Did I overreact eating the eyeball?

Published on Sep 21, 2021
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Did I overreact eating the eyeball? 👀

Fish head is a dish I grew an obsession with while living in China. Specifically in Hunan cuisine, there’s a method of preparation that includes tons of green and red chili’s called 剁椒鱼头. It’s truly hard to beat…

Today’s grilled tuna head came out delicious and the freshness of the fish made the difference. I was shocked by the amount of perfectly tender meat that we found inside!!
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Max the Meat Guy
Max the Meat Guy
  • BD KatanaZ

    BD KatanaZ

    Day ago

    Call bear grylls

  • Mixal S

    Mixal S

    2 days ago


  • quessialove


    5 days ago

    Not at all

  • Eliot Gustafsson

    Eliot Gustafsson

    6 days ago


  • ilyasakunz


    7 days ago


  • I Post random shnit

    I Post random shnit

    7 days ago

    Me who eats fish eyeball soup:

  • ঔৣɢ҉ ʜ҉ ᴏ҉ ꜱ҉ ᴛ҉࿐

    ঔৣɢ҉ ʜ҉ ᴏ҉ ꜱ҉ ᴛ҉࿐

    8 days ago

    Casually just told me to go grab my tuna out the fridge

  • Adam Rayyan

    Adam Rayyan

    9 days ago


  • Dupree Evans

    Dupree Evans

    11 days ago

    Na I can't I don't even like tuna I like fish but tuna I don't idk why 😅

  • Daniel Flores

    Daniel Flores

    11 days ago

    Out of the fridge 😂

  • Jacob DeGregorio

    Jacob DeGregorio

    11 days ago

    Not him eating the eyeball

  • wolfgang kraml

    wolfgang kraml

    11 days ago

    I want to know how to cook a human... For a friend.

  • Yassen Hany

    Yassen Hany

    11 days ago

    Breh,the eye 👁️

  • Derontae Young

    Derontae Young

    12 days ago

    I HATE the eyeball ,so I don't think you was so dramatic

  • That. Suicide mouse

    That. Suicide mouse

    13 days ago

    Bro you can’t eat the eye

  • Elias Parra

    Elias Parra

    13 days ago

    If you were Mexican that time hed wold have mead soup

  • Jackiethenoob 10

    Jackiethenoob 10

    13 days ago

    His eyes

  • Sweet Tee

    Sweet Tee

    14 days ago

    Casually goes to fridge to get whole blue fin tuna 🤣

  • Grant McCutcheon

    Grant McCutcheon

    14 days ago

    I think I you did

  • Bryan Cabanes

    Bryan Cabanes

    15 days ago

    Fish eyes taste good (for me atleast)

  • Unknownloser


    15 days ago

    I like how he says grab ____ like normal people have it just sitting there. He is very entertaining though

  • Drake Butler

    Drake Butler

    16 days ago

    Don’t eat me:proceeds to cut head*

  • Miguel Rangel

    Miguel Rangel

    17 days ago

    Can you do more about the dont eat me 😂😂

  • paul.tg.fischer


    17 days ago

    Is this Max the fish guy?

  • Ratio Man

    Ratio Man

    18 days ago

    U did overreact i like the eye

  • patturajan durai

    patturajan durai

    18 days ago

    Max be like : take the black fin tuna out of the fridge
    Me be like: o-o I have to try that to fit a whole black fin tuna in my fridge but my fridge is like a baby fridge

  • Joshua Rodriguez

    Joshua Rodriguez

    19 days ago

    Vegan teacher rage

  • DaGoatDarkz


    19 days ago

    No not at all my wouldn’t even eat the eye

  • The Impaler

    The Impaler

    19 days ago

    Ah tuna the steak of the Ocean

  • Madhavendra Singh

    Madhavendra Singh

    19 days ago

    Nah the eyeball sucks that wasn't over reaction

  • Leonard NikoLuis

    Leonard NikoLuis

    19 days ago

    the fact you ate the eye🤮



    20 days ago


  • Connor Dickey

    Connor Dickey

    20 days ago

    Me: nice fish
    Him: don’t eat me
    Me: did that fish just talk

  • JakeFromStateFarm


    20 days ago

    How he just casually says it like everyone has a blue fin tuna in their fridge

  • Idk


    20 days ago

    Cool this man eats fish eyeballs too

  • LuvMuffin Voon

    LuvMuffin Voon

    20 days ago

    Why did u eat the "not nice" part of the eye lol

  • Paromita Bhattacharya

    Paromita Bhattacharya

    21 day ago

    'Don't eat me!' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Axel Troy Sugiarto

