We Took 100 Shots vs a 50 Rated Keeper and Scored ___ Goals

Published on Nov 23, 2021
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  • ChrisMD


    13 days ago

    Big thanks to Josh for coming on the channel, sure we'll be seeing him in the Prem sometime soon 👀
    Look out for Uriel gloves (worn by Josh today), which are coming soon! 👉 https://instagram.com/urielgoalkeeping?utm_medium=copy_link

    • Daniel Read

      Daniel Read

      3 days ago

      Hi josh

    • Harlem Spartans

      Harlem Spartans

      6 days ago

      @IEatGrassOnKeys yeh it's very hard to get there

    • KID DE GEA GK1

      KID DE GEA GK1

      6 days ago

      @Bangzy Millwall I hope they get in touch with you mate that would be insane!

    • KID DE GEA GK1

      KID DE GEA GK1

      6 days ago

      @BWSMetrics that’s what I was thinking

    • KID DE GEA GK1

      KID DE GEA GK1

      6 days ago

      @Dxmper I agree mate. Love them

  • Leon Gajtani

    Leon Gajtani

    39 minutes ago

    If simon would have been in this video he would smash this keeper

  • BecksCald


    5 hours ago

    Keep doing the exact same shot time and time again.
    Josh is a great keeper to be fair. Deserves a high rating than 50.

  • Svend Per

    Svend Per

    6 hours ago

    Try Schmeichel next

  • Rashed Momani

    Rashed Momani

    6 hours ago

    How he get his shoe to float wtf

  • Aden Castell

    Aden Castell

    9 hours ago

    Are they not rich enough to afford a few soccer balls

  • TT1209


    9 hours ago

    Theo is like that one uncle that told you he could have gone pro

  • Armored Fn

    Armored Fn

    11 hours ago

    “And fancy” *its Thanos on grass*

  • niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

    16 hours ago

    Humble guy, hope he does well! Seems to have great agility.

  • Aidan Pattie

    Aidan Pattie

    21 hour ago

    77 woman goalie couldn't save any of thoss

  • Justice Nazir

    Justice Nazir

    22 hours ago

    No one talks about how he switched Neymar with Messi?

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      16 hours ago

      My Keeper. #COYS

  • Aiden Hinde

    Aiden Hinde

    Day ago

    He deserves a 99 rated card

  • BCtiger


    Day ago

    I do like this channel but dam this was hard to watch. Never seen so many off target shots in my life

  • Cynical aßhole

    Cynical aßhole

    Day ago

    Wtf is going on with that Millwall banner at midfield though? hahaha

  • Q Molina

    Q Molina

    Day ago

    Chris kept criticising but theo shot way better😂

  • My Charred Rose

    My Charred Rose

    2 days ago

    Feel like he should be rated higher for this

  • Simeon Vinken

    Simeon Vinken

    2 days ago

    Dan i film Sith you

  • MobileRobloxEx


    2 days ago

    He needs a 75 or more at least

  • noodkiller123


    2 days ago

    Out of all sports I’ve played that require a goalie I’ve found soccer to be the easiest. You just have to have no fear when it comes to diving. Positioning I found to be easy to learn,controlling the ball and rebounds easy, it is quite hard to figure out the proper diving technique but once you do you’re money

  • Buster


    2 days ago

    People really need to realise is yes they’re a 50 rated but they’re still 100x better than the average person

  • mikkel22


    2 days ago

    She a Tottenham player and you tale a Arsenal shirt On 😂

  • Jay Bevoman

    Jay Bevoman

    2 days ago

    Chris thinks he's the best at football but there's so many youtubers that are better

  • fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh

    2 days ago

    Josh is amazing , some of these saves were absolutely ridiculous! Hope he makes it to the prem one day.

  • Sxynix Mix

    Sxynix Mix

    3 days ago

    De gea next plzz

  • Max Venning

    Max Venning

    3 days ago

    Homestly, How is he not 90 rated?

  • Andile Xulu

    Andile Xulu

    3 days ago

    My Keeper. #COYS

  • Auba 17

    Auba 17

    3 days ago

    How can u be so bad??

