Top 13.5 Hollow Knight cameos in other media

Published on Nov 22, 2021
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Hollow Knight has made cameos in a number games and media. In this video, we will take a deep dive into some other games that reference Hollow Knight.

Check out the indie games mentioned in this video:

Dead Cells
Bug Fables
Guacamelee! 2
The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth
F.I.S.T. Forged In Shadow Torch
The Adventure Pals
One Step From Eden

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Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:48 Dead Cells
02:27 Bug Fables
03:03 Guacamelee! 2
03:31 Binding of Isaac
04:10 Binding of Isaac: Four Souls
05:18 Forager
05:32 Grime
05:41 F.I.S.T.
05:53 Dandara
06:03 The Adventure Pals
06:08 One Step From Eden
06:17 Not just games
06:35 Amphibia
07:17 The Owl House
08:09 The Block
09:08 Outro

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      Giggi from Monster hunter tri

      Day ago

      @existingdark mossbag has only been unloading for 4 years

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      ok if you say so?

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      4 days ago

      Ha ha I did it! Oh no I’ve been FOOOOOOLLLED???

  • L. C.

    L. C.

    3 hours ago

    How the eff am I watching a mossbag video, going "ooe nice obscurish hollow knight content" and "huh what a soothing voice sounds familiar" and only THEN notice I'm watching a mossbag video???

  • ChocolateKake


    9 hours ago

    I love hollow knight references but seeing some love for hyper light drifter really made my day man

  • Hieu Cong Minh Ho

    Hieu Cong Minh Ho

    10 hours ago

    this video make me feel so wierd ( i don't know why :< )

  • Tyler Bennett

    Tyler Bennett

    20 hours ago

    Will not Watch again

  • Tyler Bennett

    Tyler Bennett

    20 hours ago

    0/10000 you said the a bad word 👎

  • J the BOSS

    J the BOSS

    Day ago

    It looks like in the pile of polishes there’s also a reference to gravity falls next to the knight, the pig plush looks just like waddles

  • Oskar Söderberg

    Oskar Söderberg

    Day ago

    Connifer is in La Mulana 2

  • Jero


    Day ago

    I don't want to sound rude but saying Piplup is a Digimon made me so pissed lmao

  • Haeters


    Day ago

    Just look at him, blabbering about Hollow Knight cameos like an anime character.

  • Lorenzo Santoni

    Lorenzo Santoni

    Day ago

    2021 (almost 2022) and Mossbag still doesn't know the difference between Digimon and Pokemon.



    Day ago

    Even in the trailer of Dead Cells' new Dlc, there is a character from Hollow Knight. I think Everyone Is Here Dlc will have many different references, powers, swords from many different games.

  • Kira Puryear

    Kira Puryear

    Day ago

    I think I heard " This annoying penguin from Digimon. ", and I'm pretty sure Piplup is from Pokemon.

  • Lucas S.

    Lucas S.

    Day ago

    As a brazilian, seeing the knight in Turma da Mônica was the least thing I was expecting to see, but I'm surprised in a good way

  • isaquedopao o

    isaquedopao o

    2 days ago

    9:12 enesperado turma da monica so apareceu

  • Pepe rt

    Pepe rt

    2 days ago

    is this a deja vu?

  • Blake Antinori

    Blake Antinori

    2 days ago

    The bible? Never heard of it

  • Zodayn


    2 days ago

    I would add to this list the Dutch TV show "Pak de Macht" where in the episode "De Koninklijke Shell" of april 29, 2021 they use the music of the Fungal waste during a segment.

  • Brandi Boy

    Brandi Boy

    2 days ago

    plz make a life blood lore vid thx

  • scotto botto

    scotto botto

    2 days ago

    In the owl house opening I spotted a furry red smiling character that's probably referencing psycho Jenny from Devilman Crybaby

  • The avatar Sokka

    The avatar Sokka

    2 days ago


  • Funtime bonnie pz's mocs

    Funtime bonnie pz's mocs

    2 days ago

    6:52 thats not a game gear thats a game boy

  • Clown From The Year 9998

    Clown From The Year 9998

    3 days ago


  • Orange_Souled


    3 days ago

    9:46 there was an easy lifeblood joke and you missed it.

