Guest Story: Wholesome D&D (Ft. JoCat)

Published on May 9, 2019
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Ready for something Wholesome?
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Hope you guys like it :D
Love you all!

Dingo Doodles
Dingo Doodles
  • JoCat


    2 years ago

    I have the biggest stupidest grin on my face right now

    • explodingbomb223


      Month ago

      But the true question it did you kill the dragon

    • mister hyde

      mister hyde

      4 months ago

      Stormblood :I may teach him how to waterbend.

    • PufferfishEater


      6 months ago

      AWWWW :)

    • Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access

      Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access

      6 months ago

      Hey Joseph! what's the song at 7:28?

    • Joestis B

      Joestis B

      8 months ago

      I think all us nerds do

  • Myke Malmstrom

    Myke Malmstrom

    8 days ago

    the whole pollen thing didnt age well with covid

  • the_crafty _vampire

    the_crafty _vampire

    18 days ago

    Is it wrong to cry happy tears when the violin kicks in and everything is so sweet and wholesome? T^T

  • Necromancer Noivern

    Necromancer Noivern

    19 days ago

    Storeg has the power to summon pianos with his violin

  • Robert Martinez

    Robert Martinez

    20 days ago


  • T-rex4Tacos


    21 day ago

    My sister has a charter just like that but a girl and a ukulele

  • Phantom_


    23 days ago

    Storig makes me feel so wholesome, he’s amazing! I love it.
    All The wholesomeness is nice. I love it, he’s just hiding me in all the right places.

  • Poger


    24 days ago

    Sheds a tear IRL when music starts

  • Rockethero


    26 days ago

    God that blacksmith is hot...

  • Kevin Fischer

    Kevin Fischer

    Month ago

    His videos helped me when I created Briask; the Ragdoll rogue using the animal adventures book for 5E. Yeah. I was confused on some stats and nerfed Briask so much! Luckily I haven’t played him yet so the 3rd time around, Briask is ready!

  • Junkkee


    Month ago

    This made me cry I got the feels

  • Bottack


    Month ago

    Everyone needs a Storig in there life

  • Daniel


    Month ago

    You too look like you would be great together

  • Noah Wainstock

    Noah Wainstock

    Month ago

    i adore storig

  • BlueSnipe!


    Month ago

    Here’s A Story.
    So I Was Playing A Tiefling Bard Named
    Akhardt And Basically I’m Cornered By Monsters And So I Pull Out My Violin And Start Playing Fairytale! *Y’know “IM ALREADY CURSED”*
    My Entire Party Earlier In The Campaign Made Covenant With A God Of Mercy And Music
    *Homebrew For The Fu(Quack) Win!*
    And So The God Shows Up And Turns The Monsters To Sand.
    So Yeah I Felt Pretty Awesome.

  • IMAGINE inc.

    IMAGINE inc.

    Month ago

    jocat has literally two emotions, calm, shy, nice guy.. and KILL ALL! INSANE WIGGLER MAN WITH ASSLESS CHAPS

  • Ship in the Storm

    Ship in the Storm

    Month ago

    Speaking from experience, being a bard that plays an instrument that you yourself main completely changes things

  • mr.Shgamingguy


    2 months ago


  • Rusty Dog

    Rusty Dog

    2 months ago

    Orc hitting on a child

  • Cyrus White

    Cyrus White

    3 months ago

    da bees

  • Pikash


    3 months ago

    Yeah JoCat is confirmed bard

  • L3 K0

    L3 K0

    3 months ago

    I still think dingo and shen would get a long with eachother

  • Connor L

    Connor L

    3 months ago

    Plot twist: jocat and jocrap are different people but jocat acts like him when he's of turning tiamat inside out

    • Connor L

      Connor L

      3 months ago

      Both ways ;)

  • KofiMoon -vv-

    KofiMoon -vv-

    4 months ago

    Dingo's doctor: *hands the note*
    The doctor's note: *NO FLOWER OR SHE DIE*

  • Koalaclub99 M

    Koalaclub99 M

    4 months ago

    the blacksmith: hey
    storig, doing a backflip: nOPE-

  • Keltross


    4 months ago

    Haha, holy shit, it's a bit surreal to see my own face on my gnome wizard from a campaign many years ago. Man I miss that campaign. Storig was such a great character, and this moment was amazing, just behind when we tried to teach him how to use a sword.