    Axel Troy Sugiarto

    21 day ago


  • ChillGaming


    22 days ago

    Tuna:Dont Eat me
    Max:Lets put it in the grill😃

  • squadrone fitness

    squadrone fitness

    22 days ago

    Qlue 96

  • kris AP

    kris AP

    22 days ago

    Oh yeah,"grab my bluefin tuna out of the fridge" LMAO cuz the tuna IS bigger than my fridge. Lol

  • Webylee.M


    22 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 don't eat me but that looks tasty

  • izzah irdina

    izzah irdina

    22 days ago

    Yall can make good soup with fish head

  • L0veZ0ml<3


    23 days ago

    You gave that tuna no chance

  • Jaydon Merrony

    Jaydon Merrony

    23 days ago

    Poor fish's it got spices in its eyes

  • Elijah Fam

    Elijah Fam

    23 days ago

    Just casually pulls a bluefin tuna out of the fridge

  • CatNip


    24 days ago

    Eyeball is actually really my fav part of the fish no cap

  • M S

    M S

    25 days ago

    It makes me so sad that you are objectifying living things, i hope one day when aliens finally arrive they to the same shit with 50% of people so the other half can watch and learn

    • Elllitex


      25 days ago

      Well It’s not living any more

  • Ftwgang Step

    Ftwgang Step

    26 days ago

    I let my fish watch this



    26 days ago

    Take out your bluefin tuna from the fridge

  • Maria Nguyen

    Maria Nguyen

    26 days ago

    Omg I wannnnt😩😩❤️ the head, especially the eyes are soooo umami!!! So good😩😩👏🏽❤️

  • Fire is awesome

    Fire is awesome

    27 days ago


  • Derp Waffle

    Derp Waffle

    27 days ago

    I always wondered why the tunas dont have heads

  • Literally Who

    Literally Who

    27 days ago

    Everyone just has a giant tuna in their fridge.



    27 days ago

    U should boil the eye ball

  • samuel Jones

    samuel Jones

    28 days ago

    The tuna looks sad! And I like the taste of fish! :[

  • AsmR pwaeze

    AsmR pwaeze

    28 days ago

    why wold we have a 4ft fish laying in our fride

  • mr beast

    mr beast

    28 days ago

    Where that's brain

    • I ate king p for breakfast

      I ate king p for breakfast

      26 days ago

      Fish brains are incredibly small They’re dumb

  • Mehdi Veisi

    Mehdi Veisi

    29 days ago

    I find reptiles, amphibians and just about every creature that has been in touch with water, even for a second, extremely terrifying and spooky that I feel goosebumps all over my body.

  • R.ItsNews Mcpe

    R.ItsNews Mcpe

    Month ago

    IM Eating that rn

  • Ailee’s Wild World

    Ailee’s Wild World

    Month ago

    My cousins use to fight over who would eat the eye and I didn’t know why-

  • Raheel Zafar

    Raheel Zafar

    Month ago

    Easiest eyes that was disgusting I don’t have a talkies eyes out in the seat in front of ur

  • Josh Koehl

    Josh Koehl

    Month ago

    You guys just be eating anything now, huh?

  • Ayoob Fadhil

    Ayoob Fadhil

    Month ago

    حبيبي 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dariusz Stopa

    Dariusz Stopa

    Month ago

    Out of the whole damn fish he eats the head

    ....And the eyes

  • TikToc Addict

    TikToc Addict

    Month ago

    Him: Eats eye.
    Me: *Covering my eye*

  • Rick Jones

    Rick Jones

    Month ago

    Yea I should have a blue fin somewhere behind the milk in the fridge

  • Mr vibes

    Mr vibes

    Month ago

    Pardon out of the fridge?!?!?

