Trying Troom Troom's Awful Kidnapping Hacks

Published on Oct 10, 2021
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nicks channel
shot by christian owens imchristian...

got kidnapped :/

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Danny Gonzalez
  • Danny Gonzalez

    Danny Gonzalez

    10 days ago

    Thanks to RhinoShield for sponsoring this video! Use code “DANNY” for 20% off in the first week (10% after)
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    • Ikratkoje


      Day ago

      I am gonna eat your dog.

    • Nobody


      Day ago

      Please consider doing a video with Drew Gooden where you watch the Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978.

    • ChillCannon Games

      ChillCannon Games

      Day ago

      After the 14 min mark, all I can think of is show me the feet

    • Sarah Samaan

      Sarah Samaan

      6 days ago


    • Noor Alaa

      Noor Alaa

      6 days ago


  • Liam Winters

    Liam Winters

    Hour ago

    I hate the mickie mouse voice of the troom troom narrator

  • Shadow_girl_2020


    Hour ago

    27:13 you can actually do this! You have to raise your arms up,the pull them as hard as possible towards your gut! I have TESTED this, because i was curious!

  • Anhar Mubariz

    Anhar Mubariz

    3 hours ago

    8:15 omg this gives me the exact same energy of that
    "If your homeless just by a home" girl 💀💀😂

  • Josie Malara

    Josie Malara

    4 hours ago

    Hey bestie, I just wanna let you know that Arrivederci means goodbye in Italian

  • Lux


    5 hours ago

    It’s now or never! uwu

  • Raya B.

    Raya B.

    5 hours ago

    I like this *Nick* guy.

  • mikayla bilbie

    mikayla bilbie

    5 hours ago

    why the toe socks

  • PinkGreg


    6 hours ago

    I am really happy your talking to me

  • LostChaos


    6 hours ago

    And if all else fails?
    Kill your captors. Just kill them.

  • blainke


    6 hours ago

    him coughing constantly in the craft part is so funny to me for some reason

  • Farice


    6 hours ago

    How much are they payed to act that out... 💀

  • Frogy


    7 hours ago


  • Jommy Salami

    Jommy Salami

    7 hours ago

    19:06 😀

  • Hiyoko Saionji

    Hiyoko Saionji

    7 hours ago

    9:08 hold up what is that mannequin

  • Teacup


    8 hours ago

    Hol’ up— what happened to the normal narrator?
    *Troom Troom narrator where did you go*

  • FinnCedar73


    8 hours ago

    i love dannys videos, i have been a fan for years, i have bought merch. but i cannot sit through this video. i have been trying to do it for so long and the voice is just so painful i fucking cant

  • Mercy Reign

    Mercy Reign

    9 hours ago

    Literally cry laughing.

  • Sarah


    9 hours ago

    Tying people up and foot stuff? Damn this channel's gotten good.

  • 해바라기


    9 hours ago

    Getting really sick of the lady's voice over

  • Rawrblea ;-;

    Rawrblea ;-;

    10 hours ago

    I’m gonna guess that troom troom won’t use fabric glue is because it take a long while to dry :D

  • Donovan Richards

    Donovan Richards

    10 hours ago

    Danny is kinky

  • Sunny Lyn

    Sunny Lyn

    10 hours ago

    bro the sims music ugh love that game

  • Aspended ✓⃝

    Aspended ✓⃝

    11 hours ago


  • Aspended ✓⃝

    Aspended ✓⃝

    11 hours ago


  • oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    11 hours ago

    “There’s our victim! ” Jesus Christ this video is fucking terrifying

  • Infinite Timer

    Infinite Timer

    13 hours ago

    "I feel like I was choking you for awhile their"
    "Yeah you were"
    *plays dramatic music*

    I swear best line in this video!!! 😂
    It's like watching a drama show.

