Glee did NOT age well

Published on Nov 23, 2021
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Eddy Burback
  • Eddy Burback

    Eddy Burback

    13 days ago

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    • Johnny13x2


      Day ago

      Nice Mustache, Mustache

    • Bryson


      2 days ago

      While I don't enjoy glee I think the whole thing is almost a satire about that kind of culture, it's like saying the characters in its always sunny are problematic, thats the point

    • Angela M. Stovall

      Angela M. Stovall

      3 days ago

      Don't allow them to demonitize your video that's against the law law you ABSOLUTELY know what FAIR USE IS & you are well within the law on this so there is nothing wrong with being honest & just telling us to like, subscribe, buy merch, Patreon, donate & all of the things to support their favorite content creator & then move on to your work but don't allow everyone's rights to be trampled or treat us like idiots.

    • Matthew Optimus

      Matthew Optimus

      5 days ago

      This is a great video. How would you rewrite the first episode of Glee?

    • Nelson Hoyle

      Nelson Hoyle

      5 days ago

      Roasting another dude for his shirtless appearance is a bold move when you're built the way you are Eddie.

  • kayleigh


    3 seconds ago

    have i watched glee: no
    will i watch glee: probably not…
    did i still watch this video: hell yeah
    (honestly the only reason i’d ever watch glee is for darren criss but even then i’d just end up rewatching avpm)

  • Chase Allen

    Chase Allen

    25 minutes ago

    My god I remember back in the day people who I called friends actually were excited to watch Glee, it was scray then, but more terrifying now that these people are adults raising kids and voting. It has to be why so much has gone to shit

  • Ella Pawkett

    Ella Pawkett

    33 minutes ago

    More glee videos please

  • Eden Y

    Eden Y

    45 minutes ago

    Please talk more about glee

  • Captain Eric Von Bonbon

    Captain Eric Von Bonbon

    Hour ago

    "Ed and butter" is officially my new bread and butter

  • Gracey Shaw

    Gracey Shaw

    2 hours ago

    Ok yes yes yes yes everything you're saying is so right and all these guys suck... but I think its completely reasonable for glee club nationals to be the best day of your life. Performing at a high level is one of the most meaningful/spiritual things you can experience in a group and some people never get that chance past high school

  • Love the Nerd

    Love the Nerd

    4 hours ago

    I want more! 😫

  • Max Smith

    Max Smith

    4 hours ago

    I find it so interesting how our perceptions changed when this first came out it was monumental and was seen as an adult "High School Musical" I really wish we could appreciate things for how they were and not how we should be thinking now. Grease is incredibly problematic compared to todays standards but is still a well renown movie. Something can still be a classic without it being relevant to current social standards.

  • Katrina


    5 hours ago

    PLEASE make more Glee videos 😂

  • Ol' Snippers

    Ol' Snippers

    8 hours ago

    Break down this whole thing

  • Nicolas Leone

    Nicolas Leone

    8 hours ago


  • 1from31


    9 hours ago

    Hated it since day 1

  • Bluntz


    9 hours ago

    That "What!?", pop-up got a sub out of me. Genius humour 👌

  • FacebookQueen


    13 hours ago

    I finally ended up watching all of Glee throughout quarantine. It’s definitely a train wreck, problematic and they get away with so much!! Will Schuester is trash needs to be a thing lol. But for some reason I just can’t stop watching it. This is a great video so hilarious 🙂

  • Austin Alejandro

    Austin Alejandro

    14 hours ago

    It’s satire man.. cmon

  • Moss


    16 hours ago

    I hate this because i watched this show right around when i realized i was trans, and i thought Finn was so cool and i wanted to be a stupid jock guys just like him so bad and NAMED myself after him, and its too late to go back now so i just have to live with that for the rest of my life 👍

  • Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire

    Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire

    17 hours ago

    Glee was not good in the first place.



    18 hours ago

    To be fair, it was just as creepy and cringy when it came out. I'm not sure why so many people praised it, bc really, it was all cringe

  • Joseph Bloch

    Joseph Bloch

    18 hours ago

    Finn's father was supposed to have died in combat in the mid-90s. In the Eugenics Wars, I guess? At least they retconned it eventually to say he had OD'd...

  • Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan

    18 hours ago

    Touching students at any time period is weird 🤣🤣🤣

  • broken tracks

    broken tracks

    18 hours ago

    this is quite scary for me because television is a bit insane but thank you cause i like the eddy series
    thank u from a fellow eddy

  • luvssmarties


    19 hours ago

    Eddy..that is not asparagus...those are green onions..