  • Justin Bonjour

    Justin Bonjour

    Month ago

    Ur so mazin

  • That Guy

    That Guy

    Month ago

    “grab your bluefin tuna out of the fridge”

  • Peasfuldonkey6


    Month ago


  • Hampter


    Month ago

    Don’t Eat Me

  • Dopey Frost

    Dopey Frost

    Month ago

    MAX:I’m gonna kill you

  • Habibdude


    Month ago

    The eye ball really isnt that bad

  • Lucas


    Month ago

    The fish head be like :
    AAAAAAAAAAAA there's some salt in my eye

  • Jed Jarvis

    Jed Jarvis

    Month ago

    This man will eat anything as long as it was once alive.

  • Kota Hyatt

    Kota Hyatt

    Month ago

    How did you get the blue fin tuna, they are so expensive

  • Muted 32

    Muted 32

    Month ago

    Max and nick need to do a collab if they haven’t already

  • 2xCY


    Month ago


  • Jenni Akel

    Jenni Akel

    Month ago

    I can’t eat seafood other than salmon and kind of tuna 🍣 I can’t I can’t

  • Anthony shorts

    Anthony shorts

    Month ago

    Like everyone has a tuna in the fridge

    • Mulakk


      Month ago

      @Anthony shorts and ? It doesnt change anything

    • Anthony shorts

      Anthony shorts

      Month ago

      @Mulakk yeah he did he said grab your whole tuna out of the fridge

    • Mulakk


      Month ago

      @Anthony shorts no

    • Anthony shorts

      Anthony shorts

      Month ago

      @Mulakk yes

    • Mulakk


      Month ago

      Did he said that

  • valkyrja


    Month ago

    i could never

  • kimi räikkönnen

    kimi räikkönnen

    Month ago

    Raw eyeball is better

  • FZRwolfgaming


    Month ago

    So is it normal to just have a whole tuna fish in the fridge???

    • Max the Meat Guy

      Max the Meat Guy

      Month ago


  • Dino_dude47


    Month ago

    Wait aren’t blue fin tunas like really expensive

  • Chester Copperpot

    Chester Copperpot

    Month ago

    Yummy Mercuryyyyyy!!

  • BR Joe

    BR Joe

    Month ago

    Yea.. nobody’s have a fish that bigs mans said grab it outta the frige

  • Moshe Luna

    Moshe Luna

    Month ago

    He hate the eye ball in Philippines it's just like candy to us and we're racing for the eye and you you hate it

  • glitch Alien

    glitch Alien

    Month ago

    I felt the fish’s eye

  • maddie is vibin

    maddie is vibin

    Month ago

    Poor fish
    (I'm not that vegan teacher, I'm just vegan. I SWEAR)

  • Luke Murray

    Luke Murray

    Month ago

    Ok I laughed way too hard at the "don't eat me" 😂😂😂

  • Emaa Ghyu

    Emaa Ghyu

    Month ago

    Vegans going ballistic now

  • Quintin


    Month ago

    he uses nick digiovannis salt

  • Unemployed Malloy

    Unemployed Malloy

    Month ago

    The eye is amazing, especially on trout when it is deep fried

  • GSBJumper


    Month ago

    How do you get your hands on a blue fin tuna there the most expensive fish in the world

  • Xkhristmas


    Month ago

    I could never eat the eyeball because I have a phobia of going blind and losing eyesight and anything that happens with eyes so yeeeaaahhhh I'll pass love your vids tho, you taught me alot

  • Tekoyoshi


    Month ago

    Don't eat me

  • Emma Adams

    Emma Adams

    Month ago


  • SeiStuff


    Month ago

    My dads favorite partnis the eye

  • Da Roblox Guest 2

    Da Roblox Guest 2

    Month ago

    The fish kinda sounded like "don't pp" 😅