I have 3 names

Published on Oct 12, 2021
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Recipe is available on my website!

  • Doobydobap


    8 days ago

    Have you guys tried beef hayashi rice before? For those of you wondering what it tastes like, it's a love child between beef bolognese and demi-glace sauce. It's super easy to make, so give it a try doobies -3-

    • Julian Diaz

      Julian Diaz

      17 hours ago

      Everything you cook brings me back to my childhood… and, also, makes me hungry as f*#k! My mom is Japanese and I feel so fortunate to have an amalgam of beautiful different cultures 🤙🏽🙏🏽❤️ thanks for sharing you beautiful soul you

    • Marquitta Bryant

      Marquitta Bryant

      Day ago

      @Doobydobap I hate that practice!! Learn a person's name!!🤬 it's such a disrespectful practice!! TEACHERS should who instruct people HOW TO SPEAK should be the last to enforce this ridiculous shite!! I went off about it in college when my roommates, one Japanese, one Korean, told me this is why their names were "American" names. But those weren't their damn names🤬🤬🤬

    • yajun li

      yajun li

      Day ago

      can u please add the recipe for this as well:)

    • Cindy L

      Cindy L

      Day ago

      but whats the recipe

    • Siri9


      2 days ago

      Hello miss, I'm born in America. I've 3 names. Andrew John Lough. So come on...!

  • Armel


    42 seconds ago

    That's a nice egg souffle 👌🏼

  • E X O D U S

    E X O D U S

    28 minutes ago

    As an Arab girl who lived in America for 5 years I got this question a lot “your name is a bit hard to pronounce.. do you have an American name?”
    NO I DON’T!
    Why do I have to erase my identity and change it to fit to your culture? just because you don’t want to make any effort to learn my name??
    I didn’t have a problem at all with people who mispronounce my name, in fact it is normal as I have a foreigner name, but at least don’t ask me to change it completely, try to understand that we had to learn how to pronounce your foreigner names and we didn’t complain, do the same cz you’re not the only people living in this world, and of course.. not the center of it too.

  • zzvoi


    Hour ago

    Damm your so beautyfull so badly want you for my self

  • Denise Harrell

    Denise Harrell

    Hour ago


  • 짜다Eggie


    2 hours ago

    Same but I got five 💀

  • April S.M

    April S.M

    2 hours ago

    0:12 The most cutest thing I have ever seen in my damn life omg 😍

  • RJ Lagumay

    RJ Lagumay

    2 hours ago

    waaaa i love eggs too, either boiled, scrambled or fried sunny side up.

  • May Mon

    May Mon

    2 hours ago

    I was a preschool teacher for 6 years until I started working in the healthcare field and I cannot imagine a daycare/school having the audacity to ask a family to pick a different name for their child.
    I have had students with names I wasn’t sure how to pronounce, and I had never had a parent get upset when its their child’s first day and I ask them how to pronounce their name correctly.

  • Shania Grace Vargas

    Shania Grace Vargas

    2 hours ago

    I thought you we're chinese😳

  • Akuliy


    2 hours ago

    My mom is from Russia and she has two names, her name is Oksana, but when she moved to Sweden she had to have a nickname and she was called Khadijeh, I don’t know which one sounds easier to pronounce for other people, but in my opinion it would be Oksana.



    2 hours ago


  • JackwastakenXD


    4 hours ago

    "👉👈"what is this mean,I try to my mom,my mom slap me like LOL why why

  • Daniel


    6 hours ago

    You must be Lil Nas X because the hood calls him Dooby



    6 hours ago

    What is your favorite meal

  • cherryxarts


    6 hours ago

    I've never heard of parents having to literally give their kids a different name cuz the kindergarden teacher refuses to learn 🗿 The US really is built different huh

  • MX Hyungwonie

    MX Hyungwonie

    7 hours ago

    은서 언니 너무 예뻐요 🤩

  • Alysdbrooks


    7 hours ago

    I have three names two my first middle and last lmao

  • Francis Rai De Castro

    Francis Rai De Castro

    7 hours ago

    can i add my surname then?

  • Matthew Rosa

    Matthew Rosa

    7 hours ago

    Love the loop! Also the foods 🤤

  • Adib Lizfo

    Adib Lizfo

    8 hours ago

    my name: adib,zane,didib

  • AtinyMoa


    9 hours ago

    I saw the food and recognized it from somewhere but couldn’t remember where, then I remember really wanting to eat it when I saw it in ‘a girl and three sweethearts’ Japanese series!! Looks so good 😩

  • Keqing


    9 hours ago

    My name is Angela but my family only ever calls me Thúy

  • strange mushroom

    strange mushroom

    9 hours ago

    My school told ny mum to take the last part of my first name off but that dident happen beacause my name has a very special meaning towards it

  • yerimie


    10 hours ago

    does she live in the us or south korea?

  • keith wilkes

    keith wilkes

    10 hours ago

    Wow, another person with 3 names.