  • kawaii chrisy

    kawaii chrisy

    5 months ago

    so uhhh jocat knows about guild wars

  • Kevinator


    5 months ago

    Awww... I love seeing and playing non-horny bards. Brokenhearted, soft-spoken, whatever the reason they're not horny and seductive... I love them. Storig is the best boy. ^-^

  • Max Builder

    Max Builder

    5 months ago

    7:20 Should've been megolovania ):

  • Wages of Sinn

    Wages of Sinn

    5 months ago

    This whole thing reminded me of my own character. He's one of my first and I had no idea how to play him, but over time things just kind of fell into place and made more sense. So his name is Nivse, and he's a paladin to the goddess of death, and I don't mean A god of death like some realms death god, but the omni-dimension goddess of death of which all other deaths gods exist because she simply permits them to... or not. Her task for him is to go from one realm to the next and preventing horrific disasters that would cause a mass flow of death. So even though he has a high charisma his personality is like that of a chain saw, because not only does he not get to keep in touch with any allies he makes, but he basically has to see the world around him as being "These people are dead anyway if I do nothing, so it doesn't matter how I behave as long as I get the job done" Utilitarian styled belief structure.

  • Planet Clay

    Planet Clay

    6 months ago

    I like to think that the lucas the spider band song is what the band was playing

  • Abby D

    Abby D

    6 months ago

    JoCat's charector: I was passed down a violin from my mom
    My charector: I was givin a dagger from the leader of the village that belonged to my mom after she died and then I MURDERED THE LEADER OF MY VILLAGE WITH IT BECAUSE HE IS A BITCH.

  • the ms paint wizard

    the ms paint wizard

    6 months ago

    Jo's main bard: *a wholesome orc bard*
    My main bard: *a fucking failed Litch that dose not remember anything, and has a fucking enchanted trumpet that throw's spectral skulls at ppl who don't like his proformence.*

  • Tom B

    Tom B

    6 months ago

    Honestly I'm so jaded I was waiting for the bottom to drop out listening to this story. xD

  • Elizabeth Charlton

    Elizabeth Charlton

    6 months ago

    At 2:48 he looks so concerned

  • Embodyment_ of_hate

    Embodyment_ of_hate

    6 months ago

    the orc bard and Isabelle remind me of the anime my love story great show

  • Josué Morera

    Josué Morera

    6 months ago

    dude.... I actually cried over the wholesomeness of the story :3

  • Jordan Van Ryn

    Jordan Van Ryn

    7 months ago

    JoCat in character: *A Bad-ass, Unstoppable, Sexy Bard*
    JoCat in real life: *Precious cinnamon roll that needs to be protected at all costs*

  • Clint Pereira

    Clint Pereira

    7 months ago

    1:04 A+ transtion. 5 stars 10/10 would watch again

  • derpstar


    7 months ago

    If a half orc has a child with a human are they a quarter orc

  • Phuong Truong

    Phuong Truong

    7 months ago

    This must be a great violin and violinist, he can sound like a damn piano.

  • Maxter_Zap


    7 months ago

    I love how this video turned into just gushing about Storig the Good Boi. WE LOVE YOU STORIG

  • Papercut337


    7 months ago


  • Duneydan


    7 months ago

    My heart! MY BLOODY HEART!
    It was so sweeeeeeet!

  • Alex Franklin

    Alex Franklin

    7 months ago


  • TPX T-Rex Predator Xenomorph

    TPX T-Rex Predator Xenomorph

    8 months ago

    Joe crap at the end though

  • Jake'sWierdFriend


    8 months ago

    6:16 bucket's backstory reveal

  • Fox Buns

    Fox Buns

    8 months ago

    Storig is wonderful and I love him a lot

  • The Hellbinders

    The Hellbinders

    8 months ago

    They're both so anxious and awkward--

  • Mahdee Wisam

    Mahdee Wisam

    8 months ago

    Wait did she start the rona

  • IggyTthunders


    8 months ago

    Black smith's gonnuh need some pitons and a hammer to climb that orc boi.

  • BlueGalaxy


    8 months ago

    This needs to be a Comic book

  • River Bandit

    River Bandit

    8 months ago

    I never thought I would find such a perfect character like Storig.

  • Mika Shemesh

    Mika Shemesh

    8 months ago

    dam storig got some nice vibarto

  • Theeditor28


    8 months ago

    Every time I watch this I tear up

  • Ena victor

    Ena victor

    8 months ago

    we need more stories of this soft bean!!!!

  • Jack Myers

    Jack Myers

    8 months ago

    Welcome to the latest episode of "Pimp my Half Orc!"

  • I V

    I V

    8 months ago

    I thought Isabelle was short, but no, he's just extremely tall

  • Leo the flitten

    Leo the flitten

    8 months ago

    9:07 what exactly happened?

  • Andrej Rozmaring

    Andrej Rozmaring

    8 months ago

    Fellow Allergies gang, represent!

  • Smoll Angry Cat

    Smoll Angry Cat

    8 months ago

    Dingo: My guts are trying to kill me
    Me: ........... nice
    (Hope your doing ok!)

  • Riliame Blum

    Riliame Blum

    9 months ago

    "Long time no 'video'", but 'video' actually means 'I see'.

