Can 2HYPE Take a Punch from Pro Boxer Ryan Garcia? *KNOCKOUT*

Published on Oct 9, 2021
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2HYPE vs. pro boxer Ryan Garcia?!

We challenged Ryan Garcia to a series of boxing challenges to see if our squad could take on a pro.

BUT WAIT - There's more! Check out Ryan's channel to see us challenge him in a boxing basketball challenge!

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  • Kristopher London

    Kristopher London

    11 days ago


    • Gio Thegoat

      Gio Thegoat

      5 hours ago

      He makes me scream without the s

    • Gabriel Vanegas

      Gabriel Vanegas

      Day ago

      @Maxwell Manigan c

    • Jojie Pacis

      Jojie Pacis

      3 days ago

      Left hand of Manny

    • aeron.


      3 days ago

      @waterproof.courage he is in the video you bum

    • God 4 Give… Blood Money

      God 4 Give… Blood Money

      3 days ago

  • Christian Huertas

    Christian Huertas

    58 minutes ago

    They all can’t punch

  • Scout


    Hour ago

    Michell put here 2:38 - 2:43 but when Ryan has to hit him 3 times 19:28 - 19:50 anyone notice that but me?

  • Reinaldo Riyandi

    Reinaldo Riyandi

    3 hours ago

    its really entertaining

  • Totally not kole

    Totally not kole

    4 hours ago

    I’m 14 and have gotten 900😅

  • Bautisto Pacheco

    Bautisto Pacheco

    4 hours ago

    Holding your breath makes it worse lol

  • mkll


    4 hours ago

    he broke the machine like the world's strongest man but they all threw weaker punches. da fuck

  • ZaaeDahRullah


    5 hours ago

    Garcia puttin on fah dah V, im nxt

  • Zinith


    5 hours ago

    Cash come on 😭

  • The shindo pro

    The shindo pro

    6 hours ago

    The naruto run lol he just failed

  • Bartek


    7 hours ago

    The special effects when they're getting hit are so funny :D 👌👌

  • TerminalBofa


    7 hours ago


  • Devin Louis

    Devin Louis

    11 hours ago

    Omg 😳

  • AXADK267


    12 hours ago

    Paul and Kai got to do some of that air boxing lol like really try to get them to do it



    12 hours ago

    this filter is so ass y everything saturated looks ugly asf

  • Holden Eames

    Holden Eames

    12 hours ago

    Mitchell was so hungover couldn’t change his fit

  • Holden Eames

    Holden Eames

    12 hours ago

    Mitchell was so hungover could change his fit

  • Harderson d.brenday

    Harderson d.brenday

    13 hours ago

    The terrible hurricane industrially bolt because carbon surprisingly shrug alongside a stiff squid. hulking, inexpensive veterinarian

  • Chris Wayne

    Chris Wayne

    14 hours ago

    Hold on hold on I just want to mention the fact Zach said fetus lmao instead of fossil

  • DarkArcane


    14 hours ago

    bro i hit harder than a grown ass man

  • Len & Jam

    Len & Jam

    15 hours ago

    The camera man fell😂

  • ah ha

    ah ha

    15 hours ago

    it show cash aint have a dad

  • Olando Reckley

    Olando Reckley

    18 hours ago

    Cash what's happening with u

  • Layne Darnel

    Layne Darnel

    18 hours ago

    The dramatic cream thirdly yawn because impulse morally gaze regarding a empty velvet. spiteful, coordinated accountant

  • Justin Mills

    Justin Mills

    19 hours ago

    just found this channel...loving it! guys are Great together... hilarious!

  • Royal James

    Royal James

    19 hours ago

    I made it to 880 on this machine thinking 🤔 🧐 about my ex ex 😂💪🏾🤣

  • Royal James

    Royal James

    20 hours ago

    I'm happy 😊 to see my blessed brothers enjoying your life good morning on this glorious Wednesday keep pushing good content

  • Harlee Llido

    Harlee Llido

    20 hours ago

    How about manny paquiao is there

  • Alobba, Achilles Justine L.

