George Foreman on his Post Fight Wilder vs. Fury

Published on Oct 10, 2021
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Foreman sits and shares his thoughts following the fight and the outcome of Wilder vs. Fury.

George Foreman
  • Brown Unemployment

    Brown Unemployment

    43 minutes ago

    Who would of thought george forman would of still been alive in 2021 after growing up from the 50s 60s 70s 80s and 90s

  • Herman Knightshade

    Herman Knightshade

    2 hours ago

    You said that referee did a good job and the best referee ever to referee a fight
    That referee was horrible, terrible,and bias
    The told fury no head locks and don't do it again
    I believe it was 3nd or 4th round
    Fury continue throughout the remainder of the fight with head locking Wilder because Fury knew he could not win without going against the rules of boxing
    Big George how did you miss from hearing and seeing this throughout the entire fight if you were watching the fight. How
    Not to mention the counting by the referee

  • Spinozin 6.01

    Spinozin 6.01

    11 hours ago

    I had another two burgers just now on your grill. God bless you x

  • Steadno 2006

    Steadno 2006

    12 hours ago


  • Brad Callaghan

    Brad Callaghan

    13 hours ago

    You will always be one of my all time favorite boxers George!

  • Jay Tomson

    Jay Tomson

    17 hours ago

    Hey George.

  • Jamchester


    Day ago

    What a great human being

  • Chief Running Turtle

    Chief Running Turtle

    Day ago

    You spittin' mad-knowledge, Big George ... Respect, good sir.

  • LittleNoiseBoy


    Day ago

    Insightful, generous and fair analysis delivered with the humility that only a Great could display. Thank you, Sir.

  • Barry Johnson

    Barry Johnson

    Day ago

    Great seeing you are looking well George looking at you reminds me of God's word in psalm 91 :16 it says with long life will I satisfy you and show you my salvation. God bless you my brother in Christ

  • Joshua Lux

    Joshua Lux

    Day ago

    Well said

  • Boxing talk 101

    Boxing talk 101

    Day ago

    What about the holding n no breaks

  • ian bentley

    ian bentley

    Day ago

    thank you George, great analysis.

  • Twist Twister

    Twist Twister

    2 days ago

    Nice George and ur bang on. Great fight. Modern day classic

  • David Barnard

    David Barnard

    2 days ago

    I just want to say, I called this fight after the second match. Fury had actually won the first fight. I said then that Wilder did not want any more of Fury. He depends on the right hand for everything. He looked tired after the first three rounds. He knockdown Fury twice. The big man rose of the canvas and said not today Wilder. Proceed to whip his ass post to post. Notice how great shape Fury was in.

  • S P

    S P

    2 days ago

    Big George in my opinion is the greatest Heavyweight of all time, won the title in two generations and greatest puncher in the greatest boxing era....

  • Peter Parsons

    Peter Parsons

    2 days ago

    I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on this fight. I’ve watched all the great fights of the past 45 years, and you had many. Ps( the sound on your channel (this video) has echo, needs some attention)

  • fkasol


    2 days ago

    You are a really noble man.
    These are some great words and credit to these amazing fighters.

  • Keith Davidson

    Keith Davidson

    2 days ago

    So good to see you looking so well George, and you're so humble in your tribute to Fury and Wilder. Much respect 🙌

  • Андрей иванов

    Андрей иванов

    2 days ago

    есть русские ?

  • eraina lewis

    eraina lewis

    2 days ago

    Hey gorge great comments...I agree..real sportsman's ship for you to make room for Tyson fury 3 ,
    among other historic heavyweights,
    with out comparison....looking good,
    thanks 😄

  • Positive and Funny

    Positive and Funny

    2 days ago

    1:59 Truth 💯 The past is show by those two men

  • Bela Nyul

    Bela Nyul

    3 days ago

    Love you, Big George! A true legend!

  • Little Holmes

    Little Holmes

    3 days ago

    Never stop talking about you Gentlemen “ The Champions Forever “ !

  • Lion Tooth

    Lion Tooth

    3 days ago

    Things will be coming out about that fight" and I believe it will be quite shameful.

