Steak Battles: Max vs. Texas Roadhouse

Published on Sep 11, 2021
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Cooking a steak to the right temperature is hard to do when conditions are perfect, and even more difficult when you need to cook for many people. I even slightly overcooked my steak in this video!

For that reason I don’t fault the restaurant in any way, however today’s challenge had to end due to disqualification. I’ll be back to TRH in the future and let me know where I should go next!

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Max the Meat Guy
Max the Meat Guy
  • Tav_ Anonymous

    Tav_ Anonymous

    6 hours ago

    Your is raw to

  • Micah R. Santos

    Micah R. Santos

    Day ago

    I actually like Texas Roadhouse but that is embarrassing

  • Ja'Cory Huff

    Ja'Cory Huff

    Day ago

    fake 100

  • SlingshotNerd


    Day ago

    This is why Longhorn steakhouse is superior

  • Volked.l2


    2 days ago

    That fake 100 😂

  • Michael Santiago

    Michael Santiago

    2 days ago

    Plot twist he cooked both steaks in front of texas road house

  • Gung Panji

    Gung Panji

    2 days ago

    Sad raw

  • Swayyne


    2 days ago

    I thought it was gonna start mooing

  • whoko


    3 days ago

    that’s the most fake 100$ it doesn’t even have the blue line

  • Rich Weather

    Rich Weather

    3 days ago

    Nobody at the restaurant

  • Lil j

    Lil j

    3 days ago

    Hell no return that steak 🥩 and trow it at their face 😂💀🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Ben Jamin

    Ben Jamin

    3 days ago

    it’s actually so much easier to make a better steak that most steakhouses than people realize

  • Don 420

    Don 420

    4 days ago

    And that's why steak and pork is a no go constantly see raw food 24/7

  • Eli Callahan

    Eli Callahan

    5 days ago

    Bro that was a perfect steak you dont know how to cook your steak

  • Yo


    5 days ago

    *“Who else randomly started watching shorts and now it’s just a everyday thing?” 😎*

    • Fearless J. Walker

      Fearless J. Walker

      3 days ago

      Get out

    • landonternet1


      5 days ago

      You're annoying af

  • Dante Ridgeway

    Dante Ridgeway

    5 days ago

    That’s raw raw

  • Joseph Crawford

    Joseph Crawford

    5 days ago

    Went to longhorn steakhouse a while back & got my t bone rare or like the level above that in between medium rare & rare. But long story short I couldn’t tell it was raw til about halfway through the steak

  • Christian Pearce

    Christian Pearce

    5 days ago

    Texas Roadhouse got fire cuts of meat but every time I’m in that hoe it seems undercooked as a mf

  • Alexander Dominguez

    Alexander Dominguez

    5 days ago

    Roadhouse is fucking trash



    5 days ago

    Bro my dad owns a Texas roadhouse down in Sevierville Tennessee and his food has never looked like this in a million years

  • CrispySnax


    6 days ago

    That’s a perfect steak right there.

  • Yoimiya


    6 days ago

    Plot twist his steak was actually the raw one but he switched it around to make it look like Texas steakhouse.

    • hk876


      6 days ago

      Plot twist: you’re wrong

  • Lane


    7 days ago

    That is blue rare, and it is the best way to eat a steak

  • Demarion Childs

    Demarion Childs

    7 days ago

    That ain’t raw cheater

  • Sean Hanney

    Sean Hanney

    7 days ago

    Can u do real money

  • The yolkies -Dylan

    The yolkies -Dylan

    7 days ago

    You can eat steak with no issues rare like that also it’s cooked more than blue

  • Reef


    7 days ago

    I like my steaks rare but not that rare....

  • Terry P Dennison

    Terry P Dennison

    8 days ago

    Lol the gasp

  • Timmhjulio G

    Timmhjulio G

    8 days ago

    Jesus loves you he cares about you he died on the cross for you so please repent and ask for forgiveness becuase your his child.amen❤️❤️

  • WaterHydra11


    8 days ago

    I’m never going to that place I got food poisoning from the steak

  • DreadlyKnight


    8 days ago

    Idk if it was just way too thick and didn’t use a meat thermometer or if the cook genuinely doesn’t know what rare is lmao

  • Daniel Ilies

    Daniel Ilies

    8 days ago

    Im sorry but Texas roude house win

  • MissStitch66


    9 days ago

    I love half raw its good for u but not to eat everyday

  • Preston Sorrells

    Preston Sorrells

    9 days ago

    Fake 100$ bill👀???

  • Tamerlane Usa

    Tamerlane Usa

    9 days ago

    that’s the Texas Roadhouse near my neighborhood

  • Joseph Marsland

    Joseph Marsland

    9 days ago

    I’d eat it

  • no name who

    no name who

    9 days ago

    that's medium rare?????

  • Alpha


    9 days ago

    Both raw

  • Javier Zamot

    Javier Zamot

    9 days ago

    Hey that’s WORCESTER

  • Hehehe


    9 days ago


  • Shadow Meatball

    Shadow Meatball

    9 days ago

    Thats not even raw

  • Neno2neat


    9 days ago

    Fake 100 it it needs to have a blue line

  • Grey girls asmr

    Grey girls asmr

    10 days ago

    You would never really win Texas road house is to good dude

  • 5ever Thuggin

    5ever Thuggin

    10 days ago

    Nigga both raw😂

  • Error Code

    Error Code

    10 days ago

    With steak you only need to sear the outside since bacteria forms on the surface of the steak due to oxygen? I mean the cooking pattern was really weird but it’s not too different from just being a blue steak on the inside

  • TrippyAdan


    10 days ago

    You actually loose but alright

  • Chuck White

    Chuck White

    10 days ago

    Yes it was a
    Little blue but if you think that steak you cooked was mid rare stop cooking it was a medium barely!!!!! Stop cooking Id do better with no hands

  • Grace Cairns

    Grace Cairns

    11 days ago

    Just ask for it cooked medium



    11 days ago

    That is not raw lol

  • Charles Cofield

    Charles Cofield

    11 days ago

    That’s not raw that’s rare

  • Oliver Treen

    Oliver Treen

    11 days ago

    Nooooooothing wrong with that steak !

