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Published on Oct 12, 2021
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Magic Spoon is seriously magical cereal! Check it out:

Here's a Pokemon Game Theory: Do Mythical Pokemon give us hints to where the next games will take place? Or what the story or gimmick of the next game might be? Do Mythical Pokemon foreshadow the next generation? Perhaps! A quick example: Volcanion references volcanos, and Hoopa makes wormholes, then Pokemon Sun and Moon take place on volcanic islands and are about Ultra Wormholes! This idea may apply to most of the Mythical Pokemon: Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxsys, Manaphy, Phione, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, Diancie, Hoopa, Volcanion, Magearna, Marshadow, Zeraora, Meltan and Melmetal. But then, what can Zarude possibly be hinting at with gen 9?

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00:00 What is a Mythical Pokemon?
01:20 Magic Spoon!
02:30 Did Alola's Mythical Pokemon Hint to Sword and Shield?
07:32 Did Kalos' Mythical Pokemon Hint to Sun and Moon?
09:23 Did Unova's Mythical Pokemon Hint to Pokemon X and Y?
12:40 Did Sinnoh's Mythical Pokemon Hint to Black and White?
17:20 Did Hoenns' Mythical Pokemon Hint to Diamond and Pearl?
18:35 Did Celebi Hint to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?
19:14 Did Mew Hint to Pokemon Gold and Silver?
20:06 Does Zarude Tell us about Gen 9?
23:52 Outroduction

Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

Lockstin & Gnoggin
Lockstin & Gnoggin
  • Gmail Sucks

    Gmail Sucks

    15 minutes ago

    I've heard there could be a redwood(California) and I see lots of tree's so I support your idea kinda

  • Rhy Maresh

    Rhy Maresh

    4 hours ago

    Ok so this is super stretching it but when I heard the dex entry for Marshadow the first thing that came to my mind was all the colonialism by the British and Europe as a whole. It's hard to describe. The whole sneaking in thing and then becoming stronger than the opponent reminded me of the British invading a bunch of places and taking their culture. Mimicking their foods and stuff like that. They also become stronger directly because of the exploitation and copying of the nations they invade. I know it's a reach but that's the first place my mind went.

  • The Spider Boy

    The Spider Boy

    5 hours ago

    I think most of what you're saying may be correct, but I believe it's going to be ancient Sinnoh, Hisui, will have follow that "Zarude" theory.

  • xShadiie


    9 hours ago

    I got soo offended when he said "vrijheid" wrong, but can you blame the guy that dutch is a weird language 😭

  • Parker Larson

    Parker Larson

    10 hours ago

    Hear me out... survival mechanic???? Legends Arceus 🤯🤯😈

  • Nagisa666


    13 hours ago

    One point to ad: France hat its own statue of liberty. Two actually.

  • TinyTitan 114

    TinyTitan 114

    14 hours ago

    You can now get mew and jirachi for free in brilliant diamond and shining pearl if you've played pokémon sword or shield and pokémon let's go Eevee or Pikachu

  • Donovan The Playboy

    Donovan The Playboy

    17 hours ago

    Diancie is the earth of aloha, volcanion is the warm water of a lola, and hoopa is the travel between them, and also the foreshadowing of travelers

  • delta king

    delta king

    21 hour ago

    Gen 9 taking place in south america or Brazil actually makes sense. The only reason i have is the theme they do with the fire starters. For those of you that have lived under a rock for the past two decades, all of Pokemon's fire starters have followed the Chinese zodiac (ex: the charmander line being the dragon in the Chinese zodiac) if they continue to use this method they will have three different animals to choose from the snake the horse or the ram/sheep/goat (depends on the zodiac wheel you are using) if they choose the snake for generation 9 then not only will that follow the pattern they are using but it will make sense since snakes are popular for being in jungles ie: Brazil. I hope you see what im getting at. If zarude is hinting at gen 9 being jungle based than it would make sense for the fire starter to be a snake. I personally think that they would choose a region with mountains it if they chose the ram or the goat as a starter cant say the same for the sheep though. I would want to say they should choose a monkey for the grass starter if they make the region a jungle, but grookey exist. Personally i think the fire starter should be based of a anaconda but they typing shouldn't be fire/poison or fire/ground something the community hasn't thought of yet. For the grass starter a jaguar that could be grass/fighting or grass/dark. And for the water starter a electric eel that is water/electric (duh) or water/dragon I dont know why they havent used that typing more.