  • joman garcia

    joman garcia

    3 days ago

    GOD BLESS & BE HEALTHY ALWAYS SIR GEORGE FOREMAN ! Im now 46 y o, Im always watching your fights since I was a child !

  • Willie Redd

    Willie Redd

    3 days ago

    Thank you champ for your analysis. It was a grueling fight and I'm always interested in your take on the fight as a legend of the sport and one of the hardest punchers in heavyweight history. Thank you so much for your insight.

  • PracticalMethod AlgarvePortugal

    PracticalMethod AlgarvePortugal

    3 days ago

    Hi Big George - you are getting Wiser as you get older . Love from Ali❤️



    3 days ago

    Mr.Foreman it’s an honor and pleasure to have you still here with us, many have come and gone. Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement. Much respect sir! 💪🏾

  • nicklegg61


    3 days ago

    George, keep it simple that's all wilder has got is a right hand,no stamina,and what I expected talks rubbish,that's it.

  • 70wdeluca


    3 days ago

    Watching this man talk about anything, puts a smile on your face and a peace in your heart... Your the best Big George.

  • kkk


    3 days ago

    Big George your come back has been the biggest motivation ever

  • Lord Scribe

    Lord Scribe

    3 days ago

    George, please come out of retirement and fight fury

  • Mike StClair

    Mike StClair

    3 days ago

    Wow, Mr Foreman, it's great to hear and see you sounding and looking so good! Boxing sermon! It's great to hear and see it's not always the best in the past.

  • Cihan Soyyiğit

    Cihan Soyyiğit

    3 days ago

    hi big George Are You Legend İ love

  • John Honda

    John Honda

    3 days ago

    Great words from a classy ex Champion.

  • enero 369 sabio

    enero 369 sabio

    3 days ago

    I dol....shout out me ...watching here in Philippines.....

  • Yoseph Klemens Mau

    Yoseph Klemens Mau

    3 days ago

    Being so proud of you my legend. Love from Indonesia, Mr.George Foreman

  • Henrik Jakobsen

    Henrik Jakobsen

    3 days ago

    Big George the legend!

  • Big Kesh

    Big Kesh

    3 days ago

    So grateful to have the perspective of such a legend of the sport.

  • Sam Stewart

    Sam Stewart

    4 days ago

    the future is so bright I must wear sunglasses. George, you are the best- god bless

  • Backwater Sage

    Backwater Sage

    4 days ago

    Bless up, brother George!

  • J Busa

    J Busa

    4 days ago

    It was the best HW fight in a long time but anyone old enough to remember the 90's knows it's nowhere near the top. The Holyfield/Bowe trilogy, Holyfield/Dokes or my personal favorite HW fight was Tua/Ibeabuchi. That was the best HW slugfest I've ever seen.

  • Mar Celo

    Mar Celo

    4 days ago

    03:31 We can't George. Stop talking about such fights would be a heresy to boxing.

  • Randall


    4 days ago

    Thanks George for your measured response. You give perspective and weight to what is sure to go down as one the classics. I appreciate you calling it out, that this is these fighters time and we need to respect them for such a great showing. You're the best.

  • Ricardo Flores

    Ricardo Flores

    4 days ago

    Look at George still doing his thing! Love to see that. Still sharp as a tack and well spoken. 👍👏👏👏

  • Kesavan S

    Kesavan S

    4 days ago

    Always a pleasure

  • Dan James

    Dan James

    4 days ago


  • Flizzy


    4 days ago

    Boxing godfather

  • Michael Macharia

    Michael Macharia

    4 days ago

    The most entertaining heavy hitter.

  • Luke


    4 days ago

    Thank you George!

  • DoubleUpOnBob


    4 days ago

    My favourite heavyweight.

  • Darren Stopper

    Darren Stopper

    4 days ago

    Is that Lewis v schmelling on the left ?

  • Phil Anthony Stine

    Phil Anthony Stine

    4 days ago

    George foreman would have beat both these guys in one night.. Im open to comments. And im a fan of both fury and wilder.

  • insanely insensitive

    insanely insensitive

    4 days ago

    What does a man who made a grilling machine know about boxing?

