GIVĒON - Heartbreak Anniversary (Live At American Music Awards)

Published on Nov 22, 2021
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Giveon performs Heartbreak Anniversary live at the 2021 American Music Awards

"For Tonight" available at:

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  • Ilsa Kamran

    Ilsa Kamran

    7 hours ago

    I m in love with ur voice

  • Piero alexis Herrera Berrocal

    Piero alexis Herrera Berrocal

    7 hours ago


  • Iboy Dafreshest

    Iboy Dafreshest

    8 hours ago

    Giveon never ceases to amaze me with his voice, it's so delicate and soulful at the same time, did anyone see who Drake was sitting with cos it looked like Becky G to me 😂

  • النّور


    13 hours ago


  • Sha ma

    Sha ma

    17 hours ago

    So deep voice same as my bais TAEHYUNG hope we can get collaboration

  • I am Evan Rarung

    I am Evan Rarung

    18 hours ago

    He lowered down the key, right? But still great

  • logical immanuel

    logical immanuel

    18 hours ago

    Giveon s voice has a natural sound effect plugin. 😭

  • Kurtb.


    19 hours ago

    adebayo so talented!! 🙏

  • Macky Gaming

    Macky Gaming

    20 hours ago

    I came here for the song but I see him shake Tae’s hand and that makes me so happy

  • Silvia Maharani Br Pane

    Silvia Maharani Br Pane

    Day ago

    Suka kali lagu ini ❤️



    Day ago

    I am an Army, but I want to declare that it's not about him shaking hands with V, its about how beautiful his voice is. I am totally in love with his talent from the moment I listened to him singing starting notes of the song..He deserves more recognition!

  • Isabella


    Day ago

    I love this song so much and this is an incredible performance by him

  • Фатима Мицаева

    Фатима Мицаева

    Day ago

    Wow Cool

  • Mendoza Yucra Maria Isabel

    Mendoza Yucra Maria Isabel

    Day ago

    Hermosa canción.. 💜💜💜

  • Nalisha Chetty

    Nalisha Chetty

    Day ago

    It was so freaking cute how giveon went to shake V's hand. I was screaming so hard at that part omg. I need them to collaborate! V is such a huge fan of yours.



    Day ago

    Thank God this man exists

  • Farhin Ahmed

    Farhin Ahmed

    Day ago

    Both KIM TAEHYUNG and GIVĒON voice are soo addictive and deep like the Marianna trench. GIVĒON went to PTD concert in LA at Day-4 . Manifesting KIM TAEHYUNG × GIVĒON collaboration.🔥

  • Lore EP

    Lore EP

    Day ago

    Imagínense un dueto de este hombre con V!!! Omg 😱🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Shannon Kendi

    Shannon Kendi

    Day ago

    Beautiful 🥰🥰

  • Travis Hoff

    Travis Hoff

    Day ago

    he is truly unbelievable

  • Aisha Sofhia

    Aisha Sofhia

    Day ago

    collabs with V?

  • Sunshinegirl


    Day ago

    I love this song sm

  • 데미


    2 days ago

    I love men with deep soulful voices, Giveon and my bias Taehyung! Chef’s kiss 😘

  • Rayge


    2 days ago

    Hey Giveon I don't know if you read your YouTube comments man but you're humming is so soulful and amazing I think you and Kid Cudi can do something that the whole world can feel.

  • sarah alabdullah

    sarah alabdullah

    2 days ago

    Wow ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Yvon Gravois

    Yvon Gravois

    2 days ago

    So lovely

  • Jinah


    2 days ago

    V, Kim Taehyung's happiness while singing is indeed a good sight to witness. With respect to Giveon's handshake wow you made V's day complete. Legend respect a legend.

  • Pleaseenteraname


    2 days ago

    He has such a timeless voice. Takes me back to a time before I was even born.

  • Nur Nofita Anggraeni

    Nur Nofita Anggraeni

    2 days ago

    Suaramu ennak om 😫😫😫

  • Sonia Choudhary

    Sonia Choudhary

    2 days ago

    We want more artist like giveon and Bts , who respect each other and support each other, and not pull each other down. Just a heartmelting performancr and the cutest gestures 💜💜💜

  • Natasha


    2 days ago


  • Union Sun

    Union Sun

    2 days ago

    The amount of times I've had this playing on loop is unhealthy

  • Elaine


    2 days ago

    We don’t deserve how great you are!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Leonardo Dornellas

    Leonardo Dornellas

    2 days ago

    beautiful voice .

  • moonlight bae

    moonlight bae

    2 days ago

    this is like a grammy performance

  • Evellin Souza

    Evellin Souza

    2 days ago


  • Lorrana Sodre

    Lorrana Sodre

    2 days ago


  • 맴맴


    3 days ago

    아름다운 악수 그리고 아름다운 음악



    3 days ago

    giveon i love you I adore you god bless you forever

  • rafael junior

    rafael junior

    3 days ago

    tbh babe im so happy for you, i remember when we would talk about you being successful one day great to see it, im shedding tears right now 😪