  • Megaxave


    Day ago

    Would legends arceus be "gen 0" at this point since it takes place before sinnoh became what it is in gen 4?

  • The Actual Dice

    The Actual Dice

    Day ago

    Zarude raises baby like in Jungle Book
    Jungle Book in India
    India confirmed gen 9

  • Illegal Immigrant

    Illegal Immigrant

    Day ago

    Ohio is unknown to us

  • Forte IV

    Forte IV

    Day ago

    So Gen 9 Brazil then

  • Sanal Dahatkar

    Sanal Dahatkar

    Day ago

    The Indian fans would tear up if an Indian region happens but nintendo is not in the Indian market so they won't be selling the Indian game in India. Long way of saying probably not.

  • Oscar S-H

    Oscar S-H

    Day ago

    But if we do get a Brazilian region I'd love a mapinguari Pokémon

  • Anonymously 20

    Anonymously 20

    Day ago

    @Lockstin&Gnoggin what are your ideas for future gimmicks? Many people suggest fusion, though my idea is weapons that add a third typing and a fifth move.

  • LaurenIsMeme


    2 days ago


  • Terik


    2 days ago

    Isn’t hisui just sinnoh but older? 😂



    2 days ago

    3:40 And, if you look into her circle it’s the sword and shield colors.

  • Grid -21

    Grid -21

    2 days ago

    They could do it in Canada and connect it back to black and white as well while also adding an entirely new region, cause Canada is very closely connected to the UK

  • Diet Diesel

    Diet Diesel

    2 days ago

    What a good video. I'm kinda scared about the Darwin connection and if pokemon goes into a Digimon final Evo direction.

  • Matt Freake

    Matt Freake

    2 days ago

    It’s actually the west coast of America

  • Fábio José

    Fábio José

    2 days ago

    I was saying that for a while, India is being heavily foreshadowed lately, and the chances for it to be a new Pokémon region is very high.

  • Lars Lionheart

    Lars Lionheart

    2 days ago

    As a Brazilian… please no. Spare us game freak.

  • EH1


    2 days ago

    They just ruined Sylveon for me

  • Cameron Standifird

    Cameron Standifird

    3 days ago

    Definitely all seems like a stretch. Fun video though.

  • David Valenzano

    David Valenzano

    3 days ago

    DownTOWN Abbey

  • Aku


    3 days ago

    Zarude is one thing, but I think it's important to consider Urshifu and Calyrex as well. Zarude being a monkey means that we could be going somewhere tropical. Calyrex refers to royalty, so I'm sure of royal lineage of some kind will be involved. And last, Urshifu and its martial themes are notable as well.
    I'm seeing a future region based on either India or China. The warring States in both nations, the emphasis of royalty and hegemony of certain groups, the tropical lands, it fits so well together.

  • Nico Valiente

    Nico Valiente

    3 days ago

    also in the pokemon movie with victini, he literally wouldn't stop eating macaroons lmao

  • shiny


    3 days ago

    brazil region ftw

  • Sorceress Halcy Ch.

    Sorceress Halcy Ch.

    3 days ago

    If they are gonna do something in South America, I think they would do Guyana first. It was referenced in Generation 1 in the mansion, and we actually get to go there in Emerald Version in the Mew Event.

  • NinjaKIngAce


    3 days ago

    I'll give you that Keldeo was based on The Three Musketeers, but so were Virizion, Terrakion and Cobalion. Keldeo was just completing the set

  • Sofialu


    3 days ago

    This was really interesting! I would like a south-america region (I'm from Argentina). And of course, as every pokemon fan I would love a region ispired on my country, but I'm ok with it being close XDD
    Although, from what you explain, India makes more sense. But idk, we will see.

