Villarreal vs. Manchester United: Extended Highlights | Group Stage - MD5 | CBS Sports Golazo

Published on Nov 23, 2021
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CBS Sports Golazo
CBS Sports Golazo
  • PandemicShady


    3 days ago

    Why did Man U make those switches so late in the match?

  • Edgar Friendly

    Edgar Friendly

    6 days ago


  • Front Man

    Front Man

    6 days ago

    Poor Juan Mata could be a hero in any other team he rather play 30 seconds for ManU.

  • AaH sIgH

    AaH sIgH

    6 days ago

    Harry Maguire would fair well coming off the bench for Niklas Sule like a glove.

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    7 days ago

    Why is no one talking about how Ronaldo created that entire play for the second goal… insane!

  • Joseph Bishop

    Joseph Bishop

    8 days ago

    David De Gea is still the best Goalkeeper in the Premier Leagues!

  • Anubis


    8 days ago

    I’ve never paid any attention to goalkeepers but De Gea is something special

  • Feynman Schwinger E_MC2

    Feynman Schwinger E_MC2

    8 days ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the GOAT. He makes goal scoring look so easy and it's the hardest thing to do in the game (ask Messi, 1 goal in 7 Ligue 1 Farmers League games).

  • Jonas Fister

    Jonas Fister

    8 days ago

    Ever since Sancho left Dortmund I've been rooting for him to do well at ManU. So happy he got his first goal, and what a cracking shot too! Hope this opens the floodgates. Much love from a BvB fan

  • Harrison Caro

    Harrison Caro

    8 days ago


  • logiclust


    8 days ago

    outplayed for the first 77

  • Ogembo Jogoo

    Ogembo Jogoo

    8 days ago

    I think Fred should take some credit as well. I think Carrick used him well. Pressing box to box. That's his rightful position. Not defensive.

  • joshua emisiko

    joshua emisiko

    9 days ago

    Hugh jass

  • Edgar Sanchez

    Edgar Sanchez

    9 days ago

    Trash ass team only one by luck

  • Jarret C

    Jarret C

    9 days ago

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  • Fill@PieNo!


    9 days ago


  • Chakra


    9 days ago

    Lol Ronaldo pop it over

  • Kevin Pimentel

    Kevin Pimentel

    9 days ago

    Manchester should of lost Villarreal was better

  • Eziolino De simone

    Eziolino De simone

    9 days ago

    Nice play for the sancho nice teamwork

  • Josue Gonzalez

    Josue Gonzalez

    9 days ago

    Da chi reminds me of a young xabi alonso passing but with speed

  • Gustavo Medina

    Gustavo Medina

    9 days ago

    This is boring. They need to step up their game.

  • Tom Cheadle

    Tom Cheadle

    9 days ago


  • Tom Cheadle

    Tom Cheadle

    9 days ago


  • flashy Mongoose

    flashy Mongoose

    9 days ago

    Manchester United vs psg,who wins?

  • Mohammad Hasan Akhund

    Mohammad Hasan Akhund

    9 days ago

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  • Ishan Khadka

    Ishan Khadka

    9 days ago

    Ronaldo is a beast!!💪🏼💪🏼

  • Julius Madrow

    Julius Madrow

    9 days ago

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  • Rally A

    Rally A

    10 days ago

    DDG, CR7, Sancho and Fred winning the ball on both occasions . Good performance. Let’s build on it

  • Rally A

    Rally A

    10 days ago

    Good to see us playing with some purpose. Well done, Carrick. I recommend you study the interim manager who’s coming so you you be like Klopp and Tuchel for us in the near future, considering they learnt the pressing from him.

  • christiano ronaldo

    christiano ronaldo

    10 days ago

    de gea win ! united defenders are shit

  • Orlando Diaz

    Orlando Diaz

    10 days ago


  • Jesus Garcia

    Jesus Garcia

    10 days ago

    That boy Pacho Herrera at 0:18 😳

  • Kuziai


    10 days ago

    I said 12 years ago just buy Messi and Ronaldo in 1 team and you will be unstoppable

  • Baz Great

    Baz Great

    10 days ago

    Thats what you get when you play Sancho on his normal position

  • Reyes JR Ortega

    Reyes JR Ortega

    10 days ago

    Without De Gea and Bruno Fernandes, United are nothing.

  • AmazingTSDO


    10 days ago

    Messi who?

  • Shawn Kay

    Shawn Kay

    11 days ago

    De Gea won the game

  • vedran ridzalovic

    vedran ridzalovic

    11 days ago

    I don't know why Mguire still play he needs stop playing

  • Happy Car Reviews

    Happy Car Reviews

    11 days ago

    You can be a Messi fan and critique Ronaldo all you want, but we can't deny the fact that, the man is still a BEAST, and can carry any team on his shoulders and lead them to succeed. His name will be written in the books of Futbol history with GOLD letters.

