amyah and akyli are in high school now

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Joe Lee and Alena Maze, a married couple with a blended family of seven children, Amyah, Akyli, Azaio, Arazo, Ajedi, Ajoui, and the new baby, document their journey to find their purpose in the will of God. While revealing the dynamics of a blended family, the couple expresses their struggles, successes, and failures through film.

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  • Myneca Ojo

    Myneca Ojo

    5 hours ago

    Love the life you are living with the kids

  • Sandra Chestnut

    Sandra Chestnut

    22 hours ago

    Hello family I c the kids r Growing up U and Joe have done a Beautiful Job keep up the Good work always put God First luv Ull

  • Roselande Bazelais

    Roselande Bazelais

    22 hours ago

    He said you're just making it up.

  • Daria Damdinsuren

    Daria Damdinsuren

    2 days ago

    wonderful family

  • Meveline Sans-Souci

    Meveline Sans-Souci

    2 days ago

    Awww I wanted to see Amayah and joes father daughter outing 😭😊😊 love them

  • Chelsea O

    Chelsea O

    3 days ago

    Arazo will be 10 years old in January next year, so shouldn't she be in minimum grade 4 ? most 10 year olds are in grade 4 or grade 5.. grade 3 you are usually 8 or 9

  • VPN Rocks

    VPN Rocks

    3 days ago

    You should use your PhD and math background to mathematically prove that god exists. I think there was an interview with some guy who was touted as having the highest IQ on the planet and he’s trying to essentially prove the existence of some higher being. I believe his background was in pure math too.

  • Ann Riley

    Ann Riley

    3 days ago

    Im so very proud and please how both of you as parents believe in progress in education. Exploring new things but learning!!!🎋🎋🎋

  • Gerie Sylva

    Gerie Sylva

    4 days ago

    I love to see your family. May God continue to bless you and keep you all safe

  • Angeline Diop

    Angeline Diop

    5 days ago

    Everytime I see young one I smile 😊 he’s so cute 🥰

  • Apryl Harvin

    Apryl Harvin

    6 days ago

    All the children are beautiful

  • Beanie Boylston

    Beanie Boylston

    7 days ago

    Damn yall lost me on the mask stuff :/ wear a mask so weird

  • Sushami Kay

    Sushami Kay

    9 days ago


  • Colour Swatchez

    Colour Swatchez

    11 days ago

    Arazo is such beautiful girl.... 😦😦😦 Smhhh

  • Gloria Messam

    Gloria Messam

    11 days ago

    Love this! May God continue to bless your family and give you both strength as you pour love into your family 💓 🙏🏽

  • Foreign MilkyWay

    Foreign MilkyWay

    12 days ago

    Alaina’s pregnant! I see that bump 😍

  • Truth Eternal

    Truth Eternal

    12 days ago

    Congrats girls🌼

  • TR.


    13 days ago

    Kudos to Joe, for being a great Father.

  • Natalie B

    Natalie B

    15 days ago

    Ajedi really doesn't believe in praying, he never closes his eyes, places his hands in prayer or stops, whenever anyone is pray, Ajedi is eating or playing with something.

    • sylvieeb


      14 days ago

      he's a kid.

  • N. G

    N. G

    16 days ago

    Both girls are Joes daughters???

  • lady


    18 days ago

    You make being a mother look so easy. Only God can make this work for you and your family. I love watching your videos.

  • Муслима


    18 days ago

    Как красивые семя обожаю 🥰🤗👍👍

  • Gaza Corrine

    Gaza Corrine

    19 days ago

    Every time I watch your videos I’m like tomorrow I’m going to get up and Vlog with my baby’s. Then I procrastinated lol I seriously need to get on my sh** your family inspires me

  • Saló chife miguel Maiacana

    Saló chife miguel Maiacana

    19 days ago

    This family is cool, colorful, and happy like the rainbow, I imagine having mine like that. 👌

  • Jes Smiles

    Jes Smiles

    19 days ago

    Brooooo she dead wrong for how she did her son s hair whaaat! If she doesn’t know how to do hair just say that lol

  • Leal


    20 days ago

    Another baby coming???!?!?

  • Iseoluwa Hannahbell

    Iseoluwa Hannahbell

    20 days ago

    Wow i really like ur super kids 😝😻🙈 cute family

  • Serah Nalungwe

    Serah Nalungwe

    20 days ago

    Finally I can comment wow when did I miss this 😍

  • Jessica Thomas

    Jessica Thomas

    22 days ago

    That boy is going to have so much respect for and understanding of women.

  • allenwatsonbradford


    22 days ago

    You should put a music list together so we can find the music played in your videos. Would love that. Thanks

  • Tochukwu Obi-okoye

    Tochukwu Obi-okoye

    22 days ago

    Nigeria loves you guys 💯

  • Sofia Lucien

    Sofia Lucien

    24 days ago


    No to yoga. Trust.

