Shane's New Truck and Finished Office Reveal!

Published on Oct 17, 2021
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Ryland vlogs
Ryland vlogs
  • Darnell Piazza

    Darnell Piazza

    Day ago

    Love watching you two!

  • Liz Rodriguez

    Liz Rodriguez

    Day ago

    I hope you didn’t change the Britney’s Grill!!! It’s gorgeous the way it is!!!

  • kelli McKenna

    kelli McKenna

    Day ago


  • juicy coins

    juicy coins

    7 days ago

    Wow I had no idea this is where they moved I live here too and I guess that’s why I recognize the ford dealership 😂😂😂😂

  • Steph W

    Steph W

    8 days ago

    “Come with us come with us” aaaaahahahahahahahhahahaha

  • Randy Tatro

    Randy Tatro

    8 days ago

    Super Duper

  • Brittany Smith

    Brittany Smith

    9 days ago

    so you probably won't see this BUT I'm an interior designer. I love the house! its looking amazing! in terms of Shanes office, I would turn the desk around so that your back isn't to the door. I loved the old office chair, It went better with the room, and I think the gold bear on the wall is enough.. You don't have to add anything. the simplicity is nice. Anyways can't wait to see everything done

  • 1513Mariposa


    11 days ago

    Get the GRILL!!

  • 1513Mariposa


    11 days ago


  • Isabella Fraire

    Isabella Fraire

    15 days ago

    adopt me for a day

  • Bri Baby

    Bri Baby

    15 days ago

    Vicki had to give us the SpongeBob scream😂

  • Ashleigh Ray

    Ashleigh Ray

    15 days ago

    i like the white grill

  • Nichole Watson

    Nichole Watson

    16 days ago

    are you gay

  • Nic Panda

    Nic Panda

    17 days ago

    Love it so much and her name!!!

  • Melanie Sue

    Melanie Sue

    17 days ago

    Shainas me anytime I see an animal in the store LOL silently telling it to come with me

  • Sali Rhodes

    Sali Rhodes

    17 days ago

    Please do a portrait day for one of your vlogmas days if you do vlogmas!

  • Alexis Contreraz

    Alexis Contreraz

    18 days ago

    They seem so much happier in Colorado ♥️

  • Lauren Schwind

    Lauren Schwind

    18 days ago

    what about a giant gold v-shaped wood frame kinda vibe under the bear in shane's office??

  • Sidney Peterson

    Sidney Peterson

    19 days ago

    Omg I was named after Sidney from Scream too!!!! No way!!!!

  • iiStump


    20 days ago

    These videos literally give me life

  • Jaimee Baldwin

    Jaimee Baldwin

    20 days ago

    2:16 literally looks like a hotdog lol

  • stephanie wiginton

    stephanie wiginton

    24 days ago

    Omg I love Rylands hair. You’re both looking so good and happy and I live for it!!!!

  • marisela miranda

    marisela miranda

    25 days ago

    Here an idea, get a puppy huno

  • Bankroll Livi

    Bankroll Livi

    25 days ago

    i love cheeto he can really steal the show like ugh love him 😩

  • Hanna Mata

    Hanna Mata

    25 days ago

    My pregnant self so jealous of the cookie dough and the delicious looking red velvet cookie!! Omg 😱

  • tnguyen2888


    25 days ago

    Omg, you guys should do like a Kardashian holiday card photo shoot for your family photo!!!!

  • Amberley Millett

    Amberley Millett

    25 days ago

    I love seeing how happy they both are in Colorado. Britney needs a chrome grill.

  • Kenzie Jordann Merritt

    Kenzie Jordann Merritt

    25 days ago

    Im a DIE HARD shane and ryland fan, but you guys need to work on the sound ratio from when the video goes from talking to music casue its DRASTICALLY loud. Almost blew an ear drum...

  • Elijah Gomez

    Elijah Gomez

    26 days ago

    shane: buys a manly truck
    names her Britney 😂

  • Stacey Machado

    Stacey Machado

    26 days ago

    When they're sitting in the truck eating and Shane was nervous about mess, I kept saying out loud "go sit in the truck bed!!" C'mon man! Lol!

  • Makaelyn Camp

    Makaelyn Camp

    26 days ago

    I love how Shane loves alpacas just as much as I do!!!!

  • Jackie Urueta

    Jackie Urueta

    27 days ago

    Can we just appreciate the fact that SHANE is driving?? Shane is out of the house!!! He looks happy and at peace! Love it!

  • Veronicas Creations

    Veronicas Creations

    27 days ago

    Shane is living my dream with that truck ughhhh I’m in love !!!

