Steak & Oysters

Published on Sep 6, 2021
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Steak & Oysters 🥩🦪

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Max the Meat Guy
Max the Meat Guy
  • Celeste Herrera

    Celeste Herrera

    Day ago

    0:01 I like how he smashed the spinning onion (try on 0.25 speed)

  • Sam


    2 days ago

    Song name pls?

  • MorganDawn LeFay

    MorganDawn LeFay

    3 days ago

    Yummmm...what time is dinner?

  • Abel Diekstra Dijkstra

    Abel Diekstra Dijkstra

    3 days ago

    it looks very tasty but next time don't use meat but vagatarich meat i really like that
    thanks in advance

  • pranav hb

    pranav hb

    3 days ago

    The spinning garlic smash just hit different

  • MuscleDuck


    4 days ago

    You should run a restaurant your food always looks so so good

  • VS Prasad

    VS Prasad

    4 days ago

    Song name please

  • white kanye west

    white kanye west

    5 days ago

    I could afford the caviars caviar

  • Ezekiel Saroia

    Ezekiel Saroia

    5 days ago

    Id fight a bear for this

  • Tolly Crump

    Tolly Crump

    5 days ago

    Lost me at oysters.

  • Smile :)

    Smile :)

    5 days ago

    I can't cook steaks like that idk why

  • Lautaro Nuñez

    Lautaro Nuñez

    5 days ago

    Norton, argentinean winery... Malbec is variety of grapes pretty damn bitter, and my most loved Wine.
    I see you are a Man of culture as well

  • Владелен Газаев

    Владелен Газаев

    6 days ago

    Wow. Raw meat…

  • Girija Ramachandran

    Girija Ramachandran

    6 days ago

  • Abir4.0


    7 days ago

    Music 🎼 industry baby by linnas x



    7 days ago

    I love oisters and steak and Wine and caviar 😅❤️

  • Juan Camps

    Juan Camps

    8 days ago

    Vino Argentino como debe ser

  • Pineapple


    8 days ago

    That song is innapropiate

  • Ace


    9 days ago

    He destroyed that garlic

  • bnidhal m

    bnidhal m

    9 days ago

    What is this cut of steak ?

  • Lorenzo Ciccone

    Lorenzo Ciccone

    11 days ago

    If u like to cook, and u rate ur self as a good cook u should know that, usually, red wine goes only with meat and that fish and sea stuff goes with white wine

  • Chris Greenaway

    Chris Greenaway

    12 days ago

    Now that's a fuc#ing meal!!!

  • Teodora Damjanic

    Teodora Damjanic

    12 days ago

    Just imagine that vegan teacher reacting to his videos, that would be funny to watch.

  • Andrew Bonafilia

    Andrew Bonafilia

    12 days ago

    Dude i love you but youre about to fade out in like 2 3 months. You make the same video over and over again, unless you do something new you will drown in the algorithm and no one will see your updates

  • Thierry Parte

    Thierry Parte

    13 days ago

    Seafood and steak....?

  • An Innocent KID

    An Innocent KID

    13 days ago

    *Me, who can't eat beef for my religion, crying in a corner*

  • 4 Matic Gaming and anime

    4 Matic Gaming and anime

    13 days ago

    That’s rich

  • Jasmine Fleury

    Jasmine Fleury

    14 days ago

    I’m even more impressed by the videos now because yesterday I went grocery shopping and I saw that 10g of caviar is 7,19€ (I’m french) so it’s really expensive

  • glichtrap123


    15 days ago

    Dude your so good no joke your amazing

  • Mary Torres

    Mary Torres

    15 days ago

    I’m vegetarian and watching this makes me not wanna be lol

  • Beni Abaz

    Beni Abaz

    15 days ago


  • V9Tadpole2.0


    15 days ago

    Bro salt isn't enough

  • tristanplays


    16 days ago

    That's not cooked

  • Whiterun Guard

    Whiterun Guard

    16 days ago

    Had my first piece of wagyu earlier. 100% worth it

  • Austin 37

    Austin 37

    17 days ago


  • Ultimitor 323

    Ultimitor 323

    17 days ago

    My type of meal

  • All in

    All in

    17 days ago

    I am destined to eat eat 😍



    17 days ago

    Bruh stop ahhh that looks good ahhh

  • Dakota_theDeadDin0


    17 days ago

    I call this I am 1000 times richer than you 😌

  • Rosa Castillo

    Rosa Castillo

    18 days ago

    egs No

  • Savage Dark Shorts

    Savage Dark Shorts

    19 days ago

    Can you make surf and turf?

  • Withering Rose

    Withering Rose

    20 days ago

    I am so tried of seeing videos of people making steak. It just makes me want to eat some but my family can’t even afford to buy steak

    • Max Lu

      Max Lu

      19 days ago

      Been there. Help your family. Contribute, and you can look back at this moment as a nice joke.

  • Elk


    21 day ago

    That cap muscle though

  • Zedik Gaming

    Zedik Gaming

    21 day ago


  • sucman1


    22 days ago

    bro exploded the garlic

  • Paul Vaso

    Paul Vaso

    22 days ago

    Argentine wine 🥰🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • tv Madam Billie

    tv Madam Billie

    22 days ago

    Ohhhh date night is at the house. Most definitely!

  • James Fillmore3

    James Fillmore3

    23 days ago

    2 things
    1 my mouth is literally watering
    2 it is driving me nuts that the name of the song is on the tip of my toung but I can’t remember it

    • cc bf

      cc bf

      20 days ago

      The name's "industry baby"!

  • Giovanni Maria Castoldi

    Giovanni Maria Castoldi

    23 days ago

    Carne e pesce insieme, un’ineccepibile scelta burina.

  • a r friedman

    a r friedman

    23 days ago

    Very nice plating look. Have fun and success always.