  • Isis Goodson

    Isis Goodson

    24 days ago

    My anxiety is on 100 with all those kids on bikes in the street and filming😵. Hats off to the parents, yall the real MVP's.

  • Chop Caring che

    Chop Caring che

    24 days ago

    Are amyah and kyli twins ?

  • Carolyne Ochieng

    Carolyne Ochieng

    24 days ago

    Mama's copy n paste 😍😍😍

  • LMS


    24 days ago

    13:58 that is so adorable ❤️

  • xxx typhon

    xxx typhon

    24 days ago

    Beautiful family, beautiful children, great mother

  • Uwa 1st of 8

    Uwa 1st of 8

    25 days ago

    I pray that the Almighty will continue to abundantly bless y’all with everything you need to keep y’all’s family together, healthy, happy, content and peaceful!!

  • Janice Moore

    Janice Moore

    25 days ago

    Wow an 11th grader!!!!

  • Shay Gang

    Shay Gang

    25 days ago

    dang the 11th grade i thought she was like in 9th too😂😂😂😭.

  • Sectr Reptile

    Sectr Reptile

    26 days ago

    Mommy making the boy hair is so beautiful to watch yo 💖💖💖 I hope ur family always happy tgt! God bless yall

  • Liz forever

    Liz forever

    27 days ago


  • hajer Almansouri

    hajer Almansouri

    27 days ago

    The best family 🤩👍🏻

  • Farhiya Mohamed

    Farhiya Mohamed

    28 days ago

    The babies are so cute and their little voice ♥️

  • Farhiya Mohamed

    Farhiya Mohamed

    28 days ago

    I love this family ♥️💪🏽🙏🏽 free spirit and such good soul .

  • mothersoul1


    28 days ago

    Did you finish your PHd

  • Ezemelue Nmasi

    Ezemelue Nmasi

    28 days ago

    My Gosh!!!! I love this family 🥺♥️♥️♥️

  • MsFatality


    28 days ago

    Ya! My name is also Alena😫😭🖤🖤

  • Paula Morris

    Paula Morris

    29 days ago

    Ajudi (I know it’s spelt wrong 😭) getting his hair done is the best thing I’ve seen today

  • Shine_x


    29 days ago

    The way she is telling a story while doing her hair 2:48

  • D R

    D R

    Month ago

    FYI: Christians should not partake in Yoga. Be wise know its origins and the mystic aka demonic connections.

    • Mr Koala

      Mr Koala

      27 days ago

      Yoga is beneficial for the health, it's just poses and you do them for your own good

    • mere houk

      mere houk

      29 days ago

      its very demonic to stretch 💀

    • mere houk

      mere houk

      29 days ago


  • Julie 1098

    Julie 1098

    Month ago

    Why must have plaited hairstyle for the girls.? This is America, have more stylish hairstyle .

    • sylvieeb


      14 days ago

      sorry what?

  • Fatu Massaboi

    Fatu Massaboi

    Month ago

    Beautiful family

  • T J

    T J

    Month ago

    I know she did not yank that child up by his hair.

  • Gaia Gaudencio

    Gaia Gaudencio

    Month ago

    wait... yall dont wear masks? :/

  • Rebecca Wieting

    Rebecca Wieting

    Month ago

    What kind of bikes do you all ride?

  • Abby J

    Abby J

    Month ago

    The bikes are badass. Such awesome memories for y’all 🙌🏼

  • illa illa

    illa illa

    Month ago

    Longorious! Haha

  • It’s_Naimah Stackhouse

    It’s_Naimah Stackhouse

    Month ago




    Month ago

    2:52 i am wheezing why did she pull his hair like that

  • canuflushthetoiletpls


    Month ago

    Longorious Montorious should actually be a real kids book

  • Orla Hosmer

    Orla Hosmer

    Month ago

    That's a dangerous way of going to school..

  • j t 07

    j t 07

    Month ago

    I love Mazelee's smile 😃

  • Ju Tu

    Ju Tu

    Month ago

    I was hoping to hear the children fluent in Korean....maybe having a Korean nanny would be nice too

  • Ju Tu

    Ju Tu

    Month ago

    Beautiful makeup needed.

  • Karen


    Month ago

    Im literally about to cry.. Reality is hitting. I'm a senior in HS and am going to graduate in a couple months. i remember when I was a freshie now im going to be adulting soon🥲🥲 Ahhh..God is sooo good. 😭😭

    • Janine Alcaraz

      Janine Alcaraz

      25 days ago

      ayyy class of 2022!! We finna be out soon!