  • Camille Lima

    Camille Lima

    3 days ago

    taehyung now you need to collaborate with giveon on your mixtape

  • Khawla Lafrid

    Khawla Lafrid

    3 days ago

    The voiiiiice wth I'm dyiiiiiiiiing

  • Capricorn


    3 days ago

    Giveon, please, we need a collaboration with Taehyung of BTS🙏

  • Tyler Purvis

    Tyler Purvis

    3 days ago

    I love this song so much

  • Arwen Elbereth

    Arwen Elbereth

    3 days ago

    Thanks to this and BTS I found out about him, what an amazing voice

  • Fabimr10 games

    Fabimr10 games

    3 days ago

    Já imaginaram dueto , ( V e giveon ) muito top

  • Nana Zukes

    Nana Zukes

    3 days ago

  • Z L

    Z L

    3 days ago

    95 deep voice line Giveon Taehyung collab LET'SGOOOOOOOO

  • main


    3 days ago




    4 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 the best song

  • Liberty Creation

    Liberty Creation

    4 days ago

    Nice music

  • Florence Kamena

    Florence Kamena

    4 days ago

    not him getting shy afterwards so cute

  • TySoul


    4 days ago

    This is how I would picture Joel Embiid’s voice to sound if he could sing

  • Miss Naw

    Miss Naw

    4 days ago

    I’m so obsessed with this song and with him. And when he shaked V’s hand ahhhh

  • Ksu Ksana

    Ksu Ksana

    4 days ago

    Wow ! So high class music , respect Giveon!!

  • Essy


    4 days ago

    The ending was just *chef's kiss*

  • Fitz Jenny

    Fitz Jenny

    4 days ago

    amazing!!his voice

  • Yumnam Jeet135

    Yumnam Jeet135

    4 days ago

    What a voice ❤️

  • จิตรลดา บุญโต

    จิตรลดา บุญโต

    4 days ago


  • Charlie Retarded

    Charlie Retarded

    4 days ago

    This song helped me through this year

  • DeAnna


    4 days ago

    I swear I’m so in love with him and his voice

  • Eiron Deleon

    Eiron Deleon

    4 days ago

    Pag sa pinas to sabay sabay mag titiktok mga audience

  • Bwi Lin

    Bwi Lin

    4 days ago


  • Jadami Ortiz

    Jadami Ortiz

    4 days ago

    ¡Hermosa! presentacion

  • Masegoxoxo mdluli

    Masegoxoxo mdluli

    4 days ago

    Omgg 🥲🥺

  • joel


    4 days ago

    Que buena interpretación!!! 🔥

  • Putu Juliani Lawalata

    Putu Juliani Lawalata

    4 days ago

    I find his Live performance is so much better than on youtube. So talented

  • yến hoang

    yến hoang

    4 days ago

    Conheça o poder do Brasil na América do Sul | Top 10 militares do mundo

  • Nancy N

    Nancy N

    4 days ago

    Voice is so dreamy 😍🥰

  • Dark


    4 days ago

    Giveon is incredibly gifted.

  • John Cedrick Mendiola

    John Cedrick Mendiola

    4 days ago

    Fire!! 🔥🔥😍❤️

  • Đức Nguyễn

    Đức Nguyễn

    4 days ago

    1:37 Look how humble this guy is

  • phasin pakpian

    phasin pakpian

    4 days ago


  • Mi Michelle

    Mi Michelle

    4 days ago

    Love Giveon. Incredible singer.

  • Jayphlo


    4 days ago

    Man voice is GOLDEN 🎶

  • Cristina Espinoza

    Cristina Espinoza

    4 days ago

    I love giveon so much🥺🥺

  • lele787


    4 days ago

    Deberían mencionar a GIVEON. No tanto a BTS. 🤦

  • Yesenia Santos

    Yesenia Santos

    4 days ago

    Me encanta esta canción y mas al verlo saludar a tae 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Yesenia Santos

    Yesenia Santos

    4 days ago

    Me encanta esta canción y mas al verlo saludar a tae 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Judy Jones

    Judy Jones

    5 days ago

    His ass can’t sing, he was not hitting those notes….. straight auto tune

  • Adwoa More

    Adwoa More

    5 days ago


  • Zia_plazysxx


    5 days ago

    It look like he really feeling it

  • Pandora Lea

    Pandora Lea

    5 days ago


  • Browneyedd_ Gyal

    Browneyedd_ Gyal

    5 days ago


  • Yanka B-army

    Yanka B-army

    5 days ago

    _Ele pegando nas mãos do Taehyung_ 💜😭
    _Como vc se sente vivendo meu sonho?_ 😔

  • Mas Endro

    Mas Endro

    5 days ago


  • Siriporn Thanakitpeedakun

    Siriporn Thanakitpeedakun

    5 days ago

    Taehyung ahhhhhh



    5 days ago

    Obsessed with this man

  • IthinkImdepressedshit


    5 days ago

    From his voice I felt that he was a bit nervous but he killed it

  • Samantha May

    Samantha May

    5 days ago

    I wonder why this song doesn't have any dislike...:)

  • Kyle Chapman

    Kyle Chapman

    5 days ago

    He sounds like crap in this video

  • Shriya Kulkarni

    Shriya Kulkarni

    5 days ago

    you are an angel and your voice omg its so so soulful. you're amazing.

  • vcto!


    5 days ago

    so cutee

  • vcto!


    5 days ago


  • vcto!


    5 days ago


  • AnushreeNain D

    AnushreeNain D

    5 days ago

    What a Voice What a song wahhh!



    5 days ago

    we love u man💯💪

  • Choi LuSi

    Choi LuSi

    5 days ago

    BTS with Giveon omgggg

  • 영영


    5 days ago

    His Vocal is better than bts