    Alobba, Achilles Justine L.

    23 hours ago

    Cashnasty looks like Adrien broner

  • 904 Scotty

    904 Scotty

    Day ago

    Pray for cash man 😂

  • Josshuaa 's

    Josshuaa 's

    Day ago

    Try nyo namn suntok ni pacquiao

  • Lil Loyalty

    Lil Loyalty

    Day ago

    I love how it isn’t even a basketball video but cash still has a ball in the video. That’s how u know they a hooper family

  • Cashis Bridgwaters

    Cashis Bridgwaters

    Day ago

    my name is cashis to

  • Yb deuce Thompson

    Yb deuce Thompson

    Day ago

    What was so funny about Jesse and zachs fight it the sound effects with the punching

  • Isaiah Orozco

    Isaiah Orozco

    Day ago

    Imagine a heavy weight boxer 👀 🥊

  • Dom toretto

    Dom toretto

    Day ago

    Next video getting punched by mike tyson

  • Chiko_staxs


    Day ago

    Did Ryan Garcia retire

  • C Brewer

    C Brewer

    Day ago

    Nice job Ryan😅

  • Giovanny Díaz

    Giovanny Díaz

    Day ago

    Bro if Ryan was with his right arm he would have

  • Ibennny


    Day ago

    can we agree james is only in 2hype because of jesser

  • Mond's world

    Mond's world

    Day ago

    be crumbled up like a fennis 😭😭😭😭

  • Joshua PA

    Joshua PA

    Day ago

    how did moochie get so tall

  • Eman


    Day ago

    The calculating panties conspicuously heal because panties nally park excluding a damp moat. enthusiastic, half appeal

  • Calvin Jones

    Calvin Jones

    Day ago

    15:45 I am wheezing

  • OGPickAxe


    Day ago

    do yall just have that suff sitting around the warehouse

  • CrorcPR


    Day ago

    The guy with the white shirt looks like discount Adin ross

  • Retro Miyagi

    Retro Miyagi

    Day ago

    Ryan’s hilarious yo

  • Jr Trickshot Duo

    Jr Trickshot Duo

    Day ago

    me realizing faze rug got a 850

  • Adrian Sovie

    Adrian Sovie

    Day ago

    How he make da vid cover but was the biggest disappointment in the vid🤣

  • Caleb Everson

    Caleb Everson

    Day ago

    They shouldn’t of put kris and jesser and cash on the thumbnail they cuffed

  • A Meade

    A Meade

    Day ago

    I am available

  • Alejandro T.C.

    Alejandro T.C.

    Day ago

    The one that looks more buffed, it's actually the weakest 🤦😂

  • LoMaS TuRbo

    LoMaS TuRbo

    Day ago

    And this is why he cant fight devin!!!!!!!!

  • Miles Glidden

    Miles Glidden

    Day ago

    They need to get mike Tyson

  • Amahase


    Day ago


  • Poul Julle

    Poul Julle

    Day ago

    cassius "weakman" clay

  • Phillip Mcilwain

    Phillip Mcilwain

    2 days ago

    i love your vids

  • Rhonic Vash

    Rhonic Vash

    2 days ago

    cash to loser

  • Jonathan Santiago

    Jonathan Santiago

    2 days ago

    I haven't laughed so hard in a while. This made my night 🤣🤣🤣

  • big purrs

    big purrs

    2 days ago

    when he ran he was like can’t get sued 😬

  • oscar sorino

    oscar sorino

    2 days ago

    I love the game but I'm sure there was an interesting story in a couple years and so it

  • Rostro Maligno

    Rostro Maligno

    2 days ago

    No wonder Ryan gets hand injuries … playing around with these idiots ….

  • Jade McCartney

    Jade McCartney

    2 days ago

    why do u think ur a fighter, ur just a dreamer.