  • M Bloom

    M Bloom

    3 days ago

    You say thanks giving it is thanks giving right now

  • ShawnChair


    3 days ago

    10:49 so funny when people try to pronounce Dutch words😂

  • YGOTolley


    4 days ago

    So something interesting I want to add is a video from Hopsandhoopa where he mentioned how within interviews Masuda has said about places he has gone to do press for the games, in Gen 4 with Diamond and Pearl he went to America and then we got Black and White based on America, with Sun and Moon he went to the UK and we then got Galar. Within an interview for Sword and Shield he was asked about this and said Redwood then laughed, which could be hinting at California, which with the big trees with a Pokémon like Zarude makes some sense. Redwood National State Park would make a lot of sense to be included within the next Pokémon game if the Mythicals do hint at the next generation.

  • Jeff the rock ps4

    Jeff the rock ps4

    4 days ago

    If the Amazon rainforest is used I would like a feature of “discovering” new Pokémon, and the Pokédex will change numbers actively until you have seen and “discovered” all Pokémon

  • Jeff the rock ps4

    Jeff the rock ps4

    4 days ago

    Heh, victory representing France

  • Fronk Hoonigan

    Fronk Hoonigan

    4 days ago

    I've heard rumors that 9th gen would be Thailand/Indonesia and a lot of those geographical themes could still apply to India. I am more and more wary of new Pokémon games since S/M though. If they eventually give us a full dex and battle frontier I might forgive anything.

  • goosecoin


    4 days ago


  • Kaito Murakumo

    Kaito Murakumo

    4 days ago

    there's a singular hole in your theory about gen 3 and it's the fact that they thought gen 3 was going to be the last set of games they made back when they made emerald, at least that's what I remember from an interview I read once. I could be wrong though??

  • SaltyPickles


    4 days ago

    Ok when it shows ohio at 8:27 I laughed my Ass off so hard because I'm from ohio

  • hero medley

    hero medley

    4 days ago

    oh how i wish the next gen would actually take place in south east asia

  • Raleck


    4 days ago

    Come to think of it, Ecuador would be the perfect place to base a newpokemon generation.
    This is because in Ecuador has a ton of diferent weather around the country. The region "sierra" is a cold snowy region and the "costa" has a hot weather and is connected to the sea, and therefore has beaches.
    And as you said, the Galapagos islands are there and one of the regions of ecuador, the "amazonas" is mainly know for being part of the gigatic rain forests that are in Latino America.
    This could open the possibility for a pokemon game with a snowy area, a beach summer area, a volcanic area (galapagos) and a forest area.

  • Jeremy Rossi

    Jeremy Rossi

    5 days ago

    An idea of Gen 9-Guyana. Guyana or a Guyana based region would make sense as it has been eluded to with Mew’s journal entries.

  • Jordan Miller

    Jordan Miller

    5 days ago

    I would have included Cresselia in there as a hint towards the light/dark aspect along with Darkrai towards Gen 5s Black and White contrast. Granted it is apparently classified as only a legendary so maybe not.

  • Shae


    5 days ago

    Hahah I love that Canadian flag in the corner there when he said that

  • SwaggyPeep


    5 days ago

    So is cresselia not a mythical pokemon? I thought she was but i dont know cuz he didnt specify if cresselia was a legendary or mythical but did name darkrai as mythical ._.

  • Leonardo Couto

    Leonardo Couto

    5 days ago

    Pokémon Gen 9 comes out
    Game Freak: You're going to Brazil

  • Chilluascus


    5 days ago

    He said Melton



    5 days ago

    Calyrex rn: 😭

  • 陈北宗


    5 days ago

    I think Magearna hints at Legend Arceus more than Sword/Shield. Magearna is the earliest Pokeball prototype, Legend Arceus protagist uses an older version of Pokeball.

  • Ricky Jan

    Ricky Jan

    5 days ago

    Maybe zarude is mainly supposed to foreshadow the new snap gamei mean theres litterally 2 foresty like place

  • Martin Moccia

    Martin Moccia

    5 days ago

    In an entry says mew gave birth. References to mewtwo

  • Matt Hew

    Matt Hew

    5 days ago

    Shaymin kinda looks like Amelia Earhart with the ascot scarf thing

  • Technosans


    5 days ago

    Generation 9 we are going to brazil



    5 days ago

    Brasil metioned 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • randompasserbyer


    6 days ago

    I honestly thought Diance was from Alola and even tried to evolve my Carbink into it. It took forever for me to realize it was a mythical Pokemon.