    • Karen


      29 days ago

      @Fia !!! When it was all easy🥲

    • Fia


      29 days ago

      Aaahhh I feel the same 😭 Crazy but I kinda wish I could go back ngl

  • Faith Cherono

    Faith Cherono

    Month ago

    Is that story real 🤣😂, kept listening to it

  • نونة نونة

    نونة نونة

    Month ago

    اي بلد؟؟

  • adorbsxsyd ୨୧ #road to 80

    adorbsxsyd ୨୧ #road to 80

    Month ago


  • L M

    L M

    Month ago

    Great family God bless you all.

  • Ty Harris

    Ty Harris

    Month ago

    Whoever said they don’t like runny egg 🍳 is the smartest kid in the house 🏡

  • Janice Dekle

    Janice Dekle

    Month ago

    Beautiful gorgeous family

  • Janice Dekle

    Janice Dekle

    Month ago

    Akili you are a beautiful girl Amiah is so pretty and sooo smart teeth are so white you look just like mom your smart like her to all the children are smart l have to say something about their cousins those angels are very intelligent very pretty and the cuties voices their mom is a great teacher sooo smart those to sister their very intelligent

  • All Things Dee

    All Things Dee

    Month ago

    i just love this family

  • Zowie Daine

    Zowie Daine

    Month ago

    iLove watching you guys

  • Aishy D.

    Aishy D.

    Month ago

    That baby was so over the mogorious Longorious hair story 😭🤣👋🏾

  • ANITA Nelson

    ANITA Nelson

    Month ago

    If you got to do all that to get his haircut combed I say Chop It Off

  • ANITA Nelson

    ANITA Nelson

    Month ago

    You should cut his hair all that long hair makes him look like a girl

  • Cande Smith

    Cande Smith

    Month ago

    Dr. Maze-Lee you have some beautiful children you and Joe are doing an awesome Job, may God continue to Bless all of you😃

  • GAUTSCH Filliah

    GAUTSCH Filliah

    Month ago

    Organisation 👍👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰

  • Audrey Jenkins

    Audrey Jenkins

    Month ago

    Lovely family... Every time I watch this show the mother reminds me sooo much of Philip Bailey from the back in the day group Earth Wind and Fire. Check it out for yourself. They could be brother and sister ..for Real😄👍👍👍

  • Janice Anderson

    Janice Anderson

    Month ago

    Question: What is baby’s name… I love ❤️ your family and pray that God continue to bless you all 🥰🙏🏾

  • Ree Ree Blessed

    Ree Ree Blessed

    Month ago


  • JK is my bias

    JK is my bias

    Month ago

    Ajedis expression is me😂

  • Soph312VZ


    Month ago


  • Jorden


    Month ago

    What type of electric bikes are those ?
    They’re really nice 😊

  • Beverly Campbell

    Beverly Campbell

    Month ago

    You have a beautiful family. I’m just wondering how you feel that yoga and being a Christian go together. Please research the history of yoga. Usually people find a religion that suits their lifestyle. I wish you all the best. 😊💕🙏🏻🇨🇦

  • jt bubbz

    jt bubbz

    Month ago

    It’s so cute! The thumbnail makes them look like they’re stars of a coming of age indie teen movie 🌟

  • Meme Malase

    Meme Malase

    Month ago


  • Shabrittney Ashton

    Shabrittney Ashton

    Month ago

    Way to many commercials😢

  • Eleonara


    Month ago

    What an amazing mother you are!

  • Donna Welch

    Donna Welch

    Month ago

    love it

  • Giovanni Gommba

    Giovanni Gommba

    Month ago




    Month ago

    Wow God bless all of you. Im an OG from when u first started. I lost touch with your content and then I found your channel again. It is so beautiful to see how far you all have come as your family and success as well as your accomplishments. Truly happy for you and you are a Strong queen momma and your faith in God got you were you are. I am truly happy God blessed all your hardwork. You are definitely a woman and family to look up to as role models. I have been thinking for the longest to start my own channel but doing asmr therapy as well as life coaching a mix of both. But i have been scare of failure and after coming across your channel after such a long time and seeing how you didnt allow fear or judgement stop you from what your heart wanted really opened my eyes. Today I made the decision to go for it. We shouldn't be afraid of not succeeding but of never trying and never trying is an automatic failure without you even trying too. So thank you and God bless. Beautiful family!!!❤

  • A b

    A b

    Month ago

    I like your baby is sow😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • S. Brown

    S. Brown

    Month ago

    They are all beautiful and Amyah is your twin.

  • •ᴥ•


    Month ago

    2:51 the way you dragged him back by his hair 😂

  • Eurikar Gouffe

    Eurikar Gouffe

    Month ago

    Me too✌🏾🤞🏾

  • Carolyn Forney L.M.B.T

    Carolyn Forney L.M.B.T

    Month ago

    The kids all seem to like and respect one another. They older girls are so impressive.

  • Basetsana Serogole

    Basetsana Serogole

    Month ago

    Ajedi and Azaio seem to be over