  • Jonah Z

    Jonah Z

    11 days ago

    great result for the first game of the new manager.

  • Caleb Taylor

    Caleb Taylor

    11 days ago

    I can see your tighty-whities, buddy.

  • Steez


    11 days ago

    MOTM Juan Mata

  • Endgame


    11 days ago

    So what is it abut Man U fans hating Fred? He's not awe inspiring, but he was directly involved in both goals and the fans are praising everyone else but him

  • ItzDuckDude


    11 days ago

    Since the Ronaldo goal every chance was Man U. Before that goal, every chance Villarreal.

  • Noe Martinez

    Noe Martinez

    11 days ago

    Harry shouldn’t be starting or even be a captain

  • Bill Bill

    Bill Bill

    11 days ago

    Ronaldo saved Ole's job again.
    Oh wait

  • Abell Seyfu

    Abell Seyfu

    11 days ago

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  • Lox


    11 days ago

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  • Darwin Gonzalez

    Darwin Gonzalez

    11 days ago

    Trash!! Man U is still trash

  • Ali Hashmi

    Ali Hashmi

    11 days ago

    Need more team goals like the last one !!!

  • BrxkenHeartedd-


    11 days ago

    De Gea is getting his groove back. He was amazing this game.

  • Miguel Flores

    Miguel Flores

    11 days ago

    I never liked Telles he never blocks anything, all the balls go through him. Wambisaka does some pretty good crosses and runs but when it comes to defending he's the same as Telles.

  • Amilcar Morales

    Amilcar Morales

    11 days ago

    Only de gea en Ronaldo are playing, the rest of the team sucks

  • Enrique Solis

    Enrique Solis

    11 days ago

    Man Utd had a gud ebening.

  • Chidi Agborenow

    Chidi Agborenow

    11 days ago

    that's karma right there for Villarreal after cruising us in the Europa final months ago. Alberto Moreno and gang, GET OUT

  • Joey Lara

    Joey Lara

    11 days ago

    Why get rid of Ole when we know the time we are in and rely on Michael. God Bless him for coming on but I knew this is a rebuilding stage. Give the man some time and not be so quick to judge. These things unfortunately take some time, to be great again. Man U THROUGH AND THROUGH

  • Alexander The Great

    Alexander The Great

    11 days ago

    So without ronaldo what would Man U be?

  • Repent to Jesus Christ

    Repent to Jesus Christ

    11 days ago

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  • Eduardo Martinez

    Eduardo Martinez

    12 days ago

    Gosh, Man U really lacking on defense it’s so bad

  • wffl


    12 days ago

    McTominnay invisible aside from the one Header, Donny not getting the ball. Pull Scotty, put Donny in a Box to Box role with Fred, keep letting Telles move up the pitch to aid the Left side, bring in Bruno and we’re a competitive side again. I’ve failed to see the progress of Alex Telles because he was in the shadow of Luke Shaw, but the progress he’s made is indisputable. He deserves rotation, as do our other forgotten talents.

  • Great Dayne

    Great Dayne

    12 days ago

    Imagine Manchester United NEEDING Ronaldo and DeGea to beat Villarreal ..😂

    • filmo tsegay

      filmo tsegay

      11 days ago

      They are United players lol

  • Advanced Truck Backing

    Advanced Truck Backing

    12 days ago

    De Gea was on Fire in this game! 🔥

  • Dexsity


    12 days ago

    De gea man of the match

  • NH Nah

    NH Nah

    12 days ago

    All English teams are 1st at the moment, even this Man U and they are flopping it so bad

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    Every Knee Will Bow to JESUS!

    12 days ago

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  • Praise to God

    Praise to God

    12 days ago

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  • Lott


    12 days ago

    Man U defense is awful

  • Bryan Hawn

    Bryan Hawn

    12 days ago

    De Gea saves us every time

    • chinnychinchin89


      8 days ago

      @Joseph Lorenzana yeah I'm saying no one ever remembers the other keepers performance. DDG save us again, you forget the other keeper made two big saves. It's always spun as if DDG is the only reason we won whereas we needed to score goals to win, and DDG wasn't the only keeper to make important saves today. His job is to make saves, he did his job. DDG also made saves vs Watford, did he save us then as well? The whole team is needed to win or lose, it's annoying when DDG is treated like he won the game on his own. That's false. He played his role well, but it was a team effort. Fred isn't on the scoresheet but he's arguably had as much or more impact than DDG on this result.