  • MysticMylesZ


    6 days ago

    23:05 the hell is that
    That's a real pokemon 👀

  • MysticMylesZ


    6 days ago

    Ooh and Pokemon game based in India would be really really cool

  • MysticMylesZ


    6 days ago

    Aaaw you think south America... Well that's really cool, I like south America.
    I'm just waiting for a Caribbean Pokemon game okay man 🤣 imagine riding you pokemon from island to island and having the SS Anne but better and all the tropical pokemon and swampy pokemon and incests in the dry season and the fruit oh the fruit!

  • el calabozo del androide

    el calabozo del androide

    6 days ago

    I like the idea of a new pokemon game being on ecuador.
    Because the only pokemon tournament that i ever watch was the one where an ecuadorian won.

  • imagintony


    6 days ago

    Was this made with Pokémon Legends: Arceus in mind? Because the "wilderness" with Zarude could be alluding to Arceus. Just a thought

  • Chris Rohr

    Chris Rohr

    6 days ago

    When you said that he could be referencing living on your own in the wild, I first thought of the open world gimmick Pokémon arceus has.

  • K. Esquire

    K. Esquire

    7 days ago

    Don’t forget Magearna is literally a copy and paste version of Diancie but just Steel but still has the secondary type Fairy.

  • Orpheus


    7 days ago

    I really wish there was a way to get mythical Pokémon through normal gameplay

  • thinktzk


    7 days ago

    "Thanksgiving day, which is a EXCLUSIVELY American holiday" whatcha talking about! Canada has it too! it's just on a different date! But it's still Thanksgiving!

  • profane


    7 days ago

    God I want a South American region SO BAD. There's so much rich culture, architecture, history, myths, cryptids, etc... to pull from to make a truly breathtaking and wondrous set of Pokemon games. I've been curating my own little "Fake Region" using South America, and it's just so crazy how many amazing things are tied to the continent.

  • A literal leaf

    A literal leaf

    7 days ago

    Remember when we all thought marshadow's name was hinting towards the end of pokemon as we know it? I'm glad Lockstin was wrong on that one

  • MysticMylesZ


    7 days ago

    Does magic spoon ship to the Caribbean?

  • Pooja Pathak

    Pooja Pathak

    7 days ago

    As an gamer with Indian heritage I would LOVE TO SEE MORE INDIAN REP!

  • Ashe Haysley

    Ashe Haysley

    7 days ago

    my theory for the next gen (before finishing the video) is brazil or russia

  • Saku


    7 days ago

    Also wanna add that marshadow looks like smog or clouds of smoke, which also fits the industrial aesthetic

  • 378th Pedro

    378th Pedro

    8 days ago


  • KhaZM


    8 days ago

    Also meltan looks a lot like the mascots for the London olympics in 2012, at least to me

  • Possibly WhibUwU

    Possibly WhibUwU

    8 days ago


  • Lokesh Bisht

    Lokesh Bisht

    8 days ago

    Zarude can be reference to god hanuman and you you used India in thumbnail

  • Nazer Nazer

    Nazer Nazer

    8 days ago

    so I was thinking of this as well, but Zarude also has a primal theme to it, and it has its special Dada (or father) form, maybe it is a hint to Legend of Arceus, a game set in primal times, in an open field environment, based around the Father of all creation... kinda makes sense. and if we include the Kubfu fighting pokemon which evolves by you technically training with it, plus the fact that Zarude has a Jungle Book / Tarzan storyline to it, it could hint to the new pokemon attacking u directly mechanic from that game, where Pokemon and humans LITERALLY live as one... and TECHNICALLY LOA IS a new generation (with its own unique evolutions and variants). The fact Zarude is such a FAMILIAR design might even hint to how similar LOA is to D/P, and its Jungle Healing literally looks spritual like its healing the forest itself, the forest which is associated with Life and history, trees living for thousands of years, could be a hint to Arceus, and this could be a stretch, but the green design reminds me of Celebi, which is a forest pokemon known for traveling through time, so the next game being set in the past. So did we do it? did we just figure it out!?

