball and when they are finished put him in jail. Make sure the other prisoners are aware of his crime and DO NOT put him in solitary confinement. The other prisoners will have a talk with him and he will see the error of his ways. This is the justice that this individual deserves. Bernardo ended up in the prison with the other inmates by mistake. The guards happily paid the $2,000.00 fine for it.

  • lirmchip


    4 days ago

    Have they charged the SUV yet

  • bigedslobotomy


    4 days ago

    Imagine the OUTRAGE if this man had been white, driving his SUV intentionally into a black parade!

  • Alexander Cagle

    Alexander Cagle

    4 days ago

    If it was a white guy people would be protesting and screaming racist. Why don't Yall call it wat it is. A RACIST BLACK MAN RUNS DOWN SEVERAL WHITE PEOPLE IN RACIST RAGE.

  • Tjr4448


    4 days ago

    This guy is clearly a BLM supporter or sympathizer total scum bag, they should bring people in that organization up for charges as well as they probably inspired this attack or encouraged it.

  • jo


    4 days ago

    1:40 Did anyone catch that familliar tone in the perp's voice? I recognize it! I've heard it a thousand times since Obama started lying about police. Making criminals unafraid & putting cops & lives in danger. Turn the tape back & listen, Whoa! Whoa! I didn't do anything. Whoa! Whoa! You got the wrong guy. Whoa! You guys can't arrest me! You'll lose your job. My peps will burn the city!

  • mike d

    mike d

    4 days ago

    i am suprised they didnt let him go and hand a check for killing whites, and with a visit from our president biden and harris as well to congratulate him on a job well done

  • Santiago Adan Ulloa

    Santiago Adan Ulloa

    4 days ago

    Oh poor soul.
    Justice system is so unfair here in America.
    He is been treated as a monters he claims, regarding his court arrangements.
    You kill by the sword, you die by the sword. You reap what you sow.
    But if he had gotten away with this one also, he'd probably be in another city creating chaoes and may be just maybe bragging about it.

  • Curtis Harrison1

    Curtis Harrison1

    4 days ago

    If it weren't for the leftist defund the police movement and no or low bail reform this man would have never been able to do this. The prosecutors who purposely allow these people back into the public should face charges of their own. For example knowingly endangering the public.

  • Brett Kramer

    Brett Kramer

    4 days ago

    life in prison is not good enough for this monster. This warrants the death penalty plain and simple. No trial straight to the chair or the gallows, nothing less!

  • Holly Mauk

    Holly Mauk

    4 days ago

    If they set him free again, the time and place should be broadcast on the major news outlets 48 hours beforehand…….he won’t be a problem after that.

  • Joe Muelli

    Joe Muelli

    4 days ago

    Just give him the death sentence? Nothing less

  • Melinda Bloodworth

    Melinda Bloodworth

    4 days ago

    To all you people who think this piece of shit is a victim you need to volunteer to be his cell mate.

  • paul duffield

    paul duffield

    4 days ago


  • Edward Name

    Edward Name

    4 days ago

    Public hanging!!

  • Jason Milly

    Jason Milly

    5 days ago

    I've heard of white privilege, but what about this guy? Jeez.

  • Julie Munoz

    Julie Munoz

    5 days ago

    why any bail at all? he should be remanded, or given over to the community to deal with.

  • Eric Stevenson

    Eric Stevenson

    5 days ago

    That mayor of Chicago acts like this never even happened she still hollering about the guy from Kenosha calling him a vigilante

  • Eric Stevenson

    Eric Stevenson

    5 days ago

    This is a hate crime that's all he hit was white people may be a few Mexicans race hater

  • Mike Rieck

    Mike Rieck

    5 days ago

    Should also be charged with sporting shitty tattoos.

  • Nicolas Alzani

    Nicolas Alzani

    5 days ago

    Only one sentence for this men dead

  • Yi


    5 days ago

    I call those alligator tears…

  • Kylo ren jr 123

    Kylo ren jr 123

    5 days ago

    Kamala will bail him out no worries…🙄🤷‍♂️

  • Ramjet ejmar

    Ramjet ejmar

    5 days ago

    Let's wait and see if Al Sharpton can find a way to blame white supremacy for this one. Never underestimate evil.

  • Ken


    5 days ago


  • allaroundcomedy


    5 days ago

    After all this, they don't arrest him WITHOUT bail?? They still give the option???