  • Rosetta the Dream Catcher

    Rosetta the Dream Catcher

    10 hours ago

    *When you’re birth name is a has a Hebrew/Muslim origin*
    Hehe- *rawr.*
    I am a black girl, and we all know the stereotypes around our names. *”Its just too hard to pronounce!” “I’m gonna butcher this name-“* Then they proceeded to butcher my name. *On here my name is Rosetta, I only came up with it because of the email I pulled out my ass. And here I am.*

  • auxilio me desmayo callese viejo lesviano

    auxilio me desmayo callese viejo lesviano

    11 hours ago

    My name also got changed but not by a lot. In Mexico we have our first name, our dads last name, and then our moms last name. I liked my full name but once I moved to the United States my moms last name was taken and now I’m just my first name and my dads last name. I miss Sanchez

  • Thunder Power

    Thunder Power

    12 hours ago

    Noooowaaaaay i have three names too , first my real nam second my nickname and now i changed my name bc i need a english name



    12 hours ago

    Hey dooby Tina nice.u have a bless day .nice videos

  • Diane Elizabeth

    Diane Elizabeth

    13 hours ago

    Shut up

  • gloferj


    14 hours ago

    "so the expat teachers won't have a hard time" IDK about you guys but if that's not privilage, i don't know what is

  • cocobutter


    14 hours ago

    My guy friend's boyfriend's name has been Aiden since he moved to America like 8 years ago because his parents are so worried that his name will be hard to pronounce or even unpronounceable, but his actual name is Park Hye-Ji which is what I usually call him since he likes that name a lot. I cant say that I understand completely, but I do think that hanving to use multiple names could be hard.

  • Ming ming

    Ming ming

    14 hours ago

    Plss mary me🤧

  • Daily Dose of Rips

    Daily Dose of Rips

    14 hours ago


  • Sofie Norris

    Sofie Norris

    14 hours ago

    I have to my birth name I use in school and with irl friends and then Satan I use that on the internet and it’s my preferred name

  • BoopBoop Dafoe

    BoopBoop Dafoe

    15 hours ago

    Girl I need the recip for that meal you made! It looks so good! 😩

  • Kasandra Mckenna

    Kasandra Mckenna

    15 hours ago

    Omgggg I must eat this

  • CJ Basco

    CJ Basco

    16 hours ago

    Love your vids!

  • jester zeus

    jester zeus

    17 hours ago

    How to marry this women 😆

  • PGR Domain

    PGR Domain

    17 hours ago

    You are and you'll always be Dooby😂

  • Stephanie Sanchez

    Stephanie Sanchez

    17 hours ago

    Is anybody else interested in the recipe instead ???

  • Manny323


    17 hours ago

    every taco needs a little onion

  • Laishram Omila Devi

    Laishram Omila Devi

    17 hours ago

    I'm from India n my last name also come at first. 😀 by the way I also have a lot of nicknames. By the way nice to meet u dooby. 😃

  • ༺įɾìժҽʂçҽղէ༻


    18 hours ago

    Dubi dubidapdap

  • PES Channel

    PES Channel

    19 hours ago

    Just marry me already 😭♏💚♥️ But seriously, you wanna hangout sometime? 🥴♥️

  • sophie j.

    sophie j.

    19 hours ago

    my mom actually wanted to give me other nickname, but my dad is used to go outside the country and having people asking on how to pronounce his name. so now i got sophie as my first name. and not "asian-ish" name. i actually kinda want to have double nickname tho....

  • Mikuo Hatsune

    Mikuo Hatsune

    19 hours ago

    Whats the yellow thing is there a recipie somewhere

  • Edwin Ramirez

    Edwin Ramirez

    20 hours ago

    I would love to have a wife like you❤️

  • Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    20 hours ago

    Summing up Tina Turner an 80s pop star is a tragedy.

  • PISSED MC (Official OFC)

    PISSED MC (Official OFC)

    22 hours ago

    Tina...M trying to make it but I dont know which ingrediants you've put in it ... It seems so good .. Please try to put down the ingredients 😋😋😋

  • GenericDPS


    22 hours ago

    Your loops are offensively satisfying.



    22 hours ago


  • Kania


    23 hours ago

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  • Aoru


    Day ago

    I couldn't afford an English name.

  • Salem Yobin

    Salem Yobin

    Day ago

    Ur expressions are so adorable

  • Chenoa Holdstock

    Chenoa Holdstock

    Day ago

    This is actually much more common than you think. In SA, we have a few languages - especially those with clicks - which are pretty hard to pronounce. So, Black families often give their children 2 names on their id's. Eg. Tsepo Adam (surname)

  • InnocentByStander


    Day ago

    Dooby needs a website with recipes



    Day ago

    damn i sound maybe like a simp but jeez who don't wants a gf like this , after all love goes trough the stomach

  • Madel


    Day ago

    A girl on the internet that's fully clothed and putting effort into content and not just stripping ?
    What ??