  • Atlantic Sways

    Atlantic Sways

    2 days ago

    My dad broke the machine when he hit it

  • Marquavious Brown

    Marquavious Brown

    2 days ago

    Zach and Jessie fight was legendary

  • jordan y destiny

    jordan y destiny

    2 days ago

    Jesus is king 👑God bless y'all 🙏repent and ask for forgiveness pls don't say God's name in vain

  • king kong

    king kong

    2 days ago

    cash be hitting like how i hit in my dreams bruh😭😭😭

  • Just some guy with three swords

    Just some guy with three swords

    2 days ago

    They look like they was having so much fun

  • Jayden Ortiz

    Jayden Ortiz

    2 days ago

    Sheesh Ryan is very strong

  • Isaiah paul

    Isaiah paul

    2 days ago

    also ok its good for lightweight

  • Art Lawrence Aguilario

    Art Lawrence Aguilario

    2 days ago

    bro this blue guy is strong

  • Isaiah paul

    Isaiah paul

    2 days ago

    me 12 thinking i can hit for atleast 500???

  • Isaiah paul

    Isaiah paul

    2 days ago

    ik you lying

  • Jamie Slone

    Jamie Slone

    2 days ago

    BRO WHAT?! I had a 730 on the punching thing, they're weak.... that's sad LOL 😂😂

    • Shrek


      10 hours ago

      their punching technique was bad! funny vid though.. I got a 942

  • Jayden allen

    Jayden allen

    2 days ago

    Both boxing matches were like deonta wilder vs Tyson furry

  • Jayden allen

    Jayden allen

    2 days ago

    The boxing 🥊 Zach and Jesse was like deonta wilder vs Tyson fury

  • Kris Bennett

    Kris Bennett

    2 days ago

    nah bro if ryan garcia punches me hes not leaving till he gets it back

  • Blue K

    Blue K

    2 days ago

    It’s should be can 2hype keep a member…nah jk congratulations to them and there successful careers

  • YlliksenMummo


    2 days ago

    Ryan comes across very immature and insecure human being.

  • pleu198o


    2 days ago

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  • Yo Na

    Yo Na

    2 days ago

    Ryan garcia and his "mental issues". Just get off youtube and go grow your balls somewhere. His career won't last

  • Plaguebringer Goliath

    Plaguebringer Goliath

    2 days ago

    Do this with Mike Tyson

  • YaYo


    2 days ago

    imagine canelos hits..

  • Bzz Vlog

    Bzz Vlog

    2 days ago

    stand front of wall made it so hurt. dangerous act.



    2 days ago

    Accidentally clicked on this and you guys had me 😂🤣👏🏽 looks like a fun crew.

    • TheGonzo


      7 hours ago

      They're pretty funny, for sure.

  • Alishba Khan

    Alishba Khan

    2 days ago


  • Makhi


    2 days ago

    Flex on impact not 5 seconds before 😂

  • Makhi


    2 days ago

    I’m not fighting with cash 😂. We get jumped, im running

  • Jonny Jim

    Jonny Jim

    2 days ago

    Non of these man can punch 😂😂😂😂

  • Dario Payet

    Dario Payet

    2 days ago

    And 60 I bet you can pick up girls realy easilynot hating just playing

  • Versatile Swingin Base

    Versatile Swingin Base

    2 days ago

    WTF 💀 Lmfao

  • Dario Payet

    Dario Payet

    2 days ago

    His the weakest in the group

  • Dario Payet

    Dario Payet

    2 days ago

    I bet i can punch better then him men 84 wow

  • Suavestackstv


    2 days ago

    I’m hitting over 950 on these machines all y’all weak as hell

  • Mouin Jomaa

    Mouin Jomaa

    2 days ago

    Ez i get always 900

  • Vincent Boback

    Vincent Boback

    2 days ago

    ramen hair... hahaha

  • SuperMachoTime


    2 days ago

    The fucking squeaky noise!!!

  • Dio-Chan


    2 days ago

    is anyone gonna tell him that glasses make you see better?

  • Rashawn A

    Rashawn A

    2 days ago


  • RxbLxx


    2 days ago

    this is great 😂 😂