  • Treners Stock

    Treners Stock

    5 days ago

    Feed him to the sharks

  • Frankie Day Models

    Frankie Day Models

    5 days ago

    Once He Is sent to Prison there Is Honor Amung Thieves He Will Be Shanked ?Behind

  • lester pettus

    lester pettus

    5 days ago

    Woke group, news media, BLM, Antifa, KKK and Democratic party have a new hero to build monuments to - news media already blaming the SUV. Truth is this has nothing absolutely nothing to do with race it is just an evil human being.

  • Peter Gerkens

    Peter Gerkens

    5 days ago

    Wait a minute,,,,where is the SUV????? According to the Fake News it was the SUV's fault or???? :D

  • J S

    J S

    5 days ago

    I guess you still can't fix stupid. Why the hell set at 5 million? This should be without bail period. What a corrupt bunch of POS's. Here's an idea- he's guilty. Put a .45 to his head and pull the trigger. Problem solved.

  • Brian Lanier

    Brian Lanier

    5 days ago

    Main stream media you need to call it out for what it is black supremacy this guy was a racist that hates white people because they are white

  • David Fryer

    David Fryer

    5 days ago

    Executions are for terrorist monsters. We will see justice. We will have order in this country. If he is not publically executed others will not fear to commit worse crimes. Insist on immediate public execution after he is found guilty. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty... this set us back to the dark ages of lawlessness. Punishments are in order.

  • Tom Reyn

    Tom Reyn

    5 days ago

    Why didn’t they take away his weapon?
    Gun owners need less of a reason.

  • grifyn 88

    grifyn 88

    5 days ago

    FREE my man Darrell Brooks !
    Stop judging him, maybe someone stole his car and killed people (i would not be surprised that it was a white supremacist, like always)...maybe this man is innocent and i think so...look at him in court and look at his mugshot he looks so desperate and sad and remorseful :( he don't look like a bad guy, it hits me hard...everybody make mistakes in life, have you never made any mistakes ?
    you are all biased because of your systemic racial
    thoughts, it would not be surprising that the cops arrested the first black male they found, don't forget they are very racists and biased...studies has proven that 20% of blacks men in prison are in fact innocent and jailed because of racism...please create a gofundme to help him, i will donate...there is NO proof of guilt apart his skin color, as always...
    I support my man, BLM we will not stop the fight
    FREE my man Darrell Brooks !
    FREE Darrell Brooks FREE Darrell Brooks FREE Darrell Brooks FREE Darrell Brooks FREE Darrell Brooks FREE Darrell Brooks FREE Darrell Brooks FREE Darrell Brooks FREE Darrell Brooks FREE Darrell Brooks FREE Darrell Brooks
    FREE Darrell Brooks

  • LiftnLeap


    5 days ago

    This is the leftist Utopia

  • Flyman Aviator

    Flyman Aviator

    5 days ago

    Extraordinary high bail,what the hell you talking about judge, he killed six people!

  • turbojunkie69


    5 days ago

    Black racism is just a racist as white racism . facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • InternetGravedigger


    5 days ago

    This guy shouldn't get bail at all...

  • lckgilmo43


    5 days ago

    This is what the news isn't telling you. New evidence that he planned it and he wanted to kill white people. Premeditated murder, domestic terrorism and race crime. He'll get the death penalty. Then justice will be served. This isn't the first time that the news media refused to talk about black on white race hunting/murder. It's all about there agenda and twisting the truth.

  • Jason Ludwig

    Jason Ludwig

    5 days ago

    The chief of police is actively covering up the racially-motivated intent. Don't forget, this same chief, an ascended beat cop from Milwaukee, compelled his forces to kneel to BLM protesters last year.

  • Jason Ludwig

    Jason Ludwig

    5 days ago


    You can't be serious. New to whom?

  • Kevin Ryan

    Kevin Ryan

    5 days ago

    5 Million yet they set Kyles Bail at 22 Million go figure!!

  • Karen Walker

    Karen Walker

    5 days ago

    This is exactly "why" no consequences and letting them off real easy "does not work"
    Now these precious people are dead.
    If someone does a violent crime they almost always keep repeating the same behavior.

  • Dis Cern

    Dis Cern

    5 days ago

    I hope Wisconsin has the death penalty

  • Captain Crush

    Captain Crush

    5 days ago

    Life in prison isnt enough for this. There is no doubt this monster ran over and killed people on purpose. There should be a swift trial and a swift execution. This nonsense has to stop.

  • Nem a Tolvajkergetők

    Nem a Tolvajkergetők

    5 days ago

    In a normal country, after an incident like this, all "woke" organizations, even groupings would be declared terrorist cells, and their members hunted down. Along with those who whine about their "human rights". You aren't "better" than anyone by not doing this: you're weak.