  • Daniel Briones

    Daniel Briones

    3 days ago

    Damn dude i used to watch you so long ago crazy to see how big the channel has grown

  • mllop aeet

    mllop aeet

    3 days ago

    I think this shows the levels of pro's, some of those saves were absolutely amazing!

  • Beko majozi

    Beko majozi

    3 days ago

    Petition for Chris to do another go karting video

  • ndtb


    3 days ago

    It annoys me how bad they are

  • Feaurzy Official

    Feaurzy Official

    3 days ago

    Use him on the Premier league Sbc

  • Matthew Powell

    Matthew Powell

    3 days ago

    this guy saving like a 90 rated

  • Bdodan 91

    Bdodan 91

    4 days ago

    I've been playing ultimate team on fifa for years and this is a prime example of how they do players dirty on their cards in the game. He's definitely a better keeper than they suggest, I'd love to have been more consistent as a keeper myself and got on fifa as it's such a massive achievement. Love these videos 😁 some of the goals are insane!!!

  • N8Apotheker


    4 days ago

    50 out of 100 shots are not even on goal ...

  • Sam’s bald head

    Sam’s bald head

    4 days ago

    Fifa should give him a higher rating after this

  • Manniebtw


    4 days ago


  • Pete Hinch

    Pete Hinch

    4 days ago


  • The FinalChapter

    The FinalChapter

    4 days ago

    Yall only got 2 soccer balls?..

  • kingkenkll✔️


    4 days ago

    The way he says don't put that in 😂😂

  • Freddie Gibson

    Freddie Gibson

    4 days ago

    Chris just makes the absolute best content. Love the vids. :)

  • Lasha Lobjanidze

    Lasha Lobjanidze

    4 days ago

    Chris you are Legend fam 🦾👌🏽

  • Arsan Niar

    Arsan Niar

    4 days ago

    F2's goalkeepers must be 20 or something

  • Joanna


    4 days ago

    its amazing how fast he gets into the corners....class goalie

  • Jarrod Lee

    Jarrod Lee

    4 days ago

    Needs Miniminter

  • Alfofer


    4 days ago

    When he used his card in fifa, he should have played against 30~ rated strikers 🤣 these goalies are pros, fifa is just a game.

    • Joanna


      4 days ago

      you both battyboys kick like girls lmao

  • Lucas Herrero

    Lucas Herrero

    4 days ago

    Damn this guy flies

  • Off roading & fun. shahid

    Off roading & fun. shahid

    4 days ago

    f2 shoots better than u guys

  • Elias Frederiksen

    Elias Frederiksen

    4 days ago

    Not even 50 of Them was on goal

  • Krystof Jan Vesely

    Krystof Jan Vesely

    4 days ago

    12:03. That lil “oh yeh”

  • balazs_ujvari


    4 days ago

    3/4th of the shots would miss to an empty goal LMAO 😂☠️

  • GodGamer_BuRhAn


    4 days ago

    Honestly, underrated keeper



    4 days ago

    I like your floating shoe in the room

  • David Fausto Leal Ramirez

    David Fausto Leal Ramirez

    4 days ago

    I’ve always said it, even badly rated players in fifa are absolutely great

  • Chris loves dogs yt :

    Chris loves dogs yt :

    4 days ago

    Dont say lords name in vain

  • THE_PervySage


    4 days ago

    We need more respect for that keeper

  • Cryha87


    4 days ago

    Shoulda called the video "We took 100 shots and only got 9 on target"

  • Deecy Jst

    Deecy Jst

    4 days ago

    Bro he is bad

    • Deecy Jst

      Deecy Jst

      4 days ago

      I can do better

  • OnionWrath68


    5 days ago

    This guy is better than ben foster

  • Moist Marc

    Moist Marc

    5 days ago

    you both battyboys kick like girls lmao

  • ASMR Sensations

    ASMR Sensations

    5 days ago

    50 rated goalkeeper against a 0 rated shot taker, most of the shots won't even go to the intended direction🤣🤣🤣



    5 days ago

    such a useless test. The goalie is stationary in the middle waiting for your shot....most real life shots the goalie does not know exactly when the shot is coming and is not in the center. Stupid test..these are literal penalty shots from farther.