  • angelo XCX

    angelo XCX

    27 days ago

    high as hell and that car crash animation at 8:24 made me scream

  • Electric Shield

    Electric Shield

    27 days ago


  • Kat D.

    Kat D.

    27 days ago

    Shane, darling: get a car vacuum. Lmao

  • Sam Lanci

    Sam Lanci

    28 days ago

    Like can't they buy a second couch for the entry way?

  • Mackenzie Irwin

    Mackenzie Irwin

    28 days ago

    love the truck! but id definitely say go with chrome grill🤩

  • Jane McClurg

    Jane McClurg

    28 days ago

    Shane, congratulations on your new truck! I’m so excited for you! Ryland, I love when you do vlogs with you & Shane doing things together. You’re such a great couple.

  • allie


    29 days ago

    i feel so honored that my dad and shane dawson drive the same ford

  • Haley Gloss

    Haley Gloss

    29 days ago

    You probably won’t see this but a long shelf under the bear would be amazing!

  • skybizzy


    29 days ago

    shane is so cute at the dealership 😂

  • Parker Stephens

    Parker Stephens

    29 days ago

    I always thought about Shane and his used jeep

  • foreshadowing_panda


    29 days ago

    That truck makes me want a truck even more :)))))

  • Ezabel Marie

    Ezabel Marie

    29 days ago


  • Sarah Lucas

    Sarah Lucas

    Month ago

    Follow the signs from the universe! I'm so happy Shane is talking about this because the universe does speak to us! Love you guys!

  • Janna Lucas

    Janna Lucas

    Month ago

    The vlogs are giving me life. I’m so happy for y’all . Love y’all both

  • Hanna Zeiders

    Hanna Zeiders

    Month ago

    Shane trashing the weird, ugly, Jeep trucks that I see EVERYWHERE is everything. Thank you Shane for confirming I'm not CRAZY!!! It's WEIRD!

  • Hayley Smith

    Hayley Smith

    Month ago

    gay pride 🏳️‍🌈

  • Brittany Conner

    Brittany Conner

    Month ago

    Excuse me! Unless I get compensation, it’s not Brittany bitch!

  • LoveLove Kookie

    LoveLove Kookie

    Month ago

    Does anyone know where those food trucks are in CO? They look so good.

  • J Piercy

    J Piercy

    Month ago

    This had me cracking up the whole time. Love you guys so much!! xxoo from Canada

  • Hannah Bartlett

    Hannah Bartlett

    Month ago

    For the wall with the bear, get two wall lantern style lights. That would look so good.

  • Kim Rittenhouse Pouring My HeART

    Kim Rittenhouse Pouring My HeART

    Month ago

    I absolutely love this house and y’all seem so happy! Congratulations! I have a suggestion…I think the bear in Shane’s office needs to be centered on the wall where it is. I think it would look much better in the middle of that trim…box?

  • Amy Beth Godwin

    Amy Beth Godwin

    Month ago

    Love the truck and the white grill Shane! 🤍🦙🦙

  • Living Life with Serenity

    Living Life with Serenity

    Month ago

    Shane loves Britney like I love Serenity. Love her so much I made a YouTube channel for her!

  • toni Brown

    toni Brown

    Month ago

    Leave it white!

  • Bretagne Lynn

    Bretagne Lynn

    Month ago

    I like the white grill instead. Looks classier but might get dirtier faster.

  • z


    Month ago

    cheeto loafed on the bouclé couch like the king he is

  • Alexis Neubauer

    Alexis Neubauer

    Month ago

    I named my car britney too lol

  • Sydney Francesca

    Sydney Francesca

    Month ago

    The chrome grille for sure!

  • Sophia M

    Sophia M

    Month ago

    I LOVE how Shane’s couch looks so tiny BUT ITS FREAKING ADORABLE

  • Emma


    Month ago


  • deanna reece

    deanna reece

    Month ago

    Why did I know Shane was gonna get the red velvet cookie before he even got it Lmaooo I feel like I know him without ever meeting him in person I’m so glad I can at least see him on rylands YouTube I miss you Shane please come back soon❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • S. Luciano Malone

    S. Luciano Malone

    Month ago

    The truck is beautiful.

  • alaina v

    alaina v

    Month ago

    The truck suit Shane really good I love it

  • Leslie


    Month ago

    That girl got a fat commission check lol

  • Adria Marin

    Adria Marin

    Month ago

    i hate hwo ryland doesnt have consideration for shane like misophobia is the worst
    and eats so horrible

  • Dana Marie’

    Dana Marie’

    Month ago

    Cheeto looks like Shane

  • Dana Marie’

    Dana Marie’

    Month ago


  • Natalie Pope

    Natalie Pope

    Month ago

    Hey boys I think a frame that is ornate and over sized would look lovely with the bear with glasses center in the middle. I'm so happy for you both.