  • Melissa Audrey

    Melissa Audrey

    20 hours ago

    "I will do more if this video does really well" a million views later... hmmm

  • Melissa Audrey

    Melissa Audrey

    20 hours ago

    Don't forget, the toxic song special and how inappropriate it is

  • Alexandria Wilson

    Alexandria Wilson

    20 hours ago

    Literally ate every school you could be in a sport and still be in band 😂😭

  • lunathemoon


    21 hour ago

    I've never liked Glee. It was always so weirdly sexual....

  • ImmoralJester


    21 hour ago

    So many gay people stan Glee so hard but it was shit honestly lol

  • Beth


    21 hour ago

    YES more please this show is TERRIBLE and I was OBSESSED with it in middle school (Yes. literally.)

  • asher comes

    asher comes

    22 hours ago

    I love no matter how fit Eddy gets, he still has that adorable Mario face.

  • natalia ivonica

    natalia ivonica

    22 hours ago

    i don't know what's more concerning, that i enjoyed glee so much as a child or that my parents convinced me to watch it when i was eight so i would be exposed to more narratives (and great music) and don't become homophobic, transphobic, ableist etc. kinda works because now i'm very very gay, so thanks glee!

  • Camilo Duran-Sanchez

    Camilo Duran-Sanchez

    22 hours ago

    Is that mustache real

  • Jerpica.d


    Day ago

    More of this

  • madeline F

    madeline F

    Day ago

    are you jeremy

  • Stephanie Harlowe

    Stephanie Harlowe

    Day ago

    I think it was pretty clear that his wife was a bad person from the get 🤣

  • DaisyThroughConcrete


    Day ago

    there's a really sad part of me that cant help but think of how many of the student cast members are dead

  • Mr Squiggles

    Mr Squiggles

    Day ago

    Donut Operator, I know it's you. Those fake mustache and glasses won't fool us!

  • Armands Segliņš

    Armands Segliņš

    Day ago

    i get the video. but because of reviews like these, every movie and tv show is made so clean and safe that everything is trash nowadays

  • AverageJoe


    Day ago

    1:55 Not even 2 minutes and I’m already shamed for living in Oho🤣

  • Nick Molnar

    Nick Molnar

    Day ago

    eddie burback comedy: “omg that piece of media is a bit problematic?! Thats a yikes from me!”

  • L. T C.

    L. T C.

    Day ago

    Why is Will qualifed to be a Spanish teacher? He didn't speak one word of the language. My high school Spanish teacher actually grew up speaking Spanish because She lived in Spain for the first 18 years of her life.

  • Ben Klopps

    Ben Klopps

    Day ago

    Man, I didn't know if you were joking when you were like I don't know why this didn't get cancelled right away, then I got to the part where the teacher touched the dudes stomach and you said it again lol why does that make you think it should be cancelled

  • KayGee


    Day ago

    They don't really make Puck endearing. This character story is fucking insane

  • illitero


    Day ago

    I get pointing out _cheap_ jokes or ones in bad taste intending to be vicious, but you're just sniffing out everything wacky and making squishy faces at them for a little under 20 minutes. Is this channel for people that can't pick up jokes if they don't start with "knock-knock"?

  • Alvaro b

    Alvaro b

    Day ago

    Oh my gaaad.

  • Sten Cain

    Sten Cain

    Day ago

    I cannot stress enough that we want the other episodes

  • MFD Talks

    MFD Talks

    Day ago

    Glee characters ranked by how much you should care about them:
    Sue: Yes she gets very unlikable sometimes but Jesus Christ Jane Lynch needs aspirin for carrying the show.
    Santana/Brittany and Kurt/Blaine: If you can power through 6 seasons of this crap you will understand that these 2 couples really carry the show.
    Mercedes and Sam: Dude you cannot understand the chemistry of this pair.
    Quinn and Puck: Boi they really carried that drama in the first season.
    Tina and Mike Cheng: Again, the payoff is good if you power through to season 6, but oh my god it’s painful to watch Tina
    Finn: I know the actor died before season 5 and I give him all the credit for his acting. But the writing doesn’t hide the fact that as more time goes on, the more you start to realize he’s not a goodie two shoes.
    Rachel and Will: Can we even explain this

  • clubpenguinluvr4


    Day ago

    new york era rachel was the only one i could tolerate, and then she went and messed it ALL up for herself. i had to stop watching the show for two months because i was so incredibly angry at how badly she messed something so good up

  • clubpenguinluvr4


    Day ago

    kurt, kurt’s dad and sue as well as a bit of finn is what i kept watching for.

