I Designed Custom Minecraft Bosses...

Published on Oct 10, 2021
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Alright so in this video I made some custom minecraft bosses and got a real mod developer to react to/review my designs. I ended up making bosses for the forest, jungle, and nether biomes. They turned out really good! Sorry this video took so long to come out, we're working on some big things! And editing is starting to take a really long time. But soon I'll be back on a decent schedule so I hope you enjoy this one in the meantime (:

My name's daniel and I design things. Usually I do 3d modeling in blender but I'm now a metal worker thanks to mr beast apparently??? Who knows what I'll design in the future. If you have any ideas please let me know

Daniel Krafft
  • Elias Ainsworth

    Elias Ainsworth

    44 minutes ago

    I think a venus flytrap boss is better suited in the jungle

  • ezgreenfieldgmailcom


    54 minutes ago

    Why do you have to log in to core? 😞

  • reckerlolsy TFS

    reckerlolsy TFS

    Hour ago

    Minecraft should employ u

  • Galib Mahmud

    Galib Mahmud

    Hour ago

    what name this app

  • Lori Joan Carpenter

    Lori Joan Carpenter

    2 hours ago

    This is so cool bosses

  • Lovely HS

    Lovely HS

    2 hours ago

    i am also a mod devoloper you coud name it the the supreme netherite i also kida wanna code that dragon

  • Ameer Qutob

    Ameer Qutob

    2 hours ago

    Mo jang needs to add this to the game!

  • Irdran Ezekiel Edroso

    Irdran Ezekiel Edroso

    3 hours ago

    i would call the super netherite to lava netherite

    • -𝚍𝚊𝚜 𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚝𝚕𝚎𝚜-

      -𝚍𝚊𝚜 𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚝𝚕𝚎𝚜-

      2 hours ago

      I was about to say dat

  • Da Monke

    Da Monke

    4 hours ago


  • Danilo Pambuan

    Danilo Pambuan

    4 hours ago

    I would love thus in the real minecraft

  • Nalyn Tumanday

    Nalyn Tumanday

    4 hours ago


  • Adam He

    Adam He

    5 hours ago

    sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh iiiiii neeeeeeeeeedddddddssssss thatsssssssss noooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Fai Tv

    Fai Tv

    7 hours ago

    so you gonna leave the idea by that? u got a full ass mod creator and a 1,3million subs from your channel, I mean if I was you I would create a team to show the idea and profit on it, +content=+subs= +++Money

  • andy beachhead

    andy beachhead

    8 hours ago

    The nether dragons cool

  • Smell Tv

    Smell Tv

    8 hours ago


  • Smell Tv

    Smell Tv

    8 hours ago


  • Joaquin Alexandra

    Joaquin Alexandra

    8 hours ago


  • Itz Ninja

    Itz Ninja

    9 hours ago

    The clumsy tuba technologically head because odometer metabolically whip than a ancient lightning. invincible, future futuristic amusement

  • Primary 5

    Primary 5

    9 hours ago

    The lemur one was the best

  • Vordemotplays Robleks

    Vordemotplays Robleks

    9 hours ago

    Bruh that was a wasp not a bee

  • Doris Mendoza

    Doris Mendoza

    9 hours ago

    bro how is dis not in the game?

  • DanplayzVR


    10 hours ago

    These need to be added

  • Patric Murrow

    Patric Murrow

    11 hours ago

    The first one and the last one should be added to minecraft the second one i just think would be wierd if minecraft added but it is vute

  • FoxboyGamerSG


    11 hours ago

    What do you use to make the 3D models

  • James angelo Salgado

    James angelo Salgado

    11 hours ago

    Lemur :)

  • EyeShoeKing And Friends

    EyeShoeKing And Friends

    11 hours ago

    I dare you to make a Poppy playtime mod

  • Vaibhav Thorati

    Vaibhav Thorati

    12 hours ago


  • James Playz

    James Playz

    12 hours ago

    it should be dragonite npt super netherite beacuse it is cooler

  • Teebs


    13 hours ago

    When are you going to make dude perfects 50 million play button

  • Wade Comanescu

    Wade Comanescu

    13 hours ago

    Can you please remake the Pufferfish

  • insert here alot of eye emojis

    insert here alot of eye emojis

    14 hours ago

    where model download

  • ShinyMagic


    15 hours ago

    you should make a WWE play button the have over 50M subs!