  • Tonje T

    Tonje T

    Month ago

    I love the white

  • Ashley


    Month ago

    A giant friend's frame with the bear centered in the frame. A moment lol

  • CZ Texan

    CZ Texan

    Month ago

    Lmao 14:34 Shane screaming FUCK when eating. Haven’t seen him say that since 2017

  • CZ Texan

    CZ Texan

    Month ago

    I never expected Shane to own a truck, but I see him wanting one. It’s Colorado!

  • santa baby

    santa baby

    Month ago

    I say a long horizontal mirror for under the bear head in your office Shane!

  • Simply Ailett

    Simply Ailett

    Month ago

    Leave it please

  • Ashlei Aurelia

    Ashlei Aurelia

    Month ago

    Sorry Shane but you're so annoying in this video about your truck. Lol stop

  • Bitchney Nicole

    Bitchney Nicole

    Month ago

    Love he named it my name lol

  • cassandra sotos

    cassandra sotos

    Month ago

    I love the intro song.i dance every timr

  • Donna E

    Donna E

    Month ago

    The big cozy sofa in the California house, what brand is it it looks so comfortable!

  • Jen B

    Jen B

    Month ago

    Well Shane, you should be at a Chevy dealership! Disappointed 😞 Welcome to the country life! Where we fight over who makes the better truck... Ford or Chevy lol 😆
    I love to see you both living your best life! Seeing you both happy, makes me happy! 🤗❤
    Edit: Leave Brittany alone! I like her original grill! 😁 You can always keep the silver grill and add it at a later date if you want. BUT I think she's stunning the way she is! 😍
    🐻 Lower the bear with glasses above the fancy white couch in your office & put a large white frame around it. 🙌🙌🙌

    • Golden Girl

      Golden Girl

      Month ago

      Yes!! Lower the bear 🐻 in the office & put a nice white frame around it that matches the color of the couch! 🐻 BEST IDEA 💡 👌

  • Lupe Lopez

    Lupe Lopez

    Month ago

    When the apocalypse happens… what do you know that we don’t

  • Kelc


    Month ago

    Idk why but this vid made my heart feel so warm. I love seeing Shane happy 🥺

  • Morgan Wittkowske

    Morgan Wittkowske

    Month ago

    Only Shane would actually hate the King Ranch 🥰

  • SavannaTheSavage


    Month ago

    Ryland to his mom- *come here, we did something weird* 😂

    • SavannaTheSavage


      Month ago

      Then her saying *oh I stepped in water, let me go tell my mom* lmfao

  • jordyn


    Month ago

    I’m dying at Shane and his reaction when Ryland eats bc SAME 😂😂😂

  • Alice_In_ Reality

    Alice_In_ Reality

    Month ago

    Shane's expression at 15:07 lol
    I live for it

  • Glamma77


    Month ago

    I hope you chose chrome, because gravel and bugs are going to eat up the paint. I love this for Shane! This was fun!

  • Guillermo Rivas

    Guillermo Rivas

    Month ago

    Love the truck!!!!!! Are you guys missing a head rest in the backseat??

  • Kelsey cornell66

    Kelsey cornell66

    Month ago

    Truck life really fits shane. He looks so happy in Colorado! so glad to see it! You both deserve all the happiness

  • Brittney Miller

    Brittney Miller

    Month ago

    Yes Brittney

  • Angela O'Neil

    Angela O'Neil

    Month ago

    Ryland is looking ✨✨mature✨✨ and it’s gorgeous 😍
    Like fine wine

  • Bellamy D

    Bellamy D

    Month ago

    You should have someone paint a mural behind the new couch.

  • Rayshelle Keyes

    Rayshelle Keyes

    Month ago

    Somebody tell shane (even though I'm 100% sure he knows 😂) that there's a new scream coming out 😩😩

  • Chasity Smith

    Chasity Smith

    Month ago

    I love the white grill! It looks more expensive lol

  • Hannah Regterschot

    Hannah Regterschot

    Month ago

    Shane: not wanting a truck, Neeeeedingggggg a turuuucccckkk

  • bethfaceplays


    Month ago

    I think its so weird that Shane has his desk facing that way. Most offices like that have the cabinetry behind the chair so that you can access it easier from the desk. Also maybe a couple of long skinny mirrors or long skinny prints on either side of the bear? Maybe trees? Or some kind of tall sconce.

  • Unicorn_69


    Month ago

    Why is that tired sack of root beer in every video?

  • Amber Mahan

    Amber Mahan

    Month ago

    You should put a big family portrait of you guys and the fur babies in front of your house or barn- above the couch in the office.