  • Senko S.

    Senko S.

    Day ago

    character development is so foreign to zoomers
    seeing characters start from a bad place is an inexcusable oddity to them

  • tmage23


    Day ago

    I've never watched this show but I've watched a lot Community episodes that mock it so I feel like I've actually watched the show.
    Edit: After watching your video, it's pretty clear that Dan Harmon went easy on them.

  • The Big D

    The Big D

    Day ago

    lol don’t watch your vids thought you were the creepy teacher in the thumbnail

  • Nolan Wellman

    Nolan Wellman

    Day ago

    It did well do more

  • M Burrell

    M Burrell

    Day ago

    This was such a breath of fresh air in such a shitty week. As an ex-theatre kid and former Gleek, it’s so fucking fun to see someone see the show with a fresh lens and realize how fucked up it is. Please make this a series.

  • Britni Alexander

    Britni Alexander

    Day ago

    He needed the $60 a month because the school was going to rent the space to some community group and the only way Figgins would agree is if Will paid the fee they were going to get from the other group.

  • WhatADeer


    Day ago

    If you do more reviews, it means I don't have to rewatch it myself,

  • Little Squishie

    Little Squishie

    Day ago

    More glee content please, I never watched glee but this was really good!

  • I'm TMZ

    I'm TMZ

    Day ago


  • Malachi Smith

    Malachi Smith

    Day ago

    And that's how sue C's it

  • Lawrence Cobb

    Lawrence Cobb

    Day ago

    I’m like 20% in, and this YouTuber is aggressively, aggressively on the side of everything is offensive/wrong

  • Feanie


    Day ago

    why did I think you were Julien solomita for a second

  • Jenna-Lee Bartlett

    Jenna-Lee Bartlett

    Day ago

    Never had any interest in watching Glee until watching this review.

  • Charlie W

    Charlie W

    Day ago

    🥸eddy emoji💕

  • Charlie W

    Charlie W

    Day ago

    Pappa Ed, you need some sponsorships

  • jamur jamur

    jamur jamur

    Day ago

    The fact that he (Eddy) imagene Finn's penis flapping around at the bathroom scene is creepy. I was not.

  • Alex Barba

    Alex Barba

    Day ago

    glee seems fine. it's Eddy that didn't age well.

  • Dani Kjostad

    Dani Kjostad

    Day ago

    More glee please 😳❤

  • dino nuggies

    dino nuggies

    Day ago

    The only good characters who were genuine and didn’t give me any conflicting feelings were Kurt and his dad. Kurt’s dad was so wholesome, and even when he didn’t fully understand Kurt being gay, he always tried his hardest to understand and even stood up for him.
    More hot takes no one asked for: Brittany was a great character and fun to watch despite being such a small part, Santana wasn’t likable at all but her coming out story made her a bit more likable, and (get ready for this one) AT FIRST I liked Rachel… mainly because of her passion for performing… then I realized oh she’s narcissistic so it’s hard to watch her most times. It’s so conflicting bc you wanna root for her but then she does the dumbest things and you literally just can’t (same with the rest of the characters tbh).

  • Ethan Johnson

    Ethan Johnson

    Day ago

    Man I would absolutely love to hear more on what you think about this show. I’m 20 now and I remember being like 8-9 years old watching this with my mom and thinking “don’t you think all of these people are terrible?”

  • Nicki Richards

    Nicki Richards

    Day ago

    As someone who has spent the last two days watching all of your videos, I feel like I now have the authority to say "yes more pls. more of this thank you."

  • Ashton Hovland

    Ashton Hovland

    Day ago

    Imma be honest, I’m a big fan of glee , I grew up with it as someone who did grow up with glee , you really have to sit there and think , at the end of the day I feel as if it showed me a lot more then just kids bullying eachother, it’s funny but also sad , the guy who played Finn dies irl right and they add it to the show, but it also talks about really big things that people go through, it was a tv show , that I saw my first lesbian couple, and that’s such a big deal to me but looking back on it , ITS SO FUNNY

  • last dog standing

    last dog standing

    Day ago

    Everytime I’ve tried picking up glee a cast member has died. So now I don’t let myself watch it.