  • Brandon Stickels

    Brandon Stickels

    9 months ago

    I feel like if I was in Jo's place, the dice wouldn't have cooperated when playing the melody under the moon. I would've set the scene and rolled a 5 on my performance check. A 6 if I got advantage

  • kdogClips


    9 months ago

    In a dnd session that's coming up my friend is having my charecter be adopted by tiamat

  • Atheism Gaming

    Atheism Gaming

    9 months ago

    Storig is the Anti-Bard.

  • Rory Hoeschen

    Rory Hoeschen

    9 months ago

    that opening tho... "end of may. or june. somewhere round there"
    end of may or early june.. this picture perfect afternoon...

  • Final Mimikatchu

    Final Mimikatchu

    9 months ago

    There’s gonna be some comment about the little elf love interest getting uhh... by the half orc. I have seen stuff like this many times I have just lost hope in humanity.

  • Chaotic clone studios

    Chaotic clone studios

    9 months ago

    Just the intro is enough for me to subscribe

  • Timothy Schroeder

    Timothy Schroeder

    9 months ago


  • 4_mana


    9 months ago

    He has a British accent, and i love it.

  • TrashCan't


    9 months ago

    That bard gonna get some pus-

  • Mr. Prometheus

    Mr. Prometheus

    9 months ago

    Oh jeez, my hear

  • Christian Romualdi

    Christian Romualdi

    9 months ago

    Nature really seems to hate us humans if you think about it. Even trying to team up with our own immunesystem to try to kill us with it's "Flower Babys". How metal is that?

  • Kit Ideduce

    Kit Ideduce

    9 months ago

    the word you were looking for is debacle when everything goes to shit

  • Just Here to Watch

    Just Here to Watch

    9 months ago

    Anyone else enjoying the mask wearing to reduce those pesky allergies?

  • ArceusWarlord 22

    ArceusWarlord 22

    9 months ago

    My jaw hurts from smiling literally the entire video. But can you blame me? STORIG IS SO FREAKING WHOLESOME AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  • L Ä M P

    L Ä M P

    9 months ago

    Jocrap: outspoken, rude, an asshole
    Jocat: cute, wholesome softboi

  • The Bee Of many things

    The Bee Of many things

    9 months ago

    They have the small flu but in 2020 it’s the corona screw the flu

  • Luke Baker

    Luke Baker

    9 months ago

    I should not have this many feelings right now !!!!

  • undeadNova


    9 months ago

    you two have such good synergy

  • guy dude

    guy dude

    9 months ago

    I ship it

  • Amethyst Drake

    Amethyst Drake

    10 months ago

    I know the gut trying to kill you. I feel your literal pain and the organ loss.

  • Soybean


    10 months ago

    i've played violin don't try hiding that piano in there

  • The Homies

    The Homies

    10 months ago

    You always make me laugh, I often have a hard time Watching Dnd But The Way You Animate It And Tell It Makes Me Laugh Like Hell Is Beginning To rise.

  • Mr. Maradok

    Mr. Maradok

    10 months ago

    Oh God, my face hurst from smiling!

  • hummus crow

    hummus crow

    10 months ago

    All my homies love jocat

  • CMBortle


    10 months ago

    This all felt so fucking wholesome and really made me laugh. I ducking loved the duck blurps!

  • Andrew Walker

    Andrew Walker

    10 months ago

    4:32 death by best boy

  • Owen Kirgis

    Owen Kirgis

    10 months ago


  • Mr.Bidoof


    10 months ago

    It’s been already a year since it was uploaded and I still come here for the feels I love him

  • WolfGameing113


    10 months ago


  • WolfGameing113


    10 months ago


  • Alexandra Bland

    Alexandra Bland

    10 months ago

    I love how wholesome Jocat is

  • b bongo cat

    b bongo cat

    10 months ago


    • b bongo cat

      b bongo cat

      10 months ago


    • b bongo cat

      b bongo cat

      10 months ago


    • b bongo cat

      b bongo cat

      10 months ago


    • Acridclaw


      10 months ago

      did you have a stroke?

  • Chana Rina Davidovici

    Chana Rina Davidovici

    10 months ago

    "oh, this world is such a big and wonderous place-haugh hoo hooh hah!

  • Babbleplay


    11 months ago

    Having JoCat on your 'Wholesome D&D episode is a bit... like bringing in Stephen King to discuss upbeat, hearts-and-flowers plots. He can do it, but, unexpected choice.

  • Reddin Page

    Reddin Page

    11 months ago

    1:25 The sword and shield on the wall xD

  • Cyrus Edwards

    Cyrus Edwards

    11 months ago

    Dingo: "Wholesome D&D"
    Also Dingo: _"My organs are trying to kill me"_

  • Trip McGlasson

    Trip McGlasson

    11 months ago

    Is that soft or frozen butter

  • Joel Torres

    Joel Torres

    11 months ago