  • Pasqualini Tortallini

    Pasqualini Tortallini

    Day ago

    Anyone else in the comments trying to find the rescioe and or how to make this lol

  • Milk & Hunty

    Milk & Hunty

    Day ago

    I would prefer to honor the name your parents named you❤️❤️ I met someone that goes by their Nickname because others can’t pronouns the real name they made it easier I told them I rather practice pronouncing their real name out of respect. My name is hard to pronouns and I understand.

  • eatmore eats

    eatmore eats

    Day ago

    thats a great rice plate.

  • Simone Sang

    Simone Sang

    Day ago

    Food looks beautiful 😍 Wow x

  • _Shoucchann_


    Day ago

    I have many names too!
    In reality, I just have 1 surname, and somehow 3 names ( yeah it’s in my birthday certification, it’s my real complete name )
    So many people call me by one of the 3 names, sometimes they even forget my first name

  • An Tr

    An Tr

    Day ago

    The dealers where I work also have English names. But they change them at will lol

  • Ice Husky

    Ice Husky

    Day ago

    I have 3 as well

  • SugaKookieMon


    Day ago

    I love Tina Turner. What an honor. She's an icon, as you will be too.

  • Aniyah


    Day ago

    Wait cause those eggs look great

  • Carson Paul Lee

    Carson Paul Lee

    Day ago

    You are insurmountably cute

  • Tisha W.

    Tisha W.

    Day ago

    What’s the names of the dish she’s making?

  • ヒロ君


    Day ago

    I also have 3 names. The first one is what my family calls me, my childhood name “Kulay” or “Kulet”. Second one is my actual name, Nicole. Third name is “Hiro”, a name I gave myself in high school when I was at my peak weaboo phase. Only my high school friends call me that and whenever I think about it all the fun memories of high school come back 💜

  • Alain Constantin

    Alain Constantin

    Day ago

    Great names!!! Dish looks super good! 😘🌹🇨🇦

  • Lil Dingdong

    Lil Dingdong

    Day ago

    I love watching her cooking and eating her reaction or the face she make when eating is so cute 🤭

  • sincere lee

    sincere lee

    Day ago

    I want a women like that. Beautiful in every way 🤩

  • Isthatxii


    Day ago

    I love those names and the meanings🥺

  • ♡Bxtchy.Bxy♡


    Day ago

    My chinese friends real name os Zi Qùaung but they use Sophie / sora

  • UselessMango


    Day ago

    I have 3 names too. My first name, middle name and surname

  • Anaïs Anaïs

    Anaïs Anaïs

    Day ago

    I’d rather know your real name.
    I don’t care how hard it is to pronounce, I will make sure I get it right becauSe that is your name and you deserve to be called by it!! That food looks tasty

  • Maliha Sallahuddin

    Maliha Sallahuddin

    Day ago

    This infuriates me!!!! You should be able to keep your name

  • Hera Kahui

    Hera Kahui

    Day ago

    Or they could just learn to say your name jeez

  • Douglas Blowe

    Douglas Blowe

    Day ago

    That looks so good. Wish you live near me because I'd be a great taste tester for your dishes you could make them and by the way I'm an excellent cook myself but you can make your dishes and I would test them for you all day long LOL



    Day ago

    I have like 2 names 3 initials basically 5 word name with my house name and all

  • Ti Na

    Ti Na

    Day ago


  • Rishabh Saxena

    Rishabh Saxena

    Day ago

    Your are so beautiful 😚

  • Jake The Dog

    Jake The Dog

    Day ago

    You forgot covid, the fourth name

  • Rex


    Day ago

    Same here, my parents gave me the name dirk when I was born but they where afraid I was gonna get bullied because Dirk is a masc name and I'm female. They nicknamed me dorine for school and jobs. And online I usually go by perz! ^^

  • Murder


    Day ago

    That food loooks soooo gooood

  • HydeNseek


    Day ago

    Leaving a comment so i can go back to this video when I'm ready to cook this dish hahaha

  • yasir jawaid

    yasir jawaid

    Day ago

    I think people should learn how to pronounce your beautiful Korean name

  • Pixie2sweet


    Day ago


  • Moroccan Queen

    Moroccan Queen

    Day ago

    Everything to make it easy for white people right?

  • Can I put my balls in yo jaws.

    Can I put my balls in yo jaws.

    Day ago

    I have 4 names



    Day ago

    I want an Asian girlfriend omg

  • TLUG


    Day ago

    That's the most racist thing I heard.
    During my childhood school was the worst time of my life. Teachers were SOOO racist and allowed discrimination when they witnessed it.

  • Comedy Edits

    Comedy Edits

    Day ago


  • Pasta Goose

    Pasta Goose

    Day ago

    Oh I have 2 names too but I'm not Asian B)

  • Kelico Williams

    Kelico Williams

    Day ago

    That looks delicious 😋

  • Stigmata Martyr

    Stigmata Martyr

    Day ago

    Tina Turner is awesome. Your mom has good taste 🥰

  • HS J

    HS J

    Day ago

    You didn’t confuse me….you made me hungry…again🙃