    • Joseph Lorenzana

      Joseph Lorenzana

      9 days ago

      The other keeper has nothing to do with his comment. He’s saying if we didn’t have David da gea we would probably lose a lot more games including this one. He’s not comparing keepers bud

    • chinnychinchin89


      9 days ago

      he made key saves, but the other keeper also made two important saves on rashford and sancho.. no one ever remembers that because we ended up scoring two anyways.

    • Help me reach 10k subscribers

      Help me reach 10k subscribers

      12 days ago


  • deomartinez77


    12 days ago

    Maguire and Lindelof have to go. They suck so bad it's not even funny.

  • Jason Rennie

    Jason Rennie

    12 days ago

    Pretty sad that the ref didn't call the obvious foul before the Ronaldo "goal".

  • RaZoRWrAiTh


    12 days ago


  • dossube


    12 days ago

    No matter how good you are, if you can't find the motivation you can't do sh*t. I feel the spark is fuming...

  • Jang Martin Tirana Jimenez

    Jang Martin Tirana Jimenez

    12 days ago

    Man of the match.....!! De Gea!!! 👍👍👍👍

  • chance2413


    12 days ago

    7:30...This is why United lose and Chelsea win. If Rashford passes to CR7, thats a massive power shot into goal for United. Instead, he selfishly shoots and misses. Now watch Chelsea vs Juventus and watch Hudson Odois goal. If that was United RLC wouldnt have passed

  • eVCephei


    12 days ago

    these goalies are insane

  • Alex Dayenian

    Alex Dayenian

    12 days ago

    its undeniable that de gea has been one of the best keepers of the last 10 years

  • james d

    james d

    12 days ago

    Part of me kinda feels bad for Ole because our defense is truly terrible and he can't help that if it weren't for De Gea here we'd suffer a worse loss this game than against Watford.

  • Aidan Vitticore

    Aidan Vitticore

    12 days ago

    United got bailed out big time

  • tHe nAtuRaL fReE hUmaN bEinGs

    tHe nAtuRaL fReE hUmaN bEinGs

    12 days ago

    two words... De Gea. Ronaldo playing well too...

  • AiakidesMythos


    12 days ago

    poor Juan. lol. Howcome he doesnt get minutes anymore? is he that bad?

  • Asante Perry

    Asante Perry

    12 days ago

    Hey Chelsea Fan 👋🏾. Man U. should probably consider letting Michael Carrick take over? Completely different Manchester we saw this game.

  • ismael mata

    ismael mata

    12 days ago

    Get out moreno get out

  • Scott -O

    Scott -O

    12 days ago

    I’m just glade I don’t have to hear ManU fans crying for Ole to get sacked

  • Brea Regans

    Brea Regans

    12 days ago

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  • Brea Regans

    Brea Regans

    12 days ago

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  • No


    12 days ago

    I AM SO HAPPY I’m not a utd fan but Fred is my 2nd favorite player and I’ve really wanted to see him succeed and when I saw the pass to Ronaldo it put a smile on my face

  • chris g

    chris g

    12 days ago

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    12 days ago

    Villarreal was literally dogging Manchester the only things that saved them from loosing was the wall de gea. Also tha Villarreal goalkeeper what the fuck was he thinking the whole team morale dropped cuz of it.

  • KafuiOl


    12 days ago

    Dave Saves

  • adin ross

    adin ross

    12 days ago

    I think fred improved

  • Bignick 9800

    Bignick 9800

    12 days ago

    Hands go to De Gea he saved yall asses lmao From a Real Madrid Fan

  • Kyle Pedlow

    Kyle Pedlow

    12 days ago

    It's crazy how easily Ronaldo can score from any situation. So wild

  • Eric Bond

    Eric Bond

    12 days ago

    Couple of observations from this game:
    - De Gea turned back the clock a couple of years
    - Keep giving Ronaldo chances, at some point he is going to burn the shit out of you.

  • Efrain Perez

    Efrain Perez

    12 days ago

    Donny played good

  • gin kim

    gin kim

    12 days ago

    RONALDO THE BEST SOCCER PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Errœr


      12 days ago


  • the Truth sets free

    the Truth sets free

    12 days ago

    Yes indeed girls

  • morgan oslon

    morgan oslon

    12 days ago

    why isint De gea captain? hes been playing forever

  • Julio Granados

    Julio Granados

    12 days ago

    I didnt even know they had Juan Mata wtf Ole

  • ༺ᴺᴱ༒N  i  n  j  a༺

    ༺ᴺᴱ༒N i n j a༺

    12 days ago

    In this occasion the hero of the party is DeGea.

  • ChocoPaid


    12 days ago

    Sancho plays on the rides to games the role and affects both games…Who’d have thunk it, 73 million worth of right winger PLAYING on the right wild