  • Gold Snow

    Gold Snow

    14 hours ago

    I loved the rhinocase designs but i can't get one because my phone is a Motorola G stylus

    • oiuet souiu

      oiuet souiu

      11 hours ago

      Nick is way taller than I thought

  • yitraboom


    14 hours ago

    The didn't even tie one of her feet to the chair in the first hack

    She could just gotten up and done it with her hands

  • GREG


    14 hours ago

    What’s up danny

  • Cryptic Cryptid

    Cryptic Cryptid

    15 hours ago

    When in a headlock get low and push the chin away from you, when the assailant's grip loosens make a break for it.

  • Candy Dolls

    Candy Dolls

    15 hours ago

    I just need a "friend" to tie me up - Danny Gonzalez

  • we aint written no poetry

    we aint written no poetry

    16 hours ago

    The whole time he was trying to get the fabric glue out I was like “he didnt cut the tip, u have to cut the tip!”

  • Benjamin Rester

    Benjamin Rester

    17 hours ago

    11:24 I basically felt it’s supposed to stick to things.

    • Benjamin Rester

      Benjamin Rester

      17 hours ago

      like, it is duct tape. unless it’s real cheap and not gonna work.

  • InMusic Sam

    InMusic Sam

    18 hours ago

    why tf is there the sims 3 music in the background?? isnt it copyrighted??

  • candy town🍭

    candy town🍭

    20 hours ago


  • NaniNeko


    20 hours ago

    8:37 what... did he really just sniff the chains??

  • Femboi_Carti


    22 hours ago

    Im having to turn this video off 1/3 of the way through because I physically cannot take any more of the troom troom narrator voice

  • Karolina Renoir

    Karolina Renoir

    23 hours ago

    Me after attempting anything at all: 13:01

  • MasterPickles01 King of the R.R

    MasterPickles01 King of the R.R

    Day ago

    lol i remember i was with my cousins and he said he could escape from a zip tie on his wrist and then it put it really tight and my uncle had to cut him out and then we did it looser and he could

  • Lauren Reynolds

    Lauren Reynolds

    Day ago

    10:18 How much force I would have to put into throwing it back to crush someone

  • h8 your face m8

    h8 your face m8

    Day ago

    15:34 Danny do be looking like my indian aunt

  • foolish kai

    foolish kai

    Day ago

    Nick is way taller than I thought

  • ✨ Tea-Rex :D ✨

    ✨ Tea-Rex :D ✨

    Day ago

    31:15 👁 👄 👁

  • Lotti Karotti

    Lotti Karotti

    Day ago

    this made my day

  • Alezander


    Day ago

    Really missed an opportunity to call it “Getting Kinky With Troom Troom”

  • Forest Teal

    Forest Teal

    Day ago

    Watching this as someone who is actually been kidnapped is unrealistically hilarious, I expected to be angry the whole time but this is so out of touch I just feel like a caveman is explaining technology to me

  • ꧁┊ Ꮢ ┊꧂

    ꧁┊ Ꮢ ┊꧂

    Day ago

    Her hand cuffs are zip ties around her wrist…
    Connected by a rubber band…

  • Ananda Bluhm

    Ananda Bluhm

    Day ago

    Give me your…self

  • Maggie P

    Maggie P

    Day ago

    4:40 when I tell you I was not REMOTELY prepared

  • SmartGoose


    Day ago

    danny: *acts like a kid*
    Nick: *acts like a adult*
    together they are... FaMILy

    • S Jones

      S Jones

      13 hours ago

      Did somebody say FAMILY?

  • Matt Maltese

    Matt Maltese

    Day ago

    Isnt the easier solution to the scarf hack just....looking at ur back seat before u get in the car?

  • The Pretty of the Odd

    The Pretty of the Odd

    Day ago

    Young Guns!

  • Kirsty Hamilton

    Kirsty Hamilton

    Day ago


  • Erin O

    Erin O

    Day ago

    This feels like it was a school assignment

  • V Souza

    V Souza

    Day ago

    Hold up - Danny is 27????????

  • Vocaloiding Viva

    Vocaloiding Viva

    Day ago

    That duct tape hack is amazing

  • öbb


    Day ago

    your crafting corner is not a corner >:( very upsetting, 2.5 stars

  • WisK


    Day ago

    Thanks, now it will be easier for me to kidnap people

  • Emma Emis

    Emma Emis

    Day ago

    I low-key wanna duck take my hands now

  • Amanda Brite

    Amanda Brite

    Day ago

    "You mean a gun, like this?"
    "Ah, he's back!"