  • Niroj Rana

    Niroj Rana

    15 hours ago


  • Richard Tuffney

    Richard Tuffney

    15 hours ago


  • Alphazilla 316

    Alphazilla 316

    16 hours ago

    I actually like the Venus Flytrap boss and Lemur boss a lot more than the fire dragon because they are completely original and they're simple and I think simple is what fits Minecraft

  • ShadowNathan


    17 hours ago

    Nice but you could change the super netherite to Magma set

  • Atlas X7

    Atlas X7

    18 hours ago

    should name the super netherite "Hyperite"

  • ShadowQueenGhidorah


    18 hours ago

    Ok ok the never dragon is related to ghidorah

  • Ina Moerdyk

    Ina Moerdyk

    18 hours ago

    i mad the newir dregin op bat i pikshird it not to haw 3 heds jasl 1. bat eh you tryd.

  • aeroscantsee


    18 hours ago

    therapist: t-posing venus flytrap isn't real. it can't hurt you
    t-posing venus flytrap:

  • Frasier C-ops

    Frasier C-ops

    18 hours ago


  • Leopoldo Bañaga

    Leopoldo Bañaga

    19 hours ago

    Allay boss please please (✯ᴗ✯)-________-

  • hazelebach


    19 hours ago

    We need the nether dragon

  • hazelebach


    19 hours ago

    Like litterly

  • Aiden Leonard Flores

    Aiden Leonard Flores

    19 hours ago

    Dont mess with roblox

  • Jerian Jerian

    Jerian Jerian

    19 hours ago

    Make the dude perfect play button

  • Randee Gagné

    Randee Gagné

    19 hours ago

    Make this a mod please we need it

  • SamSam Cheesestick

    SamSam Cheesestick

    19 hours ago

    What if the nether boss is like the ancient people took a dragon egg into the nether in left it to grow.

  • Ỷhehe The commenter

    Ỷhehe The commenter

    19 hours ago

    Oh wow he really work good on that censor it shows the dragon in the intro and the censor bar did not cover his toe and wings

  • Master of comments

    Master of comments

    20 hours ago

    Please go work in mojang, you will make minecraft so much better 🙏❤

  • Callum Slee

    Callum Slee

    20 hours ago


  • jro gaming

    jro gaming

    20 hours ago

    now do a mod pack that includes these bosses

  • Kuro Arts

    Kuro Arts

    20 hours ago

    You ought to make this a mod.

  • thebesnik83


    22 hours ago

    I am gonna watch this 1000333 times!Nice one man!

  • Saga's Creation

    Saga's Creation

    23 hours ago

    Can you plz teach me how to become a 3d artist in blender like you

  • Sony K

    Sony K

    23 hours ago


  • Frez Cup

    Frez Cup

    23 hours ago

    I like da dragon

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    Day ago

    You have to make this into an actual mod and just have the dragon soar around Fortresses just like how Shadow Levithans from Subnautica swim around the Crystal Caves

  • squid game

    squid game

    Day ago

    Oh my God why do I have so much typos

  • squid game

    squid game

    Day ago

    How you do know for the first boss you could make route legs not Leaf legs because the leaf legs are kind of weird

  • Mickhel Riola

    Mickhel Riola

    Day ago

    I want you to make a mob that wont DIE it is the enderman but the heath is 100% REAL!
    Plsssssss doo it

    • hen ko

      hen ko

      23 hours ago

      When enderite

  • Ija_ym


    Day ago

    Why not you add roofs instead of leave leg

  • MC Beluga

    MC Beluga

    Day ago

    Fyi venus flytrap isn't carnivorous it's insectivorous



    Day ago

    do a biome that suits godzilla

  • UltraDisco


    Day ago

    I have found you more successful neon youtuber brother..

    Or is it just me???

  • blaze


    Day ago

    Make The Brand new creative monstrosity charrecter way more creepy

  • Aulus Woo

    Aulus Woo

    Day ago

    Why not create a last demon boss where it is the last of its kind like the dragon in the ender!