  • David Parker Parker

    David Parker Parker

    5 days ago

    There’s really no need for another tax payer funded trial for this guy.His punishment could be handled a whole lot quicker. Give me a break with the mask.How stupid law enforcement caves in to this guy.

  • Jam Pop

    Jam Pop

    5 days ago

    Hate crime. But that is out of the narrative of the woke media and systemic blindness.

  • Don Genio

    Don Genio

    5 days ago

    I’m calling for the ban of all assault vehicles now! It becomes more and more obvious that it’s not the person that’s at fault, rather the tool that’s used to commit these heinous crimes!

  • samurai bunny.

    samurai bunny.

    5 days ago

    if this was a white man we would already here headlines white supremacist attacks parade kills child but it's just allegations and no mention of his race when it's a black person that sounds like privilege to me.and remember black life matters supporters is trying to get this Maniac bailed out they're actively trying to get a child murderer bailed's alleged because multiple Witnesses saw him even black people but it's still a alleged right because we have to assume he's innocent because of his skin color.he has a history of doing this but it's still alleged.God I wish Kyle Rittenhouse would have got this treatment even though he's been found innocent the media still acts like he's guilty. no this man is 100% guilty it's not alleged Witnesses saw him it was his car and even has a history of running people over still the media treats this guy with kid gloves.and that's why they're six dead people now because because both the media and the prosecutors have double standards based on race.this man is even said he wanted to attack old white people.

  • Bill Obrien

    Bill Obrien

    5 days ago

    It was a mostly peaceful massacre

  • Steve Hamilton

    Steve Hamilton

    5 days ago

    Death penalty

  • Daryl Poe

    Daryl Poe

    5 days ago

    It was a car accident. Pearl Harbor was a boating accident.

  • Biden Supporter

    Biden Supporter

    5 days ago


  • George Sokorai

    George Sokorai

    5 days ago

    He has a $5,000,000 bail. It should be NO BAIL! Throw the book at this White Supremacists.

  • Jim Welsh

    Jim Welsh

    5 days ago

    A liberal judge will let him out of prison. This is why we need to hold these judges and parole boards accountable for the animals they put back out on the streets. This shit has to stop he should have never been on the streets.

  • Sullivanserves


    5 days ago

    Can't help but wonder if it was a judges kid or a politician's kid if the death sentence wouldn't have been put on the table

  • Kent Shepherd

    Kent Shepherd

    5 days ago

    So who's at fault here...
    Our justice system failed that little boy. He's used his vehicle before and he's still alive my god my country is dumb.

  • Sullivanserves


    5 days ago

    Colin Flaherty has been documenting this kind of s*** for years and they censor him out of existence

  • Uncle Fester

    Uncle Fester

    5 days ago

    The irresponsible judge that let this evil demented hate filled individual out on low bail, should be held accountable. The Judge should be sentenced to jail time - in the cell right next to this piece of excrement. On some level - you have to feel for his parents. Did they do something wrong ?

  • ken adams

    ken adams

    5 days ago

    He seems to not see anyone as a human being and only he matters He won’t have any thoughts for anybody who he’s hurt He should be submitted to excruciating pain on a daily basis for his natural life

  • drupp68


    5 days ago

    Fry that POS!

  • barry simpletons

    barry simpletons

    5 days ago

    How about no bail this time

  • TheWineHussy_


    5 days ago

    Yeah if the system did their job in the first place, this wouldn't have happened. There goes that good ol "racist" system, keeping a man down..🙄

  • s west

    s west

    5 days ago

    We deserve this , we are not smart enough to lock criminals up when they break the law . we always rely on waiting for one or more to be killed . WE ARE FUCKED !

  • alf Mcstuffjns

    alf Mcstuffjns

    5 days ago

    Bring back the death penalty. We dont need thieves and murderers in our society. Kill em all and let God sort em out.

  • Rusty Miller

    Rusty Miller

    5 days ago

    Funny how the national media is largely ignoring this story because it doesn't fit their narrative

  • Carlo Fontanello

    Carlo Fontanello

    5 days ago

    No Bail asshole🤬

  • AnarchoRepublican


    5 days ago

    Christmas Parade Lives Matter

  • Graubears Grizzly

    Graubears Grizzly

    5 days ago

    Parade crash or terrorist attack?

  • Lola Walsh

    Lola Walsh

    5 days ago

    Isn't this a hate crime???? All lives matter.

  • Enrique Ortiz

    Enrique Ortiz

    5 days ago

    Give him the same judge from the rittenhouse case!