  • Second Sense

    Second Sense

    Day ago

    Surely Troom Troom knows that a lot of modern cars have manual releases for the trunk, inside the trunk.

  • Second Sense

    Second Sense

    Day ago

    The voice is far too cheery for what's going on.

  • Lowlandgorrlia3 :P

    Lowlandgorrlia3 :P

    Day ago

    I don’t think the neck snap would work because you don’t have enough leverage to snap it but idk

  • I'm An Egg

    I'm An Egg

    Day ago

    i'm an egg

  • JO_sqrl Music

    JO_sqrl Music

    Day ago

    sims2 music?

  • Zazzle


    Day ago


  • arabella


    Day ago

    love the sims 3 music at the beginning

  • perrapar


    Day ago

    you both are the same type of awkward

  • Emma Taylor

    Emma Taylor

    Day ago

    react to “Something Strange About the Johnson’s”

  • Maschienle


    Day ago

    Giggled so much at this, thank u

  • Nells


    Day ago

    I didn't think troom troom could get worse, wtf is up with that voice???

  • Chips-


    Day ago

    the toe socks look like a split tongue

  • Julia Stevens

    Julia Stevens

    Day ago

    why is there sims 3 music playing really quietly in the background??

  • EleniStar Real

    EleniStar Real

    Day ago


  • Elisa


    Day ago

    Gosh dammit. Gotta hate those budget kidnappers 28:55

  • Rigby 119

    Rigby 119

    Day ago

    4:45 I can’t believe Troom Troom got Steven Ogg in a video

  • Simone De Maio

    Simone De Maio

    Day ago


  • Marcia Jones

    Marcia Jones

    Day ago

    Still Doesn't change the fact that I suffer for a witch not to live.

  • That's What I Thought

    That's What I Thought

    Day ago

    "MAR-IN" kill me please.

  • Nathan Jacobs

    Nathan Jacobs

    Day ago

    Life Hack: Eat Taco Bell to make birth way easier.🤓

  • HAVLIk koště

    HAVLIk koště

    Day ago

    1:41 ''that's a fellony" idk why but it made me laugh so hard xdd

  • Inquiry Q

    Inquiry Q

    Day ago

    The survival video seemed legit because TROOM TROOM STOLE EVERY HACK WORTH LISTENING TO. Lmao. Classic TROOM TROOM

  • ChillCannon Games

    ChillCannon Games

    Day ago

    IDK why you wouldn't smash the seat back while beeing strangled to use the guys strength against him sense he is pulling you backwords.

  • Alva Karhu

    Alva Karhu

    Day ago

    I've been very unhealthy mentally recently and I just want to say thank you for making me laugh every day.

  • Elle


    Day ago

    Was thinking about unsubscribing but then he comes out with this masterpiece

  • Sello Selloso

    Sello Selloso

    Day ago

    Arriva... durchie? (I'm Italian)

  • AnTizx 😁

    AnTizx 😁

    Day ago

    "If you are getting kidnaped in a car than just get out of the car"
    Ah yes! *If you are dying then just be alive*

  • I am you

    I am you

    Day ago


  • FlaviaTheGrumpyCat


    Day ago

    Matches don't light from being struck on walls anymore

  • Bubby and friends

    Bubby and friends

    Day ago

    Has anyone realized that there is a naked doll in the background of the video yet?

  • Mary Capps

    Mary Capps

    Day ago

    I am watching this at 6:20 in the damn morning trying not,to laugh and it is bout the hardest thing to do

  • The lazy

    The lazy

    Day ago

    Arrivederci means goodbye

  • duck


    2 days ago

    Honestly, watching Nick and Danny just having a great time together is so entertaining.

  • duck


    2 days ago

    “If you’re kidnapped in a car, just get out of the car!”
    If you’re dead, *just be alive*

  • Shiloh Ryan

    Shiloh Ryan

    2 days ago

    Danny is really serving me “1950-1960’s All-American Guy” here.