  • Ajan Shillova

    Ajan Shillova

    5 days ago

    How is he a 50 rated?

  • Harley Holt

    Harley Holt

    5 days ago

    What fifa are u playing lmao

  • Sohaib El kouaa

    Sohaib El kouaa

    5 days ago

    It depends on what club you are and youre status have you ever seen ronaldo in the last 5 years having a fifa card under 85 rating exactialy imagin if that keeper had 90 and oblak 80. If all the players were above 80 then the hole game isnt gonna be fun anymore

  • Looshkin


    5 days ago

    Video idea: win a game of FIFA while wearing goalie gloves

  • Lea Hoffmann

    Lea Hoffmann

    5 days ago

    I dont no how is he better than forster

  • Andrea T

    Andrea T

    5 days ago

    Josh is class! He'll make it in the big ones!

  • Patrik Ambrožič

    Patrik Ambrožič

    5 days ago


  • Valedin Hyseni

    Valedin Hyseni

    5 days ago

    Why 50 I wuld put him at um 86

  • Ayan Abdi

    Ayan Abdi

    5 days ago

    I know the song ever lived is girl.pro white baby don't worry laughing

  • RossDog


    5 days ago

    To the person who is reading this, don't give up on your YouTube channel, keep going, it's going to get better!



    5 days ago

    We played against a professional footballer see how we got on featuring Ipswich town is new signing and highly rated academy players https://youtu.be/bYsH5P7Uf68

  • wmaass88


    5 days ago

    yall were pretty bad actually.

  • mark taylor

    mark taylor

    5 days ago

    CLICKBAIT. nope.

  • Loganlthug


    5 days ago

    He needs a chance I swear

  • BigBoneTone


    6 days ago

    Would had more if your shots were more on target

  • MeŁŁø_RL


    6 days ago

    Imagine Messi comments n this

  • Jomes Zozzmon

    Jomes Zozzmon

    6 days ago

    10 out of 110 isn't 1 outta 10, just sayin

  • B24brad04 _

    B24brad04 _

    6 days ago

    Theo better striker than Chris!

  • Kermin K

    Kermin K

    6 days ago


  • Byron Blackmore

    Byron Blackmore

    6 days ago

    Hi Chris your mum used to teach me at my school at saviors school

  • EthioMod


    6 days ago

    Joke of a save. Joke of a player rating.

  • Visual_vacs


    6 days ago

    Fifa done him dirty he's insane



    6 days ago

    Lol he said u hitting it like a pro

  • Tyler Wilson

    Tyler Wilson

    6 days ago

    Can you guys please find an extra person to snag the balls

  • juancarlos131291


    6 days ago

    You can tell by the "Most Viewed" section in the video, everybody skips the ad, LOL

  • Dempsey Clarke

    Dempsey Clarke

    6 days ago

    I played there last week 😂😂😂

  • juiceboxXD


    6 days ago

    he looks like sterling



    6 days ago

    Absolutely quality again. I see you mentioned that someone didn’t mention Messi in these video!
    I think that’s brilliant. That’s how I aspire to be. Fantastic video again lads!

  • Onion Face

    Onion Face

    6 days ago

    This guys younger brother is now Celtic 3rd choice keeper. Massive potential in both of them

  • William Irvine

    William Irvine

    6 days ago

    might help if you got half on target tbh



    6 days ago

    Has anyone noticed that he is filming with a totenham player and he is a arsenal fan

  • Some Name

    Some Name

    6 days ago

    Put a gopro on the goalies head the next time so you see his angle.

  • Putu Miarsanjaya

    Putu Miarsanjaya

    6 days ago

    whats the song title of 15:30

  • CA10


    6 days ago

    How is ur shoes spinning when u playin fifa

  • Antsa


    6 days ago

    that picture about messi and ronaldo is real

  • minij hooi

    minij hooi

    6 days ago

    I think this shows the levels of pro's, some of those saves were absolutely amazing!

  • Salty


    6 days ago

    Buying his card rn just out of respect

  • mrperfectedkelly


    6 days ago

    Josh is a very talented keeper