  • KY 2nd Amendment Enthusiasts

    KY 2nd Amendment Enthusiasts

    11 days ago

    Um… have you ever ,,, heard of,,, blue rare

  • Chubbydude


    11 days ago

    God bless you all and your families 🙏🏽✝️🛐🛐



    11 days ago

    That’s still mooing fr

  • Peter B. Parker

    Peter B. Parker

    11 days ago

    Texas Roadhouse canceled



    11 days ago

    You can eat raw steak tho??? Like its legitimate facts that we can eat straight up raw steak

    • I AM NERD

      I AM NERD

      9 days ago

      Thats true, you're right.

    • M424


      10 days ago

      Sure, but he didn't order a raw steak. He ordered medium rare.

  • X-_-XDeMon


    12 days ago

    Damn chef coulda gotten 100 his lose

  • Anahi Orzuza Martinez

    Anahi Orzuza Martinez

    12 days ago

    You should try the knife

  • Yahia Karim

    Yahia Karim

    12 days ago

    I live in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 and we have Texas roadhouse

  • JustNathan_


    12 days ago

    You should go to that same texas roadhouse again and get the same thing and if it isnt fixed then you know thats how they are serving it too everyone and confront whoever is cooking it

  • Gerald Martinez

    Gerald Martinez

    12 days ago

    It beef not raw rare bro u should know the difference gess not

  • Son


    12 days ago


  • Jason Hernandez

    Jason Hernandez

    12 days ago

    It’s still edible isn’t it? I eat my steaks rare

  • Vlone Creature

    Vlone Creature

    12 days ago

    U asked for it medium rare instead of medium well. There’s a diffreence

  • Usucc


    12 days ago

    Texas Roadhouse in mesquite

  • Genesis Calloway

    Genesis Calloway

    12 days ago

    I would of bit into to sue them and got my money 😂

  • Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha

    12 days ago

    My Boy max I think it's breathing in the video

  • Gacha_Sunflower2021


    12 days ago

    I would like to point this out he was holding the steak with him bear hand at the start

  • Shanne Lowe

    Shanne Lowe

    12 days ago

    Texas roadhouse sucks, Long Horn is top notch

  • KaneDaRocker


    12 days ago

    Try Logan’s.



    13 days ago

    H rigged it definitely mhm

  • Rahlen Gilhooly

    Rahlen Gilhooly

    13 days ago

    Him: "so I guess we win".
    Hmm not staged at all.
    But in all honesty that steak was probably still mooing

  • tlt40s&w 70

    tlt40s&w 70

    13 days ago

    Your steak is thinner

  • Leonel Ramír lemus

    Leonel Ramír lemus

    13 days ago

    Who the hell picks up money and meat at the same time. P

  • Justice Marcengill

    Justice Marcengill

    13 days ago

    Just had a whole steak in his hands while in his car

  • Seun On

    Seun On

    13 days ago

    LOL so that's what they give people to eat? Yikes.

  • OddFoodIdeas


    13 days ago

    I’d eat that. My dad likes it even more raw

  • Hayzplayz 246

    Hayzplayz 246

    13 days ago

    i love how you didn’t feed it to someone because someone else might have

  • reviewfor thetube

    reviewfor thetube

    13 days ago

    Legit raw af lol

  • nicolas archambault

    nicolas archambault

    13 days ago

    That's perfect for a steak !
    I say the restaurant wins! Big Time

  • Jerome.U


    13 days ago

    Mis-steaks do happen

  • BLACK_07 _

    BLACK_07 _

    13 days ago

    Mano o primeiro tá cru pra krl

  • Jordan the llama

    Jordan the llama

    14 days ago


  • ismail godo

    ismail godo

    14 days ago

    That is alive

  • DarkAvoider


    14 days ago

    If like the only reason he did not let someone eat both of the steaks was because he knew he would lose

  • Cameron Grondzki

    Cameron Grondzki

    14 days ago

    Most likely they didn't let the steak come up to temperature before cooking

  • Stoned Droner

    Stoned Droner

    14 days ago


  • Stoned Droner

    Stoned Droner

    14 days ago


  • Star-Cross Nightcore

    Star-Cross Nightcore

    14 days ago

    My grandma would eat that 💀

  • Tietous


    14 days ago

    Love eating rare and medium rare but damn yeah thats cooked blue, some people do like it that way but damn no go for me.

  • Mani Nedoow

    Mani Nedoow

    14 days ago

    Or that particular roadhouse

  • Ubytuby


    14 days ago

    That is blue 😱😳

  • Dave D'Video Maker

    Dave D'Video Maker

    14 days ago

    No doubt nephew Max does it better.

  • ImInTheFreezer


    14 days ago

    if only he had a pan to fix the steak 🤔

  • Colby Taylor

    Colby Taylor

    14 days ago

    The chef must've taken the phrase "Cut the horns off, smack it on the ass and put it on a plate" a little to literally

  • inxein VI

    inxein VI

    14 days ago

    Should be texas roadkill

  • S Kelty

    S Kelty

    14 days ago

    What? No, that’s a perfectly cooked steak.

  • Thessiger007


    14 days ago

    Thats not undercooked but it is most certainly not medium rare

  • Crystal Morris

    Crystal Morris

    14 days ago

    Nope they need another chef

  • StarrlisA Roebuck

    StarrlisA Roebuck

    14 days ago