  • Bad Pokémon Player

    Bad Pokémon Player

    Day ago

    I remember I watched this series when I was a kid, I always wondered if I'd ever be as cool as the characters of the show. Yeah, I guess I've never been nor will I ever be as cool as them.

  • You like jazz?

    You like jazz?

    Day ago

    Is this a video being annoyed about a show that literally takes the piss out of itself and everything it’s based off of.
    I never watched it but the episodes that were just on that i saw. It was veeeeery obviously satire. Unless this video also is, then okay dokey i wouldn’t be that confused.

  • Tommy Ross

    Tommy Ross

    Day ago

    I never liked Glee, but I cannot believe I forgot all the awfulness that was here.
    There’s actually a Stephen King story called “A Very Tight Place” about a man who puts his gay neighbor in a portapotty and tips it over just because he’s gay. Difference being: WE’RE NOT EVER EXPECTED TO LIKE THAT GUY

  • Haileee xx

    Haileee xx

    Day ago

    You should do season reviews hahaha, react to wildest moments from each season

  • Ethan Blickenstaff

    Ethan Blickenstaff

    Day ago

    Eddy, please make another glee video. I don't care enough about the show to watch it on my own, but I'll watch you talk about it all day.

  • Kobayashi Hikigaeru

    Kobayashi Hikigaeru

    Day ago

    Looking back at this show, there’s a lot of these crazy moments like Sandy roaming free and Will’s inappropriate conduct with the students. But I think the show is more enjoyable if you don’t expect a reality show and rather a hyper-dramatized madhouse. I didn’t watch all that much (maybe up to the middle of season 2?), but I personally enjoyed the ridiculous drama

  • Karma


    Day ago


  • Emma Blanchette

    Emma Blanchette

    Day ago

    you should watch the later episodes like season 6 it gets….bad

  • Jenna Koch

    Jenna Koch

    Day ago

    random but I went to the same high school as one of the writers, Ian Brennan, who based Glee off his experience in our choir (and in 2005, the choir teacher was convicted of sexual assault). No one at the school really mentioned it, even though I went there only around 10 years after the events that inspired Glee. Also crazy that Brennan was inspired by this horrible story of sexual assault and ..Glee.. came out of it.

  • Ashley Titus

    Ashley Titus

    Day ago

    You look like my dad when he was a young man.

  • tommytomato


    Day ago

    Omg this commentary sucks even a normal reaction video with no actual reaction would be better like bruh

  • Esrom


    2 days ago

    I'm confused. I never watched glee, but you're making it sound like always sunny. So i should like glee?

  • Fi Fi

    Fi Fi

    2 days ago

    I watched episode 1 with my mom one time
    Glad that’s all I saw-

  • Dear God, the Drama Mama.

    Dear God, the Drama Mama.

    2 days ago

    Besides the video, those sweaters are 🥵😩🔥

  • Jamie McQuarrie

    Jamie McQuarrie

    2 days ago

    Check out Community's Glee episode. Great parody, and they figured out the teacher was creepy before the rest of us.

  • Valarie Morris

    Valarie Morris

    2 days ago

    Does anyone recognize his hoodie?

  • Autumn


    2 days ago

    can-- csn i opem my eyes ye b ?

  • Daniel Musgrove

    Daniel Musgrove

    2 days ago

    Sheet music, pianists aren’t always free, music stands, etc all cost money lol

  • Know Me Better Man

    Know Me Better Man

    2 days ago

    Liking, subbing, and commenting because boy do I want more of “glee is a nightmare”

  • Sonia Becerra

    Sonia Becerra

    2 days ago

    mr burback i absolutely need you to make a video on the 2004 movie “surviving christmas” it’s fucking insane

  • Shayna Richardson

    Shayna Richardson

    2 days ago

    I mean, I'm only five minutes into this video, but I'm already thinking you have less of a problem with this show, and more of a problem with high schools in 2009. Teachers being oblivious to bullying, kids doing good but only for selfish reasons and teachers being pedos were all reality. The cripple comment was literally commentary on how dismissive and ableist schools can be. Glee probably does have a ton of problematic themes or jokes but it was one of the most inclusive and representative shows of its time.

  • Barbaroja


    2 days ago

    no offense but the thumbnail made think the "creepy" guy was the one with the moustache lol

  • Tiny Guy

    Tiny Guy

    2 days ago

    Seeing Matthew Morrison’s bare chest never bothered me any 🤤