  • Someother Patriot

    Someother Patriot

    4 days ago

    the people who did thumbs down are racist.

  • Gene Baldini

    Gene Baldini

    4 days ago

    With all due respect Foreman is saying nothing

  • Tom Blaster

    Tom Blaster

    4 days ago're a kind and decent man!

  • Ryan Peck

    Ryan Peck

    4 days ago

    Foreman is the man. Love to hear him commentate again

  • Ave Cesar

    Ave Cesar

    4 days ago

    I am fanat Big George in Ukraine

  • Junior Balls

    Junior Balls

    4 days ago

    George, you look like a really happy, kind man. Yet when you boxed I don't think anyone could have said you were anything other than intimidating! I find this contrast quite amusing, thanks for the memories, as well as your current thoughts 👍👊

  • chicken dinner

    chicken dinner

    4 days ago

    Legend! Still loves boxing and can tell us why. True Great!

  • anwŕ ský

    anwŕ ský

    4 days ago

    من قنوات اليوتيوب التي تستحق المشاهده
    Geographic now

  • Danny Sandoval

    Danny Sandoval

    4 days ago

    Look good Champ! Fury and Wilder are in the conversation with the legends. Lets never forget them



    4 days ago

    Good video George. Wilder is not a good boxer and is one dimensional. Fury isn't great either. Wilder has the worse balance that I've ever seen from a championship heavyweight boxer in history.

  • Bobby


    4 days ago

    I reckon Wilder got some brain damage with those last few punches -
    he couldn't walk straight - that's the pity about the fight.

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    4 days ago

    Wow George still looks like he's in his 50s , stay safe brother

  • Nobody .12

    Nobody .12

    4 days ago

    My uncle Bob cook used to train him. What a great human

  • 행복 서

    행복 서

    4 days ago


  • Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    4 days ago

    He has his own channel. That's great! I still think one of THE greatest events in any sports history, but this one happens to be Boxing, (which makes it even more astounding!), is George Foreman's comeback after a TEN YEAR layoff(!) AND at the age of 45(!) to take a title and fight on again. If you just think about that for a few minutes and aren't impressed, you're either stupid or dead inside. It was a phenomenal achievement and I hope to see the story memorialized in a film someday because it very much deserves it. 🥊💯

  • Aintnuttinnice _

    Aintnuttinnice _

    4 days ago

    Foreman vs Ron Lyle was a belter of a fight and i only seen it recently!! what a fight!!!

    • soiung toiue

      soiung toiue

      4 days ago

      slow TF. But mainly want AJvsTF still.)

  • David Lewis

    David Lewis

    4 days ago

    What a legend, foreman is such a nice man.

  • Mike Mike

    Mike Mike

    4 days ago

    Every said it was a good fight except fury fans they just don't wanna admit fury had to earn that belt whenever he fights wilder he gets put on his ass multiple times

  • Χρηστος Χατζηγιαννακης

    Χρηστος Χατζηγιαννακης

    4 days ago

    Respect to Mr. Foreman from Greece. A true lion with a huge lion heart

  • Ross Griffin

    Ross Griffin

    4 days ago

    Looking great George 💯

  • Donald Goldney

    Donald Goldney

    5 days ago

    Legend George I remember the rumble in the jungle and loved you since then

  • Tito Pioquinto

    Tito Pioquinto

    5 days ago

    Lookin good george we love u champ!!!

  • Turner7834


    5 days ago

    George Foreman, you are one of my heroes of boxing, a legend. Thanks.

  • Rich Pack

    Rich Pack

    5 days ago

    Love you George, I think you're the best.

  • chandrakant singh

    chandrakant singh

    5 days ago

    There is nothing wrong in this. He showcased his talent and authority in ring. It's like enjoying title boxing with confidence.

  • chandrakant singh

    chandrakant singh

    5 days ago

    U r a living legend of boxing world, & i respect you. But the fights was like, "kill by 100 cuts". Fury was totally controlling the fight. He was breaking Wilder round by round, not knocking him down, giving him breather. And at end, ended up in style of showman. Ask him if i m wrong?