  • Snark


    3 days ago

    Did you know that the title of hollow knight is actually a reference to a game called "hollow knight"? Pretty cool eh?

  • Blue Screen

    Blue Screen

    3 days ago

    Nem ferrando que Turma da Mônica apareceu nesse vídeo haha

  • Ramen


    3 days ago

    I can’t wait for Silksong

  • Rayyan20 zunnur

    Rayyan20 zunnur

    3 days ago

    Yeay skull has thing's

  • Paul Grote Beverborg

    Paul Grote Beverborg

    3 days ago

    There's another one in Bug Fables. In the room where one of the medals, iirc Berserker, is found, their Nail can be seen

  • Penderrin


    3 days ago

    As someone who plays a lot of dead cells, the pure nail is a really interesting weapons, less for the upwards and downwards attacks, and more for the fact that it's the only melee weapon that allows you to move while attacking

  • WhyMax


    3 days ago

    Annoying ass penguin from Digimon? Ummm, kind sir, that is a pokemon… however, yes, piplup is indeed annoying

  • Robert Dempsey

    Robert Dempsey

    4 days ago

    Beat hollow knight but get all carms in order of the screen

  • Its DRAGON

    Its DRAGON

    4 days ago

    Annoying ass penguin from digimon *7:54

  • FreshDust


    4 days ago

    9:41 I would pay to get the knight in my blood cells.



    4 days ago

    Digimon penguin ???? haha that penguin is from pokemon uwu

  • WingedFish117


    4 days ago

    Did not come into this video expecting the block to come up, and yeah it's a bad show dont watch it

  • WingedFish117


    4 days ago

    7:53 why

  • HayonD


    4 days ago

    Wait a minute I remember seeing this in a dream
    The deadcells one with the vessel outfit

  • CrazyGuyEthan


    4 days ago

    9:21 the guy in the white hood and armour is the moon knight ("random bullshit go" meme guy)

  • fL.A.T.


    4 days ago

    so nice for binding of isaac to partner up with the bible :)

  • TheIrex10


    4 days ago

    This video was posted onto YouTube, which is a reference to an obscure company know as “Google” who purchased YouTube a few years ago.

  • Celestial Tree

    Celestial Tree

    4 days ago

    No one mentioned that in the other video he said he hates reference.

  • Blue ShyGuy

    Blue ShyGuy

    4 days ago


  • ImPastaBowl —

    ImPastaBowl —

    5 days ago

    everyone always misses the reference in Amphibia, but the sword at the bottom is a Rohan sword from the Lord of the Rings

  • Cowboy_Death


    5 days ago

    Instead of
    "Everything is a Jojo reference"
    We can now say;
    "Everything is a Hollow Knight reference"

  • Blues n' Hues

    Blues n' Hues

    5 days ago

    Okay so, as a Brazilian, Turma da Mônica's (Mônica's pals) raised me, and that reference to Hollow Knight has brought me SO MANY MEMORIES

  • kBZ


    5 days ago

    The australian show one reminds me of when a promo for a french skit show used Spider Dance from Undertale for some reason

  • Everglade


    5 days ago


  • james wallace

    james wallace

    5 days ago

    Did team cherry make dead cells? If they did, that’s the collab with fall guys

  • Fillipe Rubin

    Fillipe Rubin

    5 days ago

    Porra Maurício.

  • Zeelophone


    6 days ago

    There's a really obscure reference in hollow night to a real-world category of creatures called "insects". Like, if you look really hard, you start to see insects in the game. Pretty sure I must be the first person to notice this one.