  • Harry Gardner

    Harry Gardner

    Day ago

    Why the fuck did you make these into actual bosses you’ve done it with other mobs do it with these

  • the monke.

    the monke.

    Day ago

    Watching this while eating mashed potatoes

  • Judd Andrew Miguel Anchez

    Judd Andrew Miguel Anchez

    Day ago

    Can you make a gain bird with four leg and can tem like horse

  • Reddy gamez

    Reddy gamez

    Day ago

    U just made what the 2021 live voting new mob thing what it should of been

  • Terenz Tarroza

    Terenz Tarroza

    Day ago


  • WalkingRonin Yes

    WalkingRonin Yes

    Day ago

    You need to make MORE!!! I LOVE THESE

  • Silver Noob

    Silver Noob

    Day ago

    The Venus flytrap Remind me of petey Piranha

  • Stevie the great

    Stevie the great

    Day ago

    When enderite

  • epicgamer sad

    epicgamer sad

    Day ago

    thorn bushes like those berry bushes?

  • Blake Acton

    Blake Acton

    Day ago

    King Julian the lemur king

  • The X Crafter

    The X Crafter

    Day ago

    why not queen bee boss?

  • Khai Matthes

    Khai Matthes

    Day ago

    where can i get these mods

  • Marble’d


    Day ago

    Ah yes, pixilation = invisible

  • Chrilixx


    Day ago

    This is so amazing one boss in this vid is better then anything in minecraft

  • Kathy Monroe

    Kathy Monroe

    Day ago

    M o uuj hmm gui

  • Lee Miles

    Lee Miles

    Day ago

    4:10 bruh you just drew the slime staff texture from terraria

  • Green Spiderweb

    Green Spiderweb

    Day ago

    0:35 the dark forest hmmm…. I fell like I’ve seen that OH WAIT OHG WARRRIOR CATSSSSSSS

  • Hel Inn

    Hel Inn

    Day ago


  • Nioxin


    Day ago


  • Der_AlphaBieber


    Day ago

    if he loves the dragon...MAKE A MOD PLS xd

  • Mythical


    Day ago

    jungle boss = mort (damage 1000) (kill sound=GOODBYE KING JUILIAN)

  • jacob zagal

    jacob zagal

    Day ago

    Random idea: You can use The Heart of The Nether to enchant a bow with "Hellfire", which is an enchantment that is like "Flame" but makes the bow have a chance to shoot a ghast charge and the arrows can still be lit underwater
    Edit: The fire in the arrows Is dark red and can set an enemy on fire underwater without it extinguishing

    • jacob zagal

      jacob zagal

      9 hours ago

      @Yanu Siga u good?

    • IJustExist


      9 hours ago

      @Yanu Siga ?????????

    • Yanu Siga

      Yanu Siga

      9 hours ago

      OI kai ki me koi mi mm i.ii.mikki loop

    • Doris Mendoza

      Doris Mendoza

      9 hours ago


    • jacob zagal

      jacob zagal

      10 hours ago

      @IJustExist kinda

  • Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer

    Day ago

    Anyone know the music, between 0:40 and 1:00

  • emlabty


    Day ago

    King Julein: we like to move it move it! We like to move it move it! We like to move it move it! *MOVE IT!*

  • [redacted]


    Day ago

    The four cannon bosses in Minecraft today, are:
    The ender dragon: the end dimension
    The wither: the nether dimension
    the Elder Guardian: the oceans
    And then the warden: the deep dark city’s
    I hope this is useful. (So you had no reason to make a nether boss, as there already is one. But holy shit am I glad you still made one)

  • ibrahim khan

    ibrahim khan

    Day ago

    Add a zombie cat

  • Rocker124s


    Day ago

    I love it when the Notification shows up "SOMEONE LIKED YOUR COMMENT" and "YOU HAVE A NEW SUBSCRIBER".

  • Zabid bruh

    Zabid bruh

    Day ago




    Day ago

    Now make flying lettuce.

  • haplitize


    Day ago

    Me listening: Wait..., Wait..., WAIT THATS DREAM!