  • mimikyu


    9 days ago

    im wondering, in the anime (sun and moon) magearna is leading lillie somewhere to search for her father right? im thinking that magearna is actually leading them somewhere in galar

  • Alex Storm

    Alex Storm

    9 days ago

    Sorry, I prefer Soggy cereal

  • Howdy


    9 days ago

    It could mean that Gen 9 takes place in Guyana, which is where Mew is from!

  • xaolim mataleao

    xaolim mataleao

    9 days ago

    Brazil pokemon brazil pokemon brazil pokemon, we have a load of cool animals that would be cool pokemon, just imagine a capibara pokemon, or a lobo guara, or a pirarocu, capoeira, arara azul

    • Obrigada Jim

      Obrigada Jim

      7 days ago

      isn´t Hitmontop already the capoeira Pokémon?

  • MysticVitriol


    9 days ago

    If it is Indian, I would like to see a regional variant of Gardevoir ‘wearing’ saree. That would be cool.

  • Deep6 Pictures

    Deep6 Pictures

    9 days ago

    Honestly I'd love a region based on ancient China, cool new martial arts and spirit based pokemon. 4 legendaries based on the White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise and Azure Dragon. With the main legend being the Gold Dragon of the Center

  • Ruby Sol

    Ruby Sol

    9 days ago

    Oh my god, it physically hurt me to hear you say "DownTOWN Abbey", it's Downton for future reference lmao. Great vid though Lockstin :D

  • Sora Noodle

    Sora Noodle

    10 days ago

    I just want to say real quick- I like the video. however, My only critique would be the fact that you butchered the names of the pokémon. 👹

  • bryan m

    bryan m

    10 days ago

    or what about pre colonial south america? most people even in the community only talk about inca so it would be nice to have others represented, and since its pokemon this would reach even further. (youtuber 'ancient americas' has a couple vids on this)

  • Doge-8


    11 days ago

    Zarude kinda hinted more at legends in my opinion. But a Brazil region would be sick!

  • Psychic Pug

    Psychic Pug

    11 days ago

    Magearna came out in gen 6 thats why it relates to france

  • RufusRhodes


    12 days ago

    if it is brazil we need the big t-poising guy

  • Somewhere In Nevada

    Somewhere In Nevada

    12 days ago

    I love how he said "vrijheid" as "vrizgshhaid".
    Dutch is my home language.

  • Mark Bonneau

    Mark Bonneau

    12 days ago

    Also all the movements in ballet have French names!

  • Ginsberg


    12 days ago

    Make mythicals to predict lockemon region. 3 mythicals. Do it u coward.

  • Awkward Acting

    Awkward Acting

    13 days ago

    Not a mythical but the gen 1 games featured the three 3 legendary birds and the following region box legendaries were birds

  • POEIII Gaming

    POEIII Gaming

    14 days ago

    Going on that Evolution theme it Would be cool for a Pokémon that has several evolutions that are dependent on where you evolve them.

  • Ione Patricia Visnieski

    Ione Patricia Visnieski

    15 days ago

    one thing that could increase the chance that the next generation will be based in Brazil. Nintendo finally came back to work here and start having games in Brazilian Portuguese, so having a region based in Brazil would be like a commercial appeal. i could be wrong, but make some sense

  • Johnathan Keeney

    Johnathan Keeney

    15 days ago

    Ur face makes it hard to take anything seriously

  • San vernieisanidiot

    San vernieisanidiot

    15 days ago

    Zarude brings me to something tropical almost a very large region of Gen 9 if it's true.

  • Joseph R.

    Joseph R.

    15 days ago

    Did the Abyssal Ruins in Unova not have any relation to Manaphy and Phione? It seems a little too coincidental.

  • Its Animator

    Its Animator

    15 days ago

    Don't you think we should get starters of type
    water grass
    Grass fire
    Fire water
    Please please please reply