  • Zelda Hyrule

    Zelda Hyrule

    6 days ago

    The question that nobody is asking about Hornet saying "shaw": what if she's just from Louisiana?

  • Sammy Doyle

    Sammy Doyle

    6 days ago

    next thing we know you'll be telling us there's a hollow knight reference in silksong!

  • JD


    6 days ago

    The difference between the two starts to the intros of the media videos made me crack up

  • Luiz Carlos

    Luiz Carlos

    6 days ago

    Nice pronunciation of Turma da Mônica. I was not expecting that at all hahaha

  • Crystalitar


    6 days ago

    I got one for you.
    Quacamelee 2 featured a pic of Shovel Knight and our Vessel Knight.
    Shovel Knight songs are featured in Just shapes and Beats (with visuals).
    Just Shapes and Beats has a boss with Spiderdance song remix, from Undertale.
    Sans from Undertale is featured in Super Smash Bros Ultimate :)

  • Green Scout

    Green Scout

    6 days ago

    99% of the vid or idk be like: the knight

  • Faron Silverfang

    Faron Silverfang

    6 days ago

    I think there was a reference to Hollow Knight in Blasphemous.

  • squizedlmao


    6 days ago

    9:27 the words on the can literally is the name of the game in russian

  • Jack


    6 days ago

    Fun fact: shovel knight actually had a crossover with Arby's

  • Григорий Гридчин

    Григорий Гридчин

    6 days ago

    9:27 the words on the left picture literally translates as "Hollow knight".

  • Michael Solis

    Michael Solis

    6 days ago

    last night i saw a bug that resembled The Old Stag from Hollow Knight 0.o

  • Chanman Death

    Chanman Death

    6 days ago

    The hollow knight skin in dead cells was originally different and detailed, but ultimately got scrapped (there was an accidental release on Linux I believe, where you can see said skin) but it looked cursed af

    • mossbag


      6 days ago

      Do you happen to have a link or source for this? I'm curious about what it looked like

  • aceofjacks


    6 days ago

    I played Dead Cells yesterday for the first time but didn't know about the crossover, so when I saw the bench I went "haha this is kinda like Hollow Knight :)" and got the Pure Nail. needless to say, a welcome surprise.

  • Stefan Langenhoven

    Stefan Langenhoven

    6 days ago

    Banger of a video

  • Taylor Smith

    Taylor Smith

    6 days ago

    It's not really a game in itself, but in the Calamity mod for Terraria, you can obtain all the forms of the knights nail, including the normal and awoken dream nail which lets you use attacks such as great slash, dash slash, cyclone slash, and grants the projectile effect of gruberfly's elegy

  • Tree Sap

    Tree Sap

    6 days ago

    You missed Burger King. If you go to Burger King and order a burger, the burger usually has meat in it. Meat is organic and comes from living creatures. Bugs like the knight are living creatures. Therefore, Burger King has a Hollow Knight reference.

  • brud


    6 days ago

    ненавижу пиво

  • ParkerAverage


    6 days ago

    Oooh maaan, already in MY blood cells

  • uzuwi


    6 days ago

    shovel knight is really meh i dont know why everyone likes it

  • Péricles com o Eddie

    Péricles com o Eddie

    6 days ago


  • Royal Swayne: Leader of the Quag Army

    Royal Swayne: Leader of the Quag Army

    7 days ago

    I don’t know if you knew this, but there’s a super obscure Hollow Knight reference on Reddit by an RPer known as Princess_SHAW.
    The only things connecting him to Hollow Knight are literally everything on his profile, so I understand that many people didn’t quite get the reference. He’s not very prevalent on Reddit, and only has 110,000 karma. Amateur numbers, I know. He also doesn’t appear too often on the subreddit normal Hollow Knight fans go to, but instead the sad garbage dump known as r/HollowKnightMemes, where the lowest of the low go to wallow in filth and grime.
    (I hope you understand this is sarcasm, as I love both Princess_SHAW and the subreddit, 110,000 is a CRAP TON of karma, and he is very prevalent.)