  • Lucas


    23 days ago


  • Balázs Halász

    Balázs Halász

    24 days ago

    Hmmm I Don't know something of steaks in the middle is cooked?

    • phantom


      21 day ago

      Yes it is dont worry

  • random gameplay

    random gameplay

    24 days ago

    I'm gonna send this to that vegan teacher

  • FreedomFighter747


    25 days ago

    Leave some recipes, I would love to get my steak as good as yours!!😋

  • Maria Nguyen

    Maria Nguyen

    26 days ago

    I’d fall in love w whoever made me that😩😩😩!!

  • Don Angel

    Don Angel

    27 days ago

    i de from Argentina and i dont understand why you put so many oíl to make the steak .
    whyyyyyyy ????????

  • Reduck 리덕

    Reduck 리덕

    27 days ago

    What happend to the garlic?

  • imthatkid


    28 days ago

    This a meal you can give ramsy and he'll be proud🤣

  • Popo


    28 days ago

    Jesus how much you spend on these videos

  • Vurv Entertainment Hub

    Vurv Entertainment Hub

    29 days ago

    You should have used the part of the song where Jack says "handprint on her ass cheek" and showed all 4 oysters opening while the 4 claps are in the background

  • Angel Gutierrez Ayala

    Angel Gutierrez Ayala

    29 days ago

    I told you long ago…

  • Rudi Lasslett

    Rudi Lasslett

    29 days ago


  • lilmac plays

    lilmac plays

    29 days ago

    Damn I thought it ended three times

  • Daddy


    29 days ago

    I wish to see a calob with nick

  • Dawniebug


    29 days ago

    Things I can't afford but are made easier to understand how to cook with the dope videos

  • Panda


    Month ago

    Thatveganteacher meet you match

  • The Knowing

    The Knowing

    Month ago

    Full respect for putting some yayo beside the steak and oysters. Perfect thing to have after a nice dinner.

  • Plant Based Gaming

    Plant Based Gaming

    Month ago

    how bout you just eat toaster oven pizza rolls like a dude, Anymore when I see these I'm not impressed I'm just annoyed

  • oprmail


    Month ago

    I want to see him make some Rocky mountain oysters

  • Robert Mason

    Robert Mason

    Month ago

    Why ruin oysters with caviar.. what the fucks wrong with you

  • Heather Dameron

    Heather Dameron

    Month ago

    When are you going to make a restaurant

  • 15 เด็กชายรอยยาร์น ดอรอฮะ

    15 เด็กชายรอยยาร์น ดอรอฮะ

    Month ago


  • Johnny Fields

    Johnny Fields

    Month ago

    I literally eat steak and oysters every weekend lol so this was kind of a surprise

  • SkyroAaron


    Month ago

    Just give me a hot pocket 2 mins in the microwave I'm SET
    Pep and cheese no ham shit u-u

  • Smonk Cat

    Smonk Cat

    Month ago

    In the words of uncle Roger "so fancy!"

  • Dragon Balla

    Dragon Balla

    Month ago

    That’s an appropriate amount of garlic 👌🏾

  • Alya Puspita Maynar

    Alya Puspita Maynar

    Month ago

    Cook for me plsssss

  • ProBlacw


    Month ago

    My dad love oyster 🦪🦪🦪 and he love steak thanks for this vidio! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻



    Month ago

    i dont like Eating but i like cooking

  • Someone


    Month ago

    Beef and oyster used to be a poor man's meal because oysters were easily found at the bottom of the River Thames and it was used as a replacement to the expensive beef.

  • Yoshikage Kira Likes Hands

    Yoshikage Kira Likes Hands

    Month ago

    Tell me you're rich without telling me you're rich

  • Angel of Love and Light

    Angel of Love and Light

    Month ago

    Not all steak needs to be shown the pan! This is NOT cooking... this is showing raw meat to a hot pan and the meat going 'I can't handle it' and you then thinking it's cooked.......

  • Farrel Gamerzzz

    Farrel Gamerzzz

    Month ago

    ok so first of all... *My eyes hurts*

  • Reign Gamez

    Reign Gamez

    Month ago

    medium cooked for me

  • Tasty Weirdos

    Tasty Weirdos

    Month ago

    Uh, I ain’t ever seen that green shit in person lmao. The most expensive thing I’ve probably eaten is lobster or something idk.

  • L e a n n e

    L e a n n e

    Month ago

    The poor garlic-

  • Polar


    Month ago

    This man makes amazing meals for himself and gets paid for it

  • Da Roblox Guest 2

    Da Roblox Guest 2

    Month ago


  • No me he bañado en 5 días, pero

    No me he bañado en 5 días, pero

    Month ago

    Only real men uses barehand to open oyster.

  • MexicoMoefoe


    Month ago

    bad wine

  • Mac


    Month ago

    Wow! A meal I can’t afford

  • OopsieDoopsieSusie


    Month ago

    Am I the only one who hears whenever he makes a sound it match’s with the song?-

  • marco Victor

    marco Victor

    Month ago

    Wbat is the song

  • Michal Opiola

    Michal Opiola

    Month ago

    Where u get that green chopping block, awsome

  • Alex Danchuk

    Alex Danchuk

    Month ago

    Waiter: is that all for you?
    Waiter: okay that will be $2,394.69

  • Brecken Carter

    Brecken Carter

    Month ago

    Respect for using Harlow’s verse. Also having a sense of rhythm. This was immaculate.

  • Zwabbat


    Month ago

    Good base

  • Vicious Shxnks

    Vicious Shxnks

    Month ago

    We gotta send one of these videos to that vegan teacher

  • puff mango from '08

    puff mango from '08

    Month ago

    Sloppy shucks

  • Adelina Engel

    Adelina Engel

    Month ago