  • arquizul


    5 days ago

    i am not agree
    Tyson Fury has not a good shape in his body
    and Wilder lacks high level of boxing

  • Hindukush


    5 days ago

    George a true Gentleman.

  • RetardedUsername


    5 days ago

    Honestly I really started to dislike Wilder. Originally just his fan base since they’d bring race, and outside bullshit into it. But after Wilder fired Breland, the one guy protecting him physically and his reputation. ( As Wilder could say he didn’t want the towel thrown in, “ I just need that 1 second”) and how he was treated after. Regardless after the second fight I hoped Wilder would train for 2-4 years, taking on different fights, improving then remarching Fury. Covid hit and DW did get that time, and sadly interrupted AJvTF and the complete unification boxing fans deserve.
    But Wilder did good. I hope he’s learned his lesson that excuses and being perfect for 1 second isn’t enough, and that he starts building up other skill sets. Hell he came into boxing late and had incredible success. I don’t doubt it’s too late.

    • Jack Rousseau

      Jack Rousseau

      5 days ago

      The critics of Wilder bring in race just as much, except one is oppressed and the other isn't

  • RetardedUsername


    5 days ago

    Tyson really outclassed Wilder.
    1st fight showed he can dance around all day, landing shots, slipping shots.
    2nd: That he can bring on the fury.
    3rd: Give Wilder a kind of fight he exceeds in, having countless opportunities to land his eraser.
    Great fight. I’m just worried for Fury, such big guys don’t keep their speed as long as guys like Mayweather and the Pac-Man.
    How much damage he took I hope he can still be in peak condition for AJ. ( Usyek would be an interesting fight too, and I’d bet more money on Usyk to beat Fury then AJ. Not because he beat AJ, but just because he’s like RJJ, incredibly fast, able to handle weight being put on him. His size has him able to get straight body and liver shots off to slow TF. But mainly want AJvsTF still.)

  • Jung-ae Park

    Jung-ae Park

    5 days ago

    We need more reviews like this!

  • Charles Martel

    Charles Martel

    5 days ago

    Great to see you Mr. Foreman!
    Thank you for the commentary.

  • Larry Bagnera

    Larry Bagnera

    5 days ago

    My prayer is the God would allow me to meet you Sr . You are truly a living Legend and a true man of God .

    • Larry Bagnera

      Larry Bagnera

      5 days ago


  • sifu Dyl

    sifu Dyl

    5 days ago

    we love you George your words always make us feel a sense a warmth towards life and boxing 🙏

  • hungfao


    5 days ago

    Oh Hell Yes!! I didn't know The Champ had a channel. Instant subscriber here!!! Good to see you, man!!!
    I disagree, Ali, Frasier, Norton. These names will always rise to the top. Never forget. Never forgotten.

  • dennis carone

    dennis carone

    5 days ago

    George, your always the best. God Bless, Dennis C.

  • Ringmaster JEB

    Ringmaster JEB

    5 days ago

    One of my top 5 Heavyweight fights was Big George VS Ron Lyle. Think there was 7 knockdowns. Both guys put on a show that may never be repeated ever !

  • Dave H

    Dave H

    5 days ago

    GF maybe the greatest of all time. Love this guy.

  • Barry Winfree

    Barry Winfree

    5 days ago

    Love that you enjoyed the fight I enjoyed your fights it’s funny I still think you hit harder than any fighter in my time including Mike but that’s close

  • joedrycln


    5 days ago

    Foreman needs to back on tv and sell bras

  • David Mavrov

    David Mavrov

    5 days ago

    I am a simple man... I see George, I subscribe...

  • Hamza Benamar

    Hamza Benamar

    5 days ago

    God bless you champion! We love you

  • Max Walker

    Max Walker

    5 days ago

    I bet that ref was wore and sore the next day

  • Thejoeb


    5 days ago

    George Foreman is a national treasure.

  • Peoria Os

    Peoria Os

    5 days ago

    I loved it when you came back in your 40's and kicked it. You are my favorite boxer of all time and the top one of few who really knew how to throw a punch and tough as nails.