  • Thomas Sheppard

    Thomas Sheppard

    7 days ago

    Awesome video 👍

  • InBako


    7 days ago

    I used hollow knight as a basis for one of my main characters battle garb. It's mostly just bones and a cloak with more bones with a skull on the head.

  • ya boi Trev

    ya boi Trev

    7 days ago

    Man only now do i realize how so many disney shows are the exact fucking same

  • Raken 1

    Raken 1

    7 days ago

    I think I found a pretty obscure YouTuber called mossbag

  • Specter Pikmin / Necrostar

    Specter Pikmin / Necrostar

    7 days ago

    A reference not many people know is in A Hat in Time.
    A character named Snatcher has an extra mode called Death Wish. One of the death lines is "Git Gud kid"

  • FractiousFauxPas


    7 days ago

    Do I see a Devilman Crybaby (psycho jenny) plushie as well?

  • i shat my jorts

    i shat my jorts

    7 days ago

    God i need to play this game again i got lost at the end of the game and havnt played in years

  • alysevro


    7 days ago


  • Thyme with JJ

    Thyme with JJ

    7 days ago

    I just got finessed into watching both videos hahahahah great content

  • Coconut


    7 days ago

    "Annoying penguin from digimon"

  • Comic Luigi

    Comic Luigi

    7 days ago

    would it make sense if hollow night happend in australia?

  • Pedro Folloni Pesserl

    Pedro Folloni Pesserl

    7 days ago

    I can't believe you mentioned Turma da Mônica
    also that green elephant is called Jotalhão, the reference being he's dressed as gandalf

  • Rafael C.

    Rafael C.

    7 days ago

    holy shit you actually found the reference in Turma da Monica
    as a brazilian, i commend you for your efforts

  • Dragolectron


    7 days ago

    The Knight is a worthy opponent to Mickey mouse
    *They are both everywhere*

  • JosepiThe13th


    7 days ago

    Not sure if it counts, but there is this Terraria mod called Redemption, that has two whole armor sets and multiple weapons based on the shade cloak shadelings, and shade soul.

  • giotaro kugio

    giotaro kugio

    7 days ago

    3:02 austrian economics moment

  • Daniel S

    Daniel S

    7 days ago

    never thought that i would see turma da mônica in a mossbag video, maurício de souza's copyright infrigement powers grow stronger by the day

  • Mr. hat

    Mr. hat

    7 days ago

    hollow knight is in my cancer

  • Nightmare Unleash

    Nightmare Unleash

    7 days ago

    “Like another fictional figure named ninja” well is he wrong

  • TheDaxter11


    7 days ago

    I hate the fact that I didn't notice the nail or the master sword in that Amphibia episode.

  • Rathbuc


    7 days ago

    Didnt jump king's babe of ascension dlc have a hk painting or am i thinking wrong

  • caio the human

    caio the human

    7 days ago

    That anoying ass penguin from digimon

  • Shming Beefin'

    Shming Beefin'

    7 days ago

    In Bug Fables you can also find a nail (As in, the weapon.) in the Mother Chomper Cave, and the Detector Medal looks like a vessel's head.

  • Grubby Grubberson

    Grubby Grubberson

    7 days ago

    Hey mossbag , would you be interested in a dead cells vid, that’d be awesome!

  • Mirage the Shadow

    Mirage the Shadow

    7 days ago

    I've had my eye on the Dead Cells fandom for a bit, between this update and being a HLD fan. So this update might have me buying the game.

  • migel 1017

    migel 1017

    7 days ago

    why would you do my 2nd favorite "digimon" like that

  • naf


    7 days ago

    The central bank joke made my day

  • GATaylor


    7 days ago

    3:38 